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Travel and Christmas in London have been a tough obstacle. The wheels came off this iron journey around day 50 when an intense APAC and NA travel cycle kicked in and I never really recovered from there. Workouts have been 50/50 since then and diet better but it has been a crappy end. I have done enough of these to understand how to react to this and I will do the right thing. After 6 years of Kenzai on and off I am perfectly equipped now to navigate life both on and off program so today’s maintenance post rings very familiar. Kenzai changed my life and made fitness like hygiene (but not the sort that my 20 yr old student son practices) yet I still feel I was far from my best on this cycle. Will do the last workouts and graduate properly... happy holidays and the photo is not what I will be getting for Christmas

Another week....

Another city, this week it’s the Middle East tour and landed overnight in Dubai with a day trip to Riyad tomorrow to look forward to - pick up at 4:40am and land back in Dubai at 00:25am so probability of a workout close to zero. Trying to fit in as many workouts as possible and keep diet clean, new pick up but feel I am at best staying still. Still enjoying the discipline and without Iron I know it would be much worse, so still loving the program. Nearly there everyone #staystrong


I have been trying to put a brave face on it but the last 2 weeks have been far from good - travel (HK, KL, Sing) last week meant I missed a few workouts on the long haul legs of the trip, London to HK and back again as many of you know means you simply lose the day so no amount of planning, until they put gyms on planes is going to help you. This week back in London but have day trips to Oslo and Amsterdam - so 5am starts and midnight finishes - again I know I cannot fit the workouts in and then Saturday to Friday week after in the Middle East and hitting Saudi, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Oman so again multiple missed sessions ahead. Not the finish I want and by ticking off the workouts, I am about 12 behind. Not the finish I want but typical of my recent Kenzai programs - I can push off travel and be particular bout where I go for a short period of time but after about 40 days is catches up and all trips become must do trips. Will do my best and still happy with progress. Stay strong team, nearly there and nearly Christmas !!’


Back in the 852 for a week so got to do one of my favourite cardio workouts - a trail run over the hills in HK. Up the peak and down, great to be out.

So far so good, weekend slip on the diet but getting all the workouts in and back on track for the final weeks. Stay strong

Sleep disruption

A new week and back in London so missing the leisurely walk to the Majorca gym and the weather. I missed a slug of workouts on holiday and want to get 2 weeks of complex moves in the tank before I go to single muscle workouts so I am a week behind - I know everything in Kenzai tells me this is wrong but I feel more confident this way. Holiday blues were beaten by the arrival of our new puppy but unfortunately the arrival of “Stanley” also spells an end to sleep - photo shows that applies for me but clearly not for him


The new gym is here and installed and very happy with it, everything you need for Kenzai Iron so no excuses now and back to it 100%. Had a Kenzai session this morning with 2 fellow Kenzai students so felt like a group workout.

Been a bit lapse and basically lost a week of workouts and less than optimal diet decisions for the first week of the holiday but second one will be on point


Been spot on up to this week. It was always going to be a challenge as we are on holiday at our place in Majorca. So no gym access and having to make do with body weight versions which frankly aren’t cutting it and slipped off diet a couple of times - those tapas plates look so small but there are so many to choose from!! Another week to go so will do my best but hope is in sight. My wonderful wife has had a double garage at the house converted into a gym - halfway there and now just waiting for the bars and plates. So back in business soon...... watch this space


Appears I am not alone....

There is always one exercise that gets me and no matter how hard I try or how often I do it, I just simple dread seeing it in the daily workout. It was pull ups but they are fine now, then press up burpees but thats behind me. However side planks are now the absolute bane of my life - it is like the spider in my house, the unopened bill (especially the family’s credit card) or the phone call in the middle of the night - I dread them all.

Anyway, done for this week and got week 5 pic up so I don’t keep receiving chasing emails. Stay strong

New cardio....

Hi everyone, hope all having a great week. Always searching for more cardio options as I find long runs , skips, rows etc tedious (i know I don’t look like a millennial but doesn’t stop me behaving like one) so I now have 2 new options. Bought a football goal for the back garden (see below in bits) so I have both a puzzle and an outlet for my cardio at weekends with the boys and welcome to as yet unnamed newest member of the team. Not sure he will be the best running companion but will keep us in our toes - he is a bulldog/pug cross, I can’t believe that exists but it does and it is a genius combination. Happy, non tedious cardio here we come

Hanging on.....

All good so far, haven’t had the indulgence and guess that privilege will expire soon enough and will probably pass simply because I feel in the zone and enjoying it without too many pangs or cravings. On the equipment front I know it might all be baloney but I always pack my weight straps, for calf raises etc I use 30kg dumbbells so helps to know the grip is solid. Stay strong

Early days....

Apart from the obvious health benefits from Kenzai I have also found I sleep better and go to bed earlier so starting my days much earlier. First in the office now and commute is less like sardines in a tin. Still enjoying it and great to see an indulgence. Stay strong

Early days

Apart from the obvious health benefits from Kenzai I have also found I sleep better and go to bed earlier so starting my days much earlier. First in the office now and commute is less like sardines in a tin. Still enjoying it and great to see an indulgence. Stay strong

On the road....

Quick trip up to Scotland and a couple of days at Gleneagles - amazing place if you have never visited and decent gym. Scottish breakfast may not be Kenzai compliant though they did have avocado on the buffet and haggis ! Not sure where haggis sits in the nutrition table???

Carbs - what carbs?

Carbs gone already from my evening meal - clearly been overdoing it. Day 17 done and so far so good, enjoying the discipline of Kenzai Iron and feeling the first effects of the diet and workouts - trousers feel a bit looser but still work to do. Stay strong

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