Jane Bayley B.

Jane Bayley B.

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1) Reaching for something on a high shelf.
No problem, the stretch felt really good.

2) Reaching for something behind you. Did ok. I guess our post workout routine with all those twist and shoulder stretches did the trick.

3) Picking up a coin. We did enough squats in our leg exercises to make this very doable. I also tried picking I the coin bending over with straight legs and straight back (a yoga pose).

4 & 5) I’ve fallen and I cant’t get up. I could do both of these with all limbs and with one arm.
But not without one of my legs. I will continue to work on that!

6) One leg balance. No problem with all those Flying Cranes and Standing Cranes you had us do in training.

7) Bring in the groceries. No problem with all those squats in our training.

8) Take the stairs. I am now much more careful as I take stairs. I am sure I am hands free so I CAN use the handrail, I pay attention (not having a conversation while climbing), I stay to the correct side of the stairs, placing each foot carefully.

9) Obstacle course. As I am walking I am paying more attention. I do not look down at my feet, but try to look about 3 to 4 feet ahead of me to look for any obstacles. My reaction time is not as good as it was. I am trying to be more aware of my surroundings. I sometimes trip when walking. Tracy says he thinks I am not lifting my toe enough when walking.

Yes, as I am aging my biggest fear is a bad fall.

Thank you for this assessment. JBB

Graduation Post

To Plymouth: Our fantastic team was so beneficial for me and helped keep me going with Kenzai Silver. Gratitude to you all and to Ward.

I was traveling Europe while I did this 8 week program.

How I made it work:

1) We always stay in apartments that have the space to do my band workouts.
2) We stay at each destination for one to two weeks, so not always on the move.
3) Places we visit are near each other, so usually short travel days on train or bus.
4) We have kitchens where I can make our Kenzai meals. This is important, If we were eating out all the time it would be almost impossible ....and expensive.
5) Our eating schedule is breakfast and dinner always in our apartment. For lunch we do try and eat at a casual restaurant with healthy food. We feel eating the local food is part of our traveling.

It has worked beautifully for me.

Already planning my 2020 Kenzai...
Silver again

In between trainings I will use the maintenance workouts that were in our lesson this morning.

Maybe I will see some of you again in programs.

Best to all,

Meals in Northern Spain

What does this have to do with Kenzai??  Well, it is about food, and we eat food on a Kenzai diet.

I am obsessed with food traditions in European countries that I am visiting. This my second week in Northern Spain and I have figured out what they eat and when.  Here is a typical schedule:

Morning - breakfast of espresso and a roll.

Mid morning - at a cafe, a pincho (a snack, typically with a toothpick on bread, like tapas on steroids), with coffee, cider, wine, or beer.

Lunch - Restaurants don't open until 1:00 for lunch. Tracy and I arrive right at 1:00, other customers start arriving at 2:00.  These are leisurely meals, usually with wine, that go on until 4ish.

Note:  the city stops from 2 to 4. Most stores and businesses are closed, kids are out of school 1 to 3, they go home for lunch, if both parents work the kids stay at school for lunch and activities.

Late afternoon - bars are the happening place with with families and friends.  Coffee,
wine, beer, cider, free tapas, free churros for the kids.

Dinner -  in homes or restaurants. Another substantial meal at 8 or 9.  Children eat that late too.

Students' most common school schedule mirrors adults:
Start school 9:00
Dismissed for lunch from 1:00 to 3:00
End 5:00

So different from USA


Day 49 - Lesson

The Best Part About Being My Age:

My best part is how nice it is to have so much free time to do the things I never had time for when I was working and raising kids .....cooking heathy meals, keeping my body healthy through yoga and Kenzai, being a grandmother, reading, and travel.

Post Workout Stretches

I learned a technique of stretching when I when I went through the Kenzai Reach program -
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation.

“PNF is a pattern of contracting and relaxing the target muscle to let the brain release the tissue to its true length”.

I use it now in Kenzai Silver Post Work Out Stretches. Before I learned this technique, I thought I could only stretch so far - arms and shoulders (surgery on both rotator cuffs), neck (cervical surgery), back (lumbar surgery).

I can now take all those stuck body parts to a whole new level of flexibility. This method has also helped me in my yoga practice!

If you get a chance to do Kenzai Reach, give it a try. I learned so much about my body. Talk to Ward and he can give you more information on Kenzai Reach.


Kenzai French Toast

I have seen blogs on Kenzai French toast but have not tried it until this morning for Tracy and I. It was good, glad I tried it.

This is how I made it for two people:

2 eggs, 2 egg whites.
Yesterday’s baguette that soaked up all the egg, 8 small slices.

My topping was cooked fresh blueberries and raspberries cooked in water and reduced to a “syrup”.

On the side I served a spinach salad and sautéed fennel and mushrooms. Now that did seem a little weird when you I think back to French Toast in the past. Before Kenzai French Toast I would have butter, maple syrup and pork sausage or bacon as my side.

Have a good weekend Plymouth JBB



Every morning when I prep and eat my large and delicious breakfast and how it gives me the correct energy for my busy day I think of the typical breakfast that the countries I have been visiting are eating.

I have mostly been in the EU and have found most folks have some sort of bread , different in every country and of course coffee.

I ask a French person what was her typical break fast, she said , “ a cigarette and espresso”.

I could be off base because most of what I observe is not in homes but in street cafes. The couple of friends that I visit in Europe also say bread and coffee during the week, weekends a bigger breakfast.



Today’s Lesson

Day 47, Understanding Your Weight

Plymouth, last I time did Silver, I was home and weighed once a week. I complained to Ward I was not losing weight! He suggested to stop weighing and wait until program was over. I took his suggestion and behold at end of Silver I had lost 3 to 5 pounds, cannot remember exactly the # of pounds.

Now that we are traveling, I have no scale and have not weighed since we all started Plymouth Silver. I look at progress as to how my body looks and feels. It is liberating not to weigh myself every Monday morning.


Day 46 -

Today’s Lesson - Regrets

The Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept the
things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference

Breakfast Grain Bowl

One part of my plan for weekly meals is to not to waste food.  On Mondays, I clean out the fridge and cupboard before I do any new shopping and use all these old ingredients in a Stir Fry for dinner or a Grain Bowl for breakfast.  This morning I made the Grain Bowl.

This is what I had left in the refrigerator from the past week:
3 leaves of Swiss Char
4 Shiitake Mushrooms
1 red Bell Pepper
1 Sweet Potato

I cut  and sautéed all (the ribs of the Swiss Char gave me lots of bulk).

I cooked Millet and Quinoa together and mixed the vegetables into the grain pot.

My carbs for breakfast were cut in today's new diet, from 70 grams to 50 grams.  I had to make the adjustment in my grain portion.

I have not had a soft boiled egg for a while ....sounded like a good idea, for a change to have on the side.

And, I had enough left to give to Tracy for his breakfast.

Now off the  the market for new vegetables.


Millet and Oatly Milk

We left France and are now in Northern Spain for a month. Three food items I could not find in France, I found right away here in Bilbao, Spain.

The first thing I do when I hit a new city is look for a natural food store, bio/organic. They have different names in every country, but usually I find one from the get go. We try to buy as much food from them as possible.

#1 Millet, yes the grain that you feed birds. I love it mixed with quinoa, they both cook the same time so throw in together (15 minute) and it is cheap, off sets the high price quinoa.

#2 Buckwheat, another special grain that like quinoa is high in protein. Buckwheat 13 grams protein per serving and quinoa 14 grams per serving.....millet has under 4 grams
of protein.

#3 Oatly, oat plant milk from Sweden. I bet Margaretha knows this plant milk. The company just got to the US about a year ago. Their milk is like no other plant milk. I use it in my Chai tea for a Chai Latte. It is fortified so has all the same nutrients as cows milk, plus has lots of protein.

Now one my daughters says “why would you buy processed milk when cow milk is straight from cow with no processing or additives.” Yes, she is right, but I love this milk
and I try to eat a mostly plant diet.

I do have exceptions to my plant based diet, especially when on Kenzai.
They are:


Ward, do you know Oatly milk and what do you think about it for Kenzai?


Barbara D, you said your son surfs... it is a cool sport. When I was watching all the surfers on Sunday, before they climbed on their boards and headed out to the surf, most were doing some warm up exercises on the beach. Their short workouts were similar to the warm up exercises we do before our cardio! JBB

Double Dip Sunday

First Dip
I did my 40 min speed walk this morning.

Second Dip
Tracy and I took the bus to a beach town and picked up the coastal trail and walked to another costal town where we caught a bus home. It was only two miles but with lots of up and down. We had lunch seaside and watched the surfers, this area is the surfing capital of France.

A Perfect Day

Day Light Savings Time is over here in Europe as of today. Tracy (he did a 5K this morning) and I were able to get out and run/walk one hour earlier (7:15). Being a Sunday, there were lots of warriors out this morning biking and running on our multi-use path. Some acknowledged me with a bon jour, two older guys were smiling and yelled something in French I did not understand.

Now, I look pretty funny when I do my speed walking, I pump my arms, I walk in “S “ curve posture and my feet are going really fast. The two guys were making fun of me or, I choose to think, that they thought I was just another warrior doing a different exercise.

I am home early and am ready to sit down and eat one of my fav breakfasts.

Brown rice with egg pancake
Avocado chunks
Curly Kale w/ garlic, sweet peppers and mushrooms

It is a good day,

Day 34 - Lesson

Beware of ATM Thinking

I try not to, but have switched around a few times, and it mentally gets me confused. Now I see it also is not good for the body.

Goal....to plan ahead and try not to switch workouts or cardio.

Signing off for the day, I have become a blogging fool the last few days.





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