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Getting there 

So here’s my review of the last 6 weeks
All workouts done, plus additional yoga and walks. So I give myself an A for that....
Lessons read and reflected on - A
Blogs - yes done. A?
Diet - Hmmm, I have definitely followed a healthy diet that is sustainable as a way of life for me. Luckily I Love healthy food and don’t drink much these days. .... My main cheat is dark chocolate. So for the majority of the programme, my diet was 90% clean. So an A. Then, my Granny died and I became a B student. But you know I am going to let myself off the hook for that.
We buried Granny on Friday and gave her a fine send off and tribute to a life well lived. My husband and I managed to travel with our Kenzai stuff to the North of Engand for the funeral so we did our exercise at least.
My free cardio on Saturday was a run in the pouring rain up to the Town Moor. But it made me feel alive, which is just what I needed following the funeral.
I got myself psyched up for the final workout on Sunday, and the 1000 barre exercises and found myself surprised when it came to an end. I think I’d got it into my head that it was going to be a bigger beast..... But it also made me think that I wasn’t ready for the programme to end and that I needed a few more weeks to really see more results.... Is that sad? And also made me reflect on the programme and how much I like the barre, and how I’d be keen to do a ballet barre programme with barre arms for the wannabe ballerinas amongst us.... Just a thought, as I don’t need to build up my upper body, but posture and alignment is key for me....
Must check out what’s next for me on my Kenzai journey and find the mind programme that Watson mentioned a while ago.
Here are some photos of me yesterday, braving the Northumbrian elements for a walk along the beach with a pub lunch thrown in for good measure.
See you guys on the next programme. Thank you for your support and top tips Watson, Kim, Heather, Annetta, Nidhi and gang


So yesterday was a busy day and I couldn’t face doing a Workout at 10pm, so I did a double workout this morning when I was feeling stronger after a good night’s sleep. Job done....

I had some delicious homemade pumpkin soup for dinner with a bit of roast chicken and lemon juice on the top. Yummy. Perfect body and soul warming food, followed by Clementines from Corsica. I love eating organic, local and seasonal produce. I am so lucky and grateful for the fantastic produce here in the South of France...


So I have to be honest, I was starting to feel a bit dispirited about the changes or lack thereof in my physique, and then this morning when my husband was taking a photo of me, he commented that he thought my bum really had toned up quite a bit. Hurrah finally. Hope it wasn’t just the light.... ha ha
So I have had a pretty decent week Kenzai wise.
All workouts done (minus the chest stuff)
Plus Yoga x 3 and suite a bit of dog walking to the office and back.
My free cardio was a walk into Antibes to the marché provençal and back on Sunday. I had a bit of a cold, but it was such a beautiful day, so the fresh air, tea with a dear friend and sights and smells of the market were really therapeutic.
Sleep was a little disrupted but ok
Diet was probably 90%. And any cheats mindfully done, which is all you can ask for
Have found the lessons very interesting, as always, and giving me pause for thought.
Big push to the finish line, head up and shoulders back....

A week of 2 halves

I started strong this week and then on Friday, I started feeling achey and full of cold, so I opted to do my free cardio on Friday which this week was iyengar yoga and perfect for my shoulder injury. Then took myself to bed early
When I woke up yesterday I got the news that my Granny had passed away in the night. It was expected, but I was still heartbroken as she has always been the most influential female figure in my life. So I proceeded to fall well and truly off the Kenzai wagon. Last night we celebrated my Granny’s life with a veritable cocktail of drinks, stories and dancing into the wee hours. Today had been tough, made worse by a 4 hour trip to A&E this morning because my little boy fell over, cut his face and needed stitches. Poor little thing. Gosh that was the last thing my husband and I felt up for at 9am this morning..... The joys of parenthood. Comfort eating has been the order of the day. Amazingly I managed my workout yesterday and a workout of sorts today - yesterday’s barre minus the skipping. But hours of dancing last night has got to count right?
As we all know it is 80% what you eat/drink and last night and today have not come close to that, but tomorrow is another day..... My husband starts a new Kenzai programme tomorrow so we will be able to support each other for the next 2 weeks. I am planning a strong finish and will do everything in my power to make this happen, but the small matter of a funeral in another country with family and friends coming from all over has to be negotiated.... In the meantime, I am taking one day at a time.

Day 25

So I have to fess up to eating most of a big bar of dark chocolate. Not a very exciting treat, but I didn’t have time to cook something naughty and Jane friendly today and everyone who knows me, knows that I am a complete chocoholic. I usually make my own raw chocolates and raw deserts.
I also have to confess to eating the chocolate before I knew it was treat day........I must be psychic. Ha ha. Brilliant. I still enjoyed every bite and didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty. What’s the point in that? Will endeavour to keep my chocoholic alter ego under control for the final 2 weeks.
Still chipping away at the workouts. Doing the minimum skipping as I am always running around and my goal wasn’t weight loss. I avoided the tricep dips yesterday and did double katanas instead. Damn this sore shoulder. Going to do a great Iyengar yoga class tomorrow which is all about alignment and posture, and I find it a life saver when I have an injury.
Hope y’all find some yummy indulgences

week 4, let’s go

Legs are starting to feel it a bit now. I skipped the chest dips yesterday because of my left shoulder niggle. I think I’ll have to adjust any shoulder exercises for a while. I’ve just come out of a frozen right shoulder (18 months recovery), so I don’t want to have to go through that again.
Miracle I got today’s barre done this evening, as it was getting late and I’d already done Hatha yoga (I need it for the breathing and stretching) a cycle to school drop off, a walk into the office with my dog this morning and back this evening. Knackered now, but happy for thé fresh air, exercise and productive day.
My walk to work below. So lucky.

Half way through

I can’t see any improvement in the butt area yet, but here’s hoping that the results will come in the second half of the programme.
Although I don’t follow the rules of Kenzai diet to the T because I intermittent fast and eat a predominantly plant based diet, it is however super clean. I did slip up a bit this weekend baking some vegan, gluten free, sugar free gingerbread men with my son, Rory, using Chestnut flour and erythritol instead of sugar which has a zero glycemic index. Not for every day consumption but great for the occasional cookie bake or sprinkle on popcorn as it tastes and behaves just like sugar. The biscuits were delicious....
I did a great flow yoga class for my free cardio yesterday, followed by Socca with my yogi friends in the Provençal market. Socca is a pancake made with chickpea flour, salt and water, cooked in a wood fire oven and served with a grind of black pepper. Simple and delicious. A Niçois speciality. Here we are in the market. They also had white wine and oysters. Perrier for moi. Pat on the back.
My left shoulder/blade has been playing up and is a bit inflamed so I had to adapt my chatarangas in yoga (press ups). Any tips on reducing the inflammation, very welcome. I have been putting a warm compress on the shoulder
That’s me. Onwards and upwards

hmm no ankle strap

Is it worth buying one at this stage? Or should I just improvise as per today’s lesson?
Happy Halloween everyone and good luck avoiding the treats!

2 weeks done

Not a flawless performance but chipping away, one day at a time.

Still loving the barre, but been doing it without the bar and with maximum focus on depth and form to push up the intensity.. I did yesterday’s workout today as I squeezed in a paddle board yesterday morning before heading to the airport, which was very good for the soul. The water was like glass. A perfect morning

The diet with being away from home and travelling has been the challenge, but I’m still over 80% good - so that’s a result in the grand scale of things. I’m eating as close to nature as I can given the choices and circumstances. ...
The other day that consisted of frozen green beans, peas and some homemade veggie thai curry and turkey out of the freezer, as I got home to an empty fridge, and then I turned around and left yesterday morning for the UK. I am now in the UK visiting my 103 year old Granny (good genes) who is finally fading after an amazing life, so a couple of squares of 85% dark chocolate have slipped in for medicinal reasons.
I’m going to work out with my Mum this week which will be fun. I’m so lucky to have such a fit and vibrant Mum. #Great role model.

Final fun fact - Myrtle grows like a weed in Corsica, where coincidentally I have just been on holiday. The cows and wild boar eat it, which makes the meat in Corsica and their cold cuts so delicious. I also had whole sea bass roasted on a bed of myrtle branches which was amazing. And the Corsicans make a myrtle liqueur which is v yummy and is served after every meal, much like limoncello is in southern Italy.

Signing off. Stay strong


Day 10 done. Feeling good now after a slow 2 day’s recovery from the weekend. Only slight niggle is my neck and shoulders, which are v tight. Probably due to travelling. Looking forward to rolling out my back and legs on my foam roller when I get home.
In the meantime I’ve been thinking about today’s lesson, my foot health and my posture. When I was on the beach earlier I looked at my foot imprints in the wet sand. Think I’m a pronator. I used to have orthotics for my trainers when I was a more serious runner. Maybe it’s time to dig them out, if they haven’t worn out...
Maybe also time to stop carrying a heavy bag over my left shoulder and carry a rucksack....

Day 5. Tick. All good so far. Getting into the swing of it with the skipping. Don’t think I could have been doing those clam shells properly as I didn’t get much of a burn... so I slowed them down and added a couple of sets....??

Excercise done, school broken up for half term and en route to Alba in Piemonte for our annual Truffle Bacchanale pilgrimage. Our most fun weekend of the year. Great food, wine, medieval fair/games, costumes, truffle market, farmers market, fine dining, dancing.... Of course I wouldn’t dream of endulging whilst doing a Kenzai programme.... ha ha

Better this weekend than next eh? I intend to enjoy every second of it and make it count. No regrets. Will probably, v annoyingly, post pics of food and games....


Those otter kicks were hard....
But repetition is the mother of skill - so they’ll be easier next time.

I used to do PBB classes (pilates body barre) in London and loved them, so I am looking forward to the barre exercises tomorrow. The longer jump rope - not so much.....
But as they say in Ashtanga yoga - practice and all is coming....


Hi hi everyone
Very excited to be doing Kenzai Sculpt with you. It’s been a while since I paid some serious attention to my butt, but as I turn 50 next year, this is all part of Operation Fabulous at 50 a la Jennifer Lopez!
I have just moved back to the South of France from London and need to get myself re energised and back into a routine, so I figured this would be just the ticket.
I am feeling my legs more today than I was expecting. Amazing how your body responds when you switch up the exercise.
I am a bit of a yogi and paddle boarder these days, and I will try and keep my yoga practice going throughout the program as I find it real grounding and it reminds me to BREATHE, which I too often forget to do. I am interested to see how the Kenzai diet will impact as I like Anetta have been happily intermittently fasting recently...... But maybe when I kick my dark chocolate addiction I will feel like eating more frequently. Time will tell!
Here I am paddling with my son this week. I take him out on the water as often as I can.




Kenzai Sculpt
Kenzai Sculpt