Jason K.

Jason K.

It’s not the end 

Have ended the 90 day program in England. Upon arriving I was keen to get my final workout in not because I had to, but because I wanted to. Completing an old session to show how far we came was a great end.

And now on day 90 + 1, have worked out and am keen to retain as strict a diet as possible, though I may find time for a cocktail to toast the achievement shortly...

Final Stretch

Twelve weeks in and it feels normal to schedule days around work outs. The reality of every day life is that I still miss an exercise day every now and then, but through this process the number of days this has happened has reduced.

Two weeks to go

Thinking ahead to finishing the program I plan on retaining the daily exercise- a major success of this experience is the frustration you feel when you miss a day - and allowing for a return of the fun things in socializing- in my case having a few drinks with friends.

This program has allowed me to address bad habits, now it’s about finding the right balance.

The program has become an ordinary part of my life. Have found the diet management easier each week, and am amazed how disappointed I am each time I miss an exercise day. As has been mentioned in previous weeks, this would never have happened in the past. With summer coming I’m looking forward to sitting outside with a cocktail or glass of wine, this program has helped me develop stronger self regulation, which I’m confident I can continue.

Have been traveling for work again, am in San Francisco for four days, and am continuing to be mindful of maintaining that schedule. Was disappointed not to get a workout in yesterday due to a long days travel, but am making more time to plan my food intake to ensure I stay on track. That’s been the success of this program.

New Spirit

Eight weeks down, five to go... Had to deal with the dreaded man-cold this last way, but I continued to want to stay on top of working out which is a new feeling for me, thus would never have happened before.

This has had me thinking of life after day 90 of this program. It feels good to recognize and understand how I wish to include a regular diet and exercise program moving forward. This program has not only allowed me to confront bad habits, but has offered a path to a lifetime of healthy habits. I’m very grateful for this.

Half way through

I took a four day trip away with the family this week which meant I couldn’t work out for two days, it was nice to get back on track.

I’m wondering whether I’m developing an egg allergy as I’m getting very sore stomach aches each night. Other than that, the diet works great for me.

Week 5 -

Am writing while on a bus from NYC to New Hampshire. Have had a three day work visit to the city and have found it difficult to manage the diet when not at home. As a result, I feel lethargic and not all that great. Am looking forward to getting back to the diet!

This is the first week I’ve noticed an increase in my energy level. I’ve been sleeping well throughout the program, but have felt wiped by the evening. There was a noticeable improvement in this halfway through week four.

The left knee is still a little sore some days, but okay on others. Have been looking after it pretty well.

When I usually create a new fitness regime I tend to focus on morning activities as I feel I have more energy. This time around I’ve settled on carving out time at the end of my work day. With the exception of one day this week, I’ve been successful in completing all the workouts. Settling on later workouts is something I never thought could work, but thankfully it is.

My left knee is slightly sore, but the rest of the body is feeling good. Am interested to see how dinner without carbs will go, though I have to admit I’m enjoying the diet thus far, thanks in part to those snacks!

Two weeks down

I’m really enjoying the diet. It’s strange to be eating more at breakfast and lunch, scheduling snacks is new for me and appreciated. The only day I was hungry was the one day I ate at work and wasn’t able to weigh my food, I clearly didn’t take enough!

My sometimes demanding work and/or parenting schedule has made workouts tricky, I’m hoping to carve out a regular training time soon.

I’m feeling my core tighten, I feel the progress.

Enjoying week one

I’m Jason, I live in Vermont with my wife and two sons. I’m the director of an education center, much of my day is spent sat in front of a computer.

I used to play a lot of soccer, but am unable to find a suitable place to play based upon our rural setting.

I’ve had six friends complete this program, they look great and I’m hoping to follow suit. My goal is to lose 30 pounds.




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