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Given my back issues I wasn’t able to get the results I wanted with Beach Ready but by sticking to diet and doing a lot of cardio I’ve definitely seen some solid gains.

Wouldn’t say I’m ready for the beach but also not going to be too embarrassed if I, for some unknown reason, found myself on the beach in winter without a shirt on.

Hope to do this again when the back is fully healed but for now I need to give it a couple weeks of rest.

Thanks for blasting with me team.

final week

My back is still not 100% so I’ve been doing 30-40mins of cardio and chest, biceps, triceps and leg work for the last week. Sticking to the diet though I’ve probably had a little too much cheese on a couple dishes recently.

Until the back is solid I’m going to avoid the blast exercises. I added ab work back yesterday and will see how it goes.

Overall think I made some gains this week. Don’t know if I’ll be “beach ready” by the end of the program but I’m enjoying things and doing what I can with my back holding me, uh, back.

Keep blasting team.

So I threw my back out a couple weeks ago, wasn’t too bad it felt better by the time the program began so I pushed through the workouts but about 5 days ago I woke up and couldn’t stand. Was one of those 20 minute dances to get out of bed. I opted to do cardio, brisk walking for 40-50 mins and then focused on some muscle work in lieu of the blast.

Stayed on point with the diet but the back is just not happy.

I used my two tickets on Monday and Tuesday in hopes of getting back to a point where I can function but I’m not there yet.

I’ll keep doing the cardio since the back feels better after and I’ll focus on arms, chest and some leg stuff if I can but I won’t being doing the blasts for a while.

I’ll stay on point with the food and accept mediocre results but I’m Annoyed this happened because I was really enjoying the program.

apropos of nothing

Was getting out of a cab on a particularly rainy afternoon last week. With an opportunity to make a green light at the cross walk more appealing than grabbing the receipt and writing off the cab, I opted to jump out and catch the light. Staying dry won out over saving a few bucks.

Thinking about it after the fact, I’m gobsmacked by the fact that nearly 1 billion people around the globe live on less than 2 dollars a day. My desire to avoid a getting rained on was worth more to me than a couple days cost of living for them.

This boggles the mind but I’m also reminded that the world is getting better (despite what the media might say). The numbers of people living in this extreme level of poverty has halved in the last couple decades. More than that it’s gone from 50% in 1966 to 9% as of 2017.

Still the absolute numbers of people who could have benefited immensely from what I deemed to be a pithy amount to save over getting a little wet is astounding. Even as things getting better, data shows that, but we still have more to do. I can do more.

Anyway, that’s what’s on my mind recently.

Till next week..

To Truth, humility and never thinking your shit don’t stink.

Oh yeah, crushed the first week of beach blast, all workouts done and dusted, nutrition on point since day 3 and not too bad day one and two either.


Sculpt was a solid program. Enjoyed it more than I expected and definitely see the results. I fizzled in the workouts during the last week unfortunately.

My knee never really was 100% at any point and that was frustrating but didn’t keep me from doing the workouts.

Diet was probably a bit too lax but I saw some trimming in the areas I tend to store fat most easily.

Taking a bit of time off here and then plan to take on either Chisel or Reboot + Blast Beach Ready ahead of the year end holiday season.

Catch all the Kenzai team again soon.

finishing up

So diet has been solid since coming back to Japan but with my wife away on business the last week and me on dad duty I’ve missed a number of workouts.

Will try to wrap up strong but I’m unlikely to get in a workout until she’s back on Friday.

Knee still wonky - I hope this isn’t the new norm.

Latissimus Dorsi

Damn, doing absolutely nothing this morning other than walking across the room got this sharp pain in my right upper back, no clue what caused it.

Still very sore 12 hours later and not going to push it with a workout but this puts me 3 days behind which is annoying. Hope to be able to get back on track tomorrow.

Diet has been on point for a week now since my return to Japan so at least that’s going well.

back in Tokyo

Sorry not sorry for the delayed blog post.

Back in Tokyo and getting the diet sorted out.

A day behind on workouts now with the time change. Calves and booty feeling it with the upped reps and 5 sec rest times.

Knee still not right, IT band tightness continues despite doing all the PT exercises. Blows, maybe this is the new normal.

last leg

In Seattle on last leg of trip. Friends wedding this weekend then back to Tokyo for a while

Been exercising and feel it in my legs and buttocks.

Not been dieting and feel it in my gut.

Will get on the latter when back in Tokyo.

all good

Had to switch up a free cardio day today and did a two hour hike in the Utah mountains holding my 10.5kg daughter most of the way.

Diet a disaster but I’m not worried about that until I get back to Tokyo on 27th.

Enjoying the exercises.

Ass looking fantastic


I’m a lousy blogger but you’ll be able to bounce a quarter off my ass when this program is over.

In all seriousness though, I’m a lousy blogger.

Sculpt on!


Been super swamped and remiss in writing my grad post.

Reboot was solid, glad to be back in the swing. Plan to keep it up as long as possible but summer travel fast approaching and suspect there’s going to be a number of weeks when I go on hiatus.

Will be back in the fall for another program.

and the boot goes on

Knock wood but my knee is finally starting to feel a bit better. I’ve been continuing to do the PT exercised 3-4x a week in addition to my Kenzai workouts.

Haven’t missed any workouts yet but yesterday I opted for a shorter leg and cardio session due to time constraints.

It feels good to be working out daily again but I’m starting to want a little break. I think 30 days in a row is close to my limit these days.

I’m hoping that unlike a 6 or 8 week program, when I push through but then burn out and don’t exercise for weeks afterwards, that after the boot I’ll be able to maintain a 4-5 day a week workout regime for a while.

Diet last 3-4 days has been about 80%. I haven’t touched a drink in over a month but on the road again I’ve allowed my starchy cravings to creep into a meal or two. Nothing crazy and on the plus side, after just a few bites I’m usually satisfied.

Happy with the results as we wind down but seeing what my wife has accomplished in 10 days of Kenzai Blast - Beach Ready, I’m definitely doing that program after the summer.

Party on good people. Party on.

still booting

Workouts all done. I’ve been doing mainly chisel HIIT workouts 3-4x a week and some cardio + muscle (Kenzai Iron style) 2-3 days.

Feeling good but diet was a bit off this week with a business trip to Taiwan.

Knee is all kinds of weird. I’m stretching, doing the PT exercises, avoiding stuff that causes issues and building up the leg muscles. Also icing per PT recommending. Doesn’t seem to be improving after about 3 weeks so will probably go back for a follow up soon.

10 days to go!

booting haiku

One week done and gone
My knee is wonky as hell
feel good overall

Apr 15th, 2016





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