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Jason B.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 21 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 21
Program progress:

Wow, again where does it go?

So far so good. Been keeping up with the exercises, except missed one day and then found myself pretty whipped after the sudden uptick in skip minutes, exercises and reps! But all in all good.

Diet been OK but not great. Not that i'm eating crap or anything, just been really busy and keep forgetting to eat the fruit in the mid morning and mid day. which annoys me alot because i know those 3 fruit snacks are very key. So will do my best to keep on top of it.

Off to NYC tomorrow with my wife and two little ones for a 5 days visit with friends and family. Going to be a long travel day, so hopefully will manage with the food ok through a couple airports.

Missed a photo will do my best to get one up soon.

DAY 10

Is it just me or does time just evaporate!?!?

I realized i never answered the two questions so here goes:

1. What I want to get out of KB2 is to keep the awesome feeling going from KB1. I also quite frankly want to improve my physique even more and reduce or eliminate the sagging bits that exist between my shoulders and waist. My legs are like solid oak, arms are good, but I have some excess fat deposits I'm happy to get rid of! Don't get me wrong, I feel good already, took lots of inches and 13 kg off the body so far, but there is always room to improve more!

2. What do I need? How about a 35 hour day? No? Guess Kenzai doesn't have a lesson on how to stretch time, so I guess I have to make do in 24 hours..... lol I guess what I need is myself to keep the discipline to stick to the diet and to make sure I don't miss any days in the workout. Sometimes it's damn hard if its been a long busy day to drag my butt to my K-zone and workout - but I did fairly well in KB1, and now I want to score 100% in KB2. Cause this stuff works, and I like what I see when clothes that used to be tight hang off me now.....

Thats about it,

I will do my best to support everyone, because I think it always helps when people comment on each others posts. Some days are crazier than others but i'll do whatever i can.

Good luck team and stay strong!

Weird thing happened last couple days..... I hit a wall. Which I guess is normal but at the same time caught me off guard because I've been kind of gung ho the whole time the last few weeks. but for some reason the last two nights I was just crushed and passing out by 9:30 pm!! Which is very un usual for me as I'm a bit of a night owl.

Glad to see the diet started today, I like having the map to follow, makes it a lot easier. Still, good stuff coming out of the ground locally so all kinds of great fruits and vegetables direct from the local farmers.

Exercises are nice. I guess because I just finished KB1 they seem....'easy' but I know not to fall into that trap LOL. It's gonna get harder, and this little step back is nice to recharge the batteries a bit.

Had a couple no- no's the other day couple sweet things I shouldn't have, but just saying goodbye to them for 90 days.... so I'm on track now.

Greetings! Great to be here in KB2 finally. Had to do the cooling off period for 3 days from KB1 so could only start today. Am keen to keep going and keep improving my fitness and of course tightening up the body more.

Feeling good so far!

Day 90. Finale 

Wow, that went by fast. There were definitely good and bad days through the whole thing, and despite less than a stellar finish due to traveling etc, I am exceptionally pleased with my results. I'm already signed up and ready to take on Body 2 to keep going.

I know that numbers aren't the goal and I get that totally, but at the same time its fun to see how things have changed in just 90 short days with a lot of hard work and a decent amount of discipline:

Before / After:

Weight: 106.6 / 93.6 kg
Chest: 46 / 43.5 inches
Belly: 45 / 39 inches
Hips: 42.5 / 39 inches
Neck: 16.5 /15.0 inches

That's a lot. I mean I have dug clothes out of the closet I haven't even been able to put on never mind wear and it's awesome.

I think with this program this time around I feel like I have finally turned a corner. There's a difference in my attitude I think. In the past when I did the program it was reluctant, whereas this time I relished it. When I cheated before it was not a big deal and when i do now I feel incredibly guilty. I like how I look and feel right now and I want to not only keep it that way but improve it. I must admit I had a little ice cream to celebrate the end, but I didn't enjoy that as much as I do the fresh peach for a bedtime snack. My first thought this morning is not to crush bacon and eggs, but to stick to my plain toast and avocado and yogurt breakfast I've had habitually for 90 days.

I really hope I can keep it all going and stick with better eating and regular exercise. I look at my 'big clothes' and want to burn them.... LOL

Big thanks to all the other members of the team for the support and for blogging about what they were going through, it helps so much to see both the positives and negatives during the program. Also big thanks to the trainer for their never ending support and encouragement. - i'll be seeing you guys in a few days in body 2!!!

Take care everyone!


Weak finish

Well, here we are at day 89. Been a rough week being in italy made some of the eating tough, both from eating past i shouldnt and also getting access to veggies and eggs and yogurt. Did the best I could though and kept up with the exercises best i could given that i was missing my home K-Zone!

Yesterday was all flying day. took me 26 hours and 4 flights to get home, so missed the workout completely so a bit bummed about that.

However will bang out day 89 and 90 with a vengeance and am ready to start body 2 in a few days!

got cut off

Am staying In a villa that it's hard to get in some of the exercises but am managing fairly well.

The super sets are dam tough. Finding the skipping pleasantly easier than I expected. I first saw 9 mins and thought omg but has been good. Have been able to keep the pace and still be able to breath and talk normally which is good according to a recent lesson.

Food. Well I'm not going to lie it's tougher in Italy but am sticking fairly close to plan. Only hiccups have been a couple pasta dishes (kept to small portions) and a couple desserts around my friends birthday but all in all the rest pretty in line.

Am both excited and sad we in the final week. Am already looking how to sign up for the next session as I am really pleased with how I feel and look compared to before. I want to keep this going.

Had to fly to Italy for a friends 50th party in Tuscany. Got back to workouts after 3 days off after last post. Am stay


It was funny.... (well not really)

You see, I've been working so hard on the kenzai, on my businesses, around the house, and then to top it all off i decided rather spur of the moment that i would turn 2 acres of my property into a cherry farm. So i've been out there ripping down trees and weeds and moving boulders and plowing a field..... My ever supporting wife said the other day, "you look like hell.....well, actually you look great in terms of fitness, but you look drained, exhausted, your eye is swollen shut, and it looks like your body is going to shut down if you keep up this pace". Well, thurns out she was right - like women are in general i find :)

So last night, as I dragged myself to the K-Zone to workout at 10:00 pm after a longggggg day, I started to skip and sure enough, the ankle went again, similar to week 2 or 3. Ugggggg. I tried to walk it off and start again, but no dice. Skipped the skipping and went to the pistol squats, boom, same issue.
I literally almost fell over.

So i decided it was break time. It makes me angry in a way, because i want to keep going but I know i need to listen to the tell tale signs my body is saying which is 'hang on there big guy, we need a rest'

So im sticking tight to the diet, but will take a couple days to catch my breath and let my ankle reset and get back to it.

On the positive side of things, my weight hit 92.4 kg. Thats 14.2 kg.....GONE! Clothes hanging off me to the point people are saying 'get a new wardrobe man' so that feels good.

Diet been good, the odd mild deviance here and there, but otherwise sticking to it, especially given its the peak of vegetable season here in the Okanagan valley so everyday i drive past dozens of farm and orchard stands gettin g the best of the best, picked the morning i eat them...... nothing is better than that fresh!

Anyway, hope everyone is well, i'll keep ya posted when i get back to it in a day or two. I may just cherry pick exercises after today if the ankle still gives me a hassle, but i think should be fine after a bit of rest.



Halfway through yesterday's workout I had a band come off a hook and snap full speed into my right eye. Ouch ouch ouch. After thinking I was going blind I iced it up for a few hours and went to bed early both mad that I didn't finish the workout and a bit worried about the eye. Woke up this morning and was fine although the eye socket is sensitive and I have a bit of a shiner.

So aside from all of you, that know the truth, I am telling others I caught a rogue punch kickboxing lol. Figure it sounds cooler than a giant rubber band snapping in my eye!

So I'll be taking it a bit easy on tonight's workout.... and maybe wearing my sunglasses for defence.


Howdy All,

Glad to see everyone is doing well. We are well and truly in the final stretch and it feels good!

Last night had dinner, was a health roasted salmon and steamed baby bok choy and salad...... all super good and compliant until my wife made the most incredible peach cobbler with amazing locally grown peaches fresh off the tree. Served hot, with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream melting all over it. OMG. it was like heaven. Tasted so good, but also noticed how strong and overpowering the sweetness was after so long without any real sweet stuff. As I finished it off I wished there was more.......until...... an hour later I really didn't feel so good. Laid down on the sofa. Can't explain it, wasn't sick, wasn't anything other than feeling 'weird' for lack of a better word. Maybe a bit lethargic? Feeling better this am after a good night sleep and think it was all that sugar hitting my system....rather my new and improved system and the system not liking it. at all. Strange to really feel the effects in such a profound way. I'm wondering if maybe I just had too much of a good thing that it became a bad thing.

Anyway other than that feeling good. weight is off and staying off. Wife said the other day 'OK, you've got to buy new clothes because now everything is just huge on you'....that was nice to hear. Saw a friend haven't seen for a few months and he had to do a double take to make sure it was me, so also good feedback there.

Can't really say any negatives right now, overall feeling great, the sets are obviously hard and tough, but the results speak for themselves, so instead of dreading the workouts, i try to look forward to them.


Well, it's nice for the lessons to explain why they are trying to kill us..... lol These workouts are tough. Very tough getting through all the sets. Have tried to push harder and further through. still hitting failure sometimes in set 4 of the 6 set jobs..... but usually catching a wind and finishing off 5 and 6 most times.....

I still find the pull ups and chair dips tough to do properly so have been using bands to assist a little bit. Even with band assist, still hitting failure, but figure better form is better than bad form and doing without the bands.

Definitely noticing a difference in my ability to do V-sits. I hate V-sits....did I ever mention that? LOL However, yesterdays v-sit workout I actually for the first time put in a decent performance on each set so am a bit proud of that.

Food.....well, it's getting a bit boring, to be honest. Especially made harder as I eat a plate of green veg while house guests throw down my wife's amazing braised pork red wine risotto with a nice merlot...... uggggg.

But I press on. We are coming to the final stretch I suppose, so gotta keep the push going. Hope everyone is well, sorry haven't blogged much, just been a crazy hectic summer as usual....


The K zone in the man cave is growing......

Wow....anyone else getting crushed by these workouts? i find some of them i either fail in the last set mid way, or i fail in the second last set and then the extra rest allows me to get through the final set.

tough tough tough.....

DAY 58

I just said to my wife: wow I love looking at my stomach in the mirror in the morning now.

Not bragging you just need to understand that I used to HATE what I saw in the mirror.

All this work and aches and pains and hunger are so worth it when I see results like this. All my clothes are loose. I was at a winery the other night (drinking water) for an outdoor concert and the winery owner came up to me to chat and later texted me 'nice seeing you guys And nice to see ur gut gone!!!" I was wearing a button down shirt that 6 months ago I couldn't do up.

Anyway aside from all that the hunger is still tough but am happy to be loading up on veggies at dinner now. The back pain was a one and done so no issues there.

Let's all rock it to the end everyone!