Jason B.

Jason B.

Kenzai Body | Day 11
Kenzai Body
Day 11
Program progress:
And away we go!

Feeling positive and strong after today's workout and my first meal on the Kenzai diet program.... organized everything last night and have my packed lunch with me at the office. Last nights prep and this mornings workout followed by breakfast (which I never usually have at all) brought me back to 6 years ago and it just feels so right.

1. Tell us about your life...
Where do you live? Who do you live with? How do you spend your time?

I am originally from Canada but have been living in Hong Kong since 1991. A lot has changed since then! I share this life with my lovely wife May, our 8-year-old daughter Felix and our pooch Mr. Marley. My week is busy with work (I am in private equity) and my weekends are busy having fun with my family. A lot of activities for my daughter on the weekends including a 7:45 am Saturday morning soccer practice!

2. Tell us why you're doing Kenzai body...
Any specific goals? Why now? What will success look like for you?

I did Kenzai body 6 years ago after having put on a few pounds and having had a break from any kind of fitness regimen during the first two years of our daughter's life. I ran into a friend (Brian Brenner) that I hadn't seen in some time and couldn't believe the change in him.... he told me about this program - PCP (the original Kenzai name) and how incredible it was for him and before you knew it my wife and I and another good friend all signed up and off we went into PCP's world of jump rope and grams of intake! My goal is to return to the shape I was in on my final day last time around..... I actually maintained very well for many years but the last few years have been stressful both on a business level and personal level and I let myself slip. I'm now 51 and it's time to refocus on my wellness.... I've maintained the jump roping in my life since I left Kenzai 6 years ago and have jumped 3-4 x per week for 15-20 minutes without breaks. However, my diet as gone to hell and all other strength-building exercises neglected...success will be measured by my ability to return to that final day pic and to maintain a higher level of overall fitness from that day onwards. No problem !

3. A problem shared...
What obstacles do you anticipate to succeeding in this program? How will you navigate these?

The only challenges are the social ones where we have certain things going on that involve meals at other people's homes. I'm not shy and will be open with everyone and happy to carry along my scale to weigh out my grams and prep them before we arrive ;) Other than that I'm feeling strong and ready to nail the next 84 days..... s

4. What question would you like to ask your team mates and/or trainer? (Answers in the comments please!)

Where's your happy place?


Have been adhering to the 25% rule and finding myself wanting to get fully into the diet of Kenzai Body. Craving the disciplined eating to begin..... I think it’s tougher to stay on point with the 25% guidelines than to deep dive into our diet with weighing out our intake. I may take that back a week from now 😅

Ready to burn !

Very excited to be starting and looking forward to diving into Kenzai Body full force.... long overdue for me to ramp up my fitness and burn off kgs that have piled on since the last time I was here!

Let’s do this!!

Day 92.... 

Deep gratitude to my wife for being so supportive and encouraging on this 90 day journey to better health and to a more conscious approach to fitness and diet from this day forward.

Now comes the real challenge........good luck to you all!!

1 week to GO!

Haven't blogged in a long time but that doesn't mean that I have been slacking on the PCP..... have been true to it 100% and sprinting (while still being able to carry on a conversation) to day 90. My dad was in town for 12 days so that kept both May and I extra busy. This will be brief and I will write more later, just wanted to get something in before letting it go any longer. Need to get another pic up too !!!

Hope all are feeling great as we approach the last week of this incredible program. I'm converted and know that my life style has changed (I believe) forever..... time will tell as we move back into "normal" life on April 15th!!!


Haven't blogged in a while. Busy time with my dad visiting during the Jewish holidays..... it's Passover and the last few nights we celebrated with the Passover seder. This is a festive meal, during which we go over the story of passover (the exodus of the Jews from Eqypt, freedom from slavery). A lot of the traditions and rituals involve food & wine so it was a challenge to balance the spiritual with the PCP but I think we managed to do perrrrrrrrrty good. First night it was at a friends place and she always goes FULL throttle on the variety of deeeeeeeelicious dishes that she serves up. Normally I would have dived head first into everything, being sure to sample all that was being served up, picking my favorites and then doubling or tripling down:) This year as people were feasting I was carefully trying to pick and choose the most friendly PCP dishes (I am currently on AMAYW veggies and AMAYW protein for dinner). It was not easy but I did manage to  work it out with the exception of a few minor diversions. Part of the ritual is to drink 4 FULL cups of wine over the course of the dinner..... covered the tradition by tasting the wine on 4 separate occasions and that's where we stopped.

For the 2nd night we were in control and had the seder at our place with fellow PCP'er Dave W and his family:) My beautiful and talented wife whipped up a PCP friendly meal which we were all able to fully enjoy and it felt like an indulgence but yet it was not. What a difference in the quantity of food and the healthy choices made from one seder to the next. We slipped in a little desert that May created (I Scream Sandwhich!!) BUT it was non-dairy, gluten free, low in sugar.

My dad hasn't seen May and I since September and he is amazed at the way we are looking and our current life style of daily workouts and disciplined diet.

Feeling strong as we head into the last few weeks of PCP. Workouts have amped up and I'm feeling the depth of change as we sprint (steadily) to the finish line.

I think I healed much faster than I would have done off the PCP diet bc of the protein intake..... intuitively it feels like that's the case. The new workout today with some sets increased to 6X is a big jump in intensity..... found that I am not able to complete all the reps (hit muscle failure) when I get into the 5th and 6th sets. For one of the exercises I had failure with just 60% of reps completed in 4th set. Assuming this is a good thing but it is a little frustrating. Those $%@&^! V-sits are killer, I'm good for the first set but then after that it's a tough road..... that said they do keep getting better but still.

Body is changing significantly and I'm feeling it everywhere...... stomach is really starting to tone now together with everything else. Can feel how things are going deeper with respect to the fat burning. It's empowering.

My dad arrives for a visit on Friday so it'll be a bit of a challenge to balance his arrival and entertaining him while firm on the PCP diet but at this stage it just IS what it IS.

Can't believe we have just 26 days to go. Dang!

Sat down with Dave W and my lady to a caesar salad, cheese pizza and a chocolicious cookie made by my wife the superlicious baker !! Must say that it was all a bit of a let down. It was nice to dine out and be free to order up something of a menu but the reality is I get just as much enjoyment or more out of my PCP dinners at home and I feel a hell of a lot better immediately after and the following day. Felt a bit hungover the morning after. My wife's cookie was DEEEEEEEEELICIOUS though and I do look forward to indulging in her baked goods post PCP but as a treat once in a while :)

Injured the right side of my chest doing the dips on Wed...... didn't realize it at the time so much but had some discomfort with the rest of the chest exercises immediately following and in retrospect I should have moved on beyond the chest to the next area but you know......Humbling and frustrating when you get an injury. On Sarah's good advice (and my wife's) I've laid off chest since Thursday. It has improved but still bothering me...... goes from front chest to behind my shoulder blade. Last night when I was doing the captain's chair for abs I had to stop bc of the pain behind my shoulder blade. I replaced that ab workout with straight up sit ups. All other exercises seem to be ok (except for lawn mower) and pain free but I think that I will be off the chest for this week and that sucks.

Things are going really well though and I continue to feel the deep changes taking place in my body. Skipping is really enjoyable now and the 20 minutes today flew by..... I was shocked when the times went off and it was over.

Looking forward to this week and the new diet and workouts.

burn baby burn

Felt those legs burning today with the jump rope + 3 different leg exercises and see exactly where we are headed! Jump rope felt better than ever today, fell into that trance like state and cruised for quite a while - felt really good. Body continues to shape shift and feeling things going deeper with the workouts and diet.

Indulgence #2 time - so many options and so difficult to choose. Almost don't want to in a weird sort of way. Not wanting to throw the system off as it is feeling so balanced at the moment....... will definitely be interesting to see how the constitution reacts.

Have been feeling the increased intensity of our workouts especially with the reduced time between sets...... less time for recovery is making some of the exercises much tougher. I thought that I'd prefer not having to count the skips but I'm finding that without the counting my mind wanders and starts to complain about all kinds of shit whereas when I had to count I fell into a state of meditation and thought about nothing else other than where I was in the count!! I'm not doing the 7 sets x 2 min with break, instead I just set my timer to 14 minutes and plow through without breaks........ 14 minutes can feel like 140 minutes on some mornings and 14 seconds on others (well, not quite.... but you know what I'm saying).

Diet is solidly routine and has become my norm. Have not eaten a meal out since that steak dinner fiasco with the boys and have NO desire to venture outside of food prep from our very own kitchen. I'm honestly enjoying the simplicity of it and the new role that food has taken on in my life (for now) - fuel for muscle repair.

Can't believe we are 1/2 way there. Given the changes in my body that have already taken place I cannot imagine what day 90 will look like!?!?! Let's find out........

Dragonfly20130306 2 jnw1yh

First picture was taken a few days before the start of PCP for a new passport. 2nd picture taken on day 30.... figured my new PCP pic would look a little better than the pre-PCP picture for the passport that I'd be stuck with for the next 5 years! I had no idea......

1400 down

It's amazing how quickly the body strengthens and how something that once looked to be impossible is now no big deal....... tripped up a bunch of times this morning at 6:30am in our parking lot but plowed ahead and nailed the 1400 jumps. Felt strong plowing through the last 200 and really was quite amazed at how far I've come.

The diet is most felt in the evening since it is such a far cry from a "normal" dinner but have gotten used to it over the last week. I see that my banana has been taken away for this coming week and that makes me sad b/c the last few days I've been freezing my banana and blending it with my 200 ml of milk for a delicious banana dinner shake.

Egg whites egg whites and more egg whites....... PCP should sell us all live chickens at the beginning of the program to save us on so many trips to the grocery store to buy more @$%! eggs.

Good luck to all this week....... keep it light :)

Feeling the intensity

The radical change in dinner and the increase in daily egg whites is being felt together with the workout being ramped up....... legs are getting powered up and shapes continue to shift. Now that we are going deep I think things are going to definitely get challenging, I can feel the energy shift but know that I'm ready for it. Let's go PCP......

And away we goooooooo!!

Soooooooo those trusty ol carbs have disappeared from my dinner menu and at first glance my plate last night (consisting of lean grilled red meat, sweet potato, grilled eggplant and asparagus) looked oh so very very tiny BUT it did the trick and I was satisfied...... it did however, make the evening fruit snack that much more delectable:) I get it, I get how this diet is so key to PCP success and so far I've been right on track.

The biggest diet test/challenge to date was last week when a boys dinner was organized to celebrate the arrival of a friends son. Of course it had to be at a killer steak house that also just so happened to be having a re-launch party (post reno) at the ground floor bar where they were serving up ALL sorts of tasy looking dishes and tequila lime sodas on the house - F#@!$% !! I arrived, digital scale in hand, and held my PCP ground. Water on the rocks while we waited for our table....... conversation ensued about the program that I was on and it turns out that one of the owners of this steak house was an ex-PCP'er ! WTF!?!?

Orders were being taken and the boys were loading up on apps for the table and of course a coupla bottles of red to go with all the meat that was about to be consumed. I figured ok, no problem, order me the leanest pc of meat on the menu and I'll shamelessly carve it up and weigh out my 80 g of protein, some grilled veggies on the side and for my carbs..... nothing on the menu - I'll just eat the bread they serve up. Waiter dropped delicious looking garlic/olive bread loaded with butter..... this is when my conversation began with the waiter and he was totally cool after I explained to him my situation..... He arranged for some brown bread to cover my 50g of carbs and he made sure my steak was just straight up meat on the grill together with the veggies (no butter, no sauce, no nottin!). Apps arrive and I sit back and watch the crew inhale a serious amount of food before their 14oz ++ steaks arrive together with sides after sides after sides. My food arrives and I pull out my scale (keeping it on my lap!) and I weigh out my meat and veggies..... a few hilarious comments by the guys as they mocked me a wee bit but for the most part they were intrigued and amazed. Whew, I made it out with total gram allowance intact.

Week 4 - BRING IT ON.