Jason B.

Jason B.

Slam dunk!  

That's exactly how I'm feeling about the last 90 days - I did not miss a beat and made every day count on this journey and I couldn't be happier with my results. Truth is I am going to miss the rhythm that I have been in but I'm confident that I'll find my own rhythm outside of the program. Can't wait to get back on the rope and take things to the next level. Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and fit 2020!!

Finish STRONG!

Well what do ya know, here we are on DAY 85. Loved the change-up of the workout today and felt empowered by it. Going to enjoy this final lap and really dig in hard on the workouts with a strong final push.... I'm grateful for the results that I'm getting all around and feeling really good about how I am kicking off 2020.

Good luck to all of you on your sprint to the finish line!

Workouts are full-on but feeling well prepared for this stage and for the final count down. It was interesting to observe everyone packing in plate after plate (and glass after glass of vino) of heavy-duty festive foods soon followed by growls and grumps as people slumped on the sofa or floor in a food coma watching me eat from my bowl of fruit after having had my 100 gms of protein and a melody of raw crisp veggies...... I went to bed feeling great and jumped out of bed at 5:30, as usual, to get on my rope and then smash out my sets. I'm loving where I'm at and looking forward to carrying it forward post 90 days.


It's been a great ride so far and this last stretch is feeling really good. Finishing strong with every workout and diet is on track.... wishing I had saved my indulgence for an early Thanksgiving dinner that friends are having this coming Saturday but I'll be munching on my AMAYW veggies and downing fresh lime sodas instead !! All good, it's worth it!!

Full speed ahead to the finish line:) Good luck to everyone, stay strong.

Coupla pics from my Sunday indulgence........ was nice to kick back and have a few drinks with some nibbles but I felt like crap the next morning!!

Steady as she goes and feeling strong. The workouts are burning and I'm really in cruise mode now.... wondering why last week the jump roping was 4 x 4 but this week is 3 x 5 especially given Sunday was 4 x 5??

Things are really starting to shift physically and I'm feeling good. Diet and workouts are going really well and I'm feeling strong......bring on the egg whites and keep cranking up the workouts, we are ready for ya !

Time has clipped by really fast for me. I am fully on board and so far have not missed a workout and my diet has been to the gram without any slips. Have had some very early (5am) workouts this past week because of my morning schedule. Ready to dig in deeper for the 2nd half. Saving up my indulgence for a friend's afternoon B-Day BBQ that I'm looking forward to! Hope everyone is having a good week and feeling strong....

On track....

Everything is on track and I'm really feeling and seeing the results. I like beginning my days with the early morning workout followed by the Kenzai breakfast...... really sets me off on a great start every day. I'm into the dinner of yogurt, apple and egg whites - very filling and satisfying.

On my rest day (cardio only Sunday) I did a hike with my 8-year-old daughter to the peak in HK.... a very steep climb up but I felt strong. Her reward was a pizza picnic followed by ice cream...... dad's reward was Kenzai to the exact gram lunch box:) Quite the contrast! We hiked back down and it felt great.... except for the shin splints the next day!

I had my indulgence on Saturday afternoon. Timed it with a BBQ that I was invited to on a friend's rooftop. It was tough to get myself to move off diet actually...... had a few glasses of red and some other nibbles that were part of the buffet spread. I found myself quite satisfied with a minimal indulgence but to be honest I could have done without it!

Very happy with the increased intensity on the exercises and really into the diet shift. Time to power up! Powered through a tweaked calf muscle I had a few days ago...... I think the added egg white at dinner was a big help actually. Find myself getting to bed earlier and earlier and doing well by the extra sleep I'm getting:)


It was a solid week for me, staying on diet track and embracing the workouts as they slowly ramped up. Friday night I was hit with a family dinner over at a friends place and the meal was one of my all-time favorites - Morrocan! Inna can cook and she went ALL out and Tucker was serving up some very fine vino to match the feast perfectly. I warned Inna in advance that I was not going to be the best guest as far as contributing to the takedown on all the food! She was very kind to prepare me a plain ol pc of salmon that I then ate a 1/3 of together with some simple veggies as I was surrounded by dish after dish of tantalizing Morrocan cuisine and I managed to hold my ground on the food and downed bottles of sparkling water.

Now as if that wasn't enough for one weekend it's also Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year) and we always have guests for dinner on the 1st eve which was last night (Sunday). My wife prepares a feast (as is tradition) of many favorites and I always do my little bit by tending to the meat course - medium-rare bone-in rib eye roast! Man that was a tough one as the wine flows (that I'm serving) and it's course after course after course of all the classics including my wife's first in class chicken soup and chopped liver! Made it through this dinner as well with my 100 gms of protein and 190 gms of veggies all weighed to the gram..... if I can make it through this past weekend, well...... bring it on.


My routine has fully adjusted including my bedtime hours which really needed to shift dramatically. Feeling like I've taken back control of my food intake and now in a solid routine of keeping the fridge stocked with the right goods and evening food preps with my trusty scale and boatloads of veggies. My wife has been joining me and enjoying the dinners I've been throwing together which makes it easier and more fun..... my daughter is quick to point out to everyone when we are in a "food/drink" situation on the weekends that "dad's doing Kenzai so he can't eat any of that!". Ventured out to a health and wellness fest in central HK on Sunday and brought along my Kenzai lunch which I was feeling pretty good about..... had to leave the festival area to find some shade to escape the crazy heat so that I could enjoy my lunch. Ended up in an odd spot and had lots of funny looks as people passed me by..... laughed at myself and had a "fuck, yeah!" moment......change is coming and it feels good! Let's go team and really make this 3rd-week count.

And away we go!

Feeling positive and strong after today's workout and my first meal on the Kenzai diet program.... organized everything last night and have my packed lunch with me at the office. Last nights prep and this mornings workout followed by breakfast (which I never usually have at all) brought me back to 6 years ago and it just feels so right.

1. Tell us about your life...
Where do you live? Who do you live with? How do you spend your time?

I am originally from Canada but have been living in Hong Kong since 1991. A lot has changed since then! I share this life with my lovely wife May, our 8-year-old daughter Felix and our pooch Mr. Marley. My week is busy with work (I am in private equity) and my weekends are busy having fun with my family. A lot of activities for my daughter on the weekends including a 7:45 am Saturday morning soccer practice!

2. Tell us why you're doing Kenzai body...
Any specific goals? Why now? What will success look like for you?

I did Kenzai body 6 years ago after having put on a few pounds and having had a break from any kind of fitness regimen during the first two years of our daughter's life. I ran into a friend (Brian Brenner) that I hadn't seen in some time and couldn't believe the change in him.... he told me about this program - PCP (the original Kenzai name) and how incredible it was for him and before you knew it my wife and I and another good friend all signed up and off we went into PCP's world of jump rope and grams of intake! My goal is to return to the shape I was in on my final day last time around..... I actually maintained very well for many years but the last few years have been stressful both on a business level and personal level and I let myself slip. I'm now 51 and it's time to refocus on my wellness.... I've maintained the jump roping in my life since I left Kenzai 6 years ago and have jumped 3-4 x per week for 15-20 minutes without breaks. However, my diet as gone to hell and all other strength-building exercises neglected...success will be measured by my ability to return to that final day pic and to maintain a higher level of overall fitness from that day onwards. No problem !

3. A problem shared...
What obstacles do you anticipate to succeeding in this program? How will you navigate these?

The only challenges are the social ones where we have certain things going on that involve meals at other people's homes. I'm not shy and will be open with everyone and happy to carry along my scale to weigh out my grams and prep them before we arrive ;) Other than that I'm feeling strong and ready to nail the next 84 days..... s

4. What question would you like to ask your team mates and/or trainer? (Answers in the comments please!)

Where's your happy place?


Have been adhering to the 25% rule and finding myself wanting to get fully into the diet of Kenzai Body. Craving the disciplined eating to begin..... I think it’s tougher to stay on point with the 25% guidelines than to deep dive into our diet with weighing out our intake. I may take that back a week from now 😅

Ready to burn !

Very excited to be starting and looking forward to diving into Kenzai Body full force.... long overdue for me to ramp up my fitness and burn off kgs that have piled on since the last time I was here!

Let’s do this!!

End of Week 9





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