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Here we are…so DAFUQ happened in 2019?

-There were some new themes/features: the NEW App (as if…more on this later), Blood Pigeon, tl;dr, acronym/code name key, hourly push-up challenge (going on RIGHT NOW, Week 1 start with 10 push-ups every hour for 8 hours (so 80 push-ups per day), +5 every week so Week 2 15/hr, Week 3 20/hr (which is where I am right now), Penis Fish (https://nerdist.com/article/penis-fish-thousands-beach-california/).
-There were some recurring themes: what sucks about the OLD App (wait, WHAT?), #drunkdudepassedoutonthestreet, CRUSHING BEFORE pics/programs/Spartan races/indulgences, Rucking, Tokyo Festivus, IRL meet-ups (A&E in Tokyo, Cheech and Todd in Tokyo, 55 in Shinjuku Station on the way to RWC Aussie/Wales, Cheech/Todd/Jimmy G/Murch/Elissa/Shafi at the HK 7s), run-commuting, counting, busted wing/PT, Fish Twist FTW!
-There were streaks: No Booze, Yes Booze, unbroken Jumprope, drunk dudes.

Right, so speaking of the NEW App, I had heard whispers about it on the dark web, so made some calls, gave a handy to a shady character in the back alleys of North Fairmont, woke up in an ice bath short 1 kidney but with the web link to the NEW App! I will withhold judgement (read: bashing) until I do a program on it, and you know how much I hate to admit it, but I found a VERY useful feature, at least for making the montages: if you go into your profile, PHOTOS, pull-down menu which lists all of your COMPLETED programs for which it has every weekly photo posted for that program. And that’s it.

So here is the damage, BEFORE and AFTER montages, start top-left with Board Boot, then go left to right and top to bottom as you go down the list of programs below, Thanksgiving meal and dessert montages within the montage where Jan and Peter live respectively on the BEFORE montage, AFTER is self-explanatory, so Alice in the middle is Mankini BLAST and bottom left is Bellz Too.

Board Boot 14Jan-11Feb: started the year with a bang, epic BEFORE pic. Sneaky good program, and great excuse to post some sweet snowboarding pics.
Chizzle 11Feb-24Mar: epic FAIL BEFORE pic, coming straight off Board Boot, but love me some Chizz, and conveniently timed to NOT be on program for the HK7s.
Ranger Challenge 08Apr-06May: ran it a little looser than the first time but still “passed”. Next year might try to push the “stretch” targets.
Mankini BLAST 06May-03Jun: if Chizz is the new ReBoot then Beach BLAST is the new Chizz, my new favorite program! And the Mankini is the new chaps; don’t let it be said Da Fish doesn’t give the people what they want.
Da Bellz 10Jun-22Jul: Phase I of Spartan BEAST training, was good to swing the IRON around after a bunch of HIIT, and conveniently ended the weekend that started the annual family beach week in NJ.
The Deuce 29Jul-09Sep: Phase II of Spartan BEAST training, probably my best AFTER pic despite aggravating my shoulder in the last week, and was still able to get through Spartan BEAST no worse for wear, opting out of some obstacles for burpees (total 6x30 = 180).
Wifebeater BLAST 21Oct-18Nov: great finish to the training year, wrapped up the week before Thanksgiving and I haven’t stopped boozing or stuffing my gullet since, which is laying the foundation for yet another New Year EPIC BEFORE pic…

Right, so speaking of the New Year, will desperately need to jump into a program STAT, one that comes with a shiny new BADGE, so was thinking about Run starting 13-Jan, but that doesn’t allow enough New Year indulging, so smelling like Konfusion starting 27-Jan. Unfortunately in the NEW APP I can’t see the CATALOG of upcoming programs (shocker), but I gave a handy to a shady character in the back seat of a Corolla in the parking lot of a Walmart in Rochester and got the link to the 2020 Programs schedule, which you may or may not be able to see here:

Today’s featured selections:

Dats it! Have a happy and a healthy! Laterz suckerz!


Tokyo Festivus, back again. This year doubled down with Rencoocooforcocoapuffs Rucknonsense in the morning, followed immediately by pizza and craft beer at Pizzakaya, followed immediately by the best New Haven Style pizza and BEST craft beer in Japan at the Nakameguro Taproom, the now official headquarters of the Kenzai Tokyo Festivus.

It was a celebration of a year of CRUSHING shit as usual, but extra special shout out to the NEWLY WED Kenzai Royals Janet L and John M! 7 blessings for your Kompliant life together, and extra special shout out to Janet who is retiring to a life of knocking down zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs like a boss and doing whatever DAFUQ she wants!

Thanks to those who joined the festivities, and for those that didn't see you at the next one.
King and Prince Cocoa Butter: thanks as always for leading the charge!
Rencoocooforcocoapuffs and the fam: very rare table for 5! Please settle an argument: do the twins like pizza?
Janet L and John M: Mazel Tov! So much fun to celebrate your K-love IRL. Love the matching festive outfits, and that is a veteran white wine pour right there.
Wiz (Bill W): Bro we rucked shit up and crushed a lot of pizza.
David O: last man standing, as usual.
Lionhart (Ryan H): BRO! You know where I can get a cool and practical sports bag?
Tom B: nice to meet you...again? GO BLUE!
Big Swede (Erik S): Enjoy hitting the slopes on your IRON pegs!
TFR (Tim R) and Yumiko: nice to have your priorities straight, no program in 5 years but show up for every Festivus!
James B: Bro need to line one up and knock it down proper in January!
PK (Peter K): welcome to the Klub!
The Millers: new reKruits, I think we may be able to hook Chad on a Run program.

Here's a little taste of the Goruck Christmas Light (with a special Goruck Edition of #drunkdudepassedoutonthestreet), and will check back in in a couple of weeks with a full 2019 retrospective and the 2020 Master Plan (he says as he types while drinking wine and eating cheese and chocolate at 4:00pm on a Sunday afternoon). Until then, laterz suckerz.

Selections of the day:

Wifebeater BLAST Days 27/28 FINAL: Tee time 

First of all I need to get this off my chest. Anyone else notice (or care) that the T-shirt Ready badge is not a T-shirt but a tank top? Speaking of which, I don't own a wifebeater, so I had to borrow Sonny's.

Day 27 Workout: duration 1:00:18.03. Only the 2nd* 1 hour+ workout, pleasantly surprised considering Day 1 was over 50min. Felt pretty chest heavy (SPOILER ALERT). Interesting, last regular workout and 1st appearance of the Shoulder Dumbdumb Circles. Dats it.
*Should have been 3 but Day 20 57min+ with mysterious missing Reclining Dumbdumb Arm Swings.

Day 28 Workout: duration 23:08.27. Since the old app is going the way of the dodo soon I will come right out and say it loud and clear (have hinted at it many times in the past): THE DAY 28 (or whatever the last day is on whatever program you are doing) COVERT NEED-TO-KNOW DOUBLE-SECRET WORKOUT IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE ON THE APP UNDER "WORKOUTS" BEFORE DAY 28. Right, so the workout, loved it, obviously. Did all the 50s in 1 go (surprised myself with the push-ups). On the last day kind of hard to keep it real to "Deep burn", there was a lot of "OK, 1 more and that's it". V-sits did 33 with shoes on, that was pretty legit.

Day 28 Lesson: "This gets you out of the 6-pack rat race and lets you enjoy a more forgiving diet." Whatever bro. You're ALWAYS in the rat race, if you THINK you're out of it it just means you're LOSING.

DOMS of the weekend: chest.

Day 27 Jumprope 7:00 BUFF (3.4oz/96.4g): 1101/klean
Day 28 Jumprope 5:00 BUFF (3.4oz/96.4g): 813/klean
Current streak: 4 session/29:00/4721 jumps
Longest streak: 11 sessions/1:16:00/11,766 jumps

So remember the last time I did a BLAST? This happened:
No, not the Mankini (well, yes the Mankini), but dinner with the Kenzai Royals on Day 27, which also happened to be my wife’s birthday. After about a split second of indecision I chose to sacrifice the streak and celebrate properly, zero regrets and finished with integrity on Day 28 despite a hangover and the psychological feeling that I was already done. Fast forward, same same this round, except the decision was a last minute audible (I had already told everyone I was not drinking and staying kompliant, for which I received a hearty round of well-deserved BOOOOOOOOs) and no legitimate excuse like a birthday, except it was a new organic farm-to-table restaurant (in Meguro, called Locale) that was great. Oh and did I mention cheap corkage and we brought awesome wine? Yeah, so that.

This was one of my biggest challenges yet, massively crushed my before photo for a 4-week program focused more on bulk than lean. Kept it pretty much 99.3% air tight and on point (overgrammed fruit, undergrammed carbs, S.O.P. at this point), lotsa magic happened in Week 4 and BOOM. Particularly pleased that my balky shoulders held up under the weight, though to be fair they did limit some of the weight and movements, but holy shitsnacks! Look at those goddamn shoulders! Incredible. As a big fan of the Beach BLAST I liked that each workout started with a few BLASTS, and although some of the longer dumbdumb dayz got a bit tedious it was nice to sling the iron around, and mixed it up just enough with body weight and cardio days to refresh and reload. So yeah, I liked it, and very pleased with the results. Next up is the holidaze, which I will say I will try to navigate with some sense of restraint but who am I kidding? Doesn't make sense to sign up for a program this late in the year, so looking ahead to Jan, Badge Collector saw a couple of Run groups starting, but need to also check to see if there is any Konfusion in Jan, that one sounds like a winner...if only there was a new app...

No Booze Streak (NBS): 0 days.
Last/Longest NBS: 27 days.

Today's featured selection:

-T-shirt Ready BLAST is done. I liked it.


What's the difference between a T-back and a Thong and a G-string? I thought you'd never ask. After extensive research, the only conclusion is that a G-string is just a string for flossing your butt cheeks and a small patch to cover your koochie. A T-back has a little more material both around the waste and the band that flosses your butt cheeks. Some people say a T-back and Thong are the same thing, some people say 1 is 1/2 way from the other to a G-string (opinions differ which is closer/farther from the G-string), and some say a Thong is the general family name of undergarment that includes both T-backs and G-strings. The guy dancing is wearing a T-back, or Thong. The woman in the picture is most definitely wearing a G-string. The bro in the picture is wearing a mankini, which is none of the above, but couldn’t let this opportunity to share slip away. No gender discrimination here, something for everyone! You're welcome.

Today's Workout: duration 55:49.60 (that's more like it). Knee Capper BLAST 105 jumps straight, 1 off my PB, DOH! Burpee BLAST immediately following is very hard to do when you can't breathe...Dumbdumb Katana (with both hands) so much better on the wing than the One Arm variety, and really cranked up the weight, made me think I probably have been a little light up to this point. I really don't like Narrow Push-ups. As discussed previously here and on GymMat's post yesterday, pro-tip on the Metronome can really get the legs down, practically parallel, opens up the obliques reeeeeeeal niiiiiiiiiice. Oh and Fish Twist FTW.

DOMS of the day: nada. Very surprised.

Jumprope 7:00 BUFF (3.4oz/96.4g): 1167/klean.
Current streak: 2 session/17:00/2807 jumps
Longest streak: 11 sessions/1:16:00/11,766 jumps

No Booze Streak (NBS): 26 days.

Today's featured selection:

-Today was Day 26.

OK T-backbaggerboners, 2 more workouts and its tee time! See you on the other side!


So I saw this on the intertoobs today, it’s like some secret society like the Masons or an alternate universe like the Upside Down...

Today's Workout: duration 1:07:43.87. Some recent 50min+ workouts have felt relatively short. This one did not. It was the longest workout by a lot (10min), and holy endless sets and reps, of every single muscle. Just because Rainman loves it, went back to Day 18, the last Super Heavy Upper-Body workout duration 58:02.53, total muscle groups 6 (all)/exercises 11/total reps 743, today 6 (same)/14/923, that's around a 25% increase! Gotta think (hope) the next 2 workouts before the big finale on Day 28 will be shorter, and Day 28 will probably be at least 3.5 hours...Nothing of note to say about any one exercise in particular, except that there were SO MANY! Trying to up the weight where I can, though I'm still using smaller dumbdumbz than I was expecting at this point.

DOMS of the day: nada. Forecast for tomorrow 100% chance of DOMS.

Jumprope 10:00 BUFF (3.4oz/96.4g): 1640/klean.
Current streak: 1 session/10:00/1640 jumps
Longest streak: 11 sessions/1:16:00/11,766 jumps

No Booze Streak (NBS): 25 days.

Today's featured selection:

-Today's workout was very long.


Amidst all the anger and noise and stupidity this was a nice view out my office window today...

Today's Workout: duration 52:38.50. Felt a lot shorter than 52min+. Really don't like the Crescent Kick. That's all I have to say about that...

DOMS of the day: nothing when I rolled out of bed, but felt the triceps during the Crab Walk and chest during the Push-up Lean In.

Jumprope 12:00 BUFF (3.4oz/96.4g): 1980 jumps/1 trip. Streak broken, but landed square on 165/min pace, so I got that going for me...
Last streak: 2 sessions/0:14:00/2268 jumps
Longest streak: 11 sessions/1:16:00/11,766 jumps

No Booze Streak (NBS): 24 days.

Today's featured selection:

-Today's workout felt a lot shorter than 52min+.
-I really don't like the Crescent Kick.


Speaking of this week's diet, I always say it, there are others in these parts that eat more eggs, but 5 eggs (1 whole, 4 whites) through my AM Fruit Snack is a lot.

Today's Workout: duration 56:23.16. Shortened the range on the One Leg Floor Touch to make it go faster but it also ratcheted up the burn, which must be a good thing. That back-to-back-to-back with the Deep Squat and Reclining Leg Raise was a pretty HOT leg triple dip. One Arm Dumbdumb Katana was a bit dicey on the balky wing, had a similar feeling as when it popped on the Bellz Windmill, so weight way down (Double Katana has been totally fine).

DOMS of the day: nothing in particular.

Jumprope 7:00 BUFF (3.4oz/96.4g): 1160 jumps/klean. Smokin', broke the elusive 160/min (and then some) for the 1st time on BUFF.
Current streak: 2 sessions/14:00.00/2268 jumps

No Booze Streak (NBS): 23 days.

Today's featured selection:

-Week 4 diet has post-workout 2 egg whites, breakfast 1 egg and 1 egg white, and morning snack 1 egg white.
-Tough leg workout today.


Rain, no run-commute, cold and grumpy...

Health check today, no eating from 9:00pm last night until after the check today which was lunch. It's amazing how all day every day looking forward to my next food input feels like an eternity, but when I'm forced to fast like today or on Yom Kippur its actually so much easier than I would think. And it also feels pretty good, dig that "clean", dizzy, lightheaded feeling...I love eating (and drinking) and always say this but at some point I should probably give intermittent fasting a try. Or not.

Speaking of eating and diet, Week 4 has dropped, no AMAYW in sight, the Week 2 AMAYW Breakfast Veggies and Evening Fruit Snack a distant memory. This is an incredible breakthrough: Chen the AI algorithm has learned from its mistakes! Doesn't make it any easier to close a program for the 1st time EVAR without ANY AMAYW in the last week, but whatevs, I fixed Chen! Or maybe I broke him? Either way Da Fish WINS! Wait, no AMAYW, Da Fish LOSES! Wait, what were we talking about?

Today's Workout: duration 54:53.67. The upside of the rain/no run-commute is taxi to the gym (0:dark:30 subway hasn't started running yet), so start/finish the workout a little earlier, so did the 4x12 Reclining Dumbdumb Arm Swing I owed from Saturday, because like the Lannisters, Da Fish always pays his debts. Don't think I didn't notice sneaking in a 6th set on some exercises, Dumbdumb Row today, Underhand Dumbdumb Row on Day 18. Otherwise not much to report, Plate Press is tricky, feel like I need to straighten my arms more but at about 7/8 extension I fear I will lose my grip on the plate.

DOMS of the day: shoulders, as always on a Mon collateral soreness from getting a once over at PT on Sat.

Jumprope 7:00 BUFF (3.4oz/96.4g): 1108 jumps/klean.
Current streak: 1 session/7:00.00/1108 jumps

No Booze Streak (NBS): 22 days.

Today's featured selection: if you like the 2nd one, the 3rd is a bonus, enjoy, these Cello Bros ROCK.

-It was raining this morning.


3 weeks down, 1 to go, Europe time baby! 28 days fly by. Feeling great, in a good place considering where I started, lets BLAST this last week to oblivion, shall we? DO IT DO IT!

This week's T-shout out: #sharetheswag

Day 20 Workout: duration 57:18.08. That was long, 2nd longest so far, just 1 minute shy of the Super Heavy 2 days ago, but somehow didn't feel quite that long. To be fair its the weekend so I'm not necessarily jamming to knock it out, but I don't dilly dally, and still prep/rack during rest periods, and also cut the rest periods short when I can. But whatevs. Going back through the workout now on the browser I see the Reclining Dumbdumb Arm Swing, don't recall doing it, stepped back through the workout on the App and there it is, there is no option to bypass an exercise so no idea how I didn't do it, weird. So definitely should have been the longest workout, breaking the 1 hour barrier, AND I owe the Kenzaiverse 4x12 Reclining Dumbdumb Arm Swings, maybe will do tomorrow on Cardio day. Always love multi-tasking to save time, and also when one of my regular extra Post workout stretches shows up in the daily workout stretches (Fish Twist (FTW), Dead Pigeon, Down Dog), or now that I'm doing the Fish Flap (shout out Burnsie!) for PT can get that shit done when Side Plank shows up for Abs.
Day 21 Cardio: what a BEEYOOTEEFUL day for a run! Still owe 4x12 Reclining Dumbdumb Arm Swings.

DOMS of the weekend: nothing in particular.

Jumprope 7:00 BUFF (3.4oz/96.4g): 1008 jumps/6 trips. All good streaks must come to an end.
Last streak: 11 straight sessions/1:16:00/11,766 jumps

No Booze Streak (NBS): 21 days.

Today's featured selection:

-The program is almost over.
-Day 20 workout was long, but should have been longer.
-Jumprope unbroken streak ended.


First, look up the definition in Urban Dictionary (edit: t-bag, not doppelgänger, unless you don’t know what a doppelgänger is), then come back. So people seem to think I look like him (from Prison Break). People also have said I look like Sean Penn. I can see it a little, in certain pictures. Who you got?

The 1st sighting since Day 1, and boy was it a beauty! The rarest of rare, the STANDING variety. He was swaying ever so slightly, I had to be very careful and quiet not to wake him. I hung out for a bit to see if he would tip over backwards into the street and get run over by a car, but alas he did not, at least not yet...

Today's Workout: duration 50:50.13. BLASTED the Knee Capper, 106 straight jumps, and felt GOOD, very clear indicator of improved fitness. Though emptied the tank on the Cappers, the Burpee BLAST that followed was not pretty (done properly, with push-ups). Did the Sneak per @GymMat's instructions, "you look like you are trying to be covert and stealthy before you sneak up on someone". Reclining Leg Raise is sneaky tough on the IT band and glutes, and takes way too long. Side V-sit planted my down elbow on the ground for support, since there are STILL no Details then technically this is not wrong or cheating, definitely got some good oblique burn. Oh and Fish Twist FTW! Always. And forever.

DOMS of the day: triceps again, and biceps, and doubled down in today's workout.

Jumprope 7:00 BUFF (3.4oz/96.4g): 1110 jumps/klean. Inching closer to 160/min pace.
Current streak: 11 straight sessions/1:16:00/11,766 jumps

No Booze Streak (NBS): 19 days.

Today's featured selection:

-Worked out today.

Have a great weekend T-bones!


Today's Lesson: Da Fish obviously approves of today's lesson. Very helpful illustration, will check it again later, maybe read some of the words...

Today's Workout: duration 58:02.53. Super Heavy Upper-Body Workout indeed! Man that felt LONG. Set after set after set...after set. I feel like for some things I have been able to (small) step up dumbdumb weight, but for others sometimes it feels harder, I guess to Elissa's point about the Scoops, been pushing hard so most muscles will always be fatigued to some extent, just depends on the muscle and the day. Rainman's world is back in order, Cross Crunch 5 sets/10-15 reps => did 18 each. Whew.

DOMS of the day: triceps again.

Jumprope 10:00 BUFF (3.4oz/96.4g): 1578 jumps/klean. Tripped during the lead-in warmup BEFORE the starting bell (BUFF obviously sending a message, don't take it for granted), so yes trip, the first with BUFF, but unbroken streak still alive, because COUNTING.
Current streak: 10 straight sessions/1:09:00/10,656 jumps

No Booze Streak (NBS): 18 days.

Today's featured selection:

-Today's workout was long.


Today's Workout: duration 49:01.24. Peep the pic of Patrick's Heel to Butt Jump. Everyone can get their feet that high right? Still finding the Scoops very hard, harder than I remember. Crescent Kick alternated "double" sets and regular sets, shoulders still collateral burning, probably after 10 minutes on BUFF. Did the 1st set of the Viking Longboat with shoes on, took them off for the last 3, YOOJ difference, easier but not easy. Speaking of not easy, Thread the Needle is a doozy. I add my sneaky favorite Typist Stretch to the Cat Pose (and Cow Pose), 2 for the price of one!

DOMS of the day: triceps, as expected, and no glutes, which is no longer surprising but disappointing yet again after yesterday's Side Kicks.

Jumprope 10:00 BUFF (3.4oz/96.4g): 1550 jumps/klean. For those keeping score at home, I have yet to trip on BUFF, since Day 8, 9 straight sessions/59:00/9078 jumps. Stay tuned for the jinx triptastic dumpster fire tomorrow.

No Booze Streak (NBS): 17 days.

Today's featured selection:

-Thread the Needle is hard.
-My triceps are sore today, my glutes are not.
-I haven't tripped since I started jumping with RX Smartgear Buff on Day 8.


Today's Workout: duration 51:37.59. 1st appearance of the Burpee BLAST, obviously did them properly with push-ups. Right so I get it, more time in the rearview than ahead, we're ramping up to 5 sets of shizzle, but Wall Chair 5x1:00? That is some bullshit right there. What's the difference between Sneak and Creep? Following the recent trend, which we have already established is NOT my friend, no Details for the Inside Dumbbell Curl, I was legitimately confused looking at the cover pic and even inside gif until I scrolled down and saw the Rubber Band alternative, that image made it make sense. So thanks for nothing...

DOMS of the day: none really to speak of. I said last time after Side Kick I expected glute DOMS but never happened, will see this time, those fukkers burn HOT! Definitely expect more triceps DOMS, pretty much after every triceps day, like clockwork.

Jumprope 7:00 BUFF (3.4oz/96.4g): 1050 jumps/klean.

No Booze Streak (NBS): 16 days.

Today's featured selection:

-Many exercises have ramped up to 5 sets.
-Not sore today.


Don't think I've ever had AMAYW taken away, but in this week's diet lost the AMAYW breakfast veggies and evening fruit snack, back to 160g and 230g respectively, so harsh. Chen is either pissed that I called him an AI algorithm, pissed that I'm ignoring his carb allocation (I'll start eating carbs this week...some...maybe), or pissed that I'm taking the piss with 500g+ evening fruit snack. BURN!

Right so the gif is the PT exercise described yesterday as: "Side Plank (she called it Side Bridge), added arm moving from flat parallel to body (hand at hip) 180 degrees to pointing over head (parallel to the body on the top side, not straight up to the ceiling) and back again." What shall we call it? Wiper Side Plank? Rainbow Side Plank?

Day 15 Workout: duration 55:04.23. Too long. Too many exercises jacked up to 5 sets. I don't like this trend, definitely not my friend. Reclining Shoulder Fly: new exercise with no Details! That trend is not my friend either. Looks pretty simple but kind of tough to balance. Oh and Dog Pee Push-up FTW!

DOMS of the day: none in particular, but my shoulder is very sore from PT on Sat, she really worked me over good and dirty.

Jumprope 7:00 BUFF (3.4oz/96.4g): 1075 jumps/klean

No Booze Streak (NBS): 15 days.

Today's featured selection:

-In my Week 3 Diet no more AMAYW Breakfast Vegetables or Evening Fruit Snack.
-Today's workout was long.


RWC 2019 has come to an end, what a great show Japan put on! Congrats to the Springboks! They absolutely manhandled England. Oh and look who I ran into at the finals! I'll give you 1 guess who is holding that beer...My ticket included a free VIP dinner reception Fri night, which I opted out of, and free booze at the game, which I opted out of, zero temptation or regrets. Locked and loaded. In the zone. Ready to CRUSH the back 9.

Got my flo-jo on today taking the kids to the 1st annual Minato-ku sports competition, they both ran in the 100m sprint, both lost badly, there were some tears, but was a good lesson in sportsmanship and motivation to train harder for next year. Then played a massive round of tag which was exhausting but so much fun running around on a crisp fall day.

Day 13 Workout: duration 43:38.23. I actually forgot to press start on the timer, you can imagine how annoying that is for Rainman, so the time is from the Day 6 Heavy Upper-Body Workout, seems about right, based on how it felt and eye balling the clock. Anyway, Dog Pee Push-up FTW! Note to self: never do the Wall Shoulder Slouch stretch again. EVAR. Way too dicy on the balky wing. Interesting had shoulder PT after the workout, told her about the Slouch stretch, we talked about Spartan (rings and monkey bars in particular), new exercise she gave me is the Side Plank (she called it Side Bridge), added arm moving from flat parallel to body (hand at hip) 180 degrees to pointing over head (parallel to the body on the top side, not straight up to the ceiling) and back again, 10 times, said that engaging the core doesn't put as much pressure on the shoulder while still strengthening it, whereas standing or hanging or lying flat things like the Slouch and rings/monkey bars or lying on your side doing that same 180 degree movement don't allow you to engage the core and thus put more pressure on the shoulder AND the brain doesn't have anything else to worry about so sends pain signals to the shoulder to limit the movement. Innnnnnnnnteresting...think I've heard some shit like that before around these parts...
Day 14 Cardio: such an action packed weekend, slept in before the race, so had to squeeze in the run between soccer practice and early dinner, you know how I hate to workout out later in the day, and the forecast/sky were looking like rain for later in the day, but once I laced them up and hit the road I felt GREAT, good run on a nice crisp autumn day, and no rain. WINNING!

DOMS of the day: none worth mentioning, I’m just tired...

Jumprope 5:00 BUFF (3.4oz/96.4g): 768 jumps/klean. Have not tripped yet with BUFF (jinx), but still find it hard to crank up the pace any more...

No Booze Streak (NBS): 14 days.

Today's featured selection: 2nd one came up on a play list following a different (more mellow) song I was looking for, this one ROCKS. 3rd one was on at the Japanese "Family Restaurant" lunch post running where I ate the pictured 150 grams of steak (not the potatoes, and 2x side salads, no dressing, or undressed, Janet's term, funny), which was probably 125g after I cut off the fat, well below my lunch 180g allocation, but overgrammed at yaki niku dinner (peep Jessie and Sonny working the grill like bosses) so net net net net net net net call it even.

-Went to the Rugby World Cup final, did not drink.
-The kids ran a race, and lost.
-New PT exercise for my shoulder: Side Plank.
-I'm tired.

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