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Jason F.

Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready | Day 22 (Member)
Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready
Day 22
Program progress:

Perfect 10: 3 down, 7 to go.

The kids' annual elementary school Sports Day (Undokai) was Saturday. Blazing hot (low 30sC/90F+), exhausting to stand around in that heat from 9:00-3:30 doing NOTHING except taking pictures and losing at the adult tug-of-war (elementary school I think I'm still winless, pre-school if you recall Sonny's last Undokai we hired a tug-of-war consultant and won for the first time ever, so career combined I am probably 1-20 ish (you do it 2x, switch sides)). Jessie and Sonny did very well in their running and dancing and cheering, always a fun day, and they were on different teams, Jessie was red and Sonny was white, so Team Fish gteed a W! And my sun hygiene game was strong, lotsa lube, no burn.

Weekend workouts: I usually do most of the workouts on the stretching mat (when no on else is there), and take off both my shoes AND socks (to avoid slipping on a lot of the BLASTS), but Saturday there was someone stretching so did it in the main gym area floor, added weight with shoes on definitely ups the ante on many of the kicking/jumping/leg lifting exercises. Extra 10 seconds of Inchworm and Wall Chair did not go unnoticed.

Day 20 Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2860/20 trips. Only 2 trips in the first 1500+, 3 to 2000, the rest down the stretch. And many sharp stinging lashes on my hand, that HURT, but no scars or bruises to show for it. Kind of like when my pimp beats me with a sock full of oranges.

Day 21 Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2667/32 trips. Dumpster fire. Went no more than 400 clean (only once), at around 1500-1600 the trips surpassed the 1/100 target, closest I got back was @ 2100/24 but then the wheels officially came off. Awful session, one of the worst EVAR, going to chalk it up to exhaustion from the Undokai yesterday.

Day 20 MotD: Capper. No contest. Though worth mentioning the AOM Climber-Lunge Jump Twist-Push-up Balancer trifecta was a doozy, especially leading straight into the Capper.

Day 21 MotD: Sally. Doing Sally after something like the Sharm Scoop is just cruel. Loonie/Half Burpee was a formidable pair.

No booze streak: 21 days.

Today's featured selection:

-Jessie and Sonny's sports day was fun, but hot.
-Day 20 Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2860/20 trips.
-Day 21 Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2667/32 trips.
-Day 20 MotD: Knee Capper.
-Day 21 MotD: Salamander.


Going to nail these last 10 days. 1 down, 9 to go.

Today's lesson: FAKE NEWS!
"The good news is that the butt isn't the most visually interesting part of a body in a swimsuit." Debatable.
"The butt doesn't have much contrast, and contrast is what draws the eye!" Not my eye...
"(Note that the buttocks aren't nearly as important as you think!)" Right, they are MORE important.
"Again, looking great on the beach isn't about how good your butt is!" Says YOU.

Today's workout: Crab Walk BLAST I tried again to Crab Walk up the stairs (thanks for the youtube clip @Robin), still found it impossible going feet first and didn't want to waste too much of the precious 1:00 trying/failing so aborted, will give it another go on my own time. I periodically do the Needle and Thread stretch on my own to give my back a good twist, read the Target areas in the Details, should be a strong stretch in the downward shoulder, wasn't getting any of that so threaded deeper, and deeper, until I went all the way through and tumbled over. That was funny.
Right so remember yesterday's confusion about the Alternating Mule Kick BLAST, no explanation in the Details so since it was only 1x 1:00 set assumed it was alternating legs within the set, so I alternated 5 kicks per side, thinking alternating 1x1x1x1 would slow down an already inadequate and disappointing BLAST. Well it got me thinking, I vaguely remember the 1st appearance of the Alternating Crescent Kick BLAST on Day 11 being 2x 1:00 sets, alternating 1 leg per set, but went back to Day 11 in the browser and it was only 1x 1:00 set, and in the Details "Next, do the crescent kick with the other leg. Continue alternating left and right until the time is complete.", that is 1x 1:00 set, and it was the same for Day 15. Still not satisfied, I went back into the App, restarted the Day 11 workout, tabbed through to the Timed Crescent Kick (note: NOT Alternating), at first it says "Sets 1" but once you start the timer "Sets 1" morphs into "Sets L/R"! DAFUQ! And the Details on that one says "Do all the reps with the same leg before switching to the other. When you've done both right and left that's one complete set." That would be 2x 1:00 is a "complete set". DAFUQ!!! The Day 15 Alternating Crescent Kick on the App matches the browser, but the Day 11 Crescent Kick on the App is FUKKED!!!! Rainman RULES!

Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2900/14 trips. Only 4 trips in the first 1500+, the rest on the back end. It is what it is.

Day 19 MotD: No Sally, no Capper, it was anyone's ballgame today! Going with the Merman Jumps over the Sharm Scoops, sorry but Zoolander > Sharm. The Dog Pee Push-up doesn't make the cut, I just like saying Dog Pee Push-up. From the lesson the other day about as we progress we will be building up more oxygen in our blood and more blood in our bodies which will make the exercises easier, well that is not happening across the board but 1 in particular I can see improvement is the Loonies, they no longer merit mention, honorable or otherwise.

No booze streak: 19 days.

Today's featured selection:

-Today's lesson: it is debatable whether a well-toned back with strategically placed shadows is more important than a nice butt in looking good in a bathing suit.
-Today's workout: there is an inconsistency in the Timed Crescent Kick between the app and the browser version.
-Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2900/14 trips.
-Day 18 MotD: Mermaid Jumps.


-Check the skillz on this dude (Alvin Kamara, RB, NO Saints, Professional American Rules Football Player)

-Today's workout: only 1 newbie today, Alternating Mule Kick BLAST. So there are no details in the Details, only a gif, which is nice and all, but I already know how to do the Mule Kick, it’s the alternating bit that needed a little clarification. Crescent Kick BLAST there were 2x 1:00 timers, 1 for each leg, so clearly alternating BLASTS. For the Mule there is only 1 1:00 timer, so does that mean we should be alternating kicks? I did, every 5 kicks, because every kick would be way too slow. Remember yesterday when I said I had “graduated” to not checking the timer anymore? Yeah, today checked the timer on the Mountain Climber, with about 3 seconds left. More on this later in the MotD. Oh and Fish Twist FTW!

Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2730/24. Always seem to follow a great session with a stinker. Regular tripping along the way but more frequent toward the end, when it’s a dumpster fire Rainman’s targets less than 1 trip per 100 jumps (as if I can control when I trip, the pressure thinking about it probably makes tripping more likely), in the 2300s the trips caught up, fortunately only 1 more from there to the end. WHEW!

Day 18 MotD: Knee Capper. Funny today @Robin mentioned about yesterday’s deadly duo Scoop/Sally back-to-back, which I was also cursing yesterday, but today’s wonder twins Knee Capper/Mountain Climber was WORSE. Da Climber is a MotD contender in its own right, but following directly after Da Capper takes it to another level…though not quite enough.

No booze streak: 18 days. Burying the lead here, because there was pretty much zero risk of breaking the streak, but had yaki niku dinner last night with Kenzai luminaries Jason Block, Bill W and Ryan H (visiting from HK), oolong teas all around, aside from a shitton of salt, some meat a little less lean than ideal and throwing grams out the window it was relatively klean and kompliant. It was a mountain of meat and and a sprinkle of veggies, and no carbs. A bit dehydrated with a meat hangover this morning but could have been a lot worse. Well, actually no it could not have been because I’m pretty locked in to BLAST to the finish in 10 days. Bro.

Today's featured selection:

-1 new exercise today, Alternating Mule Kick BLAST, Details were lacking.
-Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2730/24.
-Day 18 MotD: Knee Capper.
-Ate a lot of meat last night, not enough veggies.


-Today's lesson: "If you want a vivid example of how much damage you've taken, get some alone time in front of a mirror and take a long look at your naked buttocks." Thanks, like I don't already do that every day. I have very fair skin, sunburn very easily, and have a history of skin cancer in my family, so have always lubed up at the beach or pool, and see a dermatologist regularly (have had multiple moles burned/frozen/surgically removed over the years), but back in Freshman year bio there was 1 lecture that upped the ante. The long and the short of it was that the radiation from the sun is literally cooking your skin, sure there were cancer stats and countless doctor testimonials, but pics/videos they used to demonstrate the sun literally cooking someone's skin were very disturbing and put me on the path of good skin hygiene. Thank you for your attention to today's public service announcement, we now return to our regularly scheduled program.

-Today's workout: only 1 newbie to report, Reclining Bicycle, I vaguely recall these being pretty ineffective in the past but if I raise my head and shoulders like a Cycling Mini-V-Sit that gets shit burning nice. That Tire Run is a shifty fukker, usually towards the end of the BLASTS (jumping between the last 2-3 spots on any given day), but today it was batting lead-off. At this point I'm pretty good at not checking the clock during the 1:00 BLASTS, though very tempting at times. Also to keep things moving when I finish 1 BLAST I immediately press the timer and jam to towel off and get into position to start the next one at the bell, keep the flow going.

-Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 3006/5 trips. 5th trip was in the 800s, so 2100+ klean to the end, felt good.

-Day 17 MotD: Sally. All day. Every day. Sharm Scoop earns an honorable mention. Also worth mentioning is that the 1/2 Burpee is the only variety (not the Full Burpee with push-up, not the 3/4 without) that comes close to contending for the MotD. As previously mentioned in a timed set the shorter/quicker movements are much tougher than adding a jump and/or a push-up, which are tougher for a fixed # of reps/sets.

-No booze streak: 17 days.

-Today's featured selections:

-Today's lesson: the sun is bad for your skin.
-Today's workout: new exercise Reclining Bicycle reps/sets.
-Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 3006/5 trips.
-Day 17 MotD: Salamander.


-Rain, no run-commute, bummer.

-Today's diet: overgrammed a little too much last night on my veggies/protein at dinner, and slightly over the 300g target for AMAYW evening fruit snack (and by slightly I mean at least double) so attempted to run it tight and reelz today. Lunch is 50g Carbs/230g Veggies/180g Protein, weighed in at 48g Carbs/230g Veggies/188g Protein. Veggies were sitting at 227g, threw in 1 more carrot stick and landed smack dab on 230g. Protein was this really good kompliant organic grilled chicken we get at the supermarket, has a massive layer of skin which is easier to take off once hot, so guesstimated around 220g w/ skin and ended up 188g without. Afternoon fruit snack is 200g, weighed in at 199g! Banana, 1/2 kiwi and leftover apple pieces. Dinner is 230g Veggies/120g Protein, weighed in at 230g Veggies/120g Protein. COME AT ME BRO! Rainman loves this shit. Not sure I've run a single day this tight since original PCP...And boy am I hungry...where is that AMAYMFW evening fruit snack...

-Today's workout: a couple of newbies to report, Antisocial sets and Giraffe Walk BLAST. Antisocial is a weird one, wiggled around trying to find the right angle to get the best core burn, the winner also put some pressure on my upper quad/pelvis/groiny area, so I had that going for me...Giraffes (giralves?) are goofy.

Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2925/13 trips. Sloppy, lots of rope/foot grazing, only by the grace of Dagon didn't trip more than 13 times. One of the most satisfying things that can ever happen in any workout is clipping the rope on your foot, rope goes spastic, BUT maintain composure and motion and recover without tripping. That feels great.

Day 16 MotD: Knee Capper. No contest. Ever. Honorable mentions as always AOM Climber, and a couple that don't usually get mentioned Lunge Jump Twist and Push-up Balancer. Not sure the Burpee, either full (with push-up) or 3/4 (without) will ever be a legit contender for the title. 1 other thing worth mentioning, what a brutal BLAST finish AOM Climber-Lunge Jump Twist-Push-up Balancer-Knee Capper-Tire Run in a row. Couldn't have taken Circle Run, Giraffe Walk or Showgirl out of the front end to break up the back 9?

No booze streak: 16 days. Getting a little thirsty...

Today's featured selection:
Bonus selection: autoplayed after Missy, not sure why, I've played it before but not recently. Anyway 1 of my favorite old-school rap jams EVAR. Enjoy!

-Stuck to the diet very tight today.
-New exercises Antisocial reps/sets and Giraffe Walk BLAST.
-Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2925/13 trips.
-Day 16 MotD: Knee Capper.


-Week 3 Diet: Lost in all the excitement about losing all but 50g of Carbs (lunch) and 5 egg whites in the morning was my lunch Protein jacked to 180g, now that is a mountain of meat.
-Today's workout: Complained about the Crab Walk BLAST the other day, not tough, just seems so long, well today I tried going up the stairs, bad idea, feet first is ridiculous, nay impossible, hands first (backwards) is doable. A couple of newbie BLAST Plank Shuffle and Push-up Knee Fly. The Push-up Knee Fly seems to be a not-so-distant relative of the Fire Hydrant Plank, or the Dog Pee Plank. It's an interesting one, tough, looks funny but I guess the Jedi Council thinks it's relatively self-explanatory, since there is no explanation in the Details, just a gif and Target Muscle, but who am I to complain or judge...

Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2960/12 trips. Punched the clock.

Day 15 MotD: Scoop Push-up! Edges out Merman Jumps and the rookie Push-up Knee Fly thanks to @Sharm's form check IG post from the other day.

No booze streak: 15 days.

Today's featured selections:

-New BLAST Plank Shuffle and Push-up Knee Fly.
-Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2960/12 trips.
-Day 15 MotD: Scoop Push-up.


Feeling GREAT at the 1/2 way point. A bit tired and hungry every now and then but never debilitating, and certainly not the black hole from today's lesson (see below). Week 3 diet losing all but my lunchtime carbs (50g, will eat all of them), still AMAYW breakfast veggies and evening fruit snack and some added post-workout milk and egg whites (so that's 5 egg whites before lunch, cluck cluck).

Beautiful weekend in Tokyo, Sonny had a mini-sports day at his after-school care and its incredible how exhausting random made-up kids games/races can be no matter how fit you are (though felt great when more than 1 mother said to Reiko holy shitsnacks your husband is FAST and FIT!). You know what else is exhausting? No training wheels training. Running hunched over while engaging arms and core should be a new 1:00 BLAST. Made my long overdue Swallows season debut, Da Fish 1 : Beerz 0 : Chuhais : 0 : Ribs/Ice Cream/Karage/Yaki Soba/Popcorn 0 : Yaki Tori overgrammed : Veggies undergrammed : Swallows 0 : Bay Stars 7 (oooof).

FOMO: Congrats to King Cocoa Butter and Rencoocooforcocoapuffs (and anyone else) for completing yesterday's Spartan Super in Chiba. AROO! Training for the Beast in September starts NOW!

-Sunday's lesson: um, science? PPPPFFFFPFPFPFFFFPFFPFFF...here's what I think: a short program like this that promises extreme results I'm not feeling "shit we're only halfway there?" more like "SHIT only 2 weeks to go!" Although brutal the 1:00 BLASTS feel great and are working and most (not all, looking at you Sally and Capper) are getting more doable (hesitant to call them easier).

-Weekend workouts: Forgot to set the alarm on Sunday, naturally woke up 30 minutes late, the exact time of the run, so ditched it and went straight to the gym, ended up finishing full workout exactly the same time as I would have with the earlier wake-up and run, think that means I’m pretty dialed in on cruise control. The other day I mentioned doing proper Sharm Scoops, which I thought I was doing, but REALLY dug deep today to stay super low and slow on the backswing un-scoop, something clicked (no not my pelvis/hip/joint/socket/thingy or balky shoulder, though did have the click on the Leg Shears today), new-level felt it in my arms and shoulders, was really pushing back through it. In related news got some added pressure on the shoulders (not bad pressure, good burn pressure) towards the end of the MerMAN Jumps. New BLASTS Scissor Jumps, similar dynamic to the Merman but 1/2 level down not as exhausting. Missionary position Mountain Climber (not Alternating Outside) on the other hand was EXHAUSTING.

-Jumprope 20:00 HYPER Day 13: 2780/17 trips. A bit of a let-down following yesterday's 3130/0 trips.
-Jumprope 20:00 HYPER Day 14: 2890/12 trips. I actually felt like I was humming along at a good pace, and was going long stretches without a trip, but started breaking down late and crushed my groove.

-MotD Day 13: Sally. Pushed to failure/screaming/spitting in proper 1/2 push-up position alternating with sets of 5 "rest" in extended-arm plank position 20-5-10-5-7-2-timer-collapse in a heap. Merman a respectable honorable mention, and must be noted that although the Loonies are still TOUGH, as mentioned above and like many have been saying I'm definitely getting better at them.
-MotD Day 14: BURPEE! This is like when some idiot college drop-out gets an honorary degree just because they are rich and/or famous, giving it to the Burpee in honor of our Spartan brothers (AROO!). I did full proper Burpees with push-ups but you know what? When doing a fixed # of reps/sets that is harder, but when doing a timed BLAST I think the push-up slows it down and it is LESS intense (though not easy). If it wasn't for Spartan today would have been an interesting battle, Knee Capper was a mutherfukker as always, but the rookie Mountain Climber was a sneaky contender, doing them properly (as I learned in Chizz really pumping the knees as fast and far up as I can) was crazy, felt like it went on forever, 100+ reps, dragging/carpet burning my feet and knees toward the end.
*for those just tuning in, MotD = Mutherfukker of the Day, that's today's workout's toughest BLAST, as unilaterally determined by me.

No booze streak: 14 days.

Today's featured selection:

-Feeling good at the 1/2 way point.
-New BLAST Scissor Jump, Mountain Climber.
-Went to my first Swallows game of the season, kept kompliant, but the Swallows lost.
-Jumprope 20:00 HYPER Day 13: 2780/17 trips.
-Jumprope 20:00 HYPER Day 14: 2890/12 trips.
-MotD Day 13: Salamander.
-MotD Day 14: Burpee.


What a glorious morning! The first sighting of #drunkdudepassedoutonthestreet in a long time. Pretty sure we didn't see one on the RC, or Chizzle before that, not since BoardBoot in early Feb! But this is a very rare one, for starters even though it was 0:dark:30 on the clock its already starting to get light way too early in Tokyo, but take a closer look, mutherfukker's eyes are open! FREAKY! I didn't notice at the time, maybe he heard me coming, though he's not looking at me, just sort of staring into space, maybe he was awake and just resting, or maybe he was DEAD!

-Today's workout: A few more newbies joining the fray, Otter Kicks (or Flutter Kicks if you are a Rucker like Rencoocooforcocoapuffs), Multigrip Push-up (45°) (I like these), 3/4 Burpee (sorry where I'm from a full Burpee has a push-up, AROO!). Metronome back DOWN to 10 reps (I did 12), why are they toying with our emotions like this? Last 4 'Nomes 12/10/14/10 reps. Was going to mention 45° Lunge so I could practice using my "degree" symbol but already had it in the Multigrip Push-up...Interesting not many DOMS these days, except for chest, which I don't feel on most of the push-ups but I DO on the Lunge Jump Twist. Also interesting re: yesterday's hip click discussion, hadn't noticed before but I get the click on the AOM Climber.

Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 3130/0 trips. KLEAN.

Day 12 MotD: Knee Capper. Da Capper is pretty much an auto-win at the moment, only competition is Sally, head-to-head would be a toss-up. As previously mentioned tried to do as many jumps in a row straight back up without a pause on my toes, with “rest” sets of 5 with a 1/2 tick on my toes in between, I practically puked and collapsed when the timer went off. LOVE IT! Usual suspects were honorable mentions, 3/4 Burpee was disappointing, next time will do them properly with push-ups and see if it can contend for the title.
*for those just tuning in, MotD = Mutherfukker of the Day, that's today's workout's toughest BLAST, as unilaterally determined by me.

No booze streak: 12 days.

Today's featured selection:

-New exercises Otter Kicks, Multigrip Push-up (45°), Burpee.
-Still have chest DOMS.
-Day 12 MotD: Knee Capper.
-Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 3130/0 trips.

Have a great weekend Master Blasters!


From today's Lesson: "When you see someone in a swimsuit (or their underwear), your eye will immediately drop from their face down to their midsection.". Um, no it won’t...at least not immediately...

New BLAST today Mermaid Jumps, welcome to the rodeo. 1:00 Crab Walk feels like such a LONG TIME, up and back and side to side, I think next time I might level-up and go up/down the stairs. Shout out to @Sharm, rocked some wicked Scoop Push-ups yesterday on her IG feed/story/whateverdafuq the kids call it, tried today keeping my body real low and slow on the backswing un-scoop, talk about level-up, that was TOUGH. I've whinged about this before but on the Crescent Kick I'm getting a weird clicking in my right hip/pelvis/joint area, not the first time, not the only exercise (also happens on Leg Shears, among others), no biggie, just weird.

Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 1830/22 trips. Just one of those days, though didn't feel like a tire fire per se. Tripped @ #10, which was very discouraging, but otherwise they were well spaced out, EXCEPT there were 2 double trips and 1 triple trip (trips on successive jumps), THOSE are infuriating.

Day 11 MotD: Lunar Lunge Jump was like no Sally today? Whaddup! I'd like to thank the academy, my Lord and Savior Dagon...not so fast La La Land, today's winner is...the ROOKIE, Mermaid Jumps! Its interesting, I actually like Mermaid Jumps when they are 4 sets of 15-20 reps in a normal workout, but in the 1:00 BLAST I hit a wall around 30, holy shitsnacks it became more like Parapalegic Leg Drags...
*for those just tuning in, MotD = Mutherfukker of the Day, that's today's workout's toughest BLAST, as unilaterally determined by me.

No booze streak: 11 days.

Today's featured selection:

-New BLAST Mermaid Jumps, Crab Walk BLAST seems like a long time.
-Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 1830/22 trips.
-Day 11 MotD: Mermaid Jumps.


Gotta say I'm sticking to my grams better than most recent programs (to be clear I'm ALWAYS klean and kompliant, just liberal with my grams, while trading off carbs for veggies/protein), this round never more than 20-30g over, even putting away partially eaten pieces of fruit and saving for my next snack (which I NEVER used to do, would always take fruit I thought would be close and eat the whole things, always weighing to see how much over I was, which sometimes was a lot). So guess what? I'm HUNGRY ALL THE TIME. And before you ask, I'm eating carbs, about 60-70% of my designated grams, which is a lot more than usual, and super convenient as the graham bread I eat is 65g per slice, my breakfast and lunch carbs are 50g so I eat 1/2 slice 30-35g. Badabing.

I have nothing else to say about the 45° Lunge except to flex the fancy "degree" symbol that I recently learned how to make (shout out to Jimmy B!). Metronome went from 12 reps over the weekend to 10 reps on Monday to 14 reps today. Innnnnteresting...I still dislike Narrow Push-ups (Stoopid Set 43/7). I enjoy O-ups only because its an excuse to post this:

Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2995/8 trips. Incredible, this adds ZERO clarity to yesterday's miscount mystery, same number of trips, and EXACTLY in the middle of yesterday potential totals, 2945/3045...

Day 10 MotD: Knee CAPPER. I can't believe Rainman was calling it the CLAPPER, and that no one called me out on it! The upside is when was I ever going to be able to post of a gif of the classic old Clapper commercial? Same same as last time, tried to do them with no break/immediately springing back up off my toes, managed 10-15 in the first set (can't even remember how many), then a "break" doing 5 with a 1/2 tick pause on my toes, then probably 10/8/5 no break sets with sets of 5 w/ breaks alternating in between. Brutal. On any other day Switchfoot Jump, Half Burpee and AOM Climber would have been a strong candidate.

No booze streak: 10 days.

Today's featured selection:

-Keeping my diet tight.
-Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2995/8 trips.
-Day 9 MotD: Knee Capper.


Went to bed last night forecast was for rain @ 0:dark:30 so no run-commute (and Da Fish is GRUMPY when he can't run-commute), re-set my alarm for 10 minutes earlier so I could catch the 1st train (as you know the gap between the 1st and 2nd trains is 15 minutes, the longest of the day, then only 5 minutes thereafter, sucks just missing that first train and wasting 10+ minutes, throws my schedule totally out of wack), woke up this morning and it wasn't raining yet, run-commute/gym/walk to the office still not yet, and then it rained. You know what that all adds up to?

Today's workout: a few new additions, Drawbridge (the Gym Bros love that one), Wall Chair (sneaky, not a 1:00 BLAST but in the reps/sets beginning section, timer counts up not down so didn't know how long, at 34 seconds I was like FUKK 4 sets of more than 30 seconds each! But turned out to be only 1 set of 1:00, which was actually a little disappointing, but sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh...don't tell the Jedi Council). Salamander I'm trying very hard each time to up the number of reps in proper 1/2 push-up position, today first 10 (5 each side, last was 8/4 each side), then 8 in straight-arm plank, then 6 in 1/2 push-up, then 4 each straight arm and 1/2 push-up. Barometer.

Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2945 (or maybe 3045, some confusion in the 1200/1300/1400 range)/8 trips. 1st trip not until 1370, its official, I'm back in the groove, no need to chopper in a new rope (though will order a couple to pick up when I'm back in the US this summer).

Day 9 MotD: Salamander. It's not even fair. It's like the Lunar Lunge Jump and East West Push-up Squat Jump are Patrick Ewing and Karl Malone/John Stockton during the Jordan era, any other time in history and they would at least have a chance...(unless they are playing the Hakeem/Clyde Rockets or Admiral/Duncan Spurs).

No booze streak: 9 days. Forecast is for clear skies and calm seas for the foreseeable future...(famous last words).

Today's featured selection:

-Rain in the forecast last night but wasn't raining this morning.
-Some new exercises appeared in the beginning sets (not 1:00 BLASTS): Drawbridge, Wall Chair...
-Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2945 (or maybe 3045)/8 trips.
-Day 9 MotD: Salamander.


Week 2 diet dropped, not only do I NOT have apple/egg white dinners but I’ve got AMAYMFW breakfast veggies and evening fruit snack. These workouts are so brutal I definitely feel like I’m earning something, but the AMAYW came a little earlier than expected, but not complaining! And I’ll try to restrict all of my AMAYW to 300g, you know, keeping in reelz and all, but easier said than done. Only other thing of note was a dramatic cut in lunch Carbs 100g => 50g, but since I’ve only just started eating carbs at all from today my breakfast and lunch Carbs are going 0g => 30g ish (1/2 slice of grain bread), already feeling a pick-up in energy (yeah, I know, shut your pie hole, this is how Da Fish do). Speaking of diet, went to a Mother’s Day local food festival last night, can you guess which I ate and which I didn’t? Full disclosure: I accidentally had a bite of a partially eaten leftover hot dog (no bun, no condiments) on the way to the garbage to chuck it, not sure how that happened…

Besides a little leg fatigue over the weekend (which has subsided a bit), I’m feeling really good, no more COMS, just periodic DOMS, and I’m not dreading the workouts or ALL of the BLASTS anymore, just the MotD candidates (hello? Salamander? I’m talking to YOU!). Workout random thoughts: odd how weekend workout Metronome was 4x12 and today regressed to 4x10 (I did 4x12) and the Knee Clapper last time was the penultimate BLAST sandwiched between the Lunge Jump Twist and AOM Climber, today it was last, last 4 order was Climber-Lunge Jump Twist-Push-up Balancer-Clapper.

Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2971/13 trips, last trip came on the last jump. Not systemic tripping, was humming along, felt good.

Day 8 MotD: Knee Clapper. Sorry Switchfoot Jump, Half Burpee and AOM Climber, stacked the deck in the Clapper’s favor today after the weekend revelation. I tried taking no breaks between jumps, basically launching straight off my toes as soon as they touch down, holy shitsnacks that was fukking crazy exhausting. Could only manage 5 at a time then had to alternate 5 with a ½ tick on my toes, to the untrained eye probably didn’t even look like I was “resting” but definitely felt like it. Talk about level up, wow. I almost puked up a lung.

No booze streak: 8 days.

Today's featured selection:

-Week 2 diet AMAYW breakfast veggies and evening fruit snack, reduced carbs but wasn’t eating any anyway, have started from today.
-Feeling good, workouts are still tough but not as daunting.
-Jumprope 20:00 HYPER: 2971/13 trips.
Day 8 MotD: Knee Clapper.


Happy Mother’s Day to those who celebrate! (That’s what the kids say these days say right?)

Weekend workouts were still the usual ballbusters, and true to the Day 7 lesson I was feeling very tired and heavy (though not sore anymore), legs in particular, but feels GOOD, feels like it's working. As promised no Cardio "rest" day, in fact on Day 7 the Cardio segment was jacked +5 minutes (15:00-20:00). On Sat jumprope was still a mess, 15:00/1895/too many trips to count, so on Sun I broke out the cheapo plastic rope (CPR), left it within reach and kept HYPER on a short leash so I could call in CPR from the bullpen if necessary, and I guess the mind games worked, because I was in a groove, 1st trip not until 1755 and that was only because some jackoff gym bro insisted on using a locker right next to me so I had to jump/move back, he couldn't walk around me to another locker a few down, couldn't use a locker on the opposite wall, what a douche. Thought that was the end, but cruised through to 2960 with only 3 more trips. That felt great. HYPER earns a stay of execution. Metronome pro tip gif, hands anchored holding the ledge on the floor (at other times I've held heavy dumbbells or the legs of machines), enables me to get much lower, per Wardo's A to my Q pretty sure that is fine. Oh and FISH TWIST FTW!

When deciding the Mofo of the Day (MotD from here on out), came to a realization as I was sort of 1/2 tick pausing at the bottom of each Knee Capper, as mentioned in lesson(s) before (not just BLAST, but other programs), there is room for slacking that might not look or feel like slacking, but need to be honest with ourselves that we are pushing/pulling/jumping/lunging/kicking/stepping/lifting to failure, with INTEGRITY as some people like to say. OK down off my soap box.

Day 6 MotD: I hate Narrow Push-ups, I can't get nearly as low as Patrick, but not a 1:00 BLAST, a 50 rep Stoopid Set (I did 40/10), so doesn't qualify. Today's winner is the Switchfoot Jump, barely edging out the Half Burpee. Knee Capper and Alternating Outside Mountain Climber were "easier" today, only because per above I think I was slacking (AOM Climber was MotD just the other day!), so need to make sure I'm powering through to the end, though in my defense Lunge Jump Twist/Knee Capper/AOM Climber were a Mofo of a trifecta as the last 3 BLASTS of the workout.
Day 7 MotD: No Salamander! Lots of lucky contestants get a shot at the crown today, EW Push-up Squat Jump, Lunar Lunge Jump, Crescent Kick (first appearance on the BLAST), Alternating Push-up Swing Kick...and the winner is...Lunar Lunge Jump, a repeat winner.

Salad montage, can you guess which is the last supper salad (AMAYMFW on maintenance mode) and which is the on-diet grams salad (starting Day 4)?

No booze streak: 7 days.

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tl;dr (the people have spoken, here you go, no reason to read the whole post, right?)
-Day 7 lesson was right, feeling fatigued.
-Jumprope (HYPER) sucked Day 6 15:00/1895/too many trips to count, was better Day 7 20:00/2960/4 trips.
-Metronome pro tip: see gif.
-Need to make sure we are BLASTING with integrity, not slacking.
-Day 6 MotD: Switchfoot Jump.
-Day 7 MotD: Lunar Lunge Jump.
-Week 1 diet grams are less than maintenance mode.


First we get the tl;dr lesson Cliff's Notes, now 2x "it's OK to be lazy" tickets? No thanks, you can keep your tickets. In fact if anyone wants to buy 2 extra tickets please hit me up on K-mail. I'm all-in 100% MANKINI BLAST BRO! If I miss a workout I want to feel guilty so I will push HARDER. 26 out of 28 is NOT perfection. 28 out of 28 is perfection. I have a mankini to squeeze into in 23 days. Bro.

Speaking of tl;dr, if we're getting 2 tickets to use over 28 days, and the tl;dr Cliff's Notes does not include any details about the piano 12/14 days' practice example, how does the following (the 1st of the tl;ldr bullet points) make sense? 6/7 is not 26/28...moral to the story: read the whole goddamn lesson.
"Kenzai programs set a high bar for the amount of exercise you do on a daily basis. Most people wouldn't consider "only" exercising 6 out of 7 days as slacking off, but Kenzai trainees hold themselves to a higher standard."

Obi-wan's question Why Beach Blast? 2 words: Mankini. Badge.

Mofo of the Day: on any other day it probably would have been the Lunar Lunge Jump, back 9 feels like jumping in quicksand, but today's lucky winner is the Salamander, and it wasn't even close. That shit is BRUTAL. I still can't do more than 8 (4 each side) in proper 1/2 push-up position (after the 1st 8 I alternate 4 proper 1/2 push-up position (2 each side), 4 arms straight in plank/normal push-up position), and my knees don't come close to touching my elbows. The upside is this one will be a good barometer of progress, so we've got that going for us...

15:00 Cardio (Jumprope HYPER): 2110/22 trips, tripped a lot but not enough to STOP counting, baby steps. Pic is of the aforementioned bare metal "rope", which doesn't hurt at all when it whips you.

No booze streak: 5 days. 1st real test last night, aced it. Friend's birthday party at a craft beer place that has really good beer (including at least 1 or 2 BAIRD on tap, best craft beer in Japan if you didn't know), great brick oven pizza and pretty good other bar food, I stuck to oolong tea, cucumber/quail egg appetizer, grilled chicken drizzled with balsamico, undergrammed veggies but overgrammed evening fruit snack later so net net net net net call it even. No pics, didn't want to implicate any other BLASTers who were there and may or may not have been sticking to their Day 4 diet...

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Have a great weekend Blasters!


BOOM! The CUT is ON! The diet has dropped! Gotta say it doesn't look much different than most of my starting diets, just a little lighter on the carbs, though I undergram my carbs in Week 1-2 anyway, and by undergram I mean zerogram (and overgram veggies/protein but not more than the carbs I'm not eating). Pic is last night's "last supper", was around 300g veggies/170g protein, new diet 230/120, not bad. And I haven't had apple/egg white dinners in ages. And no, I'm not afraid of waking the sleeping Chen. COME AT ME BRO!

OK remember that thing about the Jedi Counsel buckling and removing the 50 rep super sets? Yeah, nevermind, it returned today (Push-up (45 how do you make that little "degrees" symbol?), I split it up 40/10) and there was a whole mutherfacing lesson about it. And I get it. But thanks for keeping us in the dark and toying with our emotions for 4 days. Speaking of the lessons, tl;dr? That's some bullshit right there. We should not be encouraging Gen Y or Z or whateverdafuq to take short cuts, everyone can take 10 minutes out of their busy day to read the full lesson, there is probably some interesting/important shizzle or nuances that don't flow through in the watered down bullet points. Just sayin'. Speaking of getting it, Brian S and I had similar revelations about how this Blast stuff works, see his post and my comment here:

Today's workout: just another day on Da Blast. You know the shit is REAL when V-sits are a warm up. Mofo of the Day (cap tip Trainer Kim) was a very tough call, how can we choose? I really dislike the Switchfoot Jump, and it is a mofo in its own right, but it was the first of the 1:00 BLASTS, so body was the freshest (ALWAYS funky fresh), Push-up Balancer I actually like, it requires total concentration, so it came down to the Knee Capper and Alternating Outside Mountain Climber, and in a photo finish I'm going with the Climber, I was squeezing and shaking to the core.

15:00 Cardio (Jumprope HYPER): 2030, many many trips. Burn baby burn. Going to blame it on the COMS AND the bare metal "rope" (that doesn’t hurt at all).

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Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready
Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready


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Kenzai Body

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