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Kim G.

Kenzai Body | Day 71
Kenzai Body
Day 71
Program progress:

First time on the scales since week 3 or 4...and I have GAINED weight. ARGH!!!!!!!!!

I have officially gained 1kg (2.2lbs) since starting...and although I know we shouldn't measure by the was more then a little depressing :0(

Add to this my jetlag and exhaustion from a 39 hour journey home and I don't have much motivation or will power right now.

I honestly want to eat a huge bar of chocolate and sit with a glass of wine...(and SLEEP!). I have loved the program but it has certainly been a big effort and commitment. I had just assumed this level of commitment would pay off in not seeing the results on the scales is extra depressing.

The good news is that I had enough sense to blog about it (rather than digging into a family size cadburry bar!). I also know I will feel differently in a few days when I adjust my body and rest up a little (it was a very long and hard trip).

Thanks for letting me vent...
Off to change my clothes and do my workout...


After3 weeks of constant moving, hotel breakfasts, long days and late nights... I’m SO excited to be sitting at the airport in Brussels to start my long journey home!!!
Had a really hard week, missed one workout on Tuesday and had to do an emergency one this morning. It has also been the hardest week for food on the road and feels like I haven’t eaten anything I actually like in ages!
It’s been a long, hard, and busy trip with both physical and mental strains. Mostly- I’m excited to get home to see my boys ((16 & 14)... sleep... eat beautiful healthy food... and do my workouts in the SAME place every day!!!!

I’m boarding now and land on Sunday (loose Saturday to the international dateline)... so I won’t get a “rest” day... but again... small price to pay to GET HOME!

Really appreciated the article yesterday about how much energy Kenzai is taking out of me. I was getting more and more exhausted with each day and was blaming it on poor sleep while on the road and ongoing jetlag. I passed out in my hotel yesterday at 4pm and woke up at 8pm - still tired. I lied there...knowing I HAD to get up, do Kenzai, eat dinner, and finish some work. But I was SOOOO TIRED! I then read the days lesson...

It was GREAT to know there was a legitimate explanation for my shear exhaustion!

I managed Kenzai (it was extra brutal), ate dinner, and then passed out again for another 9 hrs.

I am still tired today - but am determined to keep up my workouts and give myself more down time (ie: naps/rest/mental space) then usual to give my body the space it needs to recover.

The lessons are such a brilliant part of this program...and just one more reason I really do love Kenzai :0)

Realized this didn't post earlier in the week but wanted to share. Between jetlag and work I was beyond exhausted on Monday. I was staying with a friend that night and she was trying to be supportive by telling me all the reasons why I should NOT do my workout and why I should NOT feel guilty. It reminded me of the reading we did earlier on. Ironically - her attitude made me want to my workout more!

I pulled up the emergency workout.
Now to be clear - I only did ONE set. I tripped countless times while skipping and could barely do 4 pushups. I think the whole thing took less then 7 minutes! It obviously wasn't a great physical workout...BUT .... it had SO MANY BENEFITS!

It allowed me to feel committed to the program.
It gave a me a mental 'win' that I did my Kenzai.
It forced me to get my gear on which then kept the rythm of my routine.
It made me feel mentally strong and disciplined that I didn't give in to my friends pressure (or my own!)
It allowed me to honor where my body was at physically without 'cheating' or 'bailing' on the program.

All in all - I would absolutely recommend FORCING yourself to do the emergency workout rather then nothing at all! (even when you really really really don't want to!)

while recognizing the reality of the day and where my body was at. I highly recommend pushing yourself

on the road...

It took a few days of adjusting to living out of a suitcase with Kenzai - but I am in a good rythm with my workouts. The secret is pretty simple - I MUST do it as soon as I wake as the rest of the day can shift and change so there is no other guaranteed option. Period.

As for food... I am not eating anything 'bad' (which I am really proud of) - but I am NOT eating enough fruit and veg - either at meal times or for my snacks. I got to the markets this morning and will be good for my two nights in this place - but with constant moving it is far more challenging.

I liked the ATM reading today and physical explanation around the rythms of our body. It gave me a great visual and additional motivation to prioritize food (even on the road!). a


I was curious to see how my Kenzai App would deal with my travel from Australia...but I didn't expect it to loose day 41! I took a guess that it would look a lot like 39 so just did that one again :0)

getting there

Feeling the difference this week... a little less flabby and a little more toned 😀. Tried the early morning jump rope and to my surprise I got my whole workout in before I ate breakfast. I typically do it in the afternoon and had to do a few evenings last week (much harder at night!!) so am interested in trying mornings the rest of this week.
Also found out I need to head to Europe on Friday for 3 weeks for work so I think the real challenge will begin (travel, restaurants, summer, seeing friends and wanting wine!). But I’m determined to stay strong!

legs are burning!

Got back into skipping this week and man are my calves burning! I still can't do a full 950 skips without a rest (did sets of 200 last week and worked up to 300, 300, 200, 150 today).
Am really excited to be feeling 100% healthy :0)

As for social life... I have had a pretty easy time (by circumstance NOT will power!). Firstly, it is winter here so less social events. Secondly - my first week I was mostly seasick and my 3rd week I had the flu... so pretty so far.

Also feeling more toned and less flabby - which is a NICE!

back to working out...

I have managed everything but the skipping this week and am hoping I will feel well enough to add that in tomorrow.

Now that I am on the other side of my flu...I can share that I had a really rough few days with eating. The first 3 days I was too sick to do anything so ate soup, veggies etc and just slept. But by day 4 I was just miserable enough to crave 'comfort food' and had a two little chocolates from the pantry to 'feel better'. Interestingly...that lead to wanting a few more the next day...and by day 5 I ate the rest of the box in less then 2 minutes . Of course, not only was I still sick with the flu.... I then felt terribly guilty and weak for 'cheating'!!!! Day 6 and 7 were hard mentally as I was still horizontal most of the day - but I was determined to stay strong.
Luckily I started feeling well enough to do the workouts (minus the cardio) on Monday and that kicked me back on track.
What I learned:
1. food brings me comfort when I am sick - so get a plan for dealing with it in the future!
2. I had been sugar free for a number of months and was BLOWN AWAY with how quickly I went from 'would be nice' to "I MUST HAVE" sugar. I appreciate this might be unique to me...but seeing it up close was crazy!

Here's to leaving last week behind me!

6 days sick...

Recovering from the flu but not well enough to do anything yet. So incredibly frustrated as I feel like I’m missing out on the program as the days go by. Hoping to be able get back on track by mid-week...

Taken down with flu...

It came on fast and I am DOWN for the count...


What's been easy...
I have more discipline this time around. I did a twist on traditional goal setting this year and through that process I realized if I want to achieve my goals then I really needed to cultivate the habit of discipline. I have been really surprised at how little will power I need this time around (so far at least!)

What's been hard...
I skip meals or eat very little, and then over eat as I realize I am starving. I know this is terrible for my weight AND my health but yet I have lived 90% of my life like this. So for me...the VOLUME and FREQUENCY of food is overwhelming. I am uncomfortably full all the time still (although it is starting to get better). Good thing is I KNOW I need to create new habits and I am committed to making them stick :0)

The only door in our house for Kenzai swings both ways (the rest all slide into the walls) when I put the door stop on and pulled back powerfully for my first rowing exercise today...I got a slingshot in the face! It knocked me right to the ground and luckily hit me right ABOVE my eye. After lots of ice, a few Panadols, and nursing my bruised ego for being such a knob...I managed to finish my workout a few hours later. :0)

Hi Team Auriga

Just catching up on all the posts as I was sailing the first week with no internet (I took screen shots of all the works outs before we set sail).
To answer Kim's questions:
1. Home: Bondi Beach Australia
2. Obstacles: I love my cups of tea! In the past I would only have 2 a day (morning and afternoon) but once I discovered Decaf English Breakfast and Decaf Early Grey my consumption went up to 6-8 a day. This wouldn't be a problem except for the fact I have a little honey with every cup! So cutting down will be tough. I also travel overseas for work regularly and Kenzai on the road is a little more challenging then when I am in Sydney.
3. Super power: I would love to make every child feel truly loved and worthy.

And lastly...LOVE that so many folks here are actively reducing their single use plastic!!!

Back on LAND!

First 7 days were on a sail boat so a little bit of a rough start! Super excited to be back on land and taking the program up a notch with the diet today and the more intensive exercise (although I was really feeling it in my arms and legs even with the 'gentle' plan last week!). And here is a pic of me excited to hit land for my Kenzai on the beach (yes...I skipped on the beach!!!)

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