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Kenzai Body | Day 71
Kenzai Body
Day 71
Program progress:
lost the plot

A combination of jetlag and mad catch up after our work trip had me miss four days of training. I am thankfully back at it today but it was grim there for a time.

The biggest thing has been the food. I am now searching for fruit at 10 and 2 very day. Or more accurately packing 4 bananas every morning before heading out. This has in turn eliminated all desire for 3pm chocolate. Which has been huge.

Similarly alcohol and cheese have lost that loving feeling. I had a mouthful of cheers the other day and it tasted like glue.

I have always done a lot of cardio via long distance running. Kenzai now has me building what some describe as arms and a chest! There’s a way to go but who knew?!

End of travel

The past 2 weeks I was traveling in the UK, France and Belgium. To say keeping Kenzai together was hard would be an understatement. The food too was hard.
But I am back home now and back to the routine.

Other than last weeks energy dip (collapse?), I have noticed I have been able to sustain good energy throughout the day. Prior to Kenzai I would fall apart at 3pm and reach for sugar. On some days it came at noon. That's not happening any more and that's really good!
When I do feel a little dip, I am now tending to go for water or fruit. And that's been great.


Today’s lesson was perfectly timed as I woke up and felt so stiff and sore. It was reassuring to know that that is normal!

Any day where for some reason the routine is thrown out the window.

If I miss that early morning time slot, completing the KB program very very hard. The voices in the head get louder and rationalisations start kicking in.


Last week was a mess. With the good wife (also doing KB) travelling for work I was single parenting which threw everything for a loop. My usual crack of dawn KB sessions were put off until noon. I was cursed throughout the morning with constant thoughts of pushing it back until 1,2, 3, 4pm and then inevitably some emergency / kiddo pick up-drop off occurred. And so my workouts got later and later. And it was a mess.
And the blogging dropped off too. And the food went sideways too. On reflection it shows the power of routines to simplify your life and the danger of just doing whatever and whenever and how inefficient that becomes. To say nothing of the sheer brain power having to constantly remember to not forget to do KB. Exhausting.
But this is a new week. I have abandoned the children and am in the air to join wife, Kim in London where I can refocus on KB. Promise.
And it’s hot in London - yippee!
Good luck kids...

I am not quitting now because:

1. I see some results in my body which is really positive

2. Being told what I have to eat and when is a dream come true such is my weird relationship with food

3. I am managing weight without starving myself

4. I’m running better even though I am “heavier” than my race weight - more muscle than fat I think

5. I actually look like I know what I’m doing at the outdoor gym...

6. If I quit, I quit on this group, my wife (also doing this) and my two kids who will learn that quitting is fine and parents don’t take food / exercise seriously.

Getting it all done.

I am struggling to get a consistent time each day to do my workout. I was happy to read today that I can split the skipping and everything else. I think I can get the skipping done right when I wake up at the very least.
I just feel the willpower wane as the day goes on. And the workouts are getting harder. Need that mantra to kick in...


Cheese was my nemesis. I could demolish a block of blue cheese in an evening with ease. Chased by a gallon of red. But these 5 weeks have seen that go by the by. Tonight I was eating a salad and discovered some feta in it. The eyes thought "yes!" but one tiny bite and the rest of me said "no fricking way".

So that's interesting. I hope it stays that way because constantly managing a cheese addiction is a 24/7 job!

food this week

The new dinner menu has me waking up a full hour early but strangely very clear headed and ready to go for the day. Is that the body not needing so much rest to process a usual sized dinner? Interesting.

changing social life

When I am out for dinner with friends my go-to is now “what are the salad options, where are th veggies”. That’s a big change.
The no alcohol is much more grooved in so less of an issue.

booze free

A few years back I read this article


My brother and I decided to lay off the grog for a year. It was incredibly hard early on mostly because especially in Australia not drinking is seen very negatively. You have to explain it every time. And your mates sort of get annoyed. Which we worked out was more a reflection of them than us. It almost forces them to consider their drinking somehow. Sadly early on I chose to lie because it was so distracting for others and I was so sick of just saying “I’m not drinking - and I’m not judging anyone else who is drinking - have great time - no really, I’m good on water”. My go-to was using a made up medical reason for my abstinence. Pretty ridiculous. I eventually just owned it.

Once we were into it it got much easier. And you start finding others who don’t drink you’re way more present when you’re out, the no hangover is fabulous and the weight falls off.

I can’t remember why I started drinking again but now I’m not drinking all those good things have returned.

These 90 days include a boozy Long Lunch next Friday and 10 days in Japan with 7 mates for the Rugby World Cup. It will be good to actually be present for these two events!


Stuff is changing, cravings subsiding.

noticing changes

I really hope this tendency keeps up...I noticed at the petrol station as I paid for fuel all the food on offer. And there was not one thing in there that was tempting or actual food. So that’s food. The volume of food continues to make me laugh because in spite of it I am losing weight but I’m feeling strong. In the past if I drop weight I feel like I am withering away.

And the bloody skipping. I’m taking a day off work this week to put myself through my own skipping masterclass!