Jason G.

Jason G.

Kenzai Body | Day 10
Kenzai Body
Day 10
Program progress:
Day 7 question

What surprised me the most was how mindlessly I generally eat and how that wasn't the case this past weak. Two contrary forces for me this weak - living in a hotel with a buffet while working with Japan's national women's rugby team. The buffet prompts you to eat for the forever but the team dietician etc has everyone on a tight leash. I ort of pretended to be an elite female Japanese athlete for the week!


Head cold abating, skipping still hilariously bad but getting there. Watching YouTube to figure it out.

head cold

Woke up with one of these so dialled back on the skipping to get the rest of it done.

25% less

I’m in camp interpreting for the Japanese Rugby Union this week as they prepare for a two test series against Australia.
Meals are all buffet style. Leaving 25% has raised eyebrows because culturally in Japan, post war as they rebuilt the country, they were taught to eat every morsel.
It’s going well so far. Makes you think how much is enough and eating intentionally.

Day One

Who knew skipping was such an all-over workout and so hard to do. Luckily the family is away on winter school break so they didn’t have to witness a flailing man coming to grips with the rope.

Determined to figure that out.

Looking forward to the next 90 days.