Jason P.

Jason P.

It's over!...... Already?! 

Thanks Kenzai for letting me into this beta. This has been a really awesome experience. This was all around a great program. The lessons were great and explained exactly what we needed to understand about the bells. The workouts were intense but amazing. I've always really enjoyed using kettlebells but now I feel as though I have a better understanding of each movement. Congrats to everyone in my group for finishing the program. You all rocked!!

Week 3 in the books!

I'd say week 3 went really well for me.

Workouts 7 for 7! I moved the free cardio day to a different day that I had done a lot of cardio and was too tired to do a full workout but I did every workout for the week so I call that a win.

Diet.... This one is a little tough. I know I haven't been getting all of my grams. I have been forgetting snacks and despite my best efforts, I just don't get all of my food in. I can say however, I haven't eaten anything too unfriendly to the Kenzai diet plan. I've had a couple of slightly fattier pieces of protein but nothing like a pound of bacon. Overall I'd say the week was pretty good diet wise.

Goals for week 4- This week is when my busy summer hits its climax. I'll be working overtime and traveling several hours for work every day. On top of that we are going away this weekend and seeing old friends. I know his week will not be perfect for diet or workouts. My goal is to keep myself in check and don't let myself go off the rails. I will make healthy choices and do what workouts I can fit in.

Week 2 went pretty well for me with the exception of a couple small slip ups

Workouts 6 out of 7 - This summer has been very hot. I do all of my work outdoors and on a hot day, it can be physically draining. I had a day last week that was especially so and I just couldn't make myself get up after work to do the workout.

Diet 6 out of 7 - the diet has been pretty easy for me to maintain. I have had trouble eating all that I should but otherwise eating fruits and veggies all day is fine. I did give in to the call of beer. I feel like I can easily avoid beer during this program until someone starts asking me to have a drink with them and they remind me that we don't really do this often or something along those lines.

Goals for Week 3 - I had dropped down to a lighter kettlebell for the last few workouts just to make sure I get the form right. I want to start bringing the weight back up for the exercises we are repeating now that I understand the form I should have.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far, lets crush it guys!

3 Cycles!

I am totally digging these cycle workouts. So far every day this week I have said to myself at the end of the 2nd cycle, "I could totally do 2 more cycles....an extra one just for fun." But by the end of the 3rd cycle I realize that was a foolish idea as I'm huffing and puffing. I rolled my ankle last night so I didn't push anything that hurt during my workout today. I tripped a bit more than normal through my skips because of it. Seems like I didn't hurt anything too bad so it shouldn't be much of a hindrance to my workouts.

I've always enjoyed the stretches at the end of each workout. It always feels like a nice little bow to wrap up my workout package. I saw this sign the other day next to a sidewalk and thought I would share.

Since my last blog post, I missed a workout and haven't been perfect with eating the things I should. The latter is most upsetting considering my most recent post. Friday afternoon my car broke down on a country road and I was stranded for a while waiting for someone to drive by who could give me a hand. After I got the car up and running and fixed, I was behind on everything I needed to do for the day and my workout slipped through the cracks. Also, we went out of town Friday night to spend some time with friends who we know we won't be seeing again for a very long time. For the most part I ate okay but gave in when everyone was raving about their dessert. I figure a small treat with these friends was worth giving in for. It was of course a nice treat but I still feel pretty guilty about it. Im back home now and ready for the new diet that starts tomorrow!

Like Riding A Bicycle

I'm loving getting back into a Kenzai diet. It's not that I would eat terribly all the time. Eating this way just makes the choices easier. Eating pizza is no longer the "bad option", it's just simply not an option. I didn't have time this morning to pack my lunch so I went to a local grocery store that has a very extensive prepared foods bar. There were so many veggie options it was easy to turn my nose up and all of the off-limits food choices. I remember this being a very tough mindset to achieve before. I am pleasantly surprised and how quickly I have been able to get back into it.

As for workouts, cycling workouts is great, it goes by really fast. The kettlebell workouts that we have had that are similar to the resistance band exercises we have had in the past are really cool. It's kinda fun to see how similar yet different they feel.

Kettlebells - Day 1

It's been about 9 months but it feels good to be back in a Kenzai program. It's also exciting to see the Kettlebell program up and running. I know Nate has been working hard on it for a while now and it's cool to see it in action.

Cleaning up my diet is a breeze, I just really need to work on eating the right things at the right times in the day. But I'm excited to start dialing all of that in.

Day one workouts went good. Feeling pretty good about it and looking forward to tomorrow.

Graduation Day! 

First of all, I just want to thank Sharmali and Taylor and everyone else at Kenzai for all of the guidance and support over the last 90 days. Additionally, thanks to my teammates for their support through all of the peaks and valleys. This has been a tough journey but we made it and I am really enjoying reading everyone's graduation posts as they roll in.

I have had some great results through this program. Alongside the mental changes with regards to my views on food, the physical results are more than I could have asked for. I have lost 23 pounds and 5.5 inches off of my belly! The picture is me wearing my wedding pants from 2/2014. I've gotten tons of compliments from friends and family who not only say "you've lost weight", they also throw in "you look thin". It's the biggest confidence boost to hear those things.

Moving forward post-Kenzai Body, I am looking forward to the month of Kenzai Life and overall just making better choices in life. My plan is to keep exercising and to do my best to keep getting into better shape. I've made a lot of progress but there's still more that can be accomplished.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this journey and continues to better themselves in the future.

Another Weekend Away

This past weekend we went out of town for a good friend's wedding. I was a bit concerned about diet before leaving for the trip seeing as how most food options wouldn't be so great all weekend. I decided that this is a special occasion where we would be celebrating with close friends and family and if ever there is a time to give in, this is the time. All weekend I was very conscious of what I ate and how I felt. Wherever available, I kindof naturally wanted more veggies on my plate than anything else. It was also interesting to see that I was taking smaller portions of unhealthy options even though I had given myself the ok to eat what I want.

I am very excited to be staring down the barrel of the last week of Kenzai. Lately I have been very afraid of what might happen to my eating habits once Kenzai is completed and I am left to my own devices. This weekend helped me to see that my old habits have changed for the better and I am now much more conscious of the type of food I take in. It was also nice to hear a few times, "wow! you look like you've lost some weight"

A Doctors Visit

About 6 months ago I had a physical for a new job with a doctor I had never seen before. He told me a few things that I didn't want to hear like: "you are overweight and your BMI is too high", "your blood pressure is high", "you need to see your regular doctor about all of these things"and "take better care of yourself". At 26 years old, these weren't things I was happy to hear. This led me into 6 months of trying to take better care of myself including almost 90 days of Kenzai body. I paid a visit to my doctor's office yesterday. We talked about my diet and exercise habits for the last few months. In response I got a raised eyebrow of surprise and a "sounds like you are doing everything right". There was no mention of being overweight or unhealthy. My blood pressure was in a normal range. At the end I was told, "You seem to be a healthy young man, I am here if you need me but I'm not worried about you or your health".

One of the best rewards of this program so far : A clean bill of health


For my 3rd and final indulgence I went to a clambake picnic at Nate's parents house. It's something they do every year and always invite me to. It's always a fun time and there's always plenty of food. I decided ahead of time that I would try to look at the food as I used to look at food, see food that I want and eat. The idea was to see how things have changed. I snacked quite a bit and had a few beers. I enjoyed a couple dozen clams. The top picture was my dessert plate..... I wish I had a picture of Nate's face when he saw it. All he had to say was, "that's a lot of food bro" with a hint of Kenzai trainer inflection to his voice. My reply was a smile and, "it's my indulgence, we'll see what happens". The bottom picture is what was left on my plate when I was finished with dessert. We all thought it was quite humorous how little I was able to eat. My eyes were much bigger than my stomach

A lot of the food I ate tasted way too salty. As for the dessert plate, I really wanted to try a bit of everything and for the most part that's all I could really handle. After eating 1/4 of the plate, I felt ill and later that evening I was exhausted and very uncomfortable. Clearly I didn't have a good fuel source. It's really pretty interesting to see this change. I've always hated leaving food on my plate, even when I'm full. I still felt awkward about not finishing but this was a big step in the right direction in being able to say no.

Weekend Activities

Just thought I would share some fun times I had this past weekend. Went to a pool party and what is pictured here is one of the activities. I am on this plank on the left. The object is to knock the other person into the water. It was a fun time and several days later, I am still very sore. I avoided all of the salty and sweet snacks and naturally gravitated toward the veggies. I find that when I fill my plate with veggies first, I have very little room left for the other bad things I might want.

Lifestyle changes

I've been thinking about this week's question for a few days:
How has your overall lifestyle changed in the last two months?

One thing that has been a big change for me is working out. I have never actively tried to work out everyday for this long. It's usually a thought I have that I'm gonna try to work out every day and after a few days that trickles into every other day and quickly fades into not working out at all. Doing the workouts everyday has been very refreshing overall. Thats not to say that they are easy and I thoroughly enjoy each exercise. After every workout I feel accomplished and proud of myself and full of self-confidence.

Another thing is that I am very aware of everything I am putting into my body. It's very easy to sit and blindly snack on things, especially if you are at a party and everyone else is doing it. Now I look at each morsel of food and think about its nutritional qualities and whether or not I really want that in my body.

Basically I always have this thought in mind: I can only control what my body does by making sure it has only the right tools to do the job I want it to do.

Back on Track

Last week I had some large unexpected expenses pop up that caused quite a bit of stress. When stressed I often look for salty, fatty and sweet foods to make feel better. I pushed through and resisted that urge most of the week and opted to put all of my energy into my workouts instead hoping that the redirection would make me feel a new kind of happy release. This worked well for a few days.

We spent the weekend out of town attending an event that made it difficult to stick to my eating schedule. We made dinner plans with some of my wife's friends at a place that I thought may have some Kenzai friendly options. However, my wife changed plans on the way and we ended up at a restaurant that had no good food options and plenty of salty and fatty comfort foods that I had been wanting and I was very hungry. I think you all know where this is going, I gave in. I was able to find moderately decent food options for the rest of the weekend.

I tried the "emergency workout" in a hotel this weekend. I also used my rest day and ran on the hotel treadmill one night. However, there was one busy day that I was very tired and I missed a workout :( Moving past it, I'm happy to be home and back on track.

Getting Through Tough Sets

Today's lesson had some great ideas for getting through tough sets. I'm sure everyone agrees that some exercises, and some days are just tougher than others. Some days it's hard for me to reason with myself to stand up and start working out. So I have a new mantra to use:

"Do the work. Be the prize."

The end goal here isn't to just make it through 3 months of healthy diet and training and revert back to our former lifestyles. We are systematically rooting out old habits and lines of reasoning in order to have a fresh perspective on our health. If we continue down this path, our prize is a body that we are happy with with that is strong, healthy and in great shape. This only happens if we do the hard work. We need to push through every set. Its a great feeling to finish a tough set, it stays with you the rest of the day. Ultimately when we have achieved the prize, we will look back at all of those tough sets and be very glad we put in the effort even when it was tough.

What thought or mantra do you use to push you through?

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