Jason W.

Jason W.


Incredibly pleased with what I have learnt during these 90 days. Encouraged by the results and feel that there is more to this healthy approach to diet than I had ever given it credit. You truly can stick to the basics and feel and look great; it is too easy to make the wrong food or drink choices, especially in this day and age where clever marketing in the food industry takes its lead from improving profit margins rather than focussing on the impact they are making on people these days. 

I've watched in awe at the likes of Jamie Oliver trying to take on poor food choices in the US and have slowly realised over time my choices had not been quite on the money. Having the guidance through PCP has been fantastic, keeping the food choices broad but fresh and healthy really helped keep me interested and engaged. It has been a hard slog getting everything prepped every day but that I think is par for the course, if you don't do it yourself you will never learn. My view on things has changed and I hope that continues. I feel that I can make more informed choices and credit that to this focussed program and the assistance of Teo, Sarah and Patrick. The centre of the supermarket truly is akin to going  deep behind enemy lines and should be approached with a get in and get out approach! I love that analogy! 

90 days of training (well probably 80 for me as I had a couple of missed days through flights and work commitments) have been brilliant. I have a new found respect for the basic of gym equipment. No fancy nancy here, just give me a jump rope and a kids playground and I can find something to help get through the exercises. 

Teo, you struck a chord in your final video message, I think we have been more of a go it alone group but it certainly hasn't detracted from my experience. It has been great to get on and fulfil the program. One area I did slip up on but loved the encouragement about from the team was the amount of sleep I should be getting - I truly wish it was achievable every night but there just do not seem to be enough hours in the day to pack in an 8 hour sleep! 

I have successfully managed to erase 8 years of overindulgence and am back to the weight I was when I first moved to Tokyo when I was 24! Its been a great 8 years living in both Tokyo and Hong Kong and I've certainly enjoyed myself and made the most of the adventure but as the years have passed it has become more and more of a focus, perhaps post 30! that I get myself healthy and lose some fat. Several triathlons, adventure races, hiking and a marathon didn't seem to get me to where I wanted to go and I bounced back quite quickly. What I have managed to achieve in the last 3 months has blown previous results out of the water and I am quite proud and happy with that. I put it down to my diet and the approach I previously had to eating and drinking. Hopefully I can take what I have learnt and keep up the good work. 

Looking forward to the Bali Triathlon June 24th to see how much I have improved given the lower weight and also looking forward to keeping my training up.

Thanks again team PCP. All the best in the future! 

2004 Results Age 24

Weight 84kg
Percent Body Fat17.9%

2012 Results Age 32  Start of Program

Percent Body Fat27.3%

2012 Results Age 32  After 90 Days

Percent Body Fat19.8%

One happy customer



What a way to finish! These are brutal!

Sheik, Rattle and Roll.
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Dubai training is hot hot hot


Went for a 25km hike on the weekend and the legs are a little stiff today two days on. Skipping for 20+minutes is a breeze, I really am amazed I've skipped for an hour in the last 3 days! I would never have thought I could skip for 5 minutes before. 

Kind of miss all those eggs a day, I have lost around 3 a day! It was bound to happen! Also trying to keep the workouts at an intensity that keeps me sweating. Find myself pretty beat come the evenings, the workouts are harder every day. 

Off to Dubai for a week so will try to keep ticking over as best I can. I will certainly be adhering to the 'more sleep philosophy'!

Too Big to Fail

Standing ovations took some work to get to Failure but I got there after some grunting.

Survived the HK 7s and enjoyed to the fullest, completely back on track with training and even went for a skip Sunday morning to sweat out any residual Pimms No.1

Night Fever

My kitchen comes alive at night, am busy beavering away preparing eating preparing weighing storing and voila! I guess I'm burning quite a few calories just doing that!

Have found the diet a little tough in the evenings now as I tend to train after work, the post workout snack, dinner and evening snack do all add up. I wish I could find the time to do a morning or lunchtime! Hopefully the later part of the week when my colleague is back from his vacation.

All going strong though and like the challenge of the harder exercises.

Training on the Road
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Getting some good support on the shores of Lake Geneva as I went through the routine

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Plenty of free samples. We went through the whole range of chocolates, noticed a real spike in sugar levels and felt slightly sick after! All to be expected I would think!! Definitely appreciate chocolate more and hope not to be chugging chocolate once PCP is done. It has been a nemesis for years! I hate to love it! ha!

I'll be back

So the last week has been tough as it entailed some long haul flights, a work conference and being on the road in hotels. I packed my rope, band and press up bars and brought along some enthusiasm so doing exercises was fine. I did miss a day or two due to time zone changes and found it better to sleep than train tired a couple of days during the conference. 

Diet was tough but I am confident that I managed to stick to 70% of it! My hotel room service bills were quite out there with eggs galor! I had several comments from room service delivery staff that it all seemed incredibly healthy haha... The conference was in Taipei and always a very social event, we had 3 work dinners and 2 lunches in the diary. I took a few people by surprise at the dinners as I ordered veggie dishes rather than the 12 course Chinese tasting menu and a bottle of wine! It was actually quite amusing seeing some of the enthusiasm of the other diners wane as they got to their eight or ninth course. Definitely a case of over eating. I still felt very alert and comfortable. It was a struggle not eating with everyone on a social level but after a w courses I dont think it really mattered too much. 

I was happy to have some really positive comments from people over the week, especially my girlfriend who I hadn't seen in a month. Although I think she did miss some of my comfort fat haha. Oh well! Can't have everything hey! 

Indulgence day was spent in Switzerland and I was at a Chocolate factory! So this meant plenty of free samples!!! Talk about a dream come true. A

Hit the road Jack

Been travelling quite a bit recently doing my best w the diet and training. Will blog more in coming days. 

Cookus sum iggs hey Beth

Starting to feel like Beth from Once were Warriors. Eggs Eggs Eggs! Crack Separate Cook Eat Crack Separate Cook Eat Boil Cool Crack Separate Eat Boil Cool Crack Separate Eat Crack Separate Blend Drink Crack Separate Cook Eat.... ahhhhh 

Ok that's out there. Off the chest at least. 

I marked the half way point today with a trip to the tailors to pick up some suits that I had adjusted. I was starting to wear my trousers like MC Hammer so it was time to fix that. Not saying that MC Hammer isnt a great look but theres a time and a place! haha! 

I jumped on the Body Composition Scales at the gym as well and was pleased with a <88kg read, I broke a low with 87.2kg, down from 92.2 this is a nice drop. The %fat composition has dropped from 27.3% to 22.2%. 

These are promising stats. I am please and looking forward to the second half.

A few trips ahead of me to Switzerland this weekend and Taiwan all next week for a work conference so that will be a challenge on the diet front. 

Dragonfly20130312 2 exvcku

Just back from Singapore where I took part in the annual Urbanathlon which consisted of a 14km run around the city with 9 obstacles on the course to keep the upper body in check. I was surprised at how comfortable I felt around the course given the lack of running prep I did. I have just stuck to the PCP daily training and nothing more, it has obviously worked, I had no injuries, no aches the next day and no stiffness. Completed the course in a respectable 80minutes. It has got me thinking of what to do post PCP and which events I want to enter, I've since found myself surfing the web and looking at a 3 day action race in Mongolia and the Bali Triathalon both in June/July.

I added 150g of carbs (pasta) to my lunch pre race day after Patrick's recommendation and felt I had sufficient fuel in the tank for the race. Thanks for that advice. I have certainly realised from that in the past I may have overdone my carboloading pre event!!

I'm registering as 88kilos, down from 92.2 at the start and have been flatlining but taking on board the training message today, this is a good thing, I am feeling trim, clothes are loose and the internal fat/muscle composition is changing so happy days.

40% of the way through and still positive about what lies ahead.

Looking good Billy Ray

Feeling good Louis!! 

Certainly enjoyed the fact that everyone was on deaths door Sunday morning after a huge night at the Hard Rock Macau whilst I was in pretty good condition albeit a little tired. I was able to muster up a good session in the gym, and sweat out my indulgence beers, it wasn't comfortable but I think that was something to do with the fact Patrick has ratcheted up the exercises coming in to Week 5. 

Back to Saturday night.. it really is hilarious watching people around you getting hammered; theres a point in the night where everything seems to go off on a tangent, the booze gets to that point where the slightest things seem to amuse people, energy is amplified and voices accentuated! Put all that into an environment with free flowing alcohol, some gambling tables, MMA  fights and a rather tempestuous encounter between Man Utd and Liverpool and you have a rather entertaining evening as a sober man. Unlike some guys on the blogs I don't ever really crave booze, its more of a social thing and always has been. So I don't really miss it but staying home most nights is becoming a bit antisocial and very un-Hong Kong, but I'm sure as most people living in this part of the world know Wyndham Street isn't going anywhere fast. It will all be there in its fine glory in two months time. 

Went running on Saturday instead of skipping, covered the 8km of Bowen Road in reasonable time, it just took 5 minutes to work off any pain in my lower calves from the skipping. I was really pleased that the training is keeping me fit all round, I was worried I would be out of shape for the run. I did feel that there wasn't much gas in the tank when I did my usual 150m sprint 3/4 of the way through the 8km, I put that down to the reduced carbs. Its left me happy and confident ahead of this weekends Urbanthalon in Singapore. I will update on how that goes, its 14km around Singapore with 9 obstacles so should be fun!!!! 


Home Alone

First birthday since I can remember where I haven't eaten a delicious chocolate bday cake! Patrick!!! I stayed strong, be proud! haha.. who am I kidding, I'm salivating at the thought of it right now! Will save that thought for indulgence day! 

Well my lovely lady has moved to Switzerland temporarily to study so I am home alone for the next 4 months.. :=(  PCP is helping me focus on training and diet which would have otherwise gone off the rails.. I would have been down at the pub in a heartbeat drowning my sorrows! Instead I did 1,050 skips and cracked on with it! woohoo! PCP YEAH! 

Stay classy PCPers! 

Under the Weather

Have been feeling a bit under the weather in the last few days but have soldiered on and completed all my exercises to the max # of reps. Sore throat and headaches have persisted however and I am 50/50 on whether I will train today. I have trained through this so far and not really got any better; buoyed by echinacea and multivitamins today I will see how I feel later but may have to take a step back on the training to go forward better tomorrow.

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