Javier S.

Javier S.

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I have a strong injury in the left knee and with the exercises it has inflamed me a bit, it is more, I have to suspend some days because of the inflammation.

I have had some failures in the training most due to lack of time and some for pain in the muscles, but the changes are seen and felt since when I started I was at 80.4 k and now I am at 78.7 and a body better worked .

After 20 days and with great effort they begin to see the results, it has not been easy, but with a little dedication and effort everything is achieved.

Segunda semana

As I commented in the previous post, the most difficult thing was to leave the plate room, but that is already exceeded and the diet they sent me is absolutely delicious.
Regarding the exercises, because of the lesson I have in the left knee, some of them have cost me a little at first, but my knee is already assimilating them better.

three days

I've been with my routine for three days and the most complicated thing has been to leave the food room.
the exercise routine is easy to execute, but the subsequent pains show that you are exercising.