Jay C.

Jay C.

Day Seventy One!

  • Mar 25th, 2012 at 7:13PM

Today was a great day to work out.  I tried skipping again, skill is still there just foot still hurts I think will stick with the bicycle for a week.  Reading people's blogs I was fortunate not to be affected by the freak PCP outage last week cuz I happened to have done my workout in the morning that day.  If I had not, I would have been going nuts trying to log in like many a PCPer.

I did my floor jumps going up the stairs today for a little variety.  A bit more fun than usual, though I kept my hands on the rail to keep from tripping all over the place.   By the way I don't recommend this very much to the others.  I reckon 1/50 chance of injury if you are doing this one up the stairs.  What is it about the V Situps?  I thought I had them down, then add an extra two reps per set and I can't do em anymore...  Hmmm....

Food part was good today, made a huge chicken salad for lunch/ dinner.  I think that is one aspect of the training you do better when you blog on a regular schedule.  When you blog about your cooking you tend to make better food, like something that looks appetizing on a blog picture.  If I had been just doing it myself I probably would have made the most boring and fastest possible food to prepare every day.  Without the blog it would be a world of raw eggs, white bread, plain boiled chicken, carrots eaten in the style of bugs bunny, and uncut lettuce.  It is a sad, cartoony world.


This is the best rabbit eating carrot picture I could find.

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Ward WillisWard WillisKenzai Member
Head Traineralmost 10 years ago

I agree the blog, from support from others to positive peer pressure to accountability to being a fun outlet, has been an essential part of the process.

    Thomas DoyleThomas DoyleKenzai Member
    Head Traineralmost 10 years ago

    Blogging keeps people going through the tough parts for sure.  It's great that you are keeping the exercises interesting, and finding a way to get the cardio done with the hurt foot.

      Jay C.Jay C.
      almost 10 years ago

      yeah thanks Ward, Thomas let's do it almost there.

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