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Jean Marc M.

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Life catches up

Not the strong finish I was hoping for, work demands and late nights in the office threw training schedule off. 7 days to create a positive ending.


Timely lesson. Never mind from others I struggle with my own negativity. Too much focus on what I didn’t get right, slip ups and diet missteps rather than what’s going well and what was nailed. Not only in Kenzai. Building confidence through long programs, losing weight and getting stronger has helped with a more positive mindset.

Really felt the extra jump minutes and reps today. 4 sets of side sit ups....yay.


Full marks on workouts, diet needs work to avoid slip ups (one was deliberate with friends visiting from NY). Tried to make up with 7km on the 🚣.

Graduation - Kinda

Almost done, tapering for my race next weekend. I’ve really enjoyed this program, learnt much about myself and my motivation. Dropped 5kgs as a bonus to proving to myself I can go this distance.

When I finished the 10k program I was very keen to see if I could go future; must admit I don’t have much interest in pursuing the marathon distance at this point. Perhaps half is where my long term interest lies, perhaps that changes after my race and I’ve had time to digest my progress.

Well done all for finishing, hope you had as much fun as I had. See you around the blogs!

Down.......then Up

Time trial run was a major downer, felt like I was really pushing but came in 12s slower than before. Part was running into a stiff breeze but still disappointed in the time.

Thought I’d try to make up for it today, and managed to clock my fastest 5k. Feeling better now!

Good luck to all going for the 21k this weekend, hope you enjoy it. I’m still aiming for the race next weekend.

Kept going...

Did not mean to run this far but once I got into the rhythm wanted to show that I could, and run through the discomfort. Read today’s lesson after my run and it struck a chord. Today hurt so good!

Priced to myself I can make the distance, now I want to work on a more steady pace, my splits today we’re all over the place, even taking into account the hilly course.

Good luck on the final week all!

Short runs

Grateful for the shorter distances, but both yesterday and today were tough. Felt slow and running on empty. Done but not particularly pleased.

Come back, all is forgiven. I have a new least favorite training run!

Time Trial

There’s an old WW2 airfield nearby, flat and perfect for speed work. Somber running past the old bays and memorial, this was a key airfield protecting London and in the Battle of Britain.

7:52 for the mile. Cool down felt good once I got my breath back.

Row, row, your 🚣

as your body screams....

Had the nursery rhyme stuck in my head as my daughter planted it as I left the house.

Checking in

Mixed week, but got everything done. Busy at work so lacked a bit of focus. Next week should be better.

Interesting lesson for me with the strong finish run: started deliberately slowly, focused on trying to stay steady on a familiar route and then finish with a flourish. Ended up running my second fastest 5k!

Clearly need to manage my pace better for greater consistency and ‘leaving something in the tank’.

Week 2 ✔️

Great early run today, needed to get it done as I have a full day of cricket coaching and umpiring today. Nice to be out early when all is crisp, fresh and quiet

Good week all in all. Solid on workouts and good on diet even though not 100%

New Toy🚣‍♀️

New concept2 for cross training, been meaning to get one for a while. Fun 30 min session for today’s workout. Will be fun to take it outside when the weather improves.




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