Jeffrey K.

Jeffrey K.

Kenzai Body
Day 7
Program progress:

Trying to get back on track - week one was difficult as our Daughter had emergency surgery at the Cleveland Clinic so I ended up spending most of my days and nights there. I'm Happy to report she is home but still in a lot of Pain. Adding to the high drama is the fact she went down in the middle of our packing and moving. Needless to say Eating and exercise took a back seat but I did manage to drop a little weight. As soon as I unpack my new jump rope and bands I can pick it up a notch.


It wont be easy to break up with Tito. Were just coming off a nice holiday weekend together boating and enjoying Summer Holiday Fare. Tonight the MLB All Star game festivities kick off here in Cleveland and I've been invited to the Home Run Derby. I will be challenged at every turn but will do my best to not over indulge. I envy Kim G. at sea on a sailboat where she wont be tempted by others yelling and Screaming "Hot Dogs! Get your Hot Dogs here ! Maybe I'll just wear ear plugs tonight !