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Sc 19 Disappearing act

My butt? No, I wish. My connection with this training group? Yes. For which, apologies.

My desire to see this Programme through? Definitely not. Time to dig in.

The lesson about the end of a free ride last weekend made me laugh. I have struggled since Day 1 on this journey.

This week was not good overall. I had a very full on weekend with lots of training, then it all went off plan with a work trip that seemed to need much more focus and emotional commitment than I had expected, distracting my energy from the Sculpt goals. Two victory moments - one was a workout in the hotel gym on Tuesday after very intentionally getting an earlier night and the other was a good on point breakfast (also at the hotel). But many other aspects were not at all near the mark including several missed workouts.

We now have a long weekend in Singapore so I am planning to use the time to re-engage. You should see more of me going forward. And hopefully, less of my butt!

Reboot 2 - Graduation 

I always totally over-think these graduation posts instead of just getting them done!

Final week was very mixed - I only managed three workouts and the diet started to go haywire, but I was definitely 'on' rather than 'off' programme and stayed focused on eating right even when I couldn't train. Ironically, on Reboot 1, I fell ill right at the end and didn't do the final two workouts. This time, I was sick in the early part of the week but did hit up those last two. Went out running for my free cardio and boy was it fast (by my standards), which shows the value of the building strength even for a cardio / pace exercise. And also what power to weight delivers on the road.

This has been the most challenging programme I have done yet. Primarily because I set myself up to do it in the most challenging circumstances - almost constant traveling, holiday with family, places I was not familiar with in terms of sourcing food and finding places to train. And then a few other things entered the mix as well on the personal front.

So, I am feeling very happy to have made it to the end and learned some more about winning my own mind-games, what makes my fitness tick best, how to eat healthy almost anywhere, and how important the team support is to keeping me going.

Ward asked me a question a week or so ago on my blog about how I would know if I have finally kicked into a new space with my diet. I wasn't sure of the answer then, but since the programme ended, so many of the crazy food items I thought I was craving have not even been interesting. I had to force myself to eat a celebratory doughnut, I never wished for chocolate, I bought a cookie and then...kept it in my handbag for two days...! What?

Now I look forward to eggs and veggies in the morning, and fruit in between meals. I eat less generally. Fried stuff just doesn't hold its old appeal. I had fish n chips and a couple of drinks last weekend and felt seriously sick. It's great! Ha ha.

Finally, a personal triumph in the last workout, when both my kids got on the floor and tried an elevated inverted v-sit right next to me in the middle of the playroom. Here's a pic of my daughter trying one of the other exercises. It's really special to think that they are growing up seeing their parents committed to healthy eating and active living.

Next stop is Sculpt and getting my butt literally in gear. Thanks to Ward and the buddies from Moss (plus Swa - where are you mate?) for all the support.

See you here again next week!

R2 - Final challenge

I really admired Chiara's 'no alcohol on weekdays' rule, but that one is not likely to be 'sticky' for me. So mine addresses a real frustration that I often face is when I compound a day without a workout by also having a drink. And when I have that drink, I know the possibility of a workout being squeezed in at night is zip.

My other candidate was 'get it done in the morning!' (referring to my workout - have def confirmed with this program that it HAS to be in the morning if it's going to happen regularly and practically). Again, I worry about stickiness.

So, this one gives me added motivation and focus to get the morning workout done, and I know from past experience, it will also give me the impetus to eat clean and stay sharp all day, even if I go out in the evening.

And just as a side observation, my rule from my first Reboot still sticks, so these things are powerful!


R2 - D25 Patchy

It's my birthday today. I had been looking forward to celebrating with a post about having nailed my diet and my workout as I redoubled my resolve towards a healthy future with my family.

It hasn't happened. I missed Monday and Tuesday's workouts due to a combination of rain and a chest infection which had been slowly getting the better of me over the past week. When the sun came out yesterday, I felt loads better and punched the workout - but whoa, the increased intensity hit me like steam train after the couple of days' off (esp. having missed Saturday as well). Still, it felt good to be sore again and know I had put in a serious effort.

Today, my diet was probably 80%, remarkably, when I think back. No major blowouts other than the awful piece of lemon meringue pie (birthday cake) I just tried. I doubt that the vegetable korma I had for dinner was regulation, but it was in the vicinity.

No workout though, and that always bums me. Last week I had a great moment after I missed a mid-week workout - the next morning I REALLY wanted to get to the gym. No burden at all to it; I was hankering to get exercising. Would love to make that my every morning feeling.

I am starting to worry about post-Reboot life. I'll still be in the States; it is doughnut and bagel central. This programme seems to indicate that unless I am training pretty seriously and basically following a Kenzai food plan all the time, I cannot be in the shape I want to be. Duh, that's what the whole Kenzai Life is about, right? But somehow it hasn't settled with me before and now I am wondering what that will mean. Cravings are definitely less of an issue than the first few weeks. Have I really broken the back of poor eating? For good?


Two pictures to offer for this one. First, I caught up with various friends, clients and colleagues over the past two weeks while traveling. One evening was dinner in London with a long time friend. When I asked if we could go somewhere I could eat vegetables for my meal, he didn't (as I would have expected) opt for a place where he knew they did good veggie side dishes; he went for a top class vegetarian option - The Gate in Islington. Heaven for a Kenzai girl. Great, clean, vegetables in amazing forms. Here's my eggplant entrée. Tastes 100% as good as it looks (and yes, left the sauce).

The other is the meal I scrounged at my sister-in-law's for lunch - eating at someone else's place can be even more challenging than a restaurant, so I was very pleased with this outcome. Bon appetite!

R2 - D20 Road rage

This is not going to plan. But it is a lot better than with no plan.

One of the things I find hardest about Kenzai programmes is the A-type frustration of not achieving a perfect score. But I think I need to spend more time focused on the difference between my programme life and my off-programme life, esp. my 'off-programme really not focused on diet or exercise at all' life.

I have missed two workouts so far and there was some fudging with the diet last weekend. Week times have been pretty good. In fact, I am generally short of grams during the week because it takes time in each new place to figure out how I am going to source what I need for the diet. I mentioned before I intentionally timed this programme with a period on the road, but I probably should have taken into account the difference between being on the road in very familiar places (Jakarta, Hong Kong, Korea) from being on the road in unfamiliar settings and also other people's homes.

But overall, I would say resolve and commitment both to training and diet have been well above where they would be if I was off-programme. And that has to be a good thing - it also shows in my results. So far, not as good as the last time I did Reboot (from memory, and from my hugely positive blogs at the time) but a LOT better than where I was 4 weeks ago. I was in a spectacular place at the end of the second week after putting in a solid performance in London. Things have been tougher in the US - it's not easy to eat out healthily here (hats off to those of you who live here) and not even easy to shop healthily it seems.

As we enter the final week and I am on holiday, I am planning to put in a strong stand. There are really no excuses. Looking forward to checking (and contributing to) everyone's blogs as we round this off.

R2 - D11 workout demons

Just to say, have really struggled with workouts the last couple of days. Going to bed too late at night - Asia to London jet lag wearing off I guess - and sluggish in the mornings. Low motivation. But have pushed through and bribed myself (not sure quite how that works) with 1 min off skipping to get enthusiastic. Somehow 2 x 3 + 2 x 4 is very different from 3 + 3 x 4. Really?

Has worked so far. Am very very happy with 11 workouts in a row all done. Keep going!!

On to Boston tomorrow. Bring it.

R2 - D9 Week 1 wrap up

Workouts - excellent - generally max reps, extra cardio on Sunday and every workout done in the morning, except for one (which was planned - hard to train in a plane). Found my feet a bit sore from the skipping but today started to feel much better.

Diet - very good compared to non-training life, maybe 8 out of 10 versus what is prescribed. Missing input at various times, fruit, eggs, carbs, and then getting hungry. But, making some strong choices in challenging contexts so thumbs up. Need to work harder on it this week with proper planning now I am traveling for the rest of the programme.

Lessons - fell behind for a bit but all fine. Lots of good reminders - will blog more reflections this week. Found the 'fudge' lesson very helpful -- again!

Blog and supporting others in the team - poor. Missed the team intros, missed the end of Week 1, missed posting new photo, gah! Right -- onto it.

Overall - had a great week, actually and felt very happy with how on point I had been on the diet and exercise in spite of challenges on the work / travel fronts. Signs of strengthening and toning already which is always encouraging. Looking forward to being more connected this week.

Here's a pic of beautiful summer London. I met my godson and his mother for dinner last night and ate veggies only!

R2 - D2

Good start. Second workout done at home - hence location shot on the porch. Love Singapore but seriously sweating it. Possibly need to start earlier in the morning.

Late-confirmed travel to Jakarta this evening so ducked home and grabbed change of clothes and was NOT going to leave my workout gear behind. Plotting a visit to the gym in the morning.

We're baaack

Great to be back for a four week pick-me-up and kick-me-into-shape again. I have been doing some runs and Life / Run workouts since I finished Run 10K more than a year ago. And in fact a grueling schedule at work for most of that time had me staying slim and, with visits to hotel gyms or runs around foreign cities, fit enough. But this year things have started to slide. In April/May I made a concerted attempt to re-do the final four weeks of the Run programme on my own, but although it lifted my training frequency and cleaned up my diet, it didn't stick.

I have to admit, I need the trainer / trainee group to keep me honest and engaged. I'm glad to see a few others in this cohort are also back for their second reboot, like me. I was a bit embarrassed to think I needed to repeat a programme, but, again, it's the focus of doing it with others that hopefully will keep me going strong throughout.

Enjoyed the first workout and getting back into it. Will snap a starter pic tomorrow morning. Cheers!


It is well over a year since I last did a programme, 10K Run. I was reading a couple of the blogs tonight and remembering how much I enjoyed it and what a thrill it was to achieve such competence in 6 weeks. But the real test, just as with Kenzai Body is how much of it lasts with you, isn't it?

I am not in the same shape as I was after that programme or even a few months after that programme, but I can still run very solidly for some distance and enjoy getting out on the streets whenever i'm travelling. Here's my favourite of the past year in January - v cold but an amazing near-10K along the Thames. And all year I have enjoyed running regularly with one or two of the Life workouts thrown in on good weeks. Importantly, I can fix my technique quickly and can run at an effort level that leaves me uninjured and able to do other things. When I think back to the start of Run, I would have a headache the rest of the day after a couple of kms on a footpath and was petrified of running more than about 15 min without some water.

I love the confidence that comes from the gradual progress of Kenzai programmes and Run was by far the best for balancing fitness / work / life etc. because the sessions were all 30 min during the week with the one long run on the weekend. It's now time to get back into proper shape - I've tried for a couple of months picking it up on my own and tightening the diet but it hasn't stuck. So it's time for a Reboot over the summer and then Sculpt when I get back to Singapore. Really excited about barre work.

But just before I get started, I would love to have my badge for finishing Run, so please can this be my Graduation Post? Thanks!


Had a strong run today for my final distance of the programme. Was blessed to be freed up from family obligations from 6:30am so I could get out before it was too hot. Plotted a great course to reward myself for reaching the end of KRun. I had promised myself throughout that at some point I would run the Gardens by the Bay. Today was the last chance! 5km along the river, past the Merlion, around the Marina, in front of Marina Bay Sands, round the back of the ArtScience Museum and into the Gardens, down to the Marina Barrage, loop back and along the outer boundary of the Gardens, straight up the boardwalk by the 'creek', halfway back down, cut into the Meadow and along the World of Plants path for the finish.

Great things that happened today:
- felt comfortable well up to and beyond the 8km mark - this bodes well for keeping up a 10km training distance and getting into 10k events, which is my hope;
- kept another promise to myself by running in the Gardens in just my sports top and shorts (basically fulfilling a commitment to having better body confidence);
- I reflected on all the distance runs and how anxious i had been, especially the 5km, and how far I am now from that state of mind;
- I checked my form regularly and as a result did not suffer some of my usual painful after effects or fatigues, e.g. upper back, shoulder, neck (usually a headache / migraine), ankles;
- when things got tough, i imagined (not hallucinated) all my favourite Kenzai friends who have supported me online, almost none of whom I have met, lining the track and cheering me on, so thanks as always to: Andy D, Janet, Malia, Ward, Swa, Jane and Ian K, and, of course, Patrick; it brought such a smile to my face and lifted the flagging spirits; and
- I was not the only one smiling, I exchanged lots of friendly greetings with other runners out this morning, felt very 'community'.

Not so great things that happened:
- my knees hurt, I need to roll the ITB more, and more often;
- my Garmin had a total flake out shortly after the 5km mark and it marked me at 6km when I was probably 5.5km in. I didn't realise at the time and this completely threw out my total distance and time, so unfortunately, I think I actually ran about 12.5km today - was so disappointed when I realised because I certainly could have made my distance; and
- I had to stop for a bathroom break - not a problem when I'm training, except for the break in rhythm, but need to work on managing this for event running!

I said last night that I wanted to run so as to preserve the rest of my day. Not sure whether I actually conserved anything, but did manage not to nap all day and stretched out immediately so hopefully not too sore on Tuesday (2nd day pain!). Had a great brunch with the family and even took the kids out for a walk in the afternoon.

Looking forward to putting in my Graduation Post and drawing a big 'I did it' line under Kenzai Run, which has been fantastic for me.

Definitely getting that excited / nervous feeling preparing for tomorrow's big run. I have not done this programme with the same level of discipline as I did KB1 and Reboot. And I know that has been hurting me, especially towards the end. But I have every run on the board, and after several ordinary outings, Friday's technical felt good. It also felt quick, although that's not what the Garmin told me afterwards. I did feel a good sense of control, though - and that's what i will be aiming for tomorrow. This will be my hottest long run since mid-programme. So I will not be punching any PBs (although i have laid out the fast pants, ha ha). I want to get to the other end. And I want to enjoy the day afterwards. Race pace can be for another time.
Wish me luck....


A very tough week on the 'life outside Kenzai' front. Massive week at work - including a trip to Berlin from which just returned tonight and then more to come in the office tomorrow (but hopefully a little respite after that!).

On that basis, super proud to report an almost full board of completed workouts, including the free run on Monday (which i had actually done in my 'off week' as well) - where do i tick!? Ha ha.

Quick recap:
- Monday free run was sweaty and puffy as my first day back in the humid Singapore saddle
- Tuesday love loved going back to the body combat class and feeling oh so empowered as my jabbing technique showed improvement
- Wednesday knocked out the strong finish run before packing for the plane - went back to the Black Hole Gardens where I always seem to misjudge timing and distance so ended up doing 37min instead of 30 - what? ITB starting to complain and knees a bit unhappy so not feeling so positive about running while 'on the road'
- Thursday managed to squeeze the strength training in between meetings in a rather lacklustre gym
- Friday technical run (arm swing) went well (see image) taking advantage of early rising thanks to jet lag -- but check out the temp! And I was wearing pretty much my usual gear from Singapore - totally NOT appropriate - hands went numb within minutes. Oops!
- Saturday has planned to swap strength and distance run but then realised the great opportunity to do a long run through the city and hit up some tourist sites in my sneakers. Given the 'wrong' time of day and general lack of sleep, it was not my strongest performance (and thank goodness for auto pause on the Garmin because there were quite a lot of traffic lights and map checks) but I am chuffed to have punched in the 11K in just a shade under 7min per click. What a buzz to power through the Brandenburg Gate!
- Today was mostly taken with the travel so no strength session managed tonight, but will aim to double up tomorrow.

Congratulations to my Mistral cohort who have been a fantastic crew and are graduating today! Thanks to Jess and Ward for sorting me out so i can keep going for another week and I look forward to joining the rest of the team at the finish line next Sunday.

Rn 28: restart

After a few good days and three runs, I was not able to keep up with the Programme while on the rest of our holidays so I have decided to pick up where I left off which was Day 28, and as a result have two more weeks to finish (one later than the Mistral cohort). Thanks to Ward and others for accommodating me.

I did the strength training tonight and realised it has been nearly two weeks since I did a strength session - and it really shows! My legs were like jelly after the sprint squats and my arms were complaining about the travelling push-ups. Hope my running has not come off the boil to the same extent - it will be six days off the road when I do the free run tomorrow.

Looking forward to being back in the game.

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