Jennifer B.

Jennifer B.

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Decent day

  • Feb 20th, 2019 at 9:12PM


Got up early, but only had time to do 15 min run on treadmill and half the workout due to kid issues (that I fixed for them even though I should have LET THEM FAIL...but that’s another post for another day!)
My old self would’ve scrapped it or put it off, but I said “you’ve got 25 min...just start!”
Ate well (but missed the AM snack) and did a grocery shop & a bunch of food prep this afternoon so feel positive that I am stocked up. Now finishing the rest of the workout and going to bed!

Food question...what about combination foods? I have a great couscous salad that has lots of veggies in it...I’m counting as 75% carb & 25% veg? Does that sound ok? Also frittata with veg & salmon? Not always sure how to count these.

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Ed CenterEd CenterKenzai Reach | Day 41 (Member)
Assistant Trainer6 months ago

My old self would’ve scrapped it or put it off, but I said “you’ve got 25 min...just start!” I love this. I've had this debate so many time like the classic little angel and devil on my shoulder. I'm glad the angel won out and yes, getting part of the workout is always better than none, especially if you got the cardio in.
Re: food - the best practice is to weight the ingredients separately and then mix your individual portion. But sometimes we are in situations where we can't do that. Your estimate on the couscous salad sounds great (I hope the dressing in that salad is Kompliant - limited oil or juice). For the frittata it's mostly egg and salmon so I'd weigh it all as a protein.

    Kim MurchKim MurchKenzai Sculpt | Day 14 (Member)
    Trainer6 months ago

    Hurray, Jennifer! Partial workout is so much better than no workout, well done you! What Ed says on couscous salad and frittata. Better to avoid if possible as you do not want phantom calories creeping in.

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