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Jennifer B.

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Life lessons

  • Mar 27th, 2019 at 8:46PM

As we finish Kenzai, the most important thing I have taken away is to keep getting back on the horse. I have a (bad) habit of putting my kids/work/etc ahead of my own health. When time gets tight, the first thing to go out the window is my workout. I used to go weeks or months between my stints in the gym.

There have been many days in the past couple of weeks when I did a long hike, DB practice, etc but did not do or did not completely finish the Kenzai workout. There were other days that I did not do any sort of exercise. Those days left me feeling sluggish and tired...and more likely to eat more.

I don’t have the body I was planning on having at the end of Kenzai. But I do have a crystal clear understanding of my pitfalls and weaknesses. I need to prioritize adequate rest and avoid over scheduling (Not my forte.) But when I do, the motivation to eat clean and workout is easy.

I am super excited and happy for several of my teammates who have really put in 100% and gotten amazing results. No doubt this program works. I’m going to keep plugging away.

On a tangential note....I am writing this afternoon from Mumbai (here as a chaperone for a school trip.) I am so deeply grateful for my life and my health. Living in the US and HK, we are quite sheltered from the deep poverty that so many people around the world live in. Really eye opening...

As the lovely locals say - Namaste!!

Ps. I am on my way to the gym to get in a workout before dinner. Trying to finish on a high note. Or at least work off the naan before I eat it!! 😬

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Ed CenterEd CenterKenzai Reach | Day 41 (Member)
Assistant Trainer5 months ago

These are amazing lessons for you to learn. So many of us prioritize kids and work before our workouts. The only way, I've found to avoid that is to get the workout done before the kids get up and before I check my work email. That way it can never get shrugged off or interrupted. Well not never, but it's a lot harder. And then to be really disciplined on the diet and that is tough. You have the tools you need now, it's all about how you will apply them. Good on you for being honest and reflective. One thing to consider after KB1 is that the 6 week program (Sculpt, Chisel, Run, Reach, Kettle Bells) might be better for you. It's a more intense burst that may allow you to keep focused for a shorter period of time. Think about trying Kettle Bells with me on April 8.

    Sabishi S.Sabishi S.Reboot | Day 14 (Member)
    5 months ago

    If u need any Mumbai advise, I would be happy to help... I live here Jennifer :)

      Jay D.Jay D.Kenzai Chisel | Day 13 (Member)
      5 months ago

      That’s all any of us can do, keep plugging away! As long as we continue to put our health in the forefront of our consciousness will we be able to make the wise decisions on diet, exercise, and rest. Enjoy your time in Mumbai and maybe get a chance to meet up with Sabishi!

        Jennifer B.Jennifer B.Kenzai Member
        5 months ago

        Ed...I’ll email you and figure out the next best step for me.

        Sabishi...any chance you have kids at the American School of Bombay? I’m here until Sat, but not sure if I’m able to sneak too far from here. Staying in the hotel across the road. Would love to meet for a drink (...or water/black coffee...this is Kenzai!!) if you have time?

          Jennifer B.Jennifer B.Kenzai Member
          5 months ago

          Jay...thank you for your kind words and kudos to you for totally rocking KB1!!

            Kim MurchKim MurchKenzai Sculpt | Day 14 (Member)
            Trainer5 months ago

            My kids went to ASB, Jennifer!! How awesome! You are not far away from Sabishi, actually.
            Everyone takes something away from the program and you've definitely picked up the lessons and got some insight into yourself. I call that a win! As they say on the airplane, you have to put on your oxygen mask first then you put one on the kids. So hard for women who are expected to do everything and more. Your positive attitude as we round the final corner is amazing, Jennifer! Keep on going!

              Saurabh D.Saurabh D.Kenzai Reach | Day 42 (Member)
              5 months ago

              Hi Jennifer ,
              You have been very truthful in this .
              For years I have also been putting kids , work and family first and neglecting myself .
              Before we started the KB1 , my wife and I sat ( we are both doing KB1) down with the kids and told them we will be focusing on getting healthier for the next 3 months . This will mean less direct time with them but we will be around the house .
              They have been extremely supportive and enjoy just being around when we grunt our way through .

              Overheard my younger one proudly telling a neighbor’s daughter : “my dad has muscles , you know “

              When kids say these things innocently but with pride , that their parent are taking good care of themselves -
              it just makes it all worthwhile .

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