Jennifer B.

Jennifer B.

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Spoke too soon...

  • Jan 31st, 2019 at 1:10AM

So the brownies got me tonight. I’ve been strict w my diet and on task for every meal. After a very rushed dinner and non-stop day, I was feeling antsy and irritated w my kids (another story altogether...)

I wandered into the kitchen and there they were...staring me in the face. Calling out “I taste SO good” and I caved. Had two w a cup of tea. They were good, but not worth it.

I never thought of myself as a particularly emotional eater, but I really AM - especially late at night when I’m worn out. I should just GO TO BED!!

In an odd way, I’m grateful for this. Tomorrow is a new day. Back in the saddle!

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Abigail S.Abigail S.Alumni
7 months ago

Great attitude, Jen! As my five year old says after a mistake or a tricky moment...."redo!". You're human. Kids are no joke. The beckoning of a quick serotonin hit in the form of brownies (or in my case frozen cookie dough balls!) is hard to resist. Downing a cold glass of water (with lemon) often does the trick for me when those cravings happen. I think most of the time I am thirsty! Anyway...redo! You've got this!

    Jay D.Jay D.Kenzai Chisel | Day 13 (Member)
    7 months ago

    That’s okay! You owned up to it, now move on. As parents we understand the frustrations.

      Ed CenterEd CenterKenzai Reach | Day 41 (Member)
      Assistant Trainer7 months ago

      You've actually learned a bit about yourself through this process, so it was probably worth it for the self-awareness. Get crap food out of your house during training season (I know it's hard- I tell my niece that she may not deliver our Girl Scout cookie order until Uncle is off program).
      Abigail - I love the "redo". When I was on Kenzai Body, I coined the term "typo".

        Richa A.Richa A.Alumni
        7 months ago

        You're only human Jennifer! The Lesson for today talks about an indulgence meal and what we learn about ourselves when we decide to take it. Looks like you may have experienced it early :) I find that when i have a desire for something sweet, a cup of apple cinnamon tea does the trick. It tastes just enough like apple pie to fool me into thinking I've had some!

          Kim MurchKim MurchKenzai Sculpt | Day 14 (Member)
          Trainer7 months ago

          I am glad you enjoyed them, Jennifer! You gained some valuable insight and learned another Kenzai trick--get into bed if you cannot stay out of the kitchen. Two brownies will not undo your hard work until now, like you said, back in the saddle!!

            Martin D.Martin D.Kenzai Chisel | Day 14 (Member)
            7 months ago

            one day at a time. sun will come up and you will have a frash day with new choices. keep up the great work!

              Sabishi S.Sabishi S.Reboot | Day 14 (Member)
              7 months ago

              We learn when we make that mistake and that small trip can change our thought process. Good job on owning up and moving on!

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