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Jennifer F.

Kenzai Silver | Day 51 (Member)
Kenzai Silver
Day 51
Program progress:
cardio & rugby

Today’s cardio was measured in 26,310 steps . So vigorous I was definitely out of breath a few times. It’s odd yesterday when I was doing the band work, I kept thinking I must blog about this or that but because I generally do my band work first thing , there isn’t time to blog straight away and then later I think what on earth should I write as I am doing now.

However; Confession time . as South Africa won the World Cup we had to celebrate with champagne yesterday. I know it’s not allowed but heck it’s a World Cup! Back to diet again today.

day 35 done

Completed today in front of rugby World Cup semi final in a hotel room. Diet out the window this WE as it’s my daughters 21st celebration WE here in London . But here is an interesting observation. Almost immediately diverting from real food to gluten filled stuff and champagne, back came my arthritis in my hands with a vengeance. Sometimes you only notice how had something is when you suddenly have it again. Tomorrow it gets all banished again and back to my strict regime although I struggle with how much cooking is involved which I hate.

App glitch fixed

Dont know if it was me or Kenzai, but i deleted the whole app and then restarted and so far so good, no glitches which makes life easier as I have a rule of no lap top in the bedroom. As there are so many people in my house, the only private space i have is our bedroom and bathroom where i keep all my bands etc. Cant do my skipping there so I have gone back to brisk walking with my dog. He has lost 1.5kg and I have lost zero.....very disappointing. Anyway my main goal here is to get more fit and strong for skiing.....weight loss would be a bonus. Diet is proving so tricky remembering to eat so often especially as the Dr is telling me to make 5 hour gaps between meals because of my insulin....very confusing but hey we soldier on.

It’s tricky when life and travel are so intense that programs and blogging go down the list in priority .

Was going to post and blog today but the power went out for 11 hours and when we have no power, we have no signal so no program. Will have to catch up again on my next rest day.

Now winter has arrived, it’s really tough getting up earlier than 6.30am to do a program . I am not good at it. Trying to find a time that works as a regular slot is proving difficult so it’s ad hoc timing at present.

Day 13 done

I find that if I don't do it first thing, its really hard to fit it in later in the day. Got into the routine now of doing my stretches and band work first thing on getting out of bed, and then the cardio portion when I walk the dogs.....they think i have gone mad, when I suddenly start my brisk walking - dogs think its a signal to sprint! Rather them than me.

I have just been diagnosed with osteo arthritis which is not good. Will explain why all my joints hurt so much before and after the workouts. Wondering if these exercises will make the pain better or worse eventually?

Day 9 done

wow mega proud I did it at 5am (still jetlagged so decided to put the time to good use) and now feel fully revived to attack my day on the Funny Farm.

I have 4 dogs in residence at the moment - 2 are fosters. Am doing so much walking and so much lifting heavy things like bales, do I still have to do extra brisk walking when all I do is making me huff and puff.

By the way, I may not be 60 yet but all my bones still creak like mad, especially with the shoulder exercises after my shoulder surgery. are there any supplements we can take apart from fish oils to loosen the joints up a bit please? have a good day everyone. I really find if I can drag myself out of bed and do Kenzai first, I always end up having a good day. Go figure.....

Back in Europe

took me 14 hours to fly home yesterday so confess that when i arrived home around 11pm UK time, completely wrecked, I was unable to do my workout. Next time we have a rest day, I will go back and do that day. I could not do it before I left, as was staying with friends and room was too small to skip so early in the morning when everyone was asleep.

Diet seems ok. I am not allowed Soya milk due to oestrogen effects. Can I switch out for Coconut cream or milk please in my coffee instead? I did my workout today half asleep but at least I did it. Better tomorrow.

Day 4

So today we actually did day 1 as we only started at midnight on day 1 so had missed it. So we have already discovered that if there are 2 of you doing the program, there is less chance of ducking out. We set a time of 4pm to hike around the island for 20 mins, including up hill, and then do the rest of day 1. Feels good when you have done it. No way would I have agreed to do it by myself. Hah!

Here we go again!

Hi Everyone.

So this I think is now my 3rd program, and finally it made sense to become a permanent member as I realise I am hopeless at doing the exercise if I am not on a program of some sort.

4 years ago I did Kenzai body and lost a ton of inches and weight. Earlier this year I did Reach which made me more flexible, and now I have dragged my husband Mark onto doing Silver with me, as I know he will never do it without me, and our chances of success go up massively if we train together.

Although I am still 56, I have so many injuries from sports that right now my whole body is stiff and hurting, so starting Silver is going to be good for me and I believe just the right pace as there is no way I would manage Kenzai body right now. My incentive is I need to be massively ski fit by December so I can attend my ski race clinics, for which I am told I need a much higher level of fitness than now. Also I have a new horse, a retired racehorse, and I need to be much fitter to be a better rider as I can hardly walk after a few days of riding.

Mark and I have just landed in Singapore and Indonesia for one week, so confessions on the table, we will tackle the diet next Monday onwards as eating our Singaporean food is one of the things we were looking forward to most on our holiday. Look forward to hearing how you are all getting on and I am so glad that Kenzai finally has a program for us that is not so daunting as we get older, although I am still quite fond of my skipping and its the fastest way to good cardio I have found.


So here is the thing about graduation....its all good to know we got there, but today and yesterday I did not feel any obligation to do the stretching program which is NOT good at all.

I like the fact that I have got into a AM and PM stretch routine. Even the skipping has become a habit. I cant see that I am dramatically more flexible in my comparisons to starting, however; I am much better at playing tennis and suffer far less aches in my neck and back, and I can only attribute that to the stretch program. So I am thinking of beginning all of that again. I really need a strength program that will not require loads of skipping so I may do the Sunday strength 2-3 times a week and see how I get on. Its been fun and great to do. The no 1 takeaway for me is that if I am not in a pre defined program to follow and keep up, I dont do it, so I need to find a way to do that on an ongoing way.

I am off on holiday next week, armed with my 3 free work outs for shoulders, abs and core (I love having a printed sheet to work from so Thanks Kenzai for that). I will tackle those in rotation along with my flex routine (now know it off by heart) and once back from the USA, I will see what else to sign up for. My main goal is to keep my back strong enough to ski well again next season as I have several very demanding race clinics coming up which I need to be mega fit for, and I am still huffing and puffing, even after 60 days of 5 mins skipping.....

Does Kenzai do a program for injured participants to get fit again? More than 5 mins skipping and my knees swell so I cant do that just yet.

Home run at last

So the reason I don't blog a lot is that its almost impossible on the phone app, and since I use the phone daily for all my workouts, lessons, photo uploads; and only once a week, do I get out my laptop and get on kenzai only to post. Not sure what it is on the app, I have written a few posts, and then when you finish, there is no button to upload or publish. Rather frustrating.

However; after 50 + days I rather like the workout routine I have which is basically get up at 6am, get straight into work out clothes, let the dogs out, make tea (now lemon water since recent lesson), go round the fields in my wellies to check the horses with my tea followed by the whole tribe of dogs and cats. Once back - only a 20 minute stroll, swap wellies for sneakers and feed all the house 4 legged tribe and then I go straight into skipping my 5 mins whilst everyone is happily eating. I find that if I fit the skipping in right then, nothing else will get in the way. If I leave it for later in the day, there are always conflicts and its more stressful to find the time.

I dont always manage to do the flexibility workout and stretches straight away , but mostly and then I reward myself with a coffee. If I am pushed for time as I also have the school run to do, I come back and do the routine before I walk the dogs, shower and carry on with my day. This routine works for me. Key is get straight into work out clothes upon I have no out.

I love the evening stretches and have taken to do them in front of TV sometimes, instead of sitting on the sofa. My favourite is the wide leg stretch that is supposed to revolutionize my life and body.....still waiting but hey its getting easier so that is the main thing.

I would like to do the whole stretch program all over again in my own time, and wonder if we will still have access to our program when its over.

Strength training

Every Sunday, we do strength training which I really enjoy. However; Yesterday I approached it with much trepidation as the previous one last Sunday actually put my back out, and I had back pain so bad for about 3 days before I could skip again. I managed the stretching and flexing no problem but the skip did not do nice things to my discs. I don't know if its the Vsit or what, but something every Sunday leaves me with back twinges. This week so far so good after yesterday although I am highly suspicious of the sun salutations which often caused me trouble in yoga. I also did a modified shoulder push up with bent knees as it felt too much to do it at full plank. On the flip side, I can feel myself becoming more flexible and can hold some of the more complex stretch and hold positions more easily and longer.


So usually when I do my routine, one of the cats decides to hog my mat. They are quite small so there is normally room for both of us. Today our 14 month giant pup Kya decided that my frog stretch had to be assisted and decided to also hog the yoga mat. I can see its getting crowded in my little work out area. All the carpets are rolled up as we also have a foster puppy in the house who runs for cover as soon as I start skipping. I guess he will come round soon enough.

For the Salamander I still can't get both arms on the floor, and one side is definitely easier than the other. do you recommend holding the tighter side longer?

For the life of me, I really struggle to write the post on the phone, as there is no post button so you get all the way to the end, and then discover there is no way to make it go live. So don't laugh, my husband took the pic, and I had to email it to myself on my laptop in order to load it.....big hassle.. any way thought it would amuse you all.....have a good WE....guess its strength training tomorrow...

Balance improving

So today I had a breakthrough. At long last I can do the toe taps both front and side without holding onto a sideboard so its nice to see my balance is getting better; and I do think I am getting a bit more flexible. Still not keen on the sun salutations nor the skipping, but it continues at a steady sedate pace. However Tree seems a far possibility at this stage. Still have to hang on tight to the side. In order to post, I have to break my 8pm rule and get my laptop out when I get home to write. I am still waiting for the stretch to change my life actually to do so LOL.....I find it difficult to sit straight up when I do this, so I prop up on a cushion to tip my pelvis forward to keep my back straight.


I still cant go more than 5 mins without huffing and puffing.....I know I am 3 years older than the last time I did this, but it seems more hard work this time around. Good news is that my knees have not packed in, but do feel quite sore. I enjoy the strength training more, but the jumps kill my feet dont leave the floor for a very great height.

On the plus side, it seems I am a bit more flexible than when I started which is a good thing, and I notice a distinct reduction in neck pain which is marvellous.