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Jennifer P.

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wow, can’t believe it is done! 

That was amazing, thank you to the trainers and then rest of my Kenzai team. I ah w definitely reached my goal for my wedding and so pleased about it!!!!

That was amazing, thank you to the trainers and then rest of my Kenzai team. I ah w definitely reached my goal for my wedding and so pleased about it!!!!

Still here!

Work has been very busy, which is a good thing when you own your own business, but a bad thing when you are trying to fit the workouts in. Last weekend had an indulgence and boy am I paying for it. Gastrointestinal issues all over the place.. my body feels so good with this new diet...wondering how I will ever transition back or maybe i won't?

Thanks for all the support! Lets crush these last two weeks~

Well, in a lot of ways. I have fallen in love with working out all over again. I feel stronger, more alert, more focused at work. I feel calmer and more stable in my mood. My body is better with all this fresh food and clean eating.

The problem for me will be when I am off the program figuring out how to keep this going with my work schedule and to make permanent changes to my diet.

Tough, but worth it. This program is amazing!

energy levels

Yes, I have noticed my energy levels have changed. Have also noticed an improvement in sleep pattern as well as more focus at work! I love it!

Stronger this week

Last week killed me, bored with the diet, hitting the wall. This week, however, I am feeling a lot stronger - amazing how this program works. I am starting to realize that really this is just all about pushing myself through those “valleys” so aptly named. More than anything, i realize how much better i feel mentally. The stress is so much easier to deal with and I feel more relaxed. Wondering now how I am going to keep up the exercise program when this is all over. Hoping there will be some lessons on that?? :-)

Intro - oops

Realized as I was reading everyone’s posts this week that I never really did an intro of myself. Oops.

I live outside of Boston and work as a consultant in geriatrics. My finance and I started our own business last year and the growth has been mind blowing and terrifying. The last year was very hard. I broke my foot, had surgery, my Dad died suddenly and then 8 weeks later his husband had a heart attack and died (broken heart). What a punch to the gut.

On the positive side, i quit my job that I hated, we started a business, got engaged and merged our families. I have a 13 year old daughter and my fiance has an 8 year old son and 6 year old daughter. Yes, we are the Brady bunch. I am so excited to formalize our little family this June.

However, all of these things, good and bad, have put a serious cramp in my ability to work out. I was so discouraged with the pain in my foot every time I tried to get started, i would give up. Also, admittedly, I probably was using alcohol in the evenings as a coping mechanism for grief that wasn’t the best. I feel so much better since starting this program, really looking forward to looking and feeling my best come my wedding day!

Thank you all for your support and encouragement!

Ugh maybe because of traveling or something last week, but not feeling the same progress that I was prior...does this happen to everyone at this point?

Back on the horse

Back home - feel pretty good about how I stuck to the diet (mostly) while
away...that was hard...

Feeling really tired with the time change but still managing to get the workouts in. I can feel the boredom setting in with the diet, think I may have to try some new things this week!

Traveling stinks

I am traveling this week for work and finding it even harder to get the workouts in and stick to the diet. Most of all, hard to listen to others comments - stoppped at grocery store to get food I can eat on the way to the hotel. Show up each morning with my hard boiled eggs while they are only serving oatmeal at the conference and everyone looks at me funny. Ah well, that negativity I wont let get to me.

The upside is I have never been able to travel with my gym before and that is really positive. Having to do fruit instead of veggies at times, but trying my hardest to stick to it.

Holy moly I went from thinking I cannot possibly eat all this food to OMG when do I get to eat again? Any of you experienced people have any advice? I hope this means I have become a “calorie burning machine”?

When it says eat a banana before a workout, does that mean right before or an hour before? I feel like I am running out of hours in the day to fit all these snacks in?

This week I have mastered the diet. Made a whole bunch of food on the weekend which is helping me get through the week in a much more efficient way. However, this week another hurdle. My ex-husband has had yet another blow up and I find myself once again in the middle of the storm between my teenage daughter and my ex. It stinks. I have never wanted a glass of wine and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s more than I did at the end of the day yesterday.

BUT! I didn’t. Instead, I took the dogs for a walk and came back and did some meditation. I am not great at it, but can get that same relaxed feeling from meditation that I can get from a glass of wine, as long as I do it. I felt very proud of myself this morning when I woke up and realized I staved off what could have been a well deserved fall off the horse.

I am also realizing that regular exercises is helping me manage this stress better. Some thing I had forgotten recently.

Hanging in there! Thank you so much for all the encouragement.

I was so happy that the sugar cravings are all but gone at this point. Also, that craving for a glass of wine at dinner time was hard to kick, but it is definitely less now. I am enjoying the workouts and feeling stronger, but the prep on the food is killing my morning routine. I have to figure out how to make this work better so I am not rushing around in the morning - definitely doesnt help my stress level! I am also getting slightly bored with my breakfast selections. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Getting back to it

I am finally getting back to working out but boy am I weak! Hoping my strength will return in a few days. Thanks for all the support




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