Jennifer W.

Jennifer W.

Before & after Iron 

As much as I felt like I failed myself during this program and it wasn't my best effort, when I look at my before and after pic, I did get some pretty good results! Most noticeably is the smile on my face! I was seriously unhappy when I started and even though I wish I would have put more into the program - I'm glad it's done and that I did it!

I'm going to keep my diet pretty strict for awhile as I need to lose more fat, and get in a routine that is more manageable for me. I'm definitely going to aim for strength training 3 days a week and bump up my cardio to lose the fat I still want to lose. I have a cool app my gym puts out with 100's of workouts that different Trainers have created - super cool. I'll check out the next programs and will most likely take a much much shorter one!

I think everyone writing a graduation post from this program deserves a medal! It was a tough 3 month program and if I am in the position to have more free time and a better headspace I would take it again.

Thanks to Scott for leading our program - you're an AMAZING Trainer and support system!! I love your energy and positivity! Thanks also to a great team and everyone who supported me along the way especially Stefan, Pankaj, Ketan & friends from past courses Watson, Janet, Meghan, Naoko and thanks for popping in Ward!!

Until next time!

Tweak in my neck/shoulder

I get this every now and then. I tweaked it right before vacay and said I didn't do much there. I did some of the workout yesterday as I traveled Monday. I woke up this morning barely able to turn my head. This has happened over the years. This may be the end of my journey. I could get some cardio and possibly a few exercises but not pushing it. So many of you have crushed it so congrats!!!

Vacation birthday week

I've been on vacation this past week and blew it. I celebrated my birthday with my family in Michigan whom I see once a year or some several years. I had an incredible time and we were always in the go. I only got in one cardio session and some tricep work. I ate fairly healthy but ate some sugar.

I'm coming back tomorrow and will try and have a great last week.

Hope everyone is doing great and ready to crush it!

Almost perfect day!!

100% on diet (thanks Naoko!) and 80% on workout, which I'm good with. Will aim for my best tomorrow then heading home to see my family for 5 days. Plan on not blowing it.🤣🤣🤣

Sunken ship week

Hey team - this month has honestly been getting worse and worse for me and I feel in a way I've almost given up! I envision myself as a ship that started off strong on a long journey and slowly but surely is sinking sinking sinking.

I blew my diet this week by eating some shitty things I shouldn't have eaten and instantly regretted it. I haven't completed a full workout in quite awhile because in my head I'm saying I just can't fit it all in. I am getting SOME exercise everyday and some days doing parts of the workout, but I'm pretty disappointed with myself. Normally I am someone who rarely even misses a workout!! It all started when I had to stop skipping and that was at the end of month 1!!!

Something Scott said (thank you) not too long ago was - Have one perfect day. Then another. So, today I am perfectly on track with my diet and am heading to the gym to attempt the perfect workout. If I don't complete it all my plan is to finish later tonight. (This has been another losing plan for me).

Even though I am seeing changes in my body and am grateful to be getting in some daily exercise, I feel I'm only going to end up with about 50% results because that's how much effort I feel I have put in over the duration of the course.

Had to get this out so I can stop beating myself up and possibly not sink to the very bottom.

I will catch up with the team this weekend! Thanks for the support. : )

Week 10 check in!

I have been missing some workouts, however, sticking pretty closely to my diet. Getting cardio in and some days most of the workout. Been tough fitting it all in. The other day though, I put on a pair of pants that were so tight 3 months ago that I couldn't even wear them. They are super loose and comfy now!!! I'm going to do the best I can the rest of the course. Going on vacation in 10 days but I'm not skipping workouts and my mom has a treadmill I can get cardio on. A few more weeks left!

Mid week check in

Getting more cardio in, diet is pretty close to perfect, but not getting all workouts in, so am going to make sure I get the 3 major workouts in for sure.

Quick check in but realized it's been a few days since I did last!

My program has started the downward spiral and I have to put a halt to this ASAP!!!!! We still have 30 days so that's a good amount of time to still step it up and make up for some time lost, right??!!

I have got to get more cardio in!!!! What I really need to do is get my ass up earlier and go to the gym and DO IT. My gym is less than a MILE away!!!! Then I can easily go back on lunch and do my main workout and if needed save abs for later.

I need some support on this!!

Let's do this!!

Exactly the lesson I needed to read today. I have had SO many different unexpected things going on recently and didn't do the full workouts everyday. I only made it to the gym twice, and did the bodyweight exercises the other days, except missed one full day completely but got cardio. Been doing extra cardio on the Elliptical and treadmill and around my neighborhood.

The things I say to myself in my head the most are that I'll do extra the next day, or really crush the rest of the program. : )) Which, I truly want!

I loved the lesson and it really made sense using the analogy of the red light.....

Hope everyone's having a good week!

Day 50 check in

I'm getting results but not as many as I would like and I know why. I never did extra cardio, and now that I am no longer skipping, the amount of time it takes to do alternate cardio and my workout.... Ugh - it's just not happening in the timeframe I have. Therefore, I am cutting corners, not doing the time in cardio, or skipping it altogether telling myself I'll do something that evening - which typically doesn't happen except I've been trying to take my dog on longer walks in the evenings. I just need to get my ass into gear and break up the workout out and stick to it.

I'm doing pretty good on my diet though.

We only have 40 more days so I want to make the most of it!! I am also going on vacation Aug 21-25 to see my family, which I know I will get off track some - not altogether, but some.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Mid week check in & PIZZA!!

Good news: Got to eat my favorite indulgence tonight and it was delish!!! Jax got a few morsels too. 🤣🐕 (Surprise indulgence!) And - my knee/shin pain is gone! I know it's because I stopped skipping. I used the elliptical today, and also got a bike rack for my bike for trail riding. There's also the rowing machine as well. Bad news: I missed yesterday's workout. I had to run errands on my lunch break and had to unexpectedly take my cat to the vet after work. I have not mastered the waking up early enough to workout in this lifetime as of yet.🤣 I'm definitely needing to break up the workouts now due to my extra cardio + longer (yikes!) workouts! SO: Full speed ahead!!!! Congrats to all for making it halfway!!💪💪💪

Week 5 wrap up

I keep going for a perfect week 100% and this past week wasn't it either but my diet is verrrrry close to that! Glad I got rid of the honey, and the fact that I haven't had processed sugar in 5 weeks is huge! I was having some issues for sure with sugar. I was also having an issue with portions - so it feels really great to be back on track with my diet!!! I am going to see what the week brings with the knee/shin stuff. I am going to check out the rowing machine and possibly the eliptical as well, as Scott suggested. My joints don't like skipping..... I also had metatarsalgia and a torn ligament in my foot a good portion of the end of last year and that was from skipping as well! I think I have to hang up my jump rope.... : ((((

I'll go easy tomorrow on leg day to test it all out if I need modifications and will just take it easy. Am also taking Nathan's advice of stretching my glutes/hamstrings more, which are always tight! I also pulled out my foam roller today as well which always feels good after a good session.

Here's to the new phase!!! Hope everyone is going great!

Knee/shin issue

Scott - I sent you an email about this.

I woke up this morning with a bit of pain in my lefty knee/shin, which is the same pain I got at the end of KB1 almost 3 years ago. It was patellar tendonitis and I didn't take care of it or listen to my body (or my trainers). It took several months to heal, so not again! I know I got it from all of the jumping. If I jump at home, I double up 2 yoga mats so I'm not jumping on my hard tile. At any rate, now, at the first sign of any pain that's not "normal", I am stopping and will modify. Not ideal right now, but need to switch to alternate cardio for sure. Scott, I'll wait to hear from you on other exercises. Not taking any chances here!

I'll keep my diet on track and do everything that doesn't cause me pain. : )))

Quick and dirty breakfast

Super easy quick breakfast! Avocado, egg, baby potatoes, chopped cherry tomatoes. Sometimes I add a little yogurt and cilantro but forgot here!


The honey is gone, my diet is 100% and I added 15 lbs to my squats and actually think I could have added more for at least some of the reps!!!🦵🏋️‍♀️👊 I haven't been able to use the bench press yet because even the bar was too heavy, but today I felt ready. They were all taken but I used 25lb dumbbells instead of 20 this week, so I'm ready!! I've upped my cardio as well and sweating my ass off. Oh and I loved the time management lesson the other day. I am now busting through my reps and am ready to go on my next set. Making a HUGE difference! Here's my boy Jax who shares my Yoga mat with me.🤣🐕💗

End of Week 12





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