Jenny L.

Jenny L.

Loved the skipping and feel trimmer  

Hi Kenzai,
I didn’t commit to the diet or the exercises but did the skipping. My goal was to get trimmer and improve cardio but not lose weight, which I achieved. My shoulder injury took the shine off the experience but I would still recommend Kenzai to others!

Going to physio tomorrow re my shoulder. My husband’s lost lots of weight, gained muscle and looks great!

Still here

I had my Dad visiting, and now my step-mum, have hosted a party plus have been v busy at work. Started doing just the skipping but not hitting ‘I did it’ as not doing the rest of the workouts. I’ve only missed around 3 days of skipping. Now on holiday so I had time today. I also pulled a muscle in my right shoulder doing the double katana.

My goal anyway was to improve cardio and trim down a bit which I feel I’ve managed. I should really strengthen my arms and core, and tone up my thighs/bum though!

Not done yet.

Feel positively lardy again. Kept up the skipping but the rest of the workouts fell by the wayside.

Will start afresh tomorrow with renewed vigour 💪.

This week hasn’t been completely successful. On some days, i’ve skipped but gone to yoga rather do the rest of routine. Really not in to all the arm exercises. I get it. Nice arms are good but my arms are pretty get ood anyway. It’s the love handles and thigh flab which is more a concern. Busy with work and kids. Same old excuses I guess! Still feeling trimmer than before so that’s good and intending to go full Kenzai steam ahead next week!

Only managed to fit in the skipping! Getting later for work fitting in the routine. I guess I need to get up earlier!

Avocado 🥑

Ok as part of our veg intake or too high in fat? A fruit anyway :).

600 skips! Can only do it by changing to two skips on one foot before switching to the other foot.

Away for Sat & Sun for son’s gymnastic’s competition. Forgot to pack skipping rope. Regretting it as it would have been fairly easy to fit the weekend work outs in...


Couldn’t stop the handles from twisting until I went down to the lightest band, then really felt the triceps burn!

Love handles

Feeling trimmer already 👏

Enjoying the skipping ok but anything to do with arms or core is tough for me!

I do yoga (when I can) but the wall sag is a great stretch!

Day 4

Now on track 🙂. The whole family is now skipping!

Worked until after 10pm so did day 1’s workout this morning. Plan is to do day 2’s after work. Found it easy enough apart from the push ups; I have no arm muscles 😁.




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