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Jess Swarbreck's Kenzai Sculpt program, Sculpt | Oct 14 2019, starts in 29 days.


After the longest 6-7 weeks of not being able to work out, I’m back to it this week with some wonderful swimming in the south of France.

About half way through beach blast I was thrilled to discover that I’m pregnant but was soon completely incapacitated with nausea and sickness. I’m so happy and grateful to be having a baby but have found the past few weeks extremely tough. Whoever named it morning sickness was quite mistaken- all day and all night, more like!

Anyway, this week I seem to have turned a corner and am so happy to be being more active again- couldn’t have timed it better
with a holiday to France 😊

Loved Beach Blast!  

This has been such a fantastic program and I'm so pleased with the results.
I remember feeling at the start of this program that I wasn't ready for this and I've found it tough after several months of really slacking off on the fitness front. It's amazing how high intensity workouts improve your fitness so quickly - I hope anyone wondering whether or not they could do a program might read this and think, yes I can do it!

Playing tennis over the weekend I felt fast and coordinated and going out over the weekend, received some comments about how trim I was looking. Result! Feeling ready for the beach and can't bloody wait for my holiday in 4 weeks time! Now to keep it up until then...

Still here!

Hi team,
I've set a terrible example so far on the blogging front- my apologies. I am, however, loving reading everyone elses blogs - what a program this is!
I'm loving it and managing to keep up although feeling a little under the weather. Shoulder has held out just about- i'm just subbing out the sideways planks and a couple of other exercises.
Here's to a strong week 4 - go for it everyone!

Beach Blast!

I'm so happy to be Beach Blasting this round and am really ready for some results after a very frustrating few months on the training front.
Due to a shoulder injury and various other things going on I've really fallen behind with fitness. Some celebrations a couple of weeks ago, along with some horrendous weather, also sent me into a bit of a tailspin diet-wise so I came to this programme on Monday feeling pretty low about myself...perhaps that's why it's taken me all week to blog!

I'm happy to say that some hard work this week has pulled me up out of my funk and I'm feeling 100% better today! I was so relieved to read todays lesson about the two free passes for missed workouts as I've actually already used them both! Monday I had to rest after a physio appointment on my shoulder and Wednesday was a super long day, travelling to London for work and also seeing old friends. It does mean that I don't get anymore days off this round goes!

Diet wise, this is tough! I've not been on programme for a while and, as promised, this diet is a CUT. Honestly, it's about cut in half what I've been eating recently, calorie wise so it's going to take some serious discipline moving forward. I'm also doing another challenge with the Kenzai staff at the moment which involves going either vegetarian or vegan. I've decided to go veggie and cut out dairy but am still having eggs- this adds another layer to the challenge although I'm really enjoying it so far.

I'm at a wedding this weekend so will do my best on the diet front. Wish me luck!


1. Tell us about your life...
Where do you live? Who do you live with? How do you spend your time?

I live in Staffordshire in the UK with my husband, Ben. I spend my time working for Kenzai and for myself as a personal trainer and nutritional therapist. Spare time is mostly enjoyed in the countryside where we live, walking or running with the dog and lots of gardening this time of year. I also love cooking and eating so I like to host dinner parties :)

2. Tell us why you're doing Kenzai body...
Any specific goals? Why now? What will success look like for you?

I wish I could repeat the magic of this program! My goals as trainer are that every member of this team makes it to the end of the program having achieved something they're proud of.

3. A problem shared...
What obstacles do you anticipate to succeeding in this program? How will you navigate these?

Unforeseen obstacles are the ones that have caused me to stumble in the past and to a certain extent these can't be avoided. The weather here in England can be a serious motivation leach too (see photo)! For me, making my fitness and health a priority is essential.

4. What question would you like to ask your team mates and/or trainer? (Answers in the comments please!)

What's your favourite food?

Congratulations Bells graduates!  

I'm loving reading all these graduation blogs coming in! What a fun, exciting program- pretty much everyone has loved it, and learned a new skill that they're keen to carry on with. Amazing result- huge Kudos NATE B-I!

Unfortunately, I've been something of a spectator through most of the program but have been going through the motions as much as possible. As predicted, my shoulder is still not 100% but I can't wait to get back on it and repeat this program some time soon.

Congratulations everyone!


It's a little bitter sweet with this weekend being the end of Kettlebells but over last weekend I was able to do a few Kettlebell swings and feel as though I was working out properly with you all.
I'm still being careful as my shoulder is still definitely mending but it was great to have what I felt was a good workout.

The picture is with my Dad who was here for the weekend visiting from Hong Kong. Dad works so hard on his fitness and has recently has started using kettlebells too.

Note the matching headbands :)


Hi team, I'm sorry I haven't blogged for a while- I've been extremely frustrated with my shoulder and unable to do much at all for the past 2 weeks. Good news is that I was able to go for a run over the weekend and am finally able to sleep on my injury side so it's clear things are moving in the right direction.

I've noticed my appetite dramatically reduced too and have lost a few kgs which is one silver lining. I have a body type which actually makes it easier for me to lose weight when I'm not training. With lots of friends and family weddings coming up, I'm pleased to be slimming down but am very much eager to firm up again.

The photo is of my sister and me over the weekend. She loves yoga and we were talking about doing head stands but I couldn't manage one at all with my shoulder. She struggled too but I think that was more to do with the several glasses of wine she'd had :)

I'm still running clean on the alcohol front (as promised) and am loving it. As someone who enjoys wine so much, it makes me laugh how much I enjoy NOT drinking it. So fickle.

Have a great week everyone!

Injured :(

I can't believe how quickly 10 days has gone since I last blogged!

My latest news is that I've injured my shoulder and have had to skip workouts for the past few days. It actually happened while I was asleep- I'm really not sure what happened but either way, something was wrenched or pulled the wrong way and I woke up in complete agony. Very frustrating but I'm doing all the right things, including focusing on my food, and hoping I'll be back on track before the end of the week.

Happy week 3 everyone!


1. Where are you in the world and whats the weather like?
I'm in the UK, specifically Staffordshire in the Midlands. The weather has been beautiful if a little cold- perfect for working out outside although I'm looking forward to some heat!

2. Are you training with anyone?
My husband and dog are usually pottering about in the garden whilst I work out. We also have sheep from the next door farm visiting us a fair bit.

3. Is this the first time you've used kettlebells? If so, what do you think so far?
I actually used to teach a kettlebells class but haven't used them myself for well over a year. Its great to be training with them again.

4. What question would you like to ask other members (that they can answer in comments on your blog)?
How do you make sure you get a great nights sleep? Sleep is something I'm struggling with more and more- any tips gratefully received!

me n ma belles

Week one challenge is to post a proud photos with your new gear...and here we are. Borrowed one from a friend and bought a slightly heavier one. I’ve kept it pretty light for this round as it’s been a while since I’ve lifted anything heavier than a fork.


Pretty gorgeous day here in England which has made it very easy to get out an enjoy the day 1 workout.
It’s a long time since I’ve done any weight training so I’m excited to get back into it.
Good luck team!


It can be a difficult time of year to remain motivated to train strict. Most of us approach our diet and workouts afresh at the start of a new year but our resolve can start to taper out as the year carries on. Being a part of the Kenzai community can be a wonderful way to maintain motivation and momentum with training, but as with anything, sometimes you find yourself in a rut. Enter, THE MOTIVATE APRIL Challenge!

This is a challenge for any Kenzai member to take on. Are you feeling like you need a boost in motivation? Here is a challenge to get you back on track. Take part in any or all of the following:


Have a think over the weekend about your current goals. Maybe you set them earlier in the year and they need to be revisited. Maybe you’d like to set new goals. Whichever it is, tell us about it in a blog along with how you’re going to achieve it. Include the hashtag #MOTIVATEAPRIL in the title so that other participating members can join in and comment.


Think of this like a mini-program. 7 days, 7 workouts, 7 Kompliant diet days. Can you do it? Tell us about it on your blog #MOTIVATE APRIL.


As a Kenzai member, you know that sharing your positivity and energy with someone else is the surest way to energize yourself. Get out there on the blogosphere and find someone to share the #MOTIVATE APRIL fun with.

The #MOTIVATEAPRIL Challenge. Join the know you're fierce enough!

Sculpt complete!  

Boom! Sculpt has been awesome and I really want to do it again as my programs been a little haphazard this time due to travelling.
One huge bonus of this was that I got to meet up with Hong Kongs finest dragon boat team (see photo of all the Kenzaites involved!) including one of my Sculpt trainees, Sophie which was awesome! The dedication these girls showed during their practice was pretty intense, and as someone who's played a fair bit of team sports, I know how special that is. My husband Ben came along too (wish I'd gotten a photo!) and he even said whilst we were on the water ' this is a reason to move to HK!' Watch this space ;)

Another huge highlight was to meet up with a handful of my amazing colleagues in Hong Kong (see photo) - we enjoyed an evening of healthy Kenzai drinks and snacks....naturally.

I'm back home now and embarking on the final part of my degree which is seriously daunting and I'm so DONE with academics now. Not to wish my life away or anything but bring on the 15th May when it will all be over!

Huge congrats to all my fellow sculptors- you've been AWESOME! And also hats off to Kim B for designing this super fun and effective program.


Just coming to the end of an amazing week skiing in Niseko. Skiing has been wonderful although we’ve had unusually spring like weather so will have to come back another time to experience the famous Japanese powder.

One of my favourite things has been to go to the Onsen every day- I’ve found my muscles have recovered more quickly from workouts and long days skiing.

Diet’s taken a bit of a hit but having never been to Japan, I’ve not wanted to resis trying everything!
It’s a big fat yes to ramen noodles, sushi, gyoza and moshi! And a resounding NO to smelly natto beans!

Onto HK this evening and looking forward to catching up with the Kenzai gang there!

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend!

Jan 8th, 2018





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