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Completing a new phase 

Well, this was not the Kenza program I expected it to be. But over the last three months, my baby went from waking up 4x a night to sleeping all the way through the nights. My diet went from anything-close to a considered approach to healthy. I survived the flu, two colds, and long winter nights and cold days. And I rebuilt an exercise habit. Sure, I didn't end up nailing every single day. But I didn't drop out--and having the crowd to remind me that I'd made this commitment to myself was very helpful. The days are longer. As I write this, it's 6:15am, Jude hasn't woken up yet, and I am going to grab time outside walking or running w the dog before the day starts. I'm looking forward to the next training program, remembering that it's a journey.

Well, the theme of the last seven days has been stomach flu. And, I'm not ending this as energetically as I'd hoped. But I am working out consistently and eating more healthy. And while it doesn't show up as much as I'd like in the photos, I'm hoping that this is a re-entry to a healthier lifestyle. My wife has just started Kenzai Body and is killing it, and I hope to take another stab at a course this spring.

This Kenzai path hasn't been what I expected--adjusting to life with an extra human in the house was harder than I anticipated. It just made everything, from work to wellness to travel, that much harder. But, because of Kenzai I've exercised more than I would have and eaten healthier than I would have, and that's my victory this time around. Everything has recently gotten easier. Jude is sleeping through the night. The weather has changed. The cold that we've been passing to each other for months has finally gone away. And so, I'm committing to finishing strong. I had a great exercise today and I ate well--

Day 72: plugging away

I'm traveling for work this week. Brought my gym shoes, and plan to hit the gym in the am. It's challenging to get vegetables in the morning, but I'm trying to get my grams in.

Writing this as I scramble my egg white and vegetables and down a seltzer. I didn’t get exercise in today, but I did get the diet right and I will exercise tomorrow and Sunday.

Worked out today

And it's a tiny step, but a step nonetheless! Will get a photo up this evening.

day 44: my workout partner

Slept through the night! And smiled through my jumping.

Today’s goal: eating my points exactly


Got my fourth day of jumping in a row in. Kenzai has been tough on top of life. The flu lasted forever. Then everyone else in the family got it. Then we sleep-trained the baby, which turned us into zombies for days. So, I have adjusted my goals but I am sticking with it. Getting exercise in daily has been such a game changer and mood stabilizer. I have been counting out my reps w paper clips in the mornings this week. Followed it up w avocado toast and a boiled egg.

Workout completed. Ate my grams. I'm *still* not at 100% and it has me a little blue. The post-flu cold is hanging on, and workouts feel like a chore. But, I'm trying to remember it's bit by bit, and focus on completing each day. And, I've had to do fewer reps in some of my sets, particularly for the tricep dips. Just hanging in and waiting for it to get better.

I'm back!

I'm back, finally! Today was my first full day in the office, and so I also worked out and ate all my grams. I had wanted to start back yesterday but was still too void of energy.

I made it a goal to do 50% of the workout today, and it went ok. I was winded but I did it without too much trouble. I want to hit 75% tomorrow and be at 100% on Monday.

The best part of the day was stretching--and feeling once again like I am on my way to being healthy!

Still recovering

First day fever free! I'm going back to work on Thursday, and would like to start my workouts back up then. Any recommendations for how to ease back in without overdoing it and ending up sick again, or feeling generally not so great at it?

Thanks for all the well wishes, folks. Seriously invested community. I do in fact have the flu, full bore. So, it'll be a couple more days before I'm back in the game, and then I'll have to start slow on the exercise. But, I'm trying to stick close to the diet, and remembering this is a long game and my goal this week is just to find my way back to Kenzai once the flu subsides. In the meantime, I'll keep up on the blogs.

Thanks all--

Fever and chills

I'm on day two of some sort of fever/chills bug. The idea of jump rope is laughable, again today. I stood up for about 3 minutes and otherwise have been pretty wiped out and had little to no appetite. I think there's not much I can do, that I have to take a time out until I feel better--hopefully tomorrow. But, would relish any advice for how to stay close to plan--to honor the idea of it--so that I don't feel completely defeatest about the whole thing and am therefore slow to start back.

Also, contemplating the choice to take on Kenzai as a new parent. I did Kenzai once before, several years ago, and I have found it much easier this time for an unexpected reason: I travel a ton for business and have a lot of business dinners. But, while baby is still so tiny, I've signed off business dinners and am not traveling. So, it's actually been much easier to control my evening food intake and to build up patterns of exercise. But, I suspect I picked up the bug from the baby. I am not a person who gets sick a lot, and I suspect that will change for awhile as Jude brings all kinds of things into the house.

Got the exercise in before work!

Baby had a rough night--six wake-ups! And so I had a rough morning. I got my jumps in and told myself I'd do the rest of the workout tonight. But this evening, I'm a walking zombie. So, I'm going to count this as my rest day, get a better night's sleep, and try again tomorrow. Luckily, my partner has volunteered to take most of the night tonight so I can be ready to go tomorrow. I hate taking my rest day so early in the week, but I'm glad I have it to help plan for emergencies. The good news is that I ate all my grams today.


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