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It's been a week of unexpected hurdles. We had a house issue and had to repair to a hotel for an evening. And, I pulled or strained something in my right thigh. So, I backed off the running and used the elliptical at the gym instead this week. It wasn't nearly as satisfying. But, I matched the time. And I'm hoping to be able to run again tomorrow (even though it's technically a cross-train day).

I woke Sunday to a sore foot. I had overdone it on Saturday, running but also walking all day. So I took the day off and let the foot rest and by today it was fine again. It is raining cats and dogs in Brooklyn, so I took my run to the gym. I ran and walked, taking it very slowly to listen to my foot, and it took a looong time, but I hit 5km and felt great.

Day 20: no walking!

The hotel gym had a Peleton bike so I did my first Peleton class tomorrow for my cross-training. It felt great! A great thing to do before a 5-hour flight back home. And then today I did the 25-minute technical run without stopping to walk at all--for the very first time! A great start to the weekend, and no pain in the foot.

I ran today in a hotel gym. I'm in Seattle for work. I got the 25-min run in on a treadmill, setting the incline to 0.5 to approximate the outdoors a little bit. And, I did rounds: I walked for one minute and ran for four minutes, times five. I'm still not quite running for the full 25 minutes, but I can feel myself getting stronger. And the brief walks gave me a chance to check in with my foot. I can still feel the tingle, but it doesn't HURT!

And, I wanted to address my quick rush to the doctor. When I had my limping day, I thought: darn, this Kenzai is done! I've been sidelined by a gosh-darn injury. And that bummed me out, mostly because I've had to drop out of a couple of Kenzais in a row without completing. The dropouts were for very good reasons: life was complicated this past year with a move, and with kids: my wife gave birth to twins. One didn't make it, and that loss was hard on us. One is healthy, and so I figured I could do a Kenzai program a few months ago--BUT HAVING A NEWBORN IS HARD! He didn't sleep and so neither did we.

And now, here I am. The days are sunnier and longer. The baby is older and sleeps through the night. The grief of our loss is less cutting. I *feel* better, and my body wants to feel better, too. And when I went back and read my earlier blogs from 2018, I saw that I'd had a similar foot pain before--a year ago--that I'd just totally forgot about in the chaos of life. And so I was not, and am not, going to let an injury sideline me from finding my way back to a physical health that I took for granted not so long ago. I am not going to drop out of yet another Kenzai program. I'm going to the root of the problem and I'm going to fix it, even if it means I run MUCH slower than anyone else or than I was able to run earlier in my life. The goal, in Kenzai and in life, is not to come in first in the race, but to stay in the race. That's what winning looks like to me.

Day 16: best one yet

Today was the first day I felt like I was enjoying the run. My foot feels managed (I can still feel the tingle of the nerve, but it's much better). And I'm shuffling along, but I'm doing it. And when I'd finished, I felt like a million bucks! Energetic and ready to start the day.

Day 14: Running!

It's a rainy day in Brooklyn. I got today's run in at 25 minutes, with a little bit of walking--and NO PAIN! Very excited about that.

Day 13: My Left Foot

Well, it's not the week I thought it'd be. By Monday my left foot was hurting so bad I was limping, just in one place right beneath my fourth toe. So, I went in to the doctor and got a referral to a podiatrist. I was able to get in to see him right away, and he assessed it and quickly said I had a Morton's neuroma, or a pinched nerve. Glad I got it looked at right away as early treatment improves things. I'm getting fit for orthotics and will get a cortisone shot every other week for the next six weeks, and that should take care of it. Meanwhile, I'm cleared to run as long as it doesn't hurt, and plan to pick back up with training tomorrow!

Hope everyone else's training is going well!

Day 9: Foot pain

Nine days in, I'm enjoying being on program BUT my foot has other plans. I have some numbness in my fourth toe on my left foot and it has led to some pain in the ball of the foot. After two days of bouncing on it a bunch--cross-training and running--I found it is really hurting today. I'm wondering if maybe it's a nerve thing. Has anyone had anything like this before?


Out of town for the weekend, but I hit the elliptical at the gym!

Day 4--INTRO!

Hello! I'm Jessi. I live with my wife, son and dog in Brooklyn, NY and I'm a writer and I host a podcast called Hello Monday. It's all about the future of the way we work.

I did my first Kenzai program, KB1, in 2017, and LOVED it. I followed that up with a run program, which I also loved. In the interim, we had a lot of change in our lives--a home renovation, a move, a job change, and most recently, a baby! Jude, who my wife carred, is just shy of seven months old. And I'm looking forward to rebuilding a fitness habit again--as much for the mental clarity it brings as for the great physical effects.

I used to run a couple times a week, two or three miles. I did this for many years. But, haven't in a couple years.

AND: Chocolate. I love chocolate, and know it'll be tough to take a permanent pass on it for the program. But, excited to do it.

day three: check

Managed the strength training w ease! Good momentum for week one.

day 2: run one

Lovely. Not easy, but a great start. Ran the full 15 minutes! And focused on how much easier it will feel in 8 weeks.

Day One: Ready to Move!

I'm a new parent, and have put on a lot of weight in the last year. I used to *love* running--for years, it was my go-to exercise. Now, not so much. But the baby is sleeping through the night, the days are now much longer, and the park is only a five-minute run away. So, I'm looking forward to rebuilding the habit, and shedding a few pounds in the process!

Completing a new phase 

Well, this was not the Kenza program I expected it to be. But over the last three months, my baby went from waking up 4x a night to sleeping all the way through the nights. My diet went from anything-close to a considered approach to healthy. I survived the flu, two colds, and long winter nights and cold days. And I rebuilt an exercise habit. Sure, I didn't end up nailing every single day. But I didn't drop out--and having the crowd to remind me that I'd made this commitment to myself was very helpful. The days are longer. As I write this, it's 6:15am, Jude hasn't woken up yet, and I am going to grab time outside walking or running w the dog before the day starts. I'm looking forward to the next training program, remembering that it's a journey.

Well, the theme of the last seven days has been stomach flu. And, I'm not ending this as energetically as I'd hoped. But I am working out consistently and eating more healthy. And while it doesn't show up as much as I'd like in the photos, I'm hoping that this is a re-entry to a healthier lifestyle. My wife has just started Kenzai Body and is killing it, and I hope to take another stab at a course this spring.




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