Jessica P.

Jessica P.


Jessica P.'s Reboot program, Reboot | Sep 9 2019, starts in 18 days.

I made it!  

It wasn’t always easy, but loved the program! Can’t wait to do beach body!

Last week was tough, we moved and that has been a massive distraction! But I want to keep at it!!!
Thanks kenzai team!

rough week

Missed workout Monday, and this am. Stomach bug and work nuts. Sticking to diet and hydrating.hope to be better tomorrow!

back from my trip

Was so hot so hard to do the jump ropes- did walking, paddle boarding, Pilates every day and the resistance bands. Diet was easier but I did have a few drinks for sure. Back at it this week- but been a bit sick. Might have picked up a bug in the islands!

off on vacation

Leaving for a few days w my jump rope and resistance bands! Wish me luck

I think that i still need to count, and that got me to stop tripping up. I also added in a run and spin to break it up a tad and seemed to help re focus. I am also very happy to move to As many as you want veggies. Totally helpful! Hoping to get leaner and stronger over the next 5 weeks!

Constantly tripping up! Any advice? Any other cardio I can do?

So looking forward to being home! Jump ropes were a killer this weekend-kept getting tripped up!

But was able to stick with it. Definitely getting a hang of the workouts now. Diet - especially dinner-is a bummer but I’m feeling great and seeing results!

Is this normal? last week was rough due to work, meetings and commuting. Need to get back on straight and narrow now!

Doing great

Dinner definitely was sort of a buzz kill- but I get it. Since I’m not eating eggs is there another protein substitute vs a banana? Thanks much!

Are these off limits too?

New week!

Really enjoying this diet and program, feeling changes in my body and outlook! Can’t wait for the changes to continue. Here’s to sticking with it!

Hard but worth it

I’m having a good run at sticking with this, on vacation at my in laws and the workouts are a great break! Already a starting to see a change!

This week

Getting more and more into it, but traveling not easy. Jump ropes are becoming way way easier for sure! Are pineapples off limits btw




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