Jessica B.

Jessica B.


Maybe some of you remember my great grandma.
She was still traveling the world at age 90, and rode in the sidecar of a motorcycle just a few year ago for the first time.

I am sad to say that she passed away this last week surrounded by friends and family, at the age of 101 years old. She was a really neat lady and we'll miss her a lot. The funeral is this next week, and I know it will be gigantic.

Rest well, grandma.

Happy Spring!

Get outside and LIVE!

I would walk 500 miles

I had to push back my Run program for personal reasons (planned start date is April 1, no joke) but I have been walking a ton and of course playing with Miss Bunny. Hope you're all well!


My doctor said I can (finally) get off the medication that has been making me gain weight and be super sleepy all day! I definitely need to get a new diet from our nutritionist... And to lace up those old running shoes. Hope to see some of you on Strava soon. Have a great weekend everyone!


These last few months my doctor diagnosed and started me on proper medical treatment for a chronic condition that's been causing me pain since I was 13. The good news is, I'm almost completely cured and feel happier than I've ever been.

The bad news is that the medication I've been taking for it makes me sleepy and causes rapid weight gain and I've gained around 20-30 pounds recently. The doctor said that I'll probably be able to stop taking it after a few more weeks, though, fingers crossed!

I'm still forming a plan of action on what to do now the weather has cleared up. I really did love the running program. How have you all been doing?

Kenzai Run 

I LOVED Kenzai Run and am so glad I did it. It helped me get back into running safely and sustainably. My next goal is to take up a 3x a week running schedule in Jan. '17 and do the Marin Monster run next September. Thanks to my teammates, you did great! :)


Thanks to everyone who signed up for Membership and all of our users, we love you! We are still working on the Membership wall and I'm still going through my mails... In the meantime, here is a picture of my naughty rabbit stealing and eating an apple from my bag!


I think joining the RATS (Running Around Town on Sunday) running group was the best thing for me to come out of this program. They run a route of 3, 5, or 7 miles (each distance has a stopping point along the route). Thanks to Brett for introducing me!


The scariest thing from Halloween is I think I've gained about 5 pounds between my mom visiting this last week and 'protecting' my little brother on his KB3 program by eating all the leftover candy... back at the running tonight and best of luck to us in the final weeks of the program. :)

10 mile hike

Weather was good this weekend so I went for a long hike at a regional park. Still have to do my 8km run, was a bit knackered after the hike!

Sunday RATS run

Lots of hills this time, MUCH harder than the first run, saw lots of cute squirrels.

4 miler

Felt pretty good walk-running a 4 miler with the RATS (Running Around Town on Sunday) running group. I definitely felt better on my 2nd run and will be hitting my 3rd run a day late tonight.

Bunny rabbit

'Helping' me with my workout.


Is Kenzai Run 10k trying to kill us? The good news is by using a brace, my shin splints didn't act up at all! Super happy about that. The bad news is, I used to be able to run at a really good clip for 3-5 miles before my various leg/ankle injuries, and yesterday I was wheezing, out of breath, and I had to walk a lot. Really sucks when I remember how I used to run up and down 30 temple steps and then 3 miles with no problems...


The first few weeks of Reboot were o.k., but I kind of fell off the last two. I am now going to hop on the Kenzai Run program today! Super pumped, got a shiny pair of new running shoes.

Thanks for Rebooting with me!

Oct 27th, 2017





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