Jessica F.

Jessica F.

How Time Flies 

We did it! Congrats to all on our Team, we made it though the full three month program!
The journey was amazing. I am worried that the weight will come back fast especially with the holidays here. I am going to try the free month and figure out a way to have a schedule in place for the future especially for my work out.
I am impressed with the Kenzai program and how it has changed my mindset of what I eat. I am so sensitive to salt now and sweet. I hope that I can stay in this mindset for the duration.
Looking forward to the evening workout today and get back into the routine.
Job well done Team!!!!

This has been the hardest week yet and its the last! My entire life has just changed a week to early for Kenzai. I am a yoga teacher and have been working part time for the last 5yrs. On Monday I started a full time job working in the local schools, so i am out of the house by 7:15 and don't return until 4 to get my son off the bus. I am keeping to diet but finding it hard to find time to exercise. Not sure what to do, but just trying to get by.

I am defiantly struggling to find the motivation to keep going with all the exercises and the godly 3 sets of forever 7 minutes! working it the best I can. Everytime I look in the mirror its a reminder to stay on track.
I chose not to indulge in the last indulgence when it came up but save it for our Thanksgiving dinner which was last night. I did not hold back and couldn't stop with the chocolate pie! feelings the day after: woke up feeling hung over not from the wine but food. I was so dehydrated from all the salt. I went to my parents house today and saw what was left of the chocolate pie, i had a love, hate feeling. Oh I would love some more, ugh gross that was what made me feel ill last night!
Either way had a great indulgence and back on if for the finally!


I had a great experience the other night. I was out for a girlfriends bday. At the end of dinner they ordered a ew desserts. I thought oh maybe ill have a bite when it comes. I had a cappuccino and when the desserts came it was so easy to say no thank you! It was truly amazing for me cause before Kenzai i would have gone straight for the desserts.

For me so far the hardest part of the program is when I had an injury and had to modify, to lay off a few exercises because I didn't want to further the injury, I felt like I was missing out. The other hardest part was when we have had really cold mornings and I had to decide to do the work out then or later, always a difficult decision. Also having enough veggies in the house has been a challenge.

I feel like I am in the routine now and have made the eating a nature part of our lives. I love the energy i have and not having to many cravings for sugar as i once had.

Thinking ahead for American Thanksgiving, can I save the indulgence for Thanksgiving?

Reflection on weekend: I did pretty good this past weekend. I found it motivational to be with our friends and show them the workouts and they held my husband and I to all workouts. Did good on the food, had a few meals out but made good choices. I found Patricks video motivational and I am going to and rock these last 30 days, and get real results.
I see my diet is calling for Carbs again for breakfast, can I continue to keep the carbs out of my diet? or should I follow diet?

Long Weekend

We are heading out for a long weekend with friends. I have a cooler packed with veggie but defiantly worried about going off diet and exercise. I will vow to try my best, but I know its going to be hard. I do feel that we have been doing this long enough now to know how to make the best descions about food. Today will be a day in the car and eating right is going to be hard .

Feeling Good

Feeling good about the changes in my body. My shoulder is better. I stopped jump roping for a bit and really miss it. I tried it yesterday and found the repeditive motion agitated my hold more. so i started jumping without a rope, a trick my Uncle who was a Kenzai champ did. It felt good in my legs and didn't hurt my shoulder. I did this agin this morning. I think I will combined the jumping without a rope and walking.
Feeling hungry this morning without having my Carbs with breakfast, but think that will be a good change. Also I am very sad about losing my yogurt and apple dinners. I love them!!!

Weekend Blues

This was a trying weekend for me not because of the missed drinks or food but the workouts. My shoulder is still hurting and I need to stay off the workouts until its completely healed but that is very difficult for me. My husband is working out getting frustrated with the jump rope and I was so jealous. I have been walking an hour a day, with my arm in a sling. But it is hard cause i am so dedicated to the work outs and this program! Makes me start to think about what am i going to do after Dec 9!!!!

All this aside my husband and I decided to go out on a date for our 2nd indulgence and all i wanted was pizza with cheese. I decided on a thin crust white pizza with Ricotta, moss, gargonzola, topped with truffle oil and arugula. I also had a salad. I realized after the meal I was missing my protein. How funny the way our thought patterns change and what i am not focused on when i eat!


I am writing this on the bog cause I guess the email isn't working as I haven't gotten a response to an email I wrote yesterday. I am super bummed and not sure what to do. I hurt my shoulder along with my knee this week and haven't done a complete workout in a few days. It started with my shoulder, its the outer rotator cuff. I kept doing the jump ropes abs and legs. Then the inside of my knee began it hurt along with my shoulder so I took off yesterday cause I was thinking maybe the jump rope was irritating my shoulder and knee and I don't want either of these to get worse. I have been icing and putting a CBD cream on them. My question for the trainers is do I continue with my normal diet if I am taking a break to heal? I almost feel guilty eating when I am not working out as hard. I don't want the progress to regress! I am going to strap up my arm and go for a walk this morning as my knee is feeling better. Ideas? Help ! Much love


I was so hungry today. I don't know if its the idea of my 2nd indulgence and a full meal that we are planning on for the weekend, or whats going. I wanted to bing on cookies this afternoon, I resisted and semi satisfied with hot tea and a walk with my son!

A New Week

First of all thank goodness that the jump rope is timed now! I was going to write this morning for ideas on how to keep track of the jumps, yesterday i kept forgetting if i was at 1200 or 1300 and beyond!!!
I liked having it timed this morning. I am looking for a good app to have on my phone that beeps in 2min intervals, andy suggestions?

I had a hard weekend, we had a 50th dance till you drop birthday party for a friend, I am hoping I danced off the vodka and seltzer that i drank and I did go off diet a little. I feel the salt retention for sure!
The on sunday we had our neighborhood crawl party, I did goo there but failed to eat all my meals, instead I ate raw veggies and a few apple slices, I ate my lunch when we got home at night, so my schedule was all messed up.
I am happy to be back into my routine, breakfast this morning was great and comforting!!!
Scale isn't moving at all. What are your thoughts about going on the scale? do you do a daily check in, weekly, or weight isn't important? I am trying to figure out what is best for me. My weight hasn't changed much but my pants feel loser so not sure how important the actual weight is. What do you do?
Have a great day

Late snack.

I probably missed this piece of information somewhere, but why is the last night snack so important?

Time Travel

It feels like time is going so fast on one hand, and slow on another. Those workouts, no wait the jump rope feels like an eternity only 800 more!!! OMG but I am getting through them. I feel tighter but don't feel I look much better. I think it might be the middle of the road slump. We have been having a hard time over at our house getting the meals in at appropriate times. I feel like breakfast is easy, right before work like 7:30, but then lunch might not be until 3 and my light dinner 7- 7:30 and I know eating late is not so good. I like eating a later lunch cause then i am not hungry when i go to bed. Any suggestions?

We had a family camping trip this weekend. I prepared as much food as I could, breakfast and lunch and did the work outs. But none the less the one indulgence turned into 2-3. The biggest one was unplanned. My son wanted a cookie so I got him this amazing chocolate chip cookie, that also had sea salt on it. He didn't like it so I took a bit and then finish the whole thing! I defiantly felt it in my belly, gross, but I wasn't completely turned off to sweets. The whole experience made me want more sugar. I recognized the addiction and was able to stay away from more sugar. The beer I had around the camp fire, was not as good as I had expected. All in all I am gearing myself up to get back on track. Not sure about this fruit and yogurt dinner but will try. I was inspired when I read the lesson today about getting rid of the extra stored fat! That is inspiration for yogurt and fruit dinner.
I am experience pain in my shins, it runs from the end of my foot in the center, along the muscle that runs on the outer side of my shins. I have it on both sides, I am wondering if I should go off jump rope for a few days?




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