Jessica K.

Jessica K.


This feels a bit like graduation from kindergarten... is it really something we need to celebrate? And I'm only speaking for myself, of course, and not for my fellow teammates who knocked it out of the park! I've learned a ton about myself on this journey and I'm ready to do this again. I'm learning to appreciate what my body can still do and work on getting it stronger so it can do more. I appreciate my days off even more now because it means I have time to cook and time to eat. I absolutely hate egg whites and bananas, always have. I look forward to making Kenzai a part of my life. And speaking of graduations, now that my son has graduated from high school and moved out, I have a room in my house with a door that gives me room to workout behind it! Hooray for me!

I know I've said it before but a meal delivery service with this would be so helpful! Especially on super long and busy days. Making and packing breakfast, lunch, dinner, plus snacks for four days in a row is just dumb. Not to mention depending on how the day is going I may only get eat a snack if I'm lucky. I am realizing that this program will never be completely achievable for me until I stop working 13 hour days that start at 4:10 am (to get in a workout). I will do what I can when I can and just keep trucking along! I do plan to continue and am figuring out if I just do the same program again (probably wouldn't hurt as I am far from where I should be on this one) or try something else. Here's to trying again and again to succeed!

jumping for joy?

Lots of exercise modifications for knees and achy joints. How old do you have to be to join the silver group? Mostly I’m just thinking about how I’d like to restart this program as soon as I’m finished. Just keep doing it over and over again until I nail it. Or at least get closer to nailing it...

Still struggling and slogging my way through this. Summer may not have been the best time to try this. Family schedules all wonky, kids up all night, support gone on vacation. It all feels like excuses. Work insanely busy and waking up at 4:10 a.m. to workout before work was a lot easier when the workouts were a lot easier. Wishing I’d waited to start till later but so hard to not want to transform your body at the beginning of summer

It has been a hard week staying focused and getting it all done. Trying to find my motivation and stay with it. The heat makes it hard to motivate to do anything. It all sounds like excuses but it is really hot! And it makes me grouchy. And jumping rope while hot and grouchy sucks.

vacation struggles

Enjoying a few days away from home and trying to make it work with the diet and exercise. Modifying where I need to for the workouts and trying really hard not to be the bummer houseguest with too many food restrictions. Hooray for hiking!

broken body

If it isn't my knee bugging me it's my hips or my ankles. Can't seem to ever get a pain free workout in which I am attributing mostly to working out at my heaviest ever as well as just making my body do this. I am careful to watch for true injuries and I modify exercises where I need to but "creeping" is not happening with my knees right now. Right now I am working on not getting discouraged with all of the constant aches and pains. I LOVE the feeling of tired and sore muscles, not tired and sore joints.

accidental baby food

It is too hot to cook right now so it is either getting thrown on the grill or into to instant pot. Made a glorious batch of mixed veggies in the instant pot that seems to be a cross between a veggie soup (only liquid coming from the veggies themselves) and baby food. Goes great with grilled chicken! Meal prepping 3 meals for three days in advance is tiresome so I am looking forward to a day off to prep and cook one meal at a time. It just tastes better fresh! The knee is feeling better and I am hoping to be jumping rope by this weekend. The rowing does feel like a good replacement though.

chewing is for suckers

Honestly, I am so tired of chewing. I'm not tired of eating, just chewing. Salad and veggies take so much work. I'm ready to make baby food textured meals to get it all down. If my unit is busy I am lucky if I get 15 minutes in a 13-hour shift to eat anything. I am going to experiment with some gazpacho and cold soup recipes. There is no time for heating things up and three meals with snacks is a dream. Thankfully, I only work 13-hour shifts three times a week so the rest of my days are easier to stay on track. Are veggie and fruit smoothies allowed? Recipes appreciated!

down south and damn hot

Took a mini break and traveled south which meant searing hot temps and low motivation. Hooray for Sunday and hiking! Super early morning hike took care of cardio for me and lovely rainstorm back home made work out so much easier. Lots of veggie prep today to gear up for my work week. Who is going to start the meal delivery service to accompany this program? Asking for a friend...

I may have overdone it hiking and my knee is feeling quite strained. I have to be very careful with my squats and jumping rope is proving to be problematic now. I am wondering if I row (which does not bother my knee) how long I should row for to meet the warmup/ cardio requirement. The food portions are large to me, especially breakfast. I have never been one to eat breakfast so this is a major change for me. I love fruit as a snack!

weekends are hard?

I have myself well-trained to wake up super early on weekdays and get the workout in before most people are even waking up. Setting my alarm for 4:10 a.m. on a day off felt sadistic but I wish I had. After waking up, drinking some water and coffee I realized world cup soccer was starting and got sucked into the match immediately. Thankful for halftime and pause buttons. Got the workout in but realize that I will be getting up very early for the next 80+ days.

Day 3

Sharing dinner last night with a friend was interesting, I didn't leave a quarter as I only started with a half. I have found that I hate being on my phone so much using the app for the exercises so I have taken to writing out the plan and just using my watch as a timer. Works way better for me. Perhaps as the workout regimen changes, I will use the app more.

First Day

Leave a quarter was easy today as I had a super busy day at work and didn't get to eat breakfast or lunch until 4pm. By that time I didn't have much of an appetite so leaving a quarter wasn't an issue. I know the bigger issue will be my busy work days when I don't get to eat. But one day at a time and day one is in the books and I'm feeling good!

Fighting my way back

Just working hard to get back on track




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