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I’m not done yet!  

Still working through the workouts from my moment of fail where illness took over. I will be done by Christmas!!


OOO for 10 days now cos if baby being sick and then giving it to me! I managed one 6k run though and am going for another one now. Gonna try for 7km. I’m still very much focused on 10k but will get there later than everyone else.

Here is a pic of where I run

so behind :(

Was loving the program so much but last week I just had to stop running as my ITB/hip flexor pain just was too much. I had been trying to ignore it on my right side but it’s become crippling! I have been rolling and stretching it every day. I have done workouts on the cross trainer and bike instead. But then over the weekend, my son got stomach flu and then my husband got it so I have been round the clock caring for them both!

Gutted as I really wanted to get to 7km this week!

I just have to try to keep going once I am recovered.

Will keep you posted!


Been away in Manchester and London at various work events and then social events. Much partying and not great sleep! This means I am going to miss today’s workout of 6km and gonna need to do it Monday eve instead.
I did run yesterday and I did just over 5k cos I went the wrong route so 25 mins turned to 30.

Looking forward to the 6km run but not today when I have had 5 hours sleep and got home at 2am!

My Halloween outfit.... scary?

distance run

5K run went ok. It was pretty slow but I am fine with that as each run is different and today was just a low energy day.

I ran to the nearby village and back. Nothing too exciting but I got it done.

I confess I’m not following the diet for this programme. I am eating the rainbow and focusing myself on making good decisions, but I’m not weighing grams etc this time. I just can’t do it with Charlie and work travel. I am also not hugely stressed about my weight so I don’t have as much motivation as I sometimes do have.

Today we went to a farm and it was cold! It really is feeling wintery!

top of the morning to ya!

I’m in Dublin for a work offsite for the week.

Let’s just say diet is out the window

I DID manage a 25 min run this morning before sunrise. It was hard as I hardly had sleep and my head was sore from booze but I still dragged me ass out.

Here is a pic of Dublin at dawn (well, a statue in Dublin) to prove I did it!

free run

This is the view that greeted my after todays free run. My dad with Charlie as he helped to pick apples!

Last one at my parents place. It was very relaxed pace. I was awake at 0500 with Charlie so felt exhausted but I felt better after the run! Must remember that next time energy is low.

I did the strength session today too as missed yesterday entirely as we were rushing about doing family stuff.


Lovely place to do my 25 min run - my parents place in Somerset where we are for the weekend.

However, I wish I had read the EGO lesson before starting as I was pushing myself too much for what my body was telling me.

Lesson learned!

The pic is my parents garden which is where I did my post workout stretches :)

switching it up a bit

So I did the run today and did the cross training that was meant to be done over the weekend yesterday. I like Spin classes and the academy here have a Spin class on Tuesdays so I switched the workouts. It was really hard spin sesh!

I did my run this morning after dropping charlie off and before getting into work. It was slow as I was out late last night and didn’t get much sleep. But I did all 25 mins of it! Felt a lot longer. It was helped by listening to a podcast called How To Fail with Elizabeth Day which I recommend. For the easy jogs, listening to a podcast is great as it keeps you doing an easy pace and not speeding off!

The picture shows you how uninspiring my run was this morning. Rain rain go away!!!!

diet time

Charlie is napping
Workout done (grateful for a quick and easy strength round today)
Coffee in hand and Celebrity Masterchef on the TV.... bliss!

So the diet started today after a pretty heavy weekend so I’m happy to be eating leaner. Had the usual Kenzai brekkie which I always enjoy and then said no to the cake and shortbread at the toddler groups this morning. Win! Lunch was disappointing as I didn’t have any protein to hand apart from a tin of tuna which I didn’t enjoy with plain pasta and veg. Must try harder to make it yummy tomorrow.

Yesterday’s run was had running round the defence academy through the mud and in the (endless and never ending) rain pushing charlie in the running buggy. He ate a whole apple and almost choked on the core! I didn’t notice till I heard some strange noises from the pram! He might grow an apple tree out his mouth he ate EVERYTHING! Haha

Got choir practice tonight so more sweet temptations as there is always cake. I shall abstain team!

Oh and I got this vegetable in my organic delivery this morning. Any guesses as to what it is? Some sort of cauliflower??


Thank goodness for strength session today! I had a full day at work and then had to get home on many taxi trains and more taxis and across London, then bath and put baby to bed and am feeling rough, so was rather dreading getting out in the cold. Hoping a rest will push away this looming ill feeling!

Here is a pic of my baby boy. Not such a baby any more at 17 months but still my baby!


Second day of program and first run!
I am at a 2 day workshop in the alluring Luton (for any brits out there, you will know I’m joking and for those of you who don’t know Luton, just look at the picture...).

Decided to run from the office so I didn’t get tempted with the warm cosy hotel room and looming piles of work. Great plan! Had a 15/20 min run round the block and up a pretty steep hill.

Dinner this eve was a bowl of quinoa and spelt pasta with homemade tomato sauce. Not Kenzai compliant but not unhealthy either. We aren’t on Kenzai strict routine with food so I figure that’s fine!

Hope all my fellow Kenzai runners are enjoying this start to the program as much as I am!

Last post (late) 

I kinda gave up on this program. Ah win some, you lose some!
So I didnt really graduate!

Still trying to do 3 of the cycle workouts a week but not on diet at all and not doing the other exercises. Blaming work. Been away lots and then have full social weekends with summer visitors and holidays - none of this is conducive to a compliant month on kenzai.

Annoyed I haven't stuck with it, but also realistic and know that sometimes, the time just isnt right. I think I went into this too soon after Kenzai Body and need a longer break from the strict diet too.

Hope everyone else has hung in there and are enjoying the final push!

Oh and thought I would share a fun and hard workout you might want to do following Chisel. it's called Crazy 8s:

This is a cycle workout: Do the below 8 times:

8 pushups
8 Kettlebell swings
8 situps
8 Kettlebell swings
8 thrusters or squats
8 Kettlebell swings
8 burpees
8 Kettlebell swings

double hang time

Is more like crash and burn time

I do not feel the float

Yes, something can be worse than a burpee!

Must be doing something but I have never felt gravity so acutely!

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