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Kenzai Chisel | Day 11 (Member)
Kenzai Chisel
Day 11
Program progress:
work week in the US

Lots of late work dinners and bars
Very busy days full of sedentary meetings
Difficulty choosing food

So not the best week!

But I did manage two workouts at 0530 before work so that’s a small win!

Started today !

Hi all,
I did the workout today and am going to avoid carbs and vin rouge this evening for dinner.
I am late to the party but trying my best!
In fact, I did a Hiit class this morning and then did the cycle workout this afternoon so I kinda did double workout today!
I have just bought a crossrope for STUPID money and tried it today in my garden in the pouring rain and it was nice and smooth but I fear my rope is too long. What should the top of the handles be in line with on your body again? I might have to send this one back....
Next week I am on a business trip to the US and the week after, I am on holiday, which makes the diet tricky to maintain. Gonna try my best and take each day as it comes. My mantra for chisel: 'its better than nothing'. I know that sounds defeatist at the start of the prog, but I am being realistic. I need a program to follow to the best of my ability following a blow-out after KB1 completion so lets see how we go.
Hope everyone has had a good workout today.
OMG - I dont enjoy YAhoooo jumps (I want to scream OUCH and not YAHOO).... also my groin hurts when I try to star jump. Anyone else's the same?

Just back from a business trip and yoga retreat! Means I have missed the first day.
Very busy work day today and nursery dropoffs and doc appointment so gonna try to fit in day 1 workout today and catch up on day two later in the week.
Looking forward to mixing the workouts up and sweating!


All done for the second time!
Proud of myself for sticking to it as much as poss what with a 1 year old.
I have immediately eaten a Lindt hazelnut and milk choc bunny, and its only 0730! haha. It tasted DELISH!
I am a bit nervous going into the wide world but also feel very ready to eat all foods again and not restrict myself. I am going to go to town for about a week and then look to maintain a bit and be sensible again. But obvously not counting the grams etc!
A few reflections of my experience this time round (positive and negative):
- So impressed with the change in my abs strength! I had a c-section and that pretty much severed my muscles, but now I have some serious definition and my abs feel like a rock. I am so proud of the work achieved there.
- The lessons were great to read each day. I dont rememebr many of them from the first time I did this so I loved learning and reminding myself of important points regarding diet and the body.
- I am now motivated to be more healthy in life and make more of the right choices. I am not going to let this all go to pot and am looking forward to starting another program (although I am more looking forward to the exercise but not the diet again)!
- I didnt change as much as I had expected and hoped given the strict diet and workouts every day if I am honest and I feel faintly disappointed about that (and the fact that noone has noticed I have changed physically). However I know I am super healthy inside and I know I have dropped some stubborn post baby weight and built up foundational muscle and that is FAR more than I would have done had I just been cruising along and trying on my own. This wont work miracles!
- I really enjoyed meeting the team and blogging but didnt have as much time for it this time round. I also found that my posts werent commented on as much as they were when I did this 6 years ago. I would have felt more motivated if Kenzai Trainers or Assistants had answered my blogs more frequently.

That's it I think!

Thank you once again Kenzai for helping me to be my best self

penultimate supper

Here is a pic of my fooooood today.
I tell you, I am excited to eat more flavoursome food and NOT use the steamer!
NEed a break from this kind of food but it does make you feel good.
Chris and I are going to go for breakfast at a nearby hotel to break my 90 day diet on Sunday! What are others doing?

4 more days

4 more days to go! 4 more workouts, 4 more steams, 4 more food weighs, 4 more egg whites (well, actually 12 more egg whites)... we are almost done team!

This week is a big week for me and my family, It is my sons 1st birthday tomorrow and his first full day at nursery, and I am going back to work after a year of maternity leave. So, as always life throws up challenges when you are trying to find an hour and a half a day to workout and a further hour and a half or so to prep and buy fresh food. So far so good though. I managed the workout early this morning before my husband went to work. I walked to his gym at 0620 and did the cardio (which is now the bike for me) and then the cycle workout. I like the cycle style of the workouts now as they are more fun and less boooorrring than standing there for 20 mins and just doing rows over and over.. I do wonder though whether I am doing less reps and spending less time on planks without a timer.... I can't help counting the reps still too.

I have some questions after todays workout which would be good to get the answer to before we are set free and left to roam the workout space alone..

Cardio alt: I am doing 16 mins on the watt bike instead of skipping. I finish covered in sweat and exhausted after doing resistance intervals. It says that you should do triple the time of skips if you opt for cycle as your cardio but I dont have the time for a 60 minute ride before the strength portion starts so I am hoping what I am doing is an ok option? I feel way more fatigued after it than i do skipping. I miss skipping but my ankle wont play ball.

Back reps: Deep burn anyone? I am not feeling it! I did about 35 reps with a strong resistance band (the strongest I have) and only feel it in my arms and shoulders, not my back. I am worried I have been doing back exercises wrong this entire time, or maybe that is what is meant to burn since the back is such a big muscle?

Diet has been OK in all but I have slipped up. I made my baby his first bday cake and had to have a small slice to celebrate! I also made a whipped cream topping and HAD to lick the spoon (many times). But apart from these slipups I have managed OK. I cannot believe how much size bloating adds to ones frame though! No wonder we all have fat days even when we are at our peak condition. I look like I have another baby in there some days (and boy I hope I don't! haha

Easter Sunday

Past few days have been a tad challenging what with Easter holidays and glorious weather in the UK. Lots of temptation and lots of trips which required me to be organised (which I failed at). So that means a few dodgy days of diet but all in all I didn’t go crazy and could have. Managed the workouts last week and went for a 30 min run this morning instead of jump rope because the weather is so glorious.
Starving at lunch after spending the morning out on a boat and so ended up eating more carbs than my allotted amount, but oh well! I have the rest of the day to burn it off I suppose and dinner will be on point!

Only less than two weeks to go! It’s hard not to get complacent now. But I still want my body to have changed a bit more than it has and hoping the last couple of weeks will tweak it again if I stay on track!

I usualy jump in the gym using a crossfit boxers rope (thin, light and fast). I choose the gym because the floor is soft and forgiving whereas my back garden only has a small patch of gravel and its infuriating to jump on as you keep hitting the wall and smashing up the floor (and the rope). Today was the first day in weeks that I did the jumprope at home with a thicker rope (because the crossfit rope pretty much breaks immediately) and it was sooooo much harder! I was covered in sweat and desperate for each 6 minutes to end. I had to stop a few times and was gritting my teeth throughout. This is compared to an enjoyable 18 mins of skipping in the gym when I dont sweat and hardly get out of breath. HAve I been cheating?

Tuesday musing

Not loving this weeks pic. I’m also back to my start weight and feel like I am not fitting clothes as well. Sad face. I guess being a bit more relaxed about diet on holidays has meant I’ve regressed back to my start figure.

However, I always said I’m doing this more for the strength and building that so leaning up would be a nice bonus but isn’t the be all and end all. I definitely feel stronger. Smashed Monday’s workout! I like the longer focus on less muscle groups.

Hope the rest of you guys are going well! Sending strong vibes to you all!


Last night my husband and I went out for dinner child free! My parents baby-sat! We are on holiday in Cornwall and so it made sense for this to be a meal we really enjoyed together.

This week has been hard so far both in terms of diet and exercise. It is cold, really windy with hailtorms here. We are staying on a steep hill with no outdoor space, so I need to walk to a playground on top of the hill for my workouts and find a small patch to skip in. The wind and rain has made it really hard.

As for the diet, it is tough! We eat out most lunch and dinners and so I have been trying to order as plain food as I can but obviously cannot weigh it. I think I have done well so far under the circumstances though.

Last nights indulgence was fantastic (at the time) and I have a few observations to make:

We ate a three course meal and had bubbles and wine. No holding back!
My meal choice rather dissapointed me at first because I opted for oysters and bread to start, followed by sea bream with rice and an asian salad....not that different from Kenzai! But when it arrived, I was happy with my choice. It was delicious and tangy, salty, sweet all at the same time. I felt like it was a flavour explosion! I def really noticed the salt too!

The champagne and wine tasted amazing too.

Dessert was sticky rice with pineapple and mango and coconut cream. Delicious!!!

I went to bed feeling very happy and my tummy felt happy too....not its usual bloated feeling I get with so many veg and fruit!


I woke loads throughout the night with a pounding heart , pounding head and dry mouth.
I now have a cold (probs not related) but that didnt help with sleep. constant sneezing and runny nose!

This morning I feel really hungover, parched and also strangely starving?? I have taken painkillers to get through the morning. I also am really tired from such a disrupted night. Charlie also decided to start his day at 0530!

So, was it worth it? I would say YES because it was so enjoyable and much needed time with my husband. But I have really noticed the effects and it is something I want to do on occasion and not all the time. I am looking forward to eating clean again today. Not sure when I will manage the workout as skipping would be awful on my head right now!

How were everyone else's indulgences?


.... and it also could have been better!

This weekend has been tough.

We’ve had friends staying and I cooked a delicious three course meal

It is Mother’s Day today

It’s the first weekend my husband is on leave

I attempted negative pull-ups at the gym for the first time and collapsed after the first attempt and now my traps are in AGONY. I have serious aches today!!

As a result of the above, I have....

Indulged in cheesecake even though I tried so so hard not to!

Skipped the skips today because I feel completely exhausted and my body aches so much. I tried the skips but I literally couldn’t keep them up. I kept tripping after the first 50 skips! I usually can easily skip for 3 minutes without tripping. What’s happened to me!?

So not the best. But I did have some wins:

I didn’t have one single bit of alcohol

I only had a tiny slice of the cheesecake (it could have been much more)

Anyhoo, onwards to tomorrow as I always say! We are off on hols tomorrow so more challenges are coming. I DO have a planned indulgence coming up.... dinner out with my husband while we are on holiday. We are getting a babysitter too!

Day 50

Wow today felt waaay harder in terms of the workout. I gritted my teeth through all the skipping and my legs were jelly afterwards! I worked out in my husbands work gym and it was so much better than at home. The ground was more forgiving for skips and the atmosphere more motivating. Lots of huge Marines cuttings about made it rather intimidating!

Diet was good today. I need that pre workout banana! We have had storm Gareth (haha....funny name for a storm) blowing a gale in the UK and my skipping has suffered. So much more tripping! Apart from that a good workout today. Otter kicks are still ouch but I know they are doing good! I ate my brekkie early with Charlie this morning and it worked better as I didnt cheat in the morning. I am off to stay with my parents now until sunday and the extra pairs of hands will help me do my workouts and cook etc. I am going to do the monday workout on sunday as I will be alone again next week and Charlie won't be in nursery so I am planning ahead and pre-empting a busy few days.

Lunch is gonna be crap today since I have no food left as I am going peppers and toast with salmon! Dont think I will get to my veggie quota either. I am eating it early as I need to be on the road at 1230 so I am worried I will be hungry this afternoon/evening. I must not cheat! I will eat more veggies if I get too hungry.

Hope I have packed everything! Packing for an 11 month old is so crazy. It looks like I am going away for a year, not 4 days!

Oh and my photo this week makes me look like I have gained body fat. I look bigger than in week 1. I dont have my week one measurements so cannot say for sure whether this is true but it was a bit de-motivating to see! I dont know how the dietitians can see from these pics how much fat we have lost esp cos of the camera angle and the different fitting clothing we wear!

Oops wrong diet

So I use the app almost exclusively and for the past two or three sundays when I look st my new diet, it has said AMAYW carbs for brekkie so I have been going to town! Haha.... actually this is not my diet and I’m on 60g. Eek! When I look at the app; it says Next Diet and when I tap on that, it shows me a diet with lots of AMAYW. So I’m assuming this is a mistake? Anyhoo, I now need to be got the rest of the week to make up for my extra carb intake.

Another issue I’m finding is when to eat brekkie. On Monday to Wednesday I do my workout once I drop Charlie off at nursery about 0830 and I like to eat breakfast after the workout. However there is no way I’m gonna make it till then so o end up eating bites of his food and a banana so I have the energy to do the workout (he gets up about 0530)! Anyway, I need to think of a better solution. Maybe try to eat my breakfast with him before nursery. I do love having brekkie as a reward post workout and without Charlie!

Back is boring

I gotta admit that the back workouts are long! They take a long time and I get a bit bored. However, the sun is shining here today and the birds are singing and I was able to enjoy that as I did my ummpteenth row. The lat swings are satisfying though. Shoulder press kills me. My face looks in pain every rep! haha. Just had my lunch. Ate too little carbs for breakfast so got starving around 1130 so ate a piece of toast (that should have been my second piece of toast at brekkie). Hope that is OK!

Husband has gone away again for 2 weeks so I am a bit worried about fitting everything in on top of having Charlie to run around after and cook for and clean! Hoping I can do it. Good that we have a workout alternative for those days when there is no time!

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