Jessie B.

Jessie B.

Kenzai Body | Day 37
Kenzai Body
Day 37
Program progress:

Not much really ! I really enjoy the daily workout and routine but If I have to pick up one thing that would be not able to go out for meals...

The week 5

The beginning of this week was bit of tough as I stared to feel tired and I know it is normal after 4 weeks straight training. So just keep head down and work through this week is the way to go and I am so glad I did.... my secret for getting through this week was to imagine when I have completed the Kenzai program and I will have a very strong and lean body. Not only I will look good on my upcoming family holiday but also have gained so much knowledge about how to train my body and nuritions.
Today's workout was good and loved the Captain's Chair excise which I did in a different version ( I don't have chairs like the photo so I used 2 bars between treadmills at the gym).

My energy is back again and my Abs muscle is forming which was the hardest thing for me.
I have to say that I really enjoy the daily workout and looking forward to more of it.

A Banana for the dinner this week will be taken away and can't believe it took me 2 days to get over it.

Jumping more

This morning I managed to jump 400 x2 sets without stop and then a short break of 15 second between the set and then back on jump for another 200.
Phew !!! my arms were killing me ..
I do feel bit of tired after 4 weeks straight trainings without a day missing. I guess I just have to rest early in the night to have more hours sleep to gain more energy.

How is your sleep affect your training ?
Do you try to go to bed early ?

How is your social life changing as you move deeper into your training?

It is getting harder as I have not yet been out out for meals or drinks with my family or friends since I stared this program.
As I know I have to be honest to myself and my friends so I told them that I am on Kenzai diet so won’t be able to drink or eat much and need them to understand. They are very supportive and Tomorrow is Father’s Day and we have a scheduled lunch with friends but I just had to let them know that we will be there for a drink just after the lunch.
I hope that I will be more disciplined and continue to be like this so as to Compelet the program successfully .
However, our family summer holiday is coming up and It will be even harder. I really hope that I will avoid too much distractions in the next 2 months .
Another thing is that I have seen some
Changes on my upper body like my shoulders and arms but not much of on my waist ! This is a bit of frustration.......😤

Side sit-ups

Side sit-ups is the hardest thing ever and I couldn’t even put my hands around my head for the whole excise so I just had to do it with my hands in the air pulling myself up... I did three sets in totally.. phew 😅


The week 3 went smoothly and my jump is getting better and better. I am actually started to challenge myself each day by break the record I did the day before.
I am also testing myself if I can jump more than the day before without taking breaks. Obviously , it is getting harder and harder but I am enjoying it and trying to make a new record to myself each day.


I did my best for 300 Jumps without stop !!!! OHHH that was not easy then I had 100 for 2 set and 150 for the last set. Feeling great that I know my limit.
the best performance I feel would be steadily jump 100/set and rest 10 second then carrying on to finish.
So proud of myself no drinking while meeting a group of old friends yesterday afternoon. I woke up this morning with a clear mind and body and ready for another great day.

So far Jumprope has been the easiest part of this program for me and I love it . However, there isn't a clear instruction for todays workout of 600 jumps and finishing it in one go or not? So I had to break the 600 jumps into 100 jumps x 6 sets and take 10 seconds break for each set. I felt it is much easy to do it. how did you all do it?

And the hardest part so far is eating out with family and friends. I had to cancel all social activities as I don't want to eat or drink more than I supposed and through my commitment away.

In terms of craving and hunger, I felt so much better than yesterday. I started to take my lunch just slightly later than usual time and with a couple of coffee lattes helped me through the whole afternoon. My energy level is still high until the evening. How funny things can change so quickly. Yes I had a great day!

Day 11

I felt hungry around 5pm today and it was my first time feeling hungry since I started Kenzai. I already had my afternoon fruit snacks and some milk so I decided just wait for my dinner and drink more water. However, by 8pm dinner time , my energy level went down and I was very tired and hungry. I am all good now after the dinner. I guess my body is trying to understand and adjusting the new diet.
How about you and do you feel hungry at all? How would you handle it?

My Intro

for some reason my Introduction was deleted, here we go again.

My Name is Jessie and I am a Mum of twins living in HongKong. The first 5 years after given birth , I had nothing but just focus on the kids. Now they are 6 years old, so it is time to find myself again.
My real life heroes are Tony Robbins , Jim Ron, Brain Tracy and Earl Shoaff. As I believe in order to have an incredible extraordinary life and a healthy fit body ,we need to have a incredible strong mind. I spent lots of time listening and reading about my heroes and it became my daily ritual to feed my mind.
I have few fellow Mums who did Kenzai and they all received a great result and I am a very active person and going to gym and yoga class regularly. I hope that working together with the Kenzai community that I will be able to get rid of the stubborn fluff on my body to achieve my goals.

The 2nd Week

I started the 2nd week training and I am feeling great that I felt that there are few upper body strength excise which I need to work on. so far everything was all right except I am not a big breakfast fan.
The portion of Carbs 80g, Veg 150g, 1 eggs in Breakfast are all good but plus Yogurt 250mls seems little bit too much for me.
I wonder if I am allowed to push the 250mls yogurt from the breakfast time to the morning snacks together? that would be much better for me. . Do you feel the same?

end of first week

What a great first week of Kenzai. I feel I have more energy already. The 400 jumps this morning wasn't too easy but I managed to take a couple of short breaks like 10 seconds after every 100 jumps.
During the first week, I also did three times Vinyasa Yoga practise and Guess what, my fitness already move into another level. I even participated a football match with a bunch of 6 years old kids on Saturday at my Son's football training. However, I went overboard and twisted my right knee which was strained in a skiing holiday in Feb this year. luckily, It wasn't too bad and I put ice on and lot of rest for the afternoon and I now back on the Kenzai again.
I am very excited to move onto the second week and see any difference in food and the training . hope you all had a good week.

Love the Step lunge

OHHHH my butt hurts this morning. I guess this is because the Step Lunge and the Squat excise the pass two days. It is great and I love them.

The first day

Today is a new start and finally started my 90 days training with Kenzai.
I just done the day 1 excise and feeling good. not stressed about the food yet as I can still have anything I normally eat this week but only leave 15% of each meal.