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Time can fly, I am amazed it has been 90days since I started this revolutionary journey with kenzai. I am super pleased that I have completed this journey with an excellent result and met my overall goal. I have learnt a lot about health diet and nutrition with fitness. Thank you Kenzai. Thank you Ward for you continual support and encouragement and you made this journey more inspiring and fun.

When I started this, I was a bit sceptical and I wasn't sure what this will lead me into but I knew my expectations were high.
For the first few weeks, nothing really happened until the week 5 and week 6, I started to see the definition on my midriff area and each week went by the definition got more obvious and prominent. From this point I know that I had to be patient to myself and I know I got to put hard-work in with persistence and commitment for a good period of time. I shifted my attitude to be more positive and I told myself that even though sometimes it is not easy see the finish line. To remember if I put head down and walk through this and I am sure I will find the answer.

I really enjoyed the Jump rope from the very start and I learnt from the daily lesson that I could make it even more efficient by doing it at very early of the day. Boom.. I never looked back. I started to jump rope before breakfast and the result is so rewarding.

To be honest, there was times I found it was tough and sometimes can be very dull too, it can be very distractive during the holiday time however like everything else in life, you have to be patient and have faith, believe in yourself, and put enough good work in and be consistent and persistent. The end goal will take you to what you really want and the result will represent to yourself......Kenzai Rocks…

I love Kenzai

I can't believe it is almost the end of our Kenzai journey. I am super super pleased with the result after consistent handwork for the last three months. Kenzai taught me that everything is possible and you just need to set up your vision and get through the hard work with persistence and commitment for a good period of time. Make sure you believe yourself, be patient and have faith then you will get what you really want...It is really cool....

I guess I am more assured that I can make a big change in a short period of time by eating right amounts and nutrition food combined with an effective training program. I can still have carbs and enjoying toast and fruit and time to time indulging what was missing. It has been a very educational journey and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My understanding and knowledge for training and fitness has definitely improved and I will carry on and continue to stay on this pass going forward.

I will definitely keep doing Jumprope every morning just before my breakfast. it can be anything like 7 -10 minutes for 3 sets. I love Jumprope SOOOOO much and Not only it can help burn more fluffy fat somewhere in my body but also wakes me up for another positive day. It is fun to do and also light to carry when travelling. I can"t live without it.....Love it ❤️

Day 82

I am so happy that finally we got back to HK last night and back to reality. Despite jet lag and I had a full workout today which actually helped me get over the Jet lag. 3 and a half weeks on the road seemed too long and I missed quite few of the full workout but I managed skip rope almost everyday. I can say that No more missing trainings until the end. I am excited....

This weekend

Just got back to London from Switzerland last night and headed to a beautiful park this morning for a full workout . Feeling live again !
In fact I was working out at a playground with my kids who are playing at the same time. Lots people Waching me and thinking that was a good idea with those elastic band and skip rope and as I was quite proud to show them The Kenzai program. Marketing ..... sharing ...

I am feeling terrible that I haven’t been able to do the main excise but only the jump rope for few days as we are on the go from one country to the next . From Hong Kong to London and to Spain and back to London then to Germany and now in Switzerland. I am so desperately getting back to normal and excise with good healthy food . However, one more week left for the holiday. I got to Do all the excise earlier tomorrow morning !

I have to say that training during the holiday is not as easy as I hoped. I have missed two days main excise and one day skip rope but most days I managed to it all in the morning before the day started.
Wish you all a great day!

I missed 2 days work out during a trip to Ibiza in Spain this week. It s much harder than I expected to keep up the routine but I am glad it is over now. I will be back to the training regularly from today.
Hope everyone is doing well .

The week 8

This week was a average week and I felt tired sometimes but I know it is absolutely normal at this stage. My energy level has been good and I managed to do everyday training and following the diet , I always felt great after the training so it is totally worthwhile.
Our family’s holiday finally stared and I am actually sitting in the airport waiting for my flight and having my homemade fruits salad. I also prepared veg salad for the flight! Very happy 😃.

"Last week I could kill this exercise, today I can barely get through it! What's going on!?"

That was exactly how i felt yesterday and I couldn't believe it ! phew 😅 I now understand why. Ok let's keeping going and thank God I am doing everything right ....🙏

Hi all, reading the blogs and some of you are already on the summer holiday. My turns is started from the 14th July for 3 weeks and I am worried that I wont be able to follow the diet everywhere we go. I am thinking to bring a small scale with me on my holiday and would it be too crazy? Thanks

week 7

It has been a quite intense week as I am doing my exam and kids are off on their summer holiday and it seems a lot in my plate. However, I am still keeping training everyday which I really felt good about after . still jumping rope early before the breakfast and doing the main excise afternoon. I am so pleased to know that we can have a Banana just before the main excise and that will be a great way to enhance the training.
Keeping going and hope you all have a great week.

Week 6

Why are you not quitting now?

It is too late and I am already hooked on Kenzai..... it has been great 6 weeks training so far and of course there was times that I found hard but you got to stick with it in order to see the finish line. The difference I can see is very promising and a good definition on my Tummy and more muscle on shouders and arms . I have tried on my old skinning jeans and it fits me perfectly now. 😁😁 I am very happy that I made such good changes in a very short period of time !
Another thing is 20/80 rule is absolutely true and it has made huge impact on the result. I am going to stick with it and it has already become part of my daily routine.

Hopefully our summer holiday will not have too much distraction on the training.

Lesson day 36 saying that "If you can find the gusto to jump before breakfast, you'll be at maximum fat burning potential". Wow 😲 How good is that and I am definitely up for it.....

However, Is it really the same no jumprope while doing the main excise? I always think that in order to have a good workout , you got to sweet more... correct me if I am wrong.