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Jessie B.

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Graduation blog 

It has been a successful journey although some distractions through the half way till the end as kid's school half term and I also had my back pain for few days. I am very happy about the outcome and I can definitely see the improvement I made comparing before started and now the finishing line after 8 weeks stretching . I know I could achieve more but will continue the night stretching until I am 💯 hit the group on my front split.
Thank you Kenzai again for giving me this opportunity to see and develop my own potential. I hope you all had a wonderful time in Stretching and looking forward to seeing you again in the next programme.

My weekly photos

Hi Team,

I have downloaded my week 6 and week 7 photos but for some reasons it didn't save on the website. I have no idea why it is happened. I received your email to chase the photos and I totally understand and I also put one more photo on combined with my week 7 blog but it didn't show either. Anyhow, I am now going to add more photos on the week 6 and week 7 but yet agin it isn't allow me to save the photos. therefore I can only add one photo on the week 8.

Back to training

There is no time to wait . Started training again this morning and that brings me more energy and good feelings!

The week 7

I had no idea how I hurt my lower lumbar region and middle of lower back and I couldn't move or bend anymore when I got up on Friday morning.
I managed to have an appointment on Saturday for a 20 minutes Acupuncture treatment to reduce the pain and a cupping service after. Feeling a lot better now at least I can standup properly but still stiff on my lower back.
it is so annoying .......

End of week 6

Phew.... Already end of week 6 ... times goes really fast when you are having fun.
I had a steady week and hopefully keep the peace although Feeling a bit of guilty that I have missed 2 nights stretching. I will be more focused for the coming weeks continue stretching more.

Hope you all doing well.

End of week 5

This week has been great and can see some progress I made. My front split is getting better and I have to say that the night stretching is very useful...
Hope you all have a great week ahead and keeping stretching everyone.

Busy stretching week

It s been a busy week and so glad that we are all healthy and well. Evening stretching has been good but still a long way to go to get my front splits complet.

Keeping going folks...

End of week 3

My Kids are on Half term fall break so I had them home for almost 10 days. It was somehow distracting but full of fun too to spend some quality time with them. Training is ok so far although I suffered from a week long cold and flu. I am so glad it is gone and really looking forward to getting back to normal again. Good health is the foundation for everything!
Hope you all are doing well.

Week 2 and week 3

Sorry for not keeping my blog unto date and I had visitors for the last two weekends in a row.
So glad I now can refocus on myself and continue Reach again. I enjoy the night time stretching but I found the front split is more challenging than any other ones.
I guess it is no pain no gain process but I kind of like the Pain..... 😅

The first week was fresh and cheerful and I am looking forward to more stretching at night.
have a great week everyone.


I am Jessie Baxter from Hong Kong. I spent a half hour every morning skipping rope before everything else then working at home for the rest of the day. I recently graduated from KB1 90 days and had amazing experience with a fantastic result so I wouldn’t change anything about Kenzai.
I would love to continue a strict diet for the Reach program and looking forward to another epic journey with the rest of the team.

Graduation Blog  

Time can fly, I am amazed it has been 90days since I started this revolutionary journey with kenzai. I am super pleased that I have completed this journey with an excellent result and met my overall goal. I have learnt a lot about health diet and nutrition with fitness. Thank you Kenzai. Thank you Ward for you continual support and encouragement and you made this journey more inspiring and fun.

When I started this, I was a bit sceptical and I wasn't sure what this will lead me into but I knew my expectations were high.
For the first few weeks, nothing really happened until the week 5 and week 6, I started to see the definition on my midriff area and each week went by the definition got more obvious and prominent. From this point I know that I had to be patient to myself and I know I got to put hard-work in with persistence and commitment for a good period of time. I shifted my attitude to be more positive and I told myself that even though sometimes it is not easy see the finish line. To remember if I put head down and walk through this and I am sure I will find the answer.

I really enjoyed the Jump rope from the very start and I learnt from the daily lesson that I could make it even more efficient by doing it at very early of the day. Boom.. I never looked back. I started to jump rope before breakfast and the result is so rewarding.

To be honest, there was times I found it was tough and sometimes can be very dull too, it can be very distractive during the holiday time however like everything else in life, you have to be patient and have faith, believe in yourself, and put enough good work in and be consistent and persistent. The end goal will take you to what you really want and the result will represent to yourself......Kenzai Rocks…

I love Kenzai

I can't believe it is almost the end of our Kenzai journey. I am super super pleased with the result after consistent handwork for the last three months. Kenzai taught me that everything is possible and you just need to set up your vision and get through the hard work with persistence and commitment for a good period of time. Make sure you believe yourself, be patient and have faith then you will get what you really want...It is really cool....

I guess I am more assured that I can make a big change in a short period of time by eating right amounts and nutrition food combined with an effective training program. I can still have carbs and enjoying toast and fruit and time to time indulging what was missing. It has been a very educational journey and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My understanding and knowledge for training and fitness has definitely improved and I will carry on and continue to stay on this pass going forward.

I will definitely keep doing Jumprope every morning just before my breakfast. it can be anything like 7 -10 minutes for 3 sets. I love Jumprope SOOOOO much and Not only it can help burn more fluffy fat somewhere in my body but also wakes me up for another positive day. It is fun to do and also light to carry when travelling. I can"t live without it.....Love it ❤️




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