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Day 13
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Kenzai Run Day 13:

Switched yesterday and today's workout up as the back is still a bit stiff. The chiropractor visit worked well, doing 10 min of jump rope in addition to the active stretching to warm the back up as well as additional stretching after.

I transformed the run to a run/stair combo workout. It was a good afternoon for it.

Finally getting the diet locked in this week has helped as well, feeling good going into the weekend. Make it a good one everyone!


Woke up at Home Base®️ this AM and there was a little chill in the air. Got the run in close to the neighborhood. Today was the first day running this season with long pants, gloves and a hat.

Pace was a hair slow as my back is feeling a little tight since Sunday. But got it in, that is all that counts, right?


Got shopping done yesterday so we are all stocked up with the good stuff!


A short update....busy weekend in Asheville enjoying the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of that fabulous town with my lovely wife. Shifted a couple of workout around to stay on track, a hike ("free run,") on Saturday and hot yoga on Sunday with none other than Kenzai stalwart Watson aka "Pepper J." It was a great time, I am respectably tired but also quite pleased. A longer update to follow but weekend getaway was a SUCCESS by any measure!


Some pepper gifts from Pepper J and a trip to the grocery store today, all set to fire on all cylinders.


Got over to Carter Fit AF this AM for a nice little HIIT workout. Did burpee push-ups into thrusters with 14 kg bellz...a bell buster for sure.


Strength workout at Home Base®️ afterwards. Welcome back DaVinci!

Aimee and I are headed down to Asheville,
NC for a little weekend getaway. Tomorrow’s cross-training extravaganza will likely be a hike in the mountains.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Before Matt B asks, here is a short intro (and decoder ring for all of the acronyms and buzzwords):

I'm Jim, and I live in LOVELY Cincinnati, OH. I am a recovering chemist by trade, meaning I worked in big pharma and dealt with big corporate BS for 20 years before switching gears and getting into the beer industry in 2010. Currently I work for Rhinegeist brewery, formerly the Head Brewer and now Chief Science Officer, I have been with Rhinegeist since before Day 1, and we are now the 28th largest brewery in the US. To say that I love my job would be a massive understatement.

I started Kenzai 2.5 years ago after having worked a lot of long hours with poor diet, which conspired to cause me to gain about 25 pounds. Finally am working more normal hours and in a pattern of eating better and jumping on Kenzai programs every so often (KB1, Bellz 1, Chisel, Bells 2, Chisel (again), KB2, Beach Blast, two Ranger Challenges and now Run). I enjoyed the program so much that I came on board as an AT a little over a year ago. I tend to throw a few extras in here and there, I really like doing stair workouts as well as hitting a couple of local HIIT gyms (1 More Rep and Carter Fit AF). Also enjoy the occasional yoga class, as well as Kenzai 8MA (8 minute abs):


Speaking of stairs, managed to throw in a few laps yesterday afternoon:


At Home Base® we have a fairly well stocked arsenal of kettlebells, exercise gadgets, and a bevy of jump ropes which includes the might Zeus and Kronos:



Today's run was done over at Ault Park, which is a great setting and also throws a few little mini-hills in for fun. Run ended as the sun was starting to ascend from the eastern sky. Awesome. Also threw 8MA in again today to round things out. I did forget to bring my headphones today, so the run was done sans music, which I think is a great exercise for everyone to try on occasion. No excuses!


Have a great day Team Dnieper!

Up early, 15 minutes of jump rope with Zeus at Home Base® then the Day 3 strength exercises. Added 2 x 14 kg kettlebells to the step lunges, also added 8MA to the end of the workout. Feeling good!

Day 2 run is COMPLETE. I find it a bit of a challenge to run near Home Base® (a secret location close to Cincinnati, OH) just because I'm not a fan of stopping at intersections, and my creative energy at 6 AM is generally lacking. Nevertheless, got just over 15 min of running in at a moderate pace. There are a few hills and obstacles in the neighborhood, but it felt great to get out on this foggy morning.


I hope y'all had as enjoyable a run today as I did, especially Sharm! :)

EDIT: threw in 8MA after the run today also.


Last week's visit to Colorado was awesome as it usually is. Some great hiking early in the week, highlights include getting up over 13,000', seeing lots of fall color, and hitting the Colorado fitness testpiece (Manitou Incline) not once, but twice.


After that was beer judging for a few days, then the Great American Beer Festival last Thursday -> Saturday. No restraint was exercised...tried many beers and indulged in some of the local fare, my favorite of which is Colorado Pork Green Chili. Simply amazing. And oh yeah, we did win a silver medal for one of our beers, so that was worthy of a little extra celebration.

Back on track today with Day 1 of Kenzai Run. Threw in 30 minutes of cardio, weighted squats and push-ups with the BOSU for some extra fun, and finished with Kenzai 8MA.


Goals for this program: well, I am not much of a runner and cannot say that I enjoy running that much, but I'm always up for a challenge. I do have a 27k trail run planned for later this month as well as a Thanksgiving Day 10k that I would love to set a PR on. This is a great time of year to be running outside here in Cincinnati, so I will do my best to run outside as much as I can when the weather is good.

Here is to a solid 8 week of running with my Dnieper teammates!


All is well here in Colorado with lots of hiking, a little drinking, and an abundance of fun. Mission to destroy coworker accomplished on the Manitou Incline today, I beat him by 19 minutes (this was the same guy that wondered why it would take anyone so long to run less than a mile, he knows now!) but was off my own PR by 1:40. Not an excuse, but I warmed up with 6+ miles of hiking at 12,000’+ this AM. Another run up the incline tomorrow before I settle in to Denver for the beer competition and festival.





Got some hiking and coworker destroying to do this weekend and Great American Beer Fest next week, so 9 days of fun coming right up! I won’t be getting the miles or elevation of last month’s trip but still lots of activities planned over the next several days.


Another good one at Carter Fit AF this AM. Meatball slams and burpees always make me happy:


PS- it has been very warm the past few weeks, not much sign of trees changing their colors YET.


Busted out a great super cycle all-body workout at One More Rep. I brought along Kronos for the jump rope part, almost all of the participants at least gave it a try. Mass props to the crew this AM!


Knocked out some workouts this week...3 HIIT classes between 1 More Rep and Carter Fit AF. 2 Kettlebell 2 workouts done and dusted as well. 2 8MA sessions...2 stair climbing sessions as well as a 5 mile run. Pretty happy with all that.

Diet was pretty good up until the rehearsal dinner on Thursday and stepdaughter's wedding on Saturday (yesterday). I'm really going to reel it in this week.

More of the same planned for this week: 4 HIIT classes Mon-> Thurs, a stair climbing session or two is also planned along with another 5 mile run planned (WTF has gotten into me?). Friday I head back out to Colorado...Friday-> Tuesday of the following week lots of hiking is planned and will do my best to ruin a coworker who thinks he can beat me on the Manitou Incline (good luck with that Jeff!) Wednesday-> Sunday next week will be mostly beer judging at the Great American Beer Fest and all of the festivities surrounding that event. Plan is to get morning runs in Wednesday-> Friday during the 'Fest and also get some KLife workouts in, we shall see how that all works out. Fall has not fallen yet in Cincinnati...very little color change to the trees and it has not rained in over 2 weeks. Not to mention the heat, 30 degrees C 20 out of 22 days this September, we are usually feeling a break by now but who knows if/when that will happen? No matter, we can't control it, therefore should not complain about it. Let us move on, shall we? But I am looking forward to a few cool breezes in the mountains, that is for sure!

Then when I return to Home Base®, Kenzai Run starts, I cannot wait?


Matt B worked his Jedi “magic,” and now Sharm and I will be on Run at the same time. Hopefully on the same team!

Let’s do this shall we?


Got a HIIT workout in at Carter Fit AF. Simple, yet effective. I threw a 100 pound Kettlebell on the Rogue sled just for fun and much to the amusement of Jimmy.

I wasn’t done...Carter Fit AF is right next to LOVELY Lunken airport field, around which is a 5-mile (mostly flat) loop. I haven’t run that loop since the Ranger Challenge concluded in April. My Garmin watch talks to my iPhone which in turn talks to me every 5 minutes, verbally announcing the average pace and heart rate. Pace started at about 8.5 minute miles and upping the pace a bit at every announcement. Last mile I busted ass and in fact just beat the 8 minute mile threshold. It hurt, but it was worth it! Maybe I don’t hate running quite as much as I think I do? 🏃 🤷🏼‍♂️


End of Week 1



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