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May 30, back at Home Base®

  • May 30th, 2019 at 11:27PM


This is NOT a picture of Home Base® (I wish it were) but a picture from my last hike in Boulder. The picture is of the First Flatiron...I have climbed it half a dozen times and plan take my brother-in-law (Jon-e) and his son Ethan up it in August. It is a relatively "easy," climb, just long, but also very fun.

After suffering a moderate post-travel hangover (both literally and figuratively) I'm back at the workouts without having missed a beat. I hit Carter Fit AF yesterday for some HIIT fun and this morning knocked off the KLife Day 1-3 workout. Warmed up with 12 minutes of Zeus (no trips) then 30 min stairmaster, then leg/shoulders/abs. Finished with 8MA and 20 minutes of yoga. I have to say that Aimee turned me on to this app called, "Down Dog," where you can adjust many parameters, and the app will guide you through a yoga practice. I set it up as a 20 minute intermediate practice with focus on hamstrings...it was great. Check it out:


I see many of my friends doing Chisel now getting toward the end....break through that wall and end at a full sprint! Same with the Beach Blast group...you're killing it (especially Fish and Robin), just a few more daze!!

Lastly, there are lots of landmines for me to navigate this weekend. I turn the 53 on Saturday and Aimee and I have a birthday dinner date planned for Sunday night. I guarantee it will NOT be Kompliant!


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Ted B.Ted B.Kenzai Chisel | Day 35 (Member)
17 days ago

Happy (almost) birthday! Looks like a great place for a well-deserved indulgence.

    Kathleen C.Kathleen C.Kenzai Member
    17 days ago

    Happy Birthday Jim! Enjoy every minute, morsel, and drop of it.

      Matt BerlinMatt BerlinKenzai Run | Graduating (Member)
      Trainer17 days ago

      It better not be compliant. You bust your ass all the rest of your days while 52...enjoy that 53! Happy early bday!!

        Elodie C.Elodie C.Kenzai Member
        17 days ago

        Looks beautiful! Would be fun to climb! Happy almost Birthday! Enjoy your weekend!!

          Watson J.Watson J.Kenzai Kettlebell 2 | Day 21 (Member)
          17 days ago

          Nice enjoyment o freal life while off program -

          53 - you are a baby hahahaha

          Go TEam go

            Jason F.Jason F.Kenzai Kettlebell | Day 7 (Member)
            17 days ago

            No craft beer on the Sotto menu! FANCY! Bro its your birthday and you are in between programs, the only regret on the table is if you don't CRUSH it. These all look AWESOME, think you need 1 of each...and wash it down with Housemade Orangecello (interesting!). DO IT DO IT!
            ricotta doughnuts w/ three sauces
            panna cotta - amarena cherry jam, chocolate pistachio biscotti
            affogato - vanilla gelato, espresso, pirouette
            chocolate budino - gianduja mousse, candied hazelnuts
            apple fig crostata - cinnamon streusel, ricotta gelato

              Margot G.Margot G.Kenzai Member
              17 days ago

              You are so on top of it usually, you have definitely earned a noncompliant day. Have a fantastic birthday, and enjoy every minute (and morsel) of it!

                Lynn C.Lynn C.Kenzai Member
                15 days ago

                Happy birthday Jim ! Absolutely deserve a kcomplete non kcompliant event !!!

                  Scott BurnsScott BurnsKenzai Iron | Day 14 (Member)
                  Trainer13 days ago

                  53! No way! Happy Birthday my bald brother. Hope you enjoy a tasty beverage to celebrate.

                    Scott H.Scott H.Kenzai Chisel | Day 7 (Member)
                    13 days ago

                    ...only 53...hahahahaa, that's was years ago! Happy birthday...crush the b-day like you do Kenzai. Your blogs btw are super helpful to give me new ideas and also inspiring...thanks!

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