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Sorry for the blog silence...I've been trying to keep it together and get shit done over the past week.

I do miss the Run program and running teammates! It has been absolute torture not being able to get much cardio in over the past 9 days.

I have done KLife workouts 7 out of the last 9 days. On the old app last week, but much to my delight, much more customizeable on the new app starting this week. You can dial in the preference of muscle groups worked, intensity, and...well...it is pretty good. Noticed a few glitches here and there...like the audio cues to continue cut out Pandora playlist. But much to the delight of @Fish, the timer continues to count even if you move over to another app. Someone was listening.

Today was the visit to the Ortho. Nothing new, which is good news. Fracture could not have happened in a "better," place, like any higher and I would be in a cast. Pain is about the same, trying to stay mobile, they gave me a brace in place of the boot. Been doing all of the upper body work that I can in the morning as well as 8MA...even some "full body," exercises like Muay Thai cross knee are OK. No real restrictions except for exercises that might make it worse, so anything with impact like running or jump rope is out. Walking is fine as long as I can tolerate it, and I plan to get on the rower and elliptical starting next week as is dictated.

Diet has been...well, not good. Some definite deviations from Kenzai philosophy over the past few days due to a beer fest at the brewery and some visiting vendors. Good (bad) news is that I canceled my trip to Chicago this upcoming weekend, so the only deep dish being served will be push-ups!

Planning to keep the KLife program rolling on the new app 5-6 times per week. I'm really liking it and will reign the diet in here as well.

4-6 weeks on the shelf then I'll hopefully be cleared to hit the stairs, jump rope and all of the other fun stuff.



Hola my Dnieper Teammates, I hope y'all had a great weekend!

Anyone who knows me knows how active I am and like to be. This broken ankle has really thrown a wrench into the plans. I was considering staying on the Run program, but the problem with that is that we run 4 times a week. I obviously cannot do that right now, so the plan is to switch to maintenance workouts (which will be modded to be very upper body heavy for sure!) and keep the diet as tight as I can (save for a couple of planned indulgences coming up). It isn't ideal but this will be a good learning experience for me I think.

I'll continue to follow everyone and will be your biggest fan! Sorry this had to happen, but it is hard to justify a badge when I'm mostly sitting this one out. I will be back as soon as I can. Peace!


So I was all geared up to do the Stone Steps 28K trail run this AM. First 5 mile loop done, no issues, decent pace, felt good. Jettisoned my long sleeve T and lost my headphones along the way.

About a mile in to the 3 mile loop I hear a "crack," and down I go. Left ankle twisted badly. Some considerate soul gave me a ride back to the pavilion...thanks Coy. Ankle is severely swollen now and painful. I've got ice on it but today was not the best of days.


Up at 4:45 this AM NOT to work out. No...Aimee (my wife) was headed to LA for a "girl's weekend." She forgot to set her alarm (this is a common occurrence) but I of course saved the day by getting her out of bed, made her an oat milk cappuccino, and off to the airport we were. She has Clear and TSA Pre check, good thing because the regular security line was 60+ minutes.

I digress...so I managed to get the run in after work today. Fine day here in the 'Nati, temps around 22-23C with partly cloudy skies. Took a run around a local park, but decided to push the speed a bit today. So I did not get the full 25 min in...closer to 20 minutes but got a wicked good pace (for me). Legs were screaming and I was huffing and puffing but I felt like pushing it today, so it was a WIN!


Got a charity workout at Carter Fit AF planned after work tomorrow as the cross-training activity.

That's it, short and sweet...

Workout done as RX at Home Base® Lets move on shall we?

I was thinking (rhetorically of course) the top-10 Kenzai folks who I have not yet met but want to. Here is my list, share with me yours if you dare:

10. Silvia always cranking on programs, always inspiring, never boring!
9. Ambar T: always so energetic on the blogs and that final "Big reveal," on you blog of those poppin abs are always great!
8. Sharm: Love your energy and wit.
7. Elissa: we have trained teams together and love your style. Teach me how to Dragon Boat, please and thanks?
6. Matt B: so many thing in common, so much banter, a match made in heaven...
5. Scott B: I want to know who your barber is....
4. Robin K: an awesome trainee who ALWAYS crushes it with STYLE!!
3. Malia, you are strong AF. Keep it up, a pillar of the komminity.
2. Dermot M: My main man from the mighty Team Serpens from KB1 a few years back. Always entertaining and motivated.
1. Jason F aka "Fish,": it will happen, it is our destiny!!

Also on the list: Kim B, Thomas D, Cora, Kathleen, Grand Master Patrick, Martin and Cece. Y'all are great...

Kenzai Run Day 16:

Up before sunrise and banged the run out near Ault Park (my favorite place to run at 0 dark 30). Humid and mild morning and I worked on the breathing aspect. On level ground the 4-4 technique was about perfect but going up hills when my heart rate was going up, the 3-3 seemed to work better.

Back felt good (not perfect but better than it has over the past 9 days) this morning, pace was OK, but most of all, it is done!



Workout done and dusted this AM at Home Base®. Efficient and effective. Warmed up with 15 minutes of jump rope with Zeus which is always a good start to the day.

I went out for a stroll at lunch before the rains hit and I saw a sight that was slightly funny but even more so sad.

There was a Dachshund that was off of the sidewalk, apparently "standing," but the sad thing was, it was so fat that its legs were barely touching the ground? There was a compassionate human petting the poor dog, I didn't see if the dog could even walk or get around, but I place blame squarely on the owner. A Dachshund is a short and squat dog, why feed it to the point where it cannot walk? WTF is wrong with people these days?

I didn't get a picture out of respect for the poor canine 4-legged friend. But see attached picture for a representation.



Did a brisk hike/slow trail run today as the “free run,” at the LOVELY Cincinnati Nature Center. Fall is gradually coming upon us!


Back is feeling better, should be back to the script here tomorrow.

Making a pile of veggie stir fry this evening to accompany grilled chicken wings off the Big Green Egg.

Beautiful fall day here today! Let’s make Week 3 an awesome one my friends!

Kenzai Run Day 13:

Switched yesterday and today's workout up as the back is still a bit stiff. The chiropractor visit worked well, doing 10 min of jump rope in addition to the active stretching to warm the back up as well as additional stretching after.

I transformed the run to a run/stair combo workout. It was a good afternoon for it.

Finally getting the diet locked in this week has helped as well, feeling good going into the weekend. Make it a good one everyone!


Woke up at Home Base®️ this AM and there was a little chill in the air. Got the run in close to the neighborhood. Today was the first day running this season with long pants, gloves and a hat.

Pace was a hair slow as my back is feeling a little tight since Sunday. But got it in, that is all that counts, right?


Got shopping done yesterday so we are all stocked up with the good stuff!


A short update....busy weekend in Asheville enjoying the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of that fabulous town with my lovely wife. Shifted a couple of workout around to stay on track, a hike ("free run,") on Saturday and hot yoga on Sunday with none other than Kenzai stalwart Watson aka "Pepper J." It was a great time, I am respectably tired but also quite pleased. A longer update to follow but weekend getaway was a SUCCESS by any measure!


Some pepper gifts from Pepper J and a trip to the grocery store today, all set to fire on all cylinders.


Got over to Carter Fit AF this AM for a nice little HIIT workout. Did burpee push-ups into thrusters with 14 kg bellz...a bell buster for sure.


Strength workout at Home Base®️ afterwards. Welcome back DaVinci!

Aimee and I are headed down to Asheville,
NC for a little weekend getaway. Tomorrow’s cross-training extravaganza will likely be a hike in the mountains.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Before Matt B asks, here is a short intro (and decoder ring for all of the acronyms and buzzwords):

I'm Jim, and I live in LOVELY Cincinnati, OH. I am a recovering chemist by trade, meaning I worked in big pharma and dealt with big corporate BS for 20 years before switching gears and getting into the beer industry in 2010. Currently I work for Rhinegeist brewery, formerly the Head Brewer and now Chief Science Officer, I have been with Rhinegeist since before Day 1, and we are now the 28th largest brewery in the US. To say that I love my job would be a massive understatement.

I started Kenzai 2.5 years ago after having worked a lot of long hours with poor diet, which conspired to cause me to gain about 25 pounds. Finally am working more normal hours and in a pattern of eating better and jumping on Kenzai programs every so often (KB1, Bellz 1, Chisel, Bells 2, Chisel (again), KB2, Beach Blast, two Ranger Challenges and now Run). I enjoyed the program so much that I came on board as an AT a little over a year ago. I tend to throw a few extras in here and there, I really like doing stair workouts as well as hitting a couple of local HIIT gyms (1 More Rep and Carter Fit AF). Also enjoy the occasional yoga class, as well as Kenzai 8MA (8 minute abs):


Speaking of stairs, managed to throw in a few laps yesterday afternoon:


At Home Base® we have a fairly well stocked arsenal of kettlebells, exercise gadgets, and a bevy of jump ropes which includes the might Zeus and Kronos:



Today's run was done over at Ault Park, which is a great setting and also throws a few little mini-hills in for fun. Run ended as the sun was starting to ascend from the eastern sky. Awesome. Also threw 8MA in again today to round things out. I did forget to bring my headphones today, so the run was done sans music, which I think is a great exercise for everyone to try on occasion. No excuses!


Have a great day Team Dnieper!

Up early, 15 minutes of jump rope with Zeus at Home Base® then the Day 3 strength exercises. Added 2 x 14 kg kettlebells to the step lunges, also added 8MA to the end of the workout. Feeling good!

Day 2 run is COMPLETE. I find it a bit of a challenge to run near Home Base® (a secret location close to Cincinnati, OH) just because I'm not a fan of stopping at intersections, and my creative energy at 6 AM is generally lacking. Nevertheless, got just over 15 min of running in at a moderate pace. There are a few hills and obstacles in the neighborhood, but it felt great to get out on this foggy morning.


I hope y'all had as enjoyable a run today as I did, especially Sharm! :)

EDIT: threw in 8MA after the run today also.

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