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Jim Matt's Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready program, T-Shirt Ready | Oct 21 2019, starts in 57 days.

Kettlebells Day 2

I love love love the cycle workouts! Although this morning, my rope skipping was clumsy...this after having done a set of 16 minutes unbroken last month? Perhaps it is all of the nervous energy of a new program? Perhaps I'm just a klutz?

It really does serve us well to set the workout stations up in advance and blast through them with a minimum of time between exercises. Set yourself up for success. Blast that play list to 11!

Hey Sharmali, if you are reading this, say hello to my little friends. A family picture, if you will, with the red-headed stepchild (medicine ball) doing the rebellious photo-bombing. :)

Kenzai Kettlebell, Day 1

Good morning fellow Kettlebell participants! I was up early for the workout, but flew through it in 30 minutes. I love the cycle workouts, as it breaks up the workout quite nicely, and I prefer to flow without stopping.

Just a recap: I finished KB1 in early July, and have done a fair bit of traveling since then (Philippines, Washington, Oregon and Colorado). I've stuck pretty well to the Kenzai Life workouts (5 days a week), but the diet has been quite variable. I've lost a bit of muscle tone since the end of KB1, but haven't put on much weight (thankfully!)

I plan to run with the diet this week from Kenzai Life, "strict," just to get a jump start on things.

Also, I think I may need to get some heavier bells. I have 5#, 10#, 15#, 20#, 25# and 35# bells. The deadlifts were easy, even with 35# (as were the chicken wings), so I may order 2 more in 40 and 45# weights.

Let's get this party started folks, no time like the present!!

Kenzai Kettlebell, Day 0

I love how sneaky the Kenzai top brass can be. No hint as to the workouts or dietbefore tomorrow. Which is OK, I am (will be) prepared for whatever.

I'm flying back to Cincinnati today after a hell of a whirlwind trip to Colorado for hiking, then the Great American Beer Festival. The Beer Fest was far more exhausting than the hiking!

I'm all beered out for awhile (fortunately), but my wife and I will catch dinner and wine this evening before we need to start weighing our food out again. I'm really looking forward to this program!


So, I was in Leadville on 10/2, staged to climb Mount Elbert, the highest peak in Colorado at 14,439'. But heavy snow in Leadville caused a power outage and encouraged me to change my plans. I headed down to Boulder, CO, got in a short hike and met my old friend Anh (she is not old, but we have been friends for years) for hot Yoga and a late lunch.

Later that day my old climbing buddy Lee met at a pub for a beer and catching up.

Anh suggested that we do an early morning/sunrise hike up to Bear Peak in Boulder. Bear Peak is the second tallest peak in Boulder. Although it rises to "only" 8459', it is a good amount of elevation gain from Boulder.

It was quite snowy up there, but we made it to the summit for sunrise...although the sunrise was obscured by clouds.

Later that morning my former coworker Don and I did a short hike up to Mount Sanitas.

I then headed back to Denver, ditched my car, and here I have been since Tuesday. I managed over 40,000 steps of walking on Tuesday, but I've been judging beer since then and managed only some walking, pushups and situps. Haven't been going too crazy on the eating or drinking front, but I am looking forward to returning home and getting intimate with the Kettlebells (and my wife!) and getting that diet tight!

The hikes (quite frankly) haven't taken all that much out of me. My buddy Don (who lives in Boulder) even made the comment about how he was huffing and puffing his way up Mt. Sanitas and I was barely even breathing hard. I met Anh at the yoga classroom...she didn't even recognize me because of the weight I have dropped. Thanks Kenzai! :-)

More Colorado

On the summit of Quandary Peak, 14,256', 10/1/17.

Colorado Day 1

The active part of the trip begins! I managed a hike up to 13,241' (4036 metres to you, Dermot) Mount Snicktau from Loveland Pass (elevation 11,990') It was just under a 4 mile round trip, certainly nothing hardcore, and I am sure Dermot would not even waste his time with it on a rest day! Nevertheless, once my ears equalized (had to go slowly as I was having a hard time with my right ear), the legs, lungs and brain all worked reasonably well above 13,000'. In the attached picture, that is Torrey's peak in the distance sitting at 14,275'. Tomorrow, I plan to do the (in)famous quad-fecta of Mount Lincoln, Democrat, Bross and Cameron. This is an 8 mile loop that allows one to summit 4 14,000' peaks. I'm hoping the conditions are OK and the weather holds, it is a much more serious endeavor than today's warmup (Dermot would say rest day) hike.


It was a whirlwind trip to Seattle, Yakima, Mt. Rainier and Portland, OR. The eating was downright dreadful...too much beer, too much food. I was traveling with coworkers who need(ed) 3 square meals per day, and all of them for the most part managed to be relatively unhealthy. I tried my best to steer the course, but it was just extremely challenging.

The good news is that we managed to get 3 good hikes in while we were on our business trip, as well as plenty of walking in town. That is at least good for something, right?

I made some homemade chicken wings tonight along with beans and potatoes. Quite good and also quite Kenzai compliant.

Speaking of compliant, I got a Kenzai Life workout in this morning...I have 5 planned over the next 5 days. A bit of a breakthrough this morning, I managed to get 16 minutes of rope skipping in with exactly 0 trips and no rests! My previous record was 6 unbroken minutes.

I'll be home until Friday, then off to Colorado for 9 days. Early in the trip I have hiking planned every day as well as eating healthy. The second half of the trip will be spent judging at and attending the Great American Beer Festival. Talk about yin and yang!

Then the day after returning home from Colorado Kenzai Kettlebells start...I'm really looking forward to that!


Love the shirt!

Kenzai Life

Since I have back from the Philippines, I have successfully kept up with the 5 workouts per week (except for missing one), along with some extra/bonus/alternate cardio (Stairmaster, stair climbing, running). My heart rate hasn't been getting up all that high with steady state exercises like jumping rope, so I've been doing hills/intervals on the Stairmaster and treadmill, plus some anaerobic "efforts," on the stairs. All good here! Diet has ranged from tight to not great, but no binging too bad, also keeping portions very tight no matter what I eat.

I leave for Washington and Oregon tomorrow, so I will take a bit of a break from resistance training. Bringing the jump rope and also getting some hiking in. The diet will likely not be great, since it is a trip to procure hops (an ingredient in beer) and we will likely have some beer on the trip. But I'll stick with portion control and go from there!

I come back for 6 days and plan to get some Kenzai workouts in and tighten the diet down before I head to Colorado on 9/28. Lots of hiking on the front end of the trip (will try to summit 7 14,000 peaks in 3 days), and the back end of the trip is filled with beer festival shenanigans. I plan to bring the jump rope and resistance bands out there.

Then I return to Cincinnati on 10/8, and Kenzai Kettlebell starts on 10/9! Looking forward to that!

That was a tough one!

I did an hour on the Stairmaster this morning, as well as the Kenzai Life workout. I almost called it good after the hour on the Stairmaster, but then my mantra kicked in, "WWDD?" (He would smash it, by the way). East West Push-up squat jumps AND yahoo jumps (100 in a row) not to mention that ab work. I'm f-ing beat!

Kenzai Ketlebell!

I'm looking forward to starting Kenzai Kettlebell in early October! Who is with me? :)


The diet has been dreadful the past few days but I have managed to work out 7 out of 14 days while on holiday in the Philippines. Planning to go to "strict," for a couple of weeks after I get home in order to hit the reset button.

Post KB update

Well, I have to say that I have been enjoying the trial workouts this week! I did my own thing on Monday and Tuesday, but yesterday and today followed the workout for the 7x per day crowd. I plan to round the week out with that, then switch to 5x per week and see how that goes.

Also planning to get in on the beginner jumprope skills. Some mornings I feel strong and some mornings I feel so uncoordinated!

How are you doing this week Team Serpens? I've actually done a good job sticking to the standard diet, although avoiding carbs late in the day. I've had a couple of glasses of wine and beer this week though...but I don't plan to get back into that old vicious circle.

Plan is to hit up Kenzai Kettlebell in early October, then possibly KB2 early next year.

Stay strong my friends!

Day 92, victory lap!

I could not help it, my body wanted to work out! So:

30 min on the stairmaster with a 50 lb pack
40 walking lunges with the same pack.

1 set of each to failure:
chest dips
bicep curl
tricep extension
abdominal twists

Back to work today. :(

End of Week 1





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