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Nearing the end of Week 3

Hello fellow team Serpens! It is a cool, drizzly day here in Cincinnati, OH, but I did get today's workout in before 8 am, and also did a little yoga afterward! I'm also planning the menu/shopping list for next week.

So, I'd like to summarize this week with "misses," then "hits," (or "wins.)

-Still having a hard time eating a lot for breakfast, especially those pesky vegetables! A cup of yogurt and some fruit would be perfect, alas, that isn't what we were assigned, so I enter Week 4 with this being a point for improvement.
- Our business dinner progressed about as expected Tuesday. I had a shrimp and crab leg from the "raw bar," steak (larger than this week's prescribed protein allocation by a fair margin), a few bites of mashed potato, a fairly sizeable and delicious salad, two glasses of wine. The wins for this dinner were that I didn't have dessert, and left a fair bit of food on my plate. It is done...over...don't dwell on it.
- I get the "roller coaster" mentality mentioned in today's lesson as well as a bit of the "overachiever." Breathe, relax, don't panic!
- I also had a bit more alcohol this week than I wanted. I'm shooting for a 0 alcohol week, followed by multiple 0 alcohol weeks. I had that wine with dinner, as well as a beer and a half after an important brewer's meeting. Far less than I was consuming before the program, but far more than I want to be consuming. Next week is a new week, the only challenge is that my financial planner is taking us to the horse racing track for the day, and there is guaranteed to be alcohol, and not-so-clean food.

- I had some great days of unbroken sets of jumprope, but still get tangled up with my feet sometimes.
- 100% compliance with workouts. Instead of jumping rope yesterday, I climbed up (and down) 1416 steps (not flights, just steps). Also got some bonus yoga in today and yesterday. We have a new set of heavier resistance bands on the way, because the ones we have are becoming too light for me for some of the exercises.
- I found a vegetable recipe that I like! Cauliflower rice, bell pepper, bok choy, carrot, peas. Stir fried for 2-3 minutes in my big Chinese wok over very high heat. Finish with coconut aminos, chinese rice wine, and a drizzle of sesame oil (probably the sesame oil isn't very compliant. :/)
- That vein on my left bicep is popping out, just like what was described in the lesson.
- My pants are feeling loose, and I generally feel good.
- After work yesterday, I was feeling very tired. In weeks leading up to the program, I would have just hit the drive-thru or got takeout. I was determined not to do that, so I got some low sodium tomato sauce (minimum of ingredients, no preservatives), spaghetti and italian sausage. Cooked it all up and allocated properly, in addition to a big romaine salad with homemade dressing. Not exactly health food but a huge step up from fast food or takeout!

Picture to follow tomorrow, keep up the good work!

The ugly: I'm usually a fairly positive person, but the past few days have been ugly. I've been irritable, kind of low on energy, slight headaches, wondering why I am doing this program.

The bad: I see how much of this program is diet, and I struggle with getting enough vegetables (getting close for lunch and dinner, still making forward progress on breakfast. Funny is that my cravings aren't too bad, and I have had no regressions into junk (eg fast food, sweets, etc). This week will be a challenge on Tuesday, as we are going to one of the best steakhouses in the city to celebrate 4 years of our business' success. I plan to get as much salad (dressing on the side) as I can, perhaps half a baked potato (no butter or sour cream), and I plan to order the smallest steak, and take the other half home for my wife. And wine, hoping to keep it to one glass. I'm not much of a sweets person so I will skip dessert.
My lovely wife is actually doing the exercises with me, and she eats the same food as I do (scaled for her body weight). Speaking of body weight, I stepped on the scale today, and I am still 83 kg (I haven't lost anything). Not to be deterred as...

The good: Workouts have been great. I have been getting them in fairly early in the morning, and have tweaked my form on the jump ropes. Today's 600 I was able to do a set of 200 (broken 3 times), 90 second rest and another set of 200 (broken twice), 90 second rest followed by a full unbroken set of 200! I find if I keep my hands a little farther from my body that I get a much better rhythm. I also got some hot yoga in on Friday. This week, I plan to hit the workouts with the usual gusto, and maybe get a bonus one of two in (some coworkers want to climb stairs with me...I admire their ambition!)

Tonight's dinner will consist of: grilled lamb chops, vegetable medley (corn, poblano peppers, zucchini, and cucumber), with a small side salad and some great bread from a local bakery.

We also prepped and shopped for the week, stocking up heavily on cauliflower and broccoli rice, many other vegetables, ground turkey, chicken, etc. I also made a batch of homemade chicken stock in the pressure cooker today (pro-tip, the pressure cooker is phenomenal!) The nice thing about homemade chicken stock is that there are no additives or salt, just chicken, onion, celery, carrot, bay leaf, peppercorns and water. I froze most of it, and it is a handy addition to anything that requires a little bit of moisture. The leftover chicken from the pot, I shredded it to use for "emergency protein," (eg chicken enchiladas this week or something similar).

On that note, I bid you all a happy and successful Week 3! Thanks for slogging through this long post!

Great lesson today!

I just got done with the workout and read the lesson about cravings. I haven't been hit hard (yet) with them, but I remember doing the Whole 30 challenge (strict Paleo for 30 days) a couple of years back and I remember then around Day 10, the evil, red-eyed cravings hit hard! I was irritable, had a headache and generally not a nice person to be around. Just ask my wife. ;)

Fast forward to a few days ago. I remember reading this question on an Internet forum: "what is the worst food for you that you can eat?" The most enlightened, and I think correct answer was, "it depends on the individual...whatever food you are drawn to eat in excess!" I cannot agree more...I've also heard the term, "food without brakes." I think we all have them. Mine, coincidentally enough is pizza. Also, a big plate of Indian food is hard to resist and not finish ("shrimp Masala, spice level 4 with Aloo Paratha please and thanks!) Not to mention going for Dim Sum, those shrimp dumplings are irresistible! My wife's food without brakes would be: chips, popcorn, and any plate of fried food that is put in front of her.

I definitely agree to acknowledge the cravings, don't hide or use "sheer will power," to try to circumvent them. Drink a bunch of water, have a piece of fruit do a little yoga. If all else fails, drop something heavy on your toe and the pain from that will distract you from any cravings. ;) (a little joke there!)

Food...always a struggle

Yesterday on the diet plan went "OK." The thing I struggle with is: I just don't live vegetables. I'm very sensitive to sulfurous compounds, and vegetables usually have a fairly high content of these. But yet, I do the best I can. I do love salads, but there is just so much lettuce one can eat in a day. Asparagus and green beans I actually like the most (especially grilled), chile and bell peppers are also good along with carrots and celery. I have the hardest time with broccoli and cauliflower (usually best for me in "riced or "pulverized" form). I feel that if all I ate were potatoes and corn as my "veggies" that would be "cheating" and not in the spirit of the plan.

With that being said, I love the workouts and have a nice lunch packed for today, and dinner will be ground turkey served with a bunch of stir fried veggies and a little rice.

Last night I made langoustinos served with sautéed zucchini, carrots and tomato sauce with just the right amount of pasta:

Day 7

Mass props to all of my teammates for a successful first week in the program!

Today I went shopping and bought everything (I hope) that will be needed for Week 1. Lots of veggies, some yogurt, meat, and some sparkling water (my beverage of choice).

I also skipped the 400 jump ropes in favor of a few laps on the stairs today. Given the fact that it was a beautiful Spring day in Cincinnati today, I felt it was only appropriate to seize the morning and get moving outside.


Day 3

I'm trying to not get too enthusiastic about the program. The workouts have been great, and I have even snuck in an extra "strength and conditioning" class at the YMCA this week. It is hard to not want to go overboard, but I realize the pitfalls of this: get into an unsustainable pattern and fall off. This is a marathon, not a sprint!

Same could be said about my diet. I've been eating smaller portions and healthier all week, even though it isn't mandatory.

But I feel great, and motivated. My wife is actually watching me and doing the exercises with me, so she has been great moral support!

In the spirit of full disclosure, and not to bash any other program: I've done the Paleo diet in the past, but found it unsistainable for my lifestyle. Same with "CF"...I saw some pretty impressive fitness improvements, but had some injuries along the way and didn't feel that is was sustainable.

I truly believe the secret to success is sustainability, something that becomes a positive habit, and allows us to evolve. Today's workout for me was evolutionary and 3 of the 4 jumprope sets were unbroken! I'm notoriously uncoordinated, and workout 1 was riddled with broken sets because of hitting my feet with the rope!

Keep up the good work!

Day 2

Yesterday was a bit of a challenge. Opening day here in Cincinnati is a big deal, and our company had a sponsored outing. Plus, my jumprope and push-up bars arrived today (not yesterday as planned). Not to be deterred, I did Day 1 and Day 2 workouts in one day today. I don't plan to make a habit of doubling up the workouts!

On the eating side, I managed to avoid nachos, popcorn yesterday and managed to stick to one hot dog at the game.

Day 1

So, this will be a fun adventure! It isn't like I am in terrible shape or anything. In fact, I participated in a stair climbing race a couple of months ago and placed 1st in my age group! But my diet lately has been less than stellar, and my overall strength-to-weight ratio has gone down considerably. I also work in a brewery, so I tend to have a couple of beers per day. And when it is more than a couple, it results in me making poor food choices. So I'm looking to cut way back on the beer, make smarter food choices, and keep up on the workouts. My goal it to get leaner and make sure I'm healthy now that I am 50!

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