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Last week's visit to Colorado was awesome as it usually is. Some great hiking early in the week, highlights include getting up over 13,000', seeing lots of fall color, and hitting the Colorado fitness testpiece (Manitou Incline) not once, but twice.


After that was beer judging for a few days, then the Great American Beer Festival last Thursday -> Saturday. No restraint was exercised...tried many beers and indulged in some of the local fare, my favorite of which is Colorado Pork Green Chili. Simply amazing. And oh yeah, we did win a silver medal for one of our beers, so that was worthy of a little extra celebration.

Back on track today with Day 1 of Kenzai Run. Threw in 30 minutes of cardio, weighted squats and push-ups with the BOSU for some extra fun, and finished with Kenzai 8MA.


Goals for this program: well, I am not much of a runner and cannot say that I enjoy running that much, but I'm always up for a challenge. I do have a 27k trail run planned for later this month as well as a Thanksgiving Day 10k that I would love to set a PR on. This is a great time of year to be running outside here in Cincinnati, so I will do my best to run outside as much as I can when the weather is good.

Here is to a solid 8 week of running with my Dnieper teammates!


All is well here in Colorado with lots of hiking, a little drinking, and an abundance of fun. Mission to destroy coworker accomplished on the Manitou Incline today, I beat him by 19 minutes (this was the same guy that wondered why it would take anyone so long to run less than a mile, he knows now!) but was off my own PR by 1:40. Not an excuse, but I warmed up with 6+ miles of hiking at 12,000’+ this AM. Another run up the incline tomorrow before I settle in to Denver for the beer competition and festival.





Got some hiking and coworker destroying to do this weekend and Great American Beer Fest next week, so 9 days of fun coming right up! I won’t be getting the miles or elevation of last month’s trip but still lots of activities planned over the next several days.


Another good one at Carter Fit AF this AM. Meatball slams and burpees always make me happy:


PS- it has been very warm the past few weeks, not much sign of trees changing their colors YET.

September 24, KRONOS!

Busted out a great super cycle all-body workout at One More Rep. I brought along Kronos for the jump rope part, almost all of the participants at least gave it a try. Mass props to the crew this AM!


Knocked out some workouts this week...3 HIIT classes between 1 More Rep and Carter Fit AF. 2 Kettlebell 2 workouts done and dusted as well. 2 8MA sessions...2 stair climbing sessions as well as a 5 mile run. Pretty happy with all that.

Diet was pretty good up until the rehearsal dinner on Thursday and stepdaughter's wedding on Saturday (yesterday). I'm really going to reel it in this week.

More of the same planned for this week: 4 HIIT classes Mon-> Thurs, a stair climbing session or two is also planned along with another 5 mile run planned (WTF has gotten into me?). Friday I head back out to Colorado...Friday-> Tuesday of the following week lots of hiking is planned and will do my best to ruin a coworker who thinks he can beat me on the Manitou Incline (good luck with that Jeff!) Wednesday-> Sunday next week will be mostly beer judging at the Great American Beer Fest and all of the festivities surrounding that event. Plan is to get morning runs in Wednesday-> Friday during the 'Fest and also get some KLife workouts in, we shall see how that all works out. Fall has not fallen yet in Cincinnati...very little color change to the trees and it has not rained in over 2 weeks. Not to mention the heat, 30 degrees C 20 out of 22 days this September, we are usually feeling a break by now but who knows if/when that will happen? No matter, we can't control it, therefore should not complain about it. Let us move on, shall we? But I am looking forward to a few cool breezes in the mountains, that is for sure!

Then when I return to Home Base®, Kenzai Run starts, I cannot wait?


Matt B worked his Jedi “magic,” and now Sharm and I will be on Run at the same time. Hopefully on the same team!

Let’s do this shall we?


Got a HIIT workout in at Carter Fit AF. Simple, yet effective. I threw a 100 pound Kettlebell on the Rogue sled just for fun and much to the amusement of Jimmy.

I wasn’t done...Carter Fit AF is right next to LOVELY Lunken airport field, around which is a 5-mile (mostly flat) loop. I haven’t run that loop since the Ranger Challenge concluded in April. My Garmin watch talks to my iPhone which in turn talks to me every 5 minutes, verbally announcing the average pace and heart rate. Pace started at about 8.5 minute miles and upping the pace a bit at every announcement. Last mile I busted ass and in fact just beat the 8 minute mile threshold. It hurt, but it was worth it! Maybe I don’t hate running quite as much as I think I do? 🏃 🤷🏼‍♂️


Diet last week was rubbish. Let's move on shall we.

Workouts were great. Bellz 2 Day24 workout on Monday, 1 More Rep gym on Tuesday, Nippert Stadium Stairs on Wednesday, Carter Fit AF Thursday, Bellz 2 Day 26 on Friday, Bellz 2 Day 27 on Saturday. Today was active recovery/power + yin yoga.

Next week should be another good one, although my stepdaughter is getting married on Saturday, 9/21. Rehersal dinner on Thursday, but I hope to navigate the dinner as well as wedding reception with some semblance of moderation.

On the workout front, got 1 More Rep planned for Monday and Tuesday, Carter Fit AF Thursday and Saturday, Bellz 2 Day 29 on Wednesday, Bellz 2 Day 30 on Sunday after some stairs. Bonuses this week will be biking to work one day, and a 5 mile run another day.

Already thinking ahead to programs...already signed up for T-shirt Blast to start on Oct 21. After that the holidaze, but I also signed up for the Stone Steps 27K trail run on October 27.

After the holidaze, will likely jump on Chisel in January. Got a full month long business and vacation planned to Australia and New Zealand in March, 2020 so that month will be a lost cause (will bring the rope and the bands, however). April, 2020 I would like to jump on either Iron or KB3, depending on what is offered. If it is both, I'm leaning more toward Iron. Then probably Beach Blast in July or August, 2020. Then October, 2020 if it is offered I may jump on Run (yes Matt, you heard it right!).

That's what happens when my mind wanders too much, thinking about what to do for next year already.

Carter Fit AF:

Last Saturday Jimmy challenged me to “take it up a notch,” so this was the result:


Not sure what you would call it but a burpee/knee capper/spidey push-up hybrid??

KB1 AT Intro Blog

Jess didn't specifically ask for this, but here is my intro, just in case anyone is curious.

I'm Jim. I work at a brewery in Cincinnati, OH as the Chief Science Officer. It is even more awesome than it sounds. Prior to getting into this industry, I worked in Big Pharma for 20 years up until 2010, which was significantly less than awesome.

I jumped on KB1 in April, 2017 because I could not stand how I looked...or felt. Long days in the brewery, little exercise + poor diet yielded the spiral of death that was hard to break out of.

KB1 was just what the doctor ordered. I was (still am) a very active person but the extra weight and sluggishness was holding me back. KB1 is great, it is a grind, there were days I hated it, but at the end, the results speak for themselves. Now I can do some of my favorite things (hike and climb in the mountains) at least as well if not better than I could back in 2010, which makes me very happy.

My favorite catch phrase is, "you get out of it what you put into it," and it is especially true for KB1. All of the things you are going through, your teammates will go through it also, not to mention myself and Jess. We have been there and we are here to help! Blogging and lots sleep are two of the more overlooked parts of this program...don't be afraid to do both to excess (this is coming from a confessed blogaholic).

I look forward to being your AT over the next 87 days (or so) so get after it and LETS DO THIS!!


Did a memorial stair climb this AM...54+ minutes on the Nippert stairs and pushed it pretty hard:



Bellz 2 workout Day 24 knocked out at Home Base®️ this AM. Afterward I stepped on the scale for the monthly weigh-in.

Not surprisingly, I dropped a little weight over the past month...2 pounds total, a pound of fat and a pound of muscle (supposedly, according to our scale).

The last weigh in was at the end of Beach Blast last month.

In other news: I signed up to do a trail run race called the Stone Steps. I haven’t done it before so starting with the 27K version:



Had to deal with both the literal and figurative hangover after having returned from 2 weeks of a very active vacation. The plan is/was to intersperse HIIT classes at One More Rep and Carter Fitness with Bellz 2 workouts. Since I returned home on Tuesday evening, I managed to get in Bellz 2 Day 22 and 23 workouts, a Carter Fit AF workout, a stair workout and a rest day.


There is a memorial stair climbing event on 9/11 that I plan to participate in this week also.

I'm planning to ride that wave for the next few weeks until September 27, when I make my way back out to Colorado for some mountain shenanigans (early) followed by the yearly pilgrimage to the Great American Beer Festival. I will once again be judging and participating in the festivities from October 1-6.

I fired up the Big Green Egg this evening and roasted a chicken, corn on the cob and some very seasonal Hatch chili peppers, delicious!

In other news, a fresh-face group of KB1 trainees starts up today/tomorrow, so the AT hat is firmly back on my head.

Lastly, I want to wish my brother-in-law Jonathan S a very happy birthday today. He kicked ass out in Colorado last week, I was very impressed by his physical and mental toughness. His sense of humor and willingness to be my drinking buddy were very appreciated after some long days in the mountains.

Our beer of choice in Colorado was this one, highly recommended:


I'm getting the diet dialed back in this week and relegating alcohol to the weekends.

Stay motivated my friends!


This pretty much sums it up although I did not track all of my pre-vacation workouts:

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