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Got an EXCELLENT workout at Carter Fit AF this AM. Ashley saw that I was breezing through it so she added some curveballs...just for me. I was honored...she suggested BJ burpees instead of jump squats and I was only too happy to take her up on it. Anyway, ended with some ab work and torso twists with the battle rope, new one for me and damn, that was a good one!

8MA streak at 5.



Have a great weekend everyone!

Taking care of business! 3/3 KLife workouts done, some Bellz work on the side, 4 day streak of 8MA.

Exercise of the day:


Got some HIIT queued up over the next few days and then GAME ON!!

Beach Blast! T-minus 7 days

I was looking for an inspiration for today's workout, so I looked up Kettlebell 1 Day 29 and it was just what the doctor ordered. Modified it:

8 minute jump rope warmup

Then 3 rounds of:

16 Chicken wing squat, 20 KB bell
16 deadlift with 2 x 16 KB Bell
1 min speed rope with Kronos
16 Figure 8, 20 KB bell
16 Kettlebell swings, 18 kg Bell
1 min speed rope with Kronos

Back felt a little tweaky on the last set of swings otherwise it would have gone 4 rounds

Did 8MA to finish things up, then stairs at lunch time today.


I'm ready to get this party started!


This week was a fairly good yet busy one. I worked over the holiday so no time off, but I love my job so it is not a lot like work!

Last Friday I hosted the Carter Fit AF folks at the brewery, gave them the full (not complete) tour and did not let them drink alone. This was after brewing a collab beer with the one and only Mitch Steele, former Brewmaster of Stone Brewing and current Brewmaster at New Realm Brewery in Atlanta, GA. A career highlight (for me, probably not for him!)

Sunday we had lunch with Aimee's daughter who will be getting married soon. Lunch was had at a place that I have always wanted to try, ‪Sichuan Chili‬. They provided us with two menus: the white (person) one and the red one. I was the only one brave enough to order from the red one, Sichuan Bo-Bo Shrimp was respectably garlic-y and spicy, it was delicious! Interestingly enough I was the only Caucasian at the table, most of the people attending lunch were were Filipina, save for the other male in attendance (fiance of my step-daughter) who is from Puerto Rico...interestingly enough when asked how spicy he wanted his dish on a scale of 1-6, he responded, "zero!"

Anyway, I digress. I tweaked my back last week, and it was aggravated when my wife slapped me on the ass Sunday, so I had taken a hiatus from HIIT training. This week was the 5x per week KLife workout along with some stair workouts in the heat, holy hell it was challenging, I had forgotten how challenging the KLife 5x per week was! The workout hits 3 muscle groups plus abs on Days 1, 2, 4, 5, with Day 3 being more of a "full body integration," and, "heavy on the abs," type of workout. I did Day 3 exercises in my preferred cycle format, also modified for some extra fun (as was this scissor-jack/spider push-up combo).


I also tried my hand at making a (non-kompliant) Detroit Style deep dish pizza on Thursday. It turned out good, but the crust was slightly overdone. Not sure if I will attempt again before Beach Blast ‪starts on the 15th.‬...probably not. It did go great with homemade Calamansi Margaritas that evening (recipe available upon request).

You know what that means, right? Deep dish pizza -> deep dish push-ups!


Next week I rein the diet in even more and get back to a mixture of HIIT and KLife 3x per week workouts in anticipation of Beach Blast.

Party on!

June 29, Happy Anniversary!

6 years ago today this little brewery called, "Rhinegeist," opened its doors for the very first time. In the next 6 months we would brew 2000 barrels of beer. We started with 5 employees.


Today we brew over 100,000 barrels annually, employ nearly 300 people, and distribute to 6 different states. Pretty good progress I do believe?


Anyway, got an ad-lib workout in this AM and threw this little combo exercise in for funsies:


Drinks will be had today, then on that wagon heading in to Blast in 2 weeks!


Visited my friends at 1 More Rep in their NEW space this AM. 1 mile away from Home Base®️ means they are now running distance. 🏃👍

My man Alex put us through the wringer today. I did execute the Kettlebell offset push-up on the handle of the bell...that makes it more fun/challenging for sure.

Daily challenge: after your workout try the cool-down he gave us:
1 Kettlebell swing and 7 burpees
2 swings, six burpees...
...progress/regress all the way to 7 swings 1 burpee. For time. Did it in 2:59, gym record is 2:36. Have some work to do!


Good to see some familiar faces there this AM...although I f-ed up the date that they are going to be at the brewery. No matter, I'll meet them there later this week for BJ Burpees on the rooftop!!


Well, Fish is on a no-booze streak and I am on a yes-booze streak (14 days to be exact). Yesterday was the Sun King Brewery 10th anniversary party and moderation was not exercised. Landmines next weekend as well as Rhinegeist will be celebrating their/our 6th anniversary. Time flies!

Some fellow workout folks from Carter Fit AF are stopping by the brewery for a beverage today, I can't let them drink alone?

Knocked out the Kettlebell 1 Day 13 workout. Again modded workouts to timed (1 minute on, 15 seconds transition ) and not reps. Also subbed burpees for butt-kickers. Rope jumping done with Zeus. Oy...good sweaty one today!

More of the same this week with those Kettlebell 1 exercises, but I'm going back to drinking on weekends (only), until Beach Blast starts in a few weeks, then no booze* for 28 days. Reigning in the diet as well.

June 21: I'm back!

Wow, what a trip! Too much to describe here, but I am writing a lengthy blog post for a new blog that I plan to start here shortly, "Travel More, Worry Less." Watch for it, and pictures over the next week!

The travel back from Iceland yesterday was relatively exciting...got a bus to KEF airport and they had a really efficient set-up where you could tag your own bags and check them there straight away. But for us low-lifes on United airlines in steerage class...not so much. Had to stand in line to check the bags with a real person while several priority members were checked in ahead of us. Total time in line: about an hour. Security line wasn't so bad, but TSA Pre-check does not exist in Iceland, therefore all liquids needed to be removed from the checked luggage, etc. Not a problem for me, but an issue for Aimee with all of her cosmetic products. Then through passport control then another security interview (where Aimee started answering some questions incorrectly, then I corrected her, then it degraded from there). Thinking leaving our AirBnB 4 hours before our flight was enough, but we ended up queuing up 5 minutes before boarding. Fortunately priority boarded, all settled in, flight to EWR was smooth and uneventful and we even had a whole row to ourselves.

Through EWR we took FULL advantage of Global Entry. It is the shit...through that in 5 minutes and got our bags, rechecked them. Aimee took off to visit her son in NYC for a few days while I continued on the flight to Cleveland. By the way, I noticed the "NJ Hall of Fame/Wall of Shame," and noticed that Fish is not on there, WTF?!

Flight delayed, but no worries, I arrived in CLE at 8:30 PM, got the luggage, snagged the car and drove 3.5 hours back to Home Base® Proceeded to decompress by watching Netflix and having a little bit of whiskey. In bed at 2 AM...up at 8.

This morning was clamoring for a workout, so ran with the Kettlebell 1 Day 12 workout, mirroring some friends who are on that programme at the moment. Modified it to make each exercise timed and not done as reps (1 minute exercise, 15 seconds between exercises, 3 full sets). I like that better than going for reps. Subbed band rows for one-arm row with kettlebell (30 seconds L/R). Finished with 8MA. I plan to shadow the Kettlebell 1 program with my dudes over there until Beach Blast starts on 7/15.

This weekend is a full one: off to Indianapolis today for, "Yoga on the Circle," an annual event to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Then tomorrow is Sun King Brewery's 10th anniversary party. (my former place of employment). Good people over there with whom I still am quite close.

The beat goes on!!

And more to follow after I “develop,” the film on the DSLR lol.

Having a blast but there will be damage control to do back at Home Base®️. But so be it!!



Headed over to One More Rep for one more workout before vacation. It was a doozy! Rainman may notice that the burpees preceded the BJs and not the other way around. Oof!

Driving to Cleveland tonight then our flight for Iceland departs tomorrow AM. 13 hour layover in lovely Newark, NJ so we will visit with Aimee’s son for a few hours then hit the lounge for a few beverages before our overnight flight to Reykjavik. I’ll post pictures on Instagram.


Birthday on June 1 came and went. I made smoked shrimp cakes with smoked paprika remounted, salad and corn. Delicious. The next day Aimee and I went to Sotto for our joint birthday dinner, some pastas, Branzino, salad, asparagus desserts were enjoyed by both of us. Aimee’s birthday was yesterday, and we went out for ice cream...free sundaes for both of us since it was close to our birthday.

Today I’m back to running things leaner and tighter. Workouts have been good during the weekend...kept it pretty mellow Monday but hit up some stairs yesterday and also went to Carter Fit AF today. Followed that up with Klife Day 3/5 since it is more of a, “body integration,” type of workouts (star jumps, pistons, crab cake walk and a fair amount to abs). I generally try to avoid doing strength training on the same days as HIIT, so it all worked well for the most part.

Our big summer trip is only a few days away. We are heading to Iceland on Sunday and we will be renting a camper van and circumnavigating the island for most of the trip. Looking forward to it!


This is NOT a picture of Home Base® (I wish it were) but a picture from my last hike in Boulder. The picture is of the First Flatiron...I have climbed it half a dozen times and plan take my brother-in-law (Jon-e) and his son Ethan up it in August. It is a relatively "easy," climb, just long, but also very fun.

After suffering a moderate post-travel hangover (both literally and figuratively) I'm back at the workouts without having missed a beat. I hit Carter Fit AF yesterday for some HIIT fun and this morning knocked off the KLife Day 1-3 workout. Warmed up with 12 minutes of Zeus (no trips) then 30 min stairmaster, then leg/shoulders/abs. Finished with 8MA and 20 minutes of yoga. I have to say that Aimee turned me on to this app called, "Down Dog," where you can adjust many parameters, and the app will guide you through a yoga practice. I set it up as a 20 minute intermediate practice with focus on hamstrings...it was great. Check it out:


I see many of my friends doing Chisel now getting toward the end....break through that wall and end at a full sprint! Same with the Beach Blast group...you're killing it (especially Fish and Robin), just a few more daze!!

Lastly, there are lots of landmines for me to navigate this weekend. I turn the 53 on Saturday and Aimee and I have a birthday dinner date planned for Sunday night. I guarantee it will NOT be Kompliant!


End of Week 1





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