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Jim Matt's Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready program, Beach Ready | Jul 15, starts in 29 days.

Day 90 workout done at Home Base®️ this AM. Here is the rapid fire version:


And WTF, we have to count jump rope reps? Banged out 1000 with Kronos in 7:42.

Got over to Sweat Training for a 30 min bonus HIIT. Box jumps, kettlebell swings, walking plank push-ups, etc. At the end of class the ladies asked if I could do the box jumps on the highest (30”) height. Challenge accepted...which then degraded into both variants of BJ Burpees (box jump and broad jump burpees).

I got out of there before it turned ugly, but it was a nice cherry 🍒 to put on top of the 90 day KB2 sundae!

Did someone say, “sundae?” 🍨

Graduation post to follow!


A lovely day for a workout at the BEAUTIFUL Duck Creek Y:

✔️ 20 min 1/4 pound Infinity Crossrope, 0 trips
✔️ Started each cycle with 1 min of Kronos (157, 158, 163*)
✔️ The rest of the cycles were done with some mods demonstrated on my IG feed:


✔️Plutonium food AVOIDED!

I have a little yoga planned for aprés-lunch today...free class at the brewery every Friday.

And my Jedi powers have allowed me to see the super secret Day 90 workout in advance. No spoilers except to say you will LOVE IT!

Punch that clock Team Aspen!

Like Lynn, I had a great workout this AM. Back to the Duck Creek Y for:

✔️ 20 min 1/4 pound Infinity Crossrope, 2 trips 🤬
✔️ Started each cycle with 1 min of Kronos (151, 158*, 157)
✔️ Rest of the cycles done as RX
✔️ A set of pommel horse/push-up/dips to finish


Energized, enlightened and eager!

What does everyone have saved for their celebration? I have some wine and pizza calling my name on Day 91.


Short on time this AM but all is well:

✔ 20 min with the Buff rope this AM (2 trips). Worked out at Home Base® for a nice little change of venue (also to save time)
✔ Day 87 workout done as RX.
✔ +1 challenge: 31 deadlifts with 2 x 16 kg kettlebells

No shortage of energy this AM however...

Nothing more, nothing less, nice little Wednesday!

I'll keep it brief:

✔ 20 min jump rope with 1/4 pound Crossrope Infinity. 2 trips :(

Cycle workout (x3):

✔ 1 min Kronos "speed," rope (150, 148, 149)

✔ The remainder done as RX.

Punch the clock! I felt sluggish this AM, like I was working out in quicksand. No matter, it still counts.

I love the cycle workouts! I found this morning's workout to go by faster than the workouts of the past few weeks. Modified today's workout for a little more challenge:

✔ 20 minute jump rope with 1/4 pound Infinity rope (one trip, several near-trips)

Then the cycle workout as follow, 3 cycles of:

✔ 1 minute Kronos speed rope (151 jumps, 122 jumps (2 trips, damn!) 152 jumps)
✔ the rest done as RX except a kettlebell added to the mini-squat (forgot to include the sneak in the IG video...LOL)


How is everyone feeling this week? Full of energy I hope?!

Really had some fire under me today so took advantage of it:

✔ Weekly shopping
✔ 1 hour on the Stairmaster
✔ Extra exercises done in "cycle fashion," 16 scissor jacks on the BOSU, 12 resistance uppercuts (heavy band), 12 scoop push-ups then as a bonus 12 kettlebell swings with a 40 pound bell. 4 rounds of all of that
✔ Kenzai 8MA thrown in for good measure


Last week was very busy, challenging and a little stressful. I seemed to be 1/2-1 tick off on the diet, eating the right things at the wrong time, wrong things at the right time, etc. Have AMAYW everything for lunch and dinner and didn't bother to weigh it much. Had a beer after our MBAA meeting last night, didn't eat the crappy food they provided (I had yogurt and fruit that I had brought along). Exercises were all spot on, 100% plus plenty of extras. Jump rope streak is history but got a new PR with Kronos

Today I'm running lean and tight on the diet, weighed out the AWAYW so as to not overdo it, keeping the carb grams smaller later in the day, and plan to run it that way all week.

Ready for the final sprint to the finish!

Quick update, I am hosting a meeting here at the brewery so this will be short and sweet:

✔ 20 minutes jump rope with 1/4 pound Infinity, one trip at 14:43, no trip streak is over at 160 min 43 sec!
✔ 3 min with Kronos, 424 jumps (a new track record, previous 419). Getting tough!
✔ The rest of the Day 83 workout done as RX, more of less. Pushups done on a set of tall kettlebells so was able to go a little deeper on them.
✔ +1 Challenge: 27 deadlifts done with a 115 pound barbell




So during this program I have (almost) worn out a jump rope and worn through a pair of shoes. The subject of shoes and jumping rope came up with another trainee, and I did a bunch of research and decided on a new pair of Nike Metcon Flyknits:


So far so good, breaking them in a bit but they are GREAT for jumping rope...no excess tread, lightweight, supportive and fairly comfortable. I can jump rope almost totally flat footed to take some pressure off of the Achilles tendon and other lower leg connective tissues.

Day 82 workout checks:

20 min unbroken with Crossrope 1/4 pound: ✔
3 bonus minutes with Kronos: ✔
Day 82 workout: ✔ (added some weight to the tricep dips)
+1 Challenge: 26 deadlifts with 2 x 16 kg dumbbells: ✔

Cumulative minutes with no-trip on the jump rope: 146 (187 was the previous PR). Managed 419 jumps in 3 min with Kronos today, a new PR (previous PR was 416 in 3 min).

If you look carefully in the lat swing GIF, you can see my very dedicated friend back there on her elliptical trainer (at that point I think we were 2 of only 4 people in the whole Duck Creek Y). She is there every day before I arrive, and is usually still at it by the time I leave.

One more day in the books, have a great weekend!


I hear some footsteps behind me, so I plan not to turn around to see who is on my heels (I think you all know who it is).

I got some bonus exercises in yesterday:

✔5 laps of stairs on the lovely Main-Mulberry Hillside staircase:



✔ Deep dish pizza pushups at work, just because

Then today:

✔ 20 min jump rope with the Infinity 1/4 pound (unbroken). Gave Zeus a rest day, he looked a little ragged. Cumulative no-trip streak at 123 min

✔ The rest of the Day 81 workout done as RX, more or less

✔ Bonus challenge exercise today courtesy of Matt B: clockface plank/pushup combo with feet/legs staying (relatively) stationary


✔ +1 Challenge: 25 deadlifts with 2 x 16 kg kettlebells

That's all I got!


10 days to go my friends, don’t let up, no trotting to the finish line like one of your Aspen teammates seems to want to do. (I won’t call him out by name).

20 min unbroken with Zeus: ✔️

3 bonus minutes with Kronos (new PR of 416 skips in 3 min): ✔️

103 cumulative minutes of jumping rope with no trip: ✔️

The rest of Day 80 workout: ✔️

+1 Challenge, 24 deadlifts with a 85 pound barbell today: ✔️

Diet: ✔️

Ready for anything, I hope?

Looks like Zeus is a bit worse for wear, I wore out his outer coating?!

Charge on!! Sprint to that finish line!!



20 minutes unbroken with Zeus ✔️ (no trip streak at 80 min)

Day 79 workout: ✔️

+1 Challenge: 23 deadlifts ✔️

Lunch and snacks packed: ✔️

Busy day ahead ✔️✅❗️


20 unbroken minutes with Zeus this AM: ✔️ (No trip streak back up to 60 min)
Day 78 workout done: ✔️
+1 challenge (22 deadlifts with kettlebells): ✔️

Those shoulders were burning by the end of the last set of DaVincis for sure.

Just punching the clock! Hope you all had a great start to Week 12 Team Aspen!

No losing steam here Team Aspen. I didn't post a blog the past few days, but workouts have been on point +1 challenge is still rollong along, 40 minute streak of jump rope with no trips is going strong. And the diet, well, it is hard to get all of those pesky grams in. Doing my best!

Today I got over to do a, "Row and Roll," class which is a good (tough) rowing workout followed by foam rolling. It was both needed and welcome. Back to Home Base® for the +1 challenge (21 deadlifts with said 2 x 16 kg kettlebells). Finished with 8MA and some stretching, then a bath.

Grocery shopping is all done, blogs all caught up from the trainees...all I have to do is send out some laggard emails then that should do it for today.

Week 12 starts tomorrow, and that is the last full week of the program. Keep the diets on point and the workouts intense!


I know many of us have a routine in the morning, for me it is: espresso, freshen up, pre-workout snack, then (usually) off to the Duck Creek Y for the workout. I have a parking spot that I like to park in, far away from other cars. Walking from my car into the building is often like a walking meditation, I can focus on thoughts and feelings before starting the workout. I grab (usually) the same locker, get the earbuds turned on and synced with my Pandora playlist and then head off to the little corner of the gym that is (usually) unoccupied and get the 20 minutes of jump rope in. I see many of the same people at the Y...in fact, there is a woman who is there EVERY day...she arrives way before I do (I usually arrive between 5:50 and 6:15) and she is still doing her thing by the time I leave, sometimes as late as 8:30. All I see her do it the elliptical trainer, sometimes I will see her finish and jump off and stretch. She is a model of dedication....in the 5 years I have been going, I have only not seen her there on a weekday once...and I asked the front desk and they said she had already come and gone for the day. You can actually see her working away in the background in today's Instagram post, link below.

Anyway, my "routine," was definitely disrupted this AM. "My," locker was taken, "my" little corner of the gym was occupied by some guy I have never seen, and he was jumping rope (which is also unusual). I then had a "moment,"....LET IT GO! The ego can be a powerful force, so I ended up doing some active warm-up stretching and some pullups. Sure enough, the guy finished up in short order and I jumped in that little corner of the gym that is not in fact "mine."

20 minutes with Zeus this AM, but tripped 3:00 in...oh well, maybe that was superstition?

Some of the exercises I prefer to do in the group fitness studio, which is vacant from 7-8 AM. Alas, there was a group of 3 people sprawled out all over that room with their gear doing circuit training...not a sponsored YMCA class. I've seen them before and they have sprawled out before while I was doing Chisel late last year, so we had to come up with a way to peacefully co-exist. :)

The point is that sometimes it is good to get out of our comfort zone...it kind of teaches us to focus on things that are REALLY important, like health and family! It also encourages adaptability.

Modified the V-sits this morning...straight arms with the BOSU.


+1 Challenge also dusted: 18 deadlifts with 2 x 16kg dumbbells (NOT kettlebells this AM, broke the routine!)

Day 73 in the books, Team Aspen!

May 30th, 2019





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