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Jim Matt's Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready program, Beach Ready | Jul 15, starts in 28 days.

Day 73 knocked out at the Duck Creek Y. 20 minutes unbroken with Zeus, current no-trip streak at 40 min, all with Zeus. He is a killer on the shoulders and forearms but it adds the next level of challenge, and that is what these final 17 days are all about, right?

Exercise of the day, chest dips to a "deep burn," yeah, they are burning baby! šŸ”„


Speaking of challenge, all caught up on the +1 Challenge, 17 deadlifts done with 2 x 16 kg kettlebells this AM as well.


Last night I made one of our Kenzai staple meals for dinner. Cauliflower "rice," with a bunch of extra veggies (carrot, celery, water chestnuts, garlic, bell pepper), also wok sauteed ground turkey. Mix it all in a bowl with your favorite hot sauce and it is actually really good, and filling!

Day 72 workout knocked out this AM and the Duck Creek Y. 20 unbroken minutes, all with Zeus, and that was pretty challenging. I think I will try to string that streak out with Zeus and take the challenge level up a notch. +1 challenge: no time this AM, will get it in after work today.

The rest of the workout done as RX, but burpee push-ups for the half burpees and finished the set with one of Fish's favorite: Broad-Jump burpees!



Week 11 is upon us Team Aspen! New week, new challenges to face.

Last week was a good week personally. Diet was very good, got all of the workouts in save for yesterday. I was inspired by Cora's post, and decided to make it an active recovery day. Yoga in the morning, followed by a bath, followed by some summer vacation planning. Then cooking a chicken on the Big Green Egg last night, delicious!

I slotted yesterday's free cardio in this AM (45 minutes on the Stairmaster) followed by the Day 71 workout. 20 minutes with the 1/4 pound Infinity, one trip this morning. Made a few modifications on the exercises with some dumbbells/kettlebells thrown in here and there for some variety, which is the spice of life.

+1 challenge going strong, up to 15 deadlifts today with 2 x 16 kg kettlebells.

Last week's indulgence was relatively modest: we had lunch with one of our vendors which consisted of a personal size (8" diameter) thin crust pizza, and a kale Caesar style salad . It was delicious...I also had a couple of glasses of wine last night. Probably should not have but the stage is now set to run straight to the finish line.

I almost forgot to share my fairly, "kompliant," chili concept. First, pick your protein of choice (I used a combo of lean ground beef and ground bison), cook it in a skillet with some chili powder, drain and set aside.

In another skillet, I sauteed (used avocado oil spray to lightly coat the pan) 2 large zucchini (diced), 4 diced carrots, one diced bell pepper, one diced jalapeno pepper, one diced onion, 2 minced cloves of garlic, one can of salt-free diced tomatoes. Cook those down with 3 tbs chili powder for about 30 minutes until most of the water has been driven off. Weigh out the veggies and protein separately....you can also throw some pulverized cauliflower "rice," in there for some extra texture/veggie variety.

I also found a great relatively kompliant recipe for cornbread this weekend, so I had to try it. I didn't use any honey in the recipe...and I used sprouted wheat flour as well as a tbs of wheat gluten in the recipe to give the bread a little more structure. I also had to bake the bread for closer to 30 min than the 18-20 suggested by this recipe. I wouldn't have this every day, but it certainly doesn't have a lot of, "bad stuff," in it:


I weighed this bread out as my carb portion of the meal, but I suspect it is pretty protein rich as well. It was f-ing delicious to boot.

Next time I'll throw some corn kernels, diced jalapeno and some diced carrot in the mix just to make it more interesting and colorful.

Rock on Team Aspen!

Image from funnyasduck dot net


...eventually come to an end. 15:48 into this morning's jump rope I tripped. And just like that, the no-tripping streak ended after 187 minutes and 48 seconds of jumping rope with no trips.

Nevertheless got 20 minutes in with the 1/4 pound Infinity and 3 minutes with Kronos. Just for funsies, went for speed with Kronos...407 jumps in 3:00, average almost 136 jumps per minute, which is major progress from the day that Kronos arrived at Home BaseĀ®, when I could barely get a 1 minute set in and couldn't even crack 120 jumps.

I also made some mods to the Day 69 workout: with the clockface planks, held the plank position between sets (during the "rest" time) for extra fun. Same with the inverted V-sit, hold forearm planks between sets. Kathleen, you would love it. The rest of the workout done as RX.

As promised, I put together a little amateur video showing alternates/mods to the side sit-ups for those interested:


Doing a Kenzai kompliant version of chili today, watch for pics tomorrow!

3. More. Weeks.


I had an old training buddy by the name of Aaron Hubbell (yes, THE Aaron Hubbell). Aaron was/is a pro bike racer, and overall very fit and could do things, "off the couch," (and beat us) in events that we would train all year for. In fact, to motivate us occasionally he would say, "my warmup is your workout!" or on days where he was really punchy, "my REST DAY is your workout!" I miss that guy...he moved away to New Hampshire a few years back.

Anyway, I think my teammates were rather amused by my, "punching of the clock," yesterday, so I decided to use some extra energy this AM and got the pre-workout in at Carter Fitness. This white board doesn't tell the whole story however, some, "sprint-burpees," were added at the end of the cycles on the board just for extra fun and expletives.

Then off to the Duck Creek Y all warmed up...20 minutes with the Crossrope 1/4 pounder again unbroken so the no-trip streak is up to 172 minutes.

The rest of the Day 68 workout went as RX, except for all of you who commented on my burpees yesterday, a bonus set of the elusive BJ burpees just for y'all.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Jump rope streak is still going, 20 unbroken minutes with the Crossrope 1/4 pounder followed by 3 unbroken with Kronos. Cumulative minutes of jump rope without a trip now at 152. No pressure, all is well, right?

The rest of the workout done pretty much as RX but burpee push-ups instead of half burpees.

Punching the clock and grinding along!


All is well, the streak is still alive and well thank you very much! 20 unbroken minutes with 1/4 lb Crossrope, followed by 3 unbroken minutes with Kronos. (total cumulative no-trip streak at 129 minutes) Then today's workout pretty much as RX. Turbines return, I admist that I may be actually starting to like them?

Since it was such a nice pre-spring day here in Cincinnati, got 6 laps in on my favorite staircase today as well. I managed 10 deadlifts with 2 x 16 kg kettlebells to fulfill the +1 challenge after work. Punching the clock, more or less. It was a satisfying and active day and NO sign of Grok today!


Picked up some delicious purple sweet potatoes to add some color to the diet. Bison burgers and grilled asparagus were all cooked to perfection on the Big Green Egg for a lovely dinner this evening.

Rock on Team Aspen!


Workout done at the Duck Creek Y this AM...20 minute jump rope unbroken with the Crossrope Infinity 1/4 lb...still no trips...cumulative total now at 106 minutes. The hands are getting a little numb while jumping, so the grip may give way before I trip?


Also, focused on unassisted narrow pullups this morning, got in sets of 8, 8, 8, 8, and 6. Gearing up for that Ranger Challenge!

Also, if anyone is interested in joining the Ranger Challenge starting April 8 (anyone that I haven't reached out to already), send me an email an jim at kenzai dot com and I'll get you on the list. 4 weeks....running and bodyweight exercises. No formal groups, diet is totally on you, hit me up if interested or you need more info.

Finally, someone posted a picture after we received a medal for one of our beers in 2016. Painful to look at at the time but a firm reminder of what Kenzai can do!


Yesterday (Day 63) I decided to do an active recovery day because the body was just plain TIRED and I was feeling in a bit of an energy well. Got the 7 deadlifts in and some light stretching. Nothing else on the exercise front but I did do a copious amount of grocery shopping, prepping and cooking yesterday. Time well spent I do believe!

Then this morning at the Duck Creek Y got yesterday's free cardio in (40 min Stairmaster)...headphones had a dead battery so I recharged them during the cardio session (weird doing it without music but it was actually kind of ok?) Banged out all of the full body exercises from Day 63 (scissor jumps with the BOSU, resistance uppercut and the scoop push-ups) then started the Day 64 workout. 20 minutes with the Crossrope 1/4 pound Infinity, unbroken. No-trip streak now up to 86 minutes (Crossrope 4 x 20 min, Kronos 2 x 3 min). The pressure is on now!

And HQ must be getting a laugh out of giving us both V-sits and inverted V-sits, now that was fun!

Lastly, I was caught red-handed having a beer Saturday evening. A buddy of mine who has cancer was passing through town and I wanted to make sure that he was happy by having a beer with him.


All is well my Team Aspen mates. The lesson today was pretty timely, I've been feeling like I've had my head down and plowing through the program this week (but still being interactive with my teammates and trainees of course). Diet has been WAY better than last week (except for some missed grams and a couple of minor off-piste transgressions). My diet has copious AMAYW these days and just trying to: 1. get the grams in but keep it realistic (not go overboard) 2. keep the grams CLEAN and 3. plan ahead and keep the fridge stocked!

Workouts have been SPOT ON all week, feeling relatively energetic. Although I do have a confession to make: I have a serious jump rope problem. I purchased yet another one this week and got it in the rotation on Thursday. It is the Crossrope Infinity 1/4 pound...a bit heavier and thicker than the RX Smart Gear Buff, but a bit lighter than Zeus. (picture is of the 1/4 pound Infinity next to Kronos). Well...I have a new streak going with this rope, now up to 60 untripped minutes with this lovely piece (3 x 20 minutes). Also have gotten 2 x 3 minutes (no trips) in with Kronos to wrap up the workouts yesterday and today (before the stretches). I think this is the MO going forward: keep the streak alive and go for 20 minutes each day with the 1/4# Infinity then finish up with a dessert of 3 (progressing to 4) minutes with Kronos. :)

I felt quite energetic after 10 hours of sleep last night, so after the Day 62 workout at the LOVELY Duck Creek Y I hit a HIIT gym close to Home BaseĀ®ļø called, "Sweat Training." It does live up to its name for sure. 10 stations, 1 minute per station, 2 full circuits. Some familiar exercises in there, but a new one for me was the static lunge/one arm kettlebell swing combo...simply delightful!


Deadlifts for the +1 challenge have been progressing, up to 6 reps today with 2 x 16kg kettlebells. This is going to get challenging quickly.

Devising a "dealer's choice," plan for tomorrow, cardio, kettlebells and some Chisel movements to put the finishing touches on Week 9.

Lastly, every good story or movie has a beginning, a middle and an end. No one remembers the stories that have great beginnings and middles with shitty endings... the same thing can be said with Kenzai programs. I'm planning to get everything locked up even tighter for the final 4 week push and plan to end with a crescendo and not a whimper. Who is with me?


I just could not resist an unplanned indulgence yesterday. I received an email from my massage therapist and there was a last minute cancellation so I got a 60 minute massage in at a discount yesterday. Totally needed and worth it!

Day 59 workout knocked out at Home BaseĀ® this AM. Jump rope done with the crappy lightweight rope as that works better in the basement. Got most of the workout done before the 7 AM trainer's meeting, finished up with abs and stretching post-meeting. Master Ward was looking particularly chipper this morning. Challenge workout also done, deadlift with 2- 16 kg kettlebells, 3 reps.

Got lunch all packed and it will be a long day at work today so even a light/emergency dinner was packed to keep Grok at bay. Lunch is left over chicken (grilled on the Big Green Egg) with lettuce, carrots a sauce of avocado, lime juice, chipotle mustard, chili pepper, and cucumber. Wrapped in a tortilla and very kompliant.

Rock and roll!


Grams have ticked up a hair again, I was grateful for the lesson this morning because there is a VAST difference between my KB1 and KB2 diet. During Week 9 on KB1 for example I was at AMAYW veggies and 100g of protein at dinner. On KB2 for dinner week 9 I am at AMAYW veggies, AMAYW protein and 180 g of carbs(!). I find that I am having a hard time eating it all, but doing my best!

Jumped on the scale yesterday and am down to about the same weight as the end of KB1, when I was at my lightest. Body composition....body fat% has stayed stable or gone up a bit but overall fat mass has gone down. Seems like I have lost a little muscle as well which I am totally OK with. I don't want to lose any more weight though, so doing my absolute best to stick to the grams!!

Finally, Robin has thrown down the +1 challenge, read all about it here:


My choice of exercise is simple, yet effective: deadlift. My heaviest kettlebell is 25 kg, so doing the deadlift with it. 1 rep yesterday, 2 reps tomorrow...etc...all the way to 34 reps on Day 90 (April 6). No misses, no excuses, no doubling up for lost days. Who is joining in?


Week 8 is now squarely in the rear view mirror, and what a week it was.

The challenges I can stay stemmed from one event (or lack of event): I did not do much grocery shopping last Sunday. Therefore, I started off at the beginning of the week behind, and I would sprint to try to catch up, only to lose energy then fall behind again. I must note I am referring to the diet...exercises were 7/7 and a few extras thrown in to boot (also probably not wise).

Lesson learned: get that food shopping and prep done! Just do it!

So today was a good day as I hit the grocery store first thing. The cashier checking me out heard the abridged version of my plight, she gave me some flowers as well as a hug. Now if that doesn't turn things around then nothing will!

I came home with the flowers and gave them to my wife, looking like the hero but confessing that they were given to me, so I then gave (regifted) them to her. She was not amused.

So today I made up a workout and got it in at the STUNNING Central Parkway YMCA. It was a good one, see attached pic.

I then fired up the Big Green Egg and grilled some lamb chops and green beans, and roasted some potato wedges in the oven.

Week 9 is looking good, may Grok stay far away and may Team Aspen (and sister teams Holly, Spruce and Elm) not just survive but thrive!

Bring on Week 9!!



Kept Grok at bay yesterday and so far today despite it being, "donut Friday," here at the brewery. No real temptation at all for me, give me my yogurt and fruit please and thanks!

I took a trip over to Carter Fit AF this AM, (a great HIIT gym). Got a 30 min workout in there before doing the Day 53 workout. Man, the HIIT fitness has taken a bit of a hit, but it was a nice change of pace! LONG workout this AM as well.

Over at the Duck Creek Y after Carter, did 10 min with the Buff rope followed by 10 minutes with Zeus. Tripped at 3:00 in so no trip streak over at 25 minutes. (Best so far: 44 min). Again, crab walks after many sets of triceps is not funny! And the dreaded turbines...AGAIN. Mixed it up with different angles on that one this morning to break up the monotony.

Have a great and Grok-free weekend everyone!


OK, so yesterday was a very wonky, weird day. Got the workout in in the morning along with bonus cardio, full body exercises, the whole 9 yards. Plenty of trips and cursing with the rope after the 42 minute unbroken streak from the prior two days. I felt sore, cranky and hungry most of the day. Yogurt and fruit at 10 AM, lunch (kompliant leftover ground turkey and broccoli "rice,") at 1 PM. Grok reared his ugly head shortly after, had cravings for all kinds of unhealthy things the rest of the afternoon. Got home and had a salad then grilled some fish(!) (red snapper to be specific) had some roasted corn, all seemed well with the world. Settled in to catch up on the blogs, sent a few emails, but was still a little wound up from the long and busy day so had a glass of the dreaded vino (an Oregon Pinot Noir to be specific). Mind you, we have no small glasses at Home BaseĀ®, I'll leave it at that. As my ole' buddy Dermot would say, "I was involved in a bit of an internal kerfuffle and the end result was dreadful!"

This morning I felt much less sore, tired and cranky so made it over to the LOVELY Duck Creek Y and busted out the jump rope. 13 minutes with Buff, 7 minutes with Zeus and 2 minutes with Kronos (265 jumps in 2 min), no trips. Only stopped briefly to change ropes. Day 53 workout seemed less challenging, shorter, generally less annoying, and dare I say, even more fun? I threw a 10 kg kettlebell in with the mini-squats to make it a mini-goblet squat just for funsies. Then I tried to do a set on the Bosu with the kettlebell....FAIL. (see the GIF on how shaky/wobbly it was). The inverted V-sits followed by the standard v-sits were just plain sadistic, thanks HQ!

I see now what happened yesterday....too much activity and too few calories conspired to let Grok out of the dungeon. I won't make that mistake again. Live and learn, Team Aspen!

May 30th, 2019





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