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It was a great trip to the mountains for 2 weeks. Highlights include:

- Summiting the Grand Teton via Upper Exum Ridge with friends Ed and Jason
- Summiting Mount Elbert with Jon-e and Ethan (his son/my nephew), at 14,440’ above sea level, the second highest mountain in the Continental US.
- Climbing Batman and Robin, a 3 pitch 5.6 route at Lumpy Ridge in Colorado. Ethan and Jon-e’s first outdoor rock and multi-pitch experience.
- eating and drinking well without going off the rails too much
- new PR on the brutal Manitou Incline
- 80+ miles and 24,000’ vertical gained (and lost) via hiking and climbing

I took the morning off from working out but plan some Bellz 2 work this afternoon.

No doubt a very successful, “guys trip,” although I did have the chance to hike with long time friend and hiking buddy Anh who lives in Boulder.

August 28, a new PR:

Beat my old time by 1:03 on the Colorado fitness testpiece, the Manitou Incline:



My two buddies Ed and Jason and I summited the Grand Teton on Friday, 8/23. This was no easy undertaking. It involves hiking 7.5 miles with 5300’ vertical elevation gain with an 18-22 kg backpack. Then setting up camp in windy conditions, waking at 4:30 the next morning and undertaking scrambling and technical rock climbing for another 2000’ vertical. It was crowded, windy, weather was variable but it held and we summited! The smiles of my partners are all the reward I wanted/needed not to mention some shenanigans at the summit.

After returning to camp my one partner Jason was feeling ragged, so we camped another night to let him rest. Just the ticket. He was all smiles the next day so we hiked down the 7.5 miles and 5300’ vertical with our heavy packs. Beers and high 5s all the way around that evening!

Today for me it was a rest day, 6 mile hike around Jenny Lake. Headed to Colorado later today for the next chapter of the story...




August 22 game time!

Headed up to climb the Upper Exum Ridge on the Grand Teton today/tomorrow. It is the tallest peak on the left and the route follows the ridge from lower left to the summit on the upper right. I’m ready!

August 19, tapering:

Workout at Carter fit AF this AM, followed by an hour of stairs, then 8MA. Last big workout before hitting the mountains. Locked and loaded!’



Jam packed weekend with lots of working out, packing, and oh by the way, celebrating out 5th wedding anniversary on Saturday, 8/17. We got married in Hawaii in 2014, it was a fabulous time, check out the memories of a magical week:


We celebrated by going to our favorite restaurant here in town, Sotto. The last time we went the service disappointed, but the food never does. After a few direct communications with their management, we were back last night for a PERFECT dinner, food and service were stellar. No regrets, no complaints!



And oh yes, we did indulge in the Bistecca Fiorentina, but we came no where close to finishing it!

Today back at it with stadium stairs to the max, followed by yoga.


Just 2 more days until the trip to the mountains commences! Bring it!!


Another double workout day. This AM headed over to Carter Fit AF for a partner workout. Box Jumps and burpees were separated, I prefer them to be together as BJ burpees, especially with a partner, so we add libbed a bit and it was satisfying!


At noon, cranked out a Bellz inspired workout at the LOVELY Central Parkway Y.


T-minus 4 days until the mountains!

Knocked out a simple HIIT workout at Carter Fit AF this AM. For some reason, whenever I appear at Carter Fit AF or 1 More Rep, I get a few eye-rolls from some of the regulars. Today I got the eye-roll followed by the, "I guess I will not be slacking this morning?"


Then at lunch time today I went over to the LOVELY Central Parkway/Downtown Cincinnati YMCA, where their bell game is strong (twins or more in sizes from 2 kg all the way up to 24 kg). Looking for a bellz workout, I chose Bellz 2 Day 29 (slightly modified) just for the fun of it.

Leaving for the mountains in 6 days so I have a few more double-workout days planned, then yoga the day I leave.

August 12: working it!

After a well earned and needed complete rest day yesterday, today I headed over to see my friends at 1 More Rep. Double workout for double the fun, 30 min of Versaclimber followed by HIIT that included some Bellz...Yes! Haven’t done the Turkish coffee get-ups since Bellz 2, managed them with the 8 kg bell, alternating bell swings and one arm overhead presses with the 16 kg bell and lawnmowers and goblet squats with the big 24 kg bell. Definitely feeling worked from that one.

One week until I am off to the mountains! ⛰


Blast Beach Ready Final Post 

We did it Team Avila! 28 days of intense workouts, lean diet (never saw any AMAYW on my diet, and Chen ran me carb-free for dinner most of the time). We laughed, we cried, we conquered and we SLEPT....hopefully!

Got to say I really enjoyed the program. Probably my #3 behind Chisel and Bellz 2. The workouts were intense but relatively snappy. I was definitely feeling heavy in the legs and in the brain pretty much the whole time. Like hanging on for dear life, but that is what happens when you fly close to the sun like this.

As for results: very surprising actually. I compiled some numbers since we purchased a fancy scale that is supposed to track body mass, body fat, body muscle, etc. I don't believe the absolute numbers, but I do believe the trend. And the trend was stunning: I weigh more now (169.4 pounds) than I did at the end of KB2 (166.9 pounds) with a big BUT(T): muscle mass is up from 145.4 pounds to 149.8 pounds and fat mass is down from 14.7 to 12.6 pounds. So not only did I shed fat mass (expected) but gained a fair amount of muscle mass (totally unexpected). So for this reason, I have to say Beach Blast exceeded expectations.


Most of all I feel great except for needing an extended nap! I felt like I ran the diet pretty lean, missed some grams here and there and the no alcohol streak fell apart during the final week. But I feel like I got out of it more than I put into it on the diet front, so a win nevertheless. Not too bad for being in, "summer mode."

What's next? A week of kettlebell and HIIT workouts then off to the mountains in 8 days. Was toying with the idea of doing Reboot in September...not sure I will go that route because I want to keep the intensity level high. At the end of September I'm back out to Colorado for mountain shenanigans and Great American Beer Fest. Definitely going to sign up for T-shirt Blast in October, who is with me?

Thanks to Patrick for developing this program, it works! And Nate Dawg our trainer, the strong and quiet voice that kept us going. To all my Avila teammates, great job and keep on crushing it!


I managed to get over to Nippert stadium for about a 30 minute, "warm-up," on the stairs before the big show started. I ran into Crossfit Masters Champion Marcia Yager, she is always good energy and a TOTAL badass! Compared to her, I’m a wuss!


Did a bunch of criss-cross action running on the field turf (inspired by Marcia, sans her weighted vest) and tackling those stairs with gusto:


Then I decided to do the Blast workout at the stadium. There were a bunch of other people there working out and doing their thang, so I was in good company:


No Kronos, no 8MA today, just fun at the stadium!

Graduation post with final thoughts to follow later.


Yesterday afternoon a couple of my coworkers wanted to do laps on the stairs with me. I lapped one dude on my fifth and final lap and I lapped the other dude twice. They may not ask me again? Great bonus cardio!


Today’s workout, nothing too crazy. Another 20 unbroken minutes with Zeus (now up to 60 cumulative unbroken). Plan shuffles, added a push-up. Added a minute of “speed mountain climbers,” at the end of the Blast session, then 1 minute all-out with Kronos, got 171 in a minute!


Then 75 minutes of yoga and ended with 8MA.

Diet was decent this week, may have “over-sampled,” beers this week at work. It is a tough job for sure!

My Jedi powers allow me to see tomorrow’s super secret workout. No spoilers but y’all will love it!


Not feeling as energetic as yesterday, but there was PLENTY of gas in the tank this AM!

Walked to the STUNNING Duck Creek Y for the second time in as many days. Day 26 workout busted out, fewer variations today:



I did get another 20 minutes of Zeus clean (up to 40 min untripped).

I managed 2 minutes with Kronos at the end of the Blast section. First minute got 166 reps in, second minute was a noticeable slowdown to 155 jumps. 321 total in 2 minutes.

Followed up with 8MA.

Two more workouts to go! Keep smashing it Team Avila!


For some reason, I have Mr. Rogers in my brain today. Yes I am fully aware that there is something wrong with me at times!

Just a fine, lovely day here today. Woke up at 5:15 feeling well rested and ready to take on any and all challenges or challengers!

Mixed it up a bit this AM and walked to the LOVELY Duck Creek Y. A mile each way, so a good way to warm-up/cool down. Hit 20 unbroken minutes with Zeus, then the Blast workout. Many variations today: bicycles on the BOSU, the 180 degree kettlebell handle push-ups with feet on the BOSU (still can't get 50 unbroken in on this one), salamanders on the BOSU, plank shuffles added on a push-up, added a pushup to the inchworms, added 1 minute of battle rope and 1 minute of KRONOS (157 in 1 min today) at the end of the Blast section, and generally just floored it today.




Hoping that energy carries on for the next 3 days neighbors!

Nothing too out-of-bounds this AM. Workout pretty much done as RX, added one minute of KRONOS at the end of the Blast section, got 165 in a minute, I’ll take it! Also scissor jumps on the BOSU.


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