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Jim Matt's Kenzai Blast: T-shirt Ready program, T-Shirt Ready | Oct 21 2019, starts in 57 days.


This is NOT a picture of Home Base® (I wish it were) but a picture from my last hike in Boulder. The picture is of the First Flatiron...I have climbed it half a dozen times and plan take my brother-in-law (Jon-e) and his son Ethan up it in August. It is a relatively "easy," climb, just long, but also very fun.

After suffering a moderate post-travel hangover (both literally and figuratively) I'm back at the workouts without having missed a beat. I hit Carter Fit AF yesterday for some HIIT fun and this morning knocked off the KLife Day 1-3 workout. Warmed up with 12 minutes of Zeus (no trips) then 30 min stairmaster, then leg/shoulders/abs. Finished with 8MA and 20 minutes of yoga. I have to say that Aimee turned me on to this app called, "Down Dog," where you can adjust many parameters, and the app will guide you through a yoga practice. I set it up as a 20 minute intermediate practice with focus on hamstrings...it was great. Check it out:


I see many of my friends doing Chisel now getting toward the end....break through that wall and end at a full sprint! Same with the Beach Blast group...you're killing it (especially Fish and Robin), just a few more daze!!

Lastly, there are lots of landmines for me to navigate this weekend. I turn the 53 on Saturday and Aimee and I have a birthday dinner date planned for Sunday night. I guarantee it will NOT be Kompliant!



I’ve been having an awesome time out in Colorado since Thursday, 5/24. Upon arriving, I immediately tackled the Colorado Fitness testpiece known as the Manitou Incline. Info below, results as compared to last September. Spoiler, beat my old time by over 7 minutes:




Then on 5/25 got a long hike near Boulder with good friend and host Don:


5/26 summited Hallett Peak with good friend Anh. Still winter up there!



Then today, I decided to let friendship and camaraderie take precedence over ego and vanity. Ran the Boulder Boulder 10K with Anh, she said she was slow but I would have rather run with her than by myself. Good fun!


Back to Home Base®️ tomorrow, sadly. I hope everyone is doing well, I’ll get back to the blogs shortly and catch up with y’all!

May 21:

3 full days in NYC and 3 full on HIIT workouts. Yesterday’s is a little confusing by the picture but summary was:

Cycle A was 45 sec on, 15 sec off, 4 rounds:

Bear crawl
Kettlebell clean/squat/press
Ski erg
Alternating med ball offset push-up

Then 4 rounds of Cycle B, again 45 sec on 15 sec off:

TRX mountain climber
Overhead med ball throw with lunge step
Versa Climber
Sand bag lift to shoulder with squat

Another good one. It will be a short transition back at Home Base®️ before heading out to Colorado for a long weekend.

And meeting Grand Master Ward was the icing on the perverbial cake, such a great dude!

May 20, surprise!

Look who I had breakfast with in NYC! Master Jedi Ward is a phenomenal dude. Good times for sure!

May 19: HAIL yes!

Another good HAIL workout at ICE NYC gym. Forgot the camera but here was the workout. The last block was a real ball-buster in more ways than one. Finished in 17:02 (first one in the gym to finish).

Off to Chinatown to grab some Dim Sum!

May 18th, Damn!

Hit up ICE NYC HIIT class now f-me that was a challenge! Props to my wife for toughing it out also. Lots of strong, fit, and good looking people (must have been 40+ people in the class) then there was old (probably the oldest one there) and slow me. We were split into groups of 5 and our group was in the top half of finishers, so at least there was that.

Got a potential SURPRISE to share with y’all Monday, stay tuned!

May 17

On my way to NYC...having vino in the airport lounge at the moment. As Fish would say: “winning,” but his no booze streak game is strong and I admire that.

I managed some bonus cardio stairs yesterday on a picture perfect spring day in the ‘Nati:


30 minutes of Stairmaster this AM plus KLife Day 3/3. Finished off with this gem of an exercise:


Roll with it!


Back here at Home Base® for a few days, I managed to get 2/3 of the KLife workouts in, with the 3rd queued up for tomorrow. Did 15 minutes of jump-rope for cardio (Crossrope 1/2 pounder) with 2 trips. Then decided to release KRONOS for 3 more minutes of intense fun.

Been keeping the diet a little leaner than last weekend with Mother's Day and food and family and beer and wine and....

Alas I digress. This weekend Aimee and I are headed to NYC to visit her son/my stepson who is graduating from Julliard like the boss that he is. We are planning on some good food and I am certain a little wine. Probably Dim Sum on Sunday, because WTF not?

We also have this fitness pass called ClassPass. It is great because you get a certain number of credits per month, and there are a plethora of gyms you can visit for anywhere between 3-6 credits. I've been using it for Carter FIT AF, One More Rep and Sweat Training HIIT gyms as well as yoga classes. Classpass also has a butt-load of gyms in NYC, so Aimee and I will likely hit up a couple of classes while we are there.

Lastly, I noticed Beach Blast is now available for future sign up, so I jumped on the program starting July 15. 2 months away, but I have a lot of travel between now and then and the timing will line up with no obstacles in sight which means NO EXCUSES, right?

I hope all of my friends on program are killing it like I know you can!

May 13

Back at Home Base®️ after a good weekend with family. Managed to spend some quality time with everyone, especially with my brother-in-law Jon-e. Did some yoga this AM...Klife workouts back on tap tomorrrow after a slightly indulgent weekend.


Got all 3 KLife workouts in last week (noticed that the Day 3/3 workout did not have a "start workout," button on the app so time to email tech support!). Friday morning I got some HIIT at Sweat Training, a short walk from Home Base®. Great workout, normal heart rate range, all was well.

I then made the epic drive from Home Base® to where my parent's live (Penfield, NY, a n eastern suburb of Rochester, NY). 501 mile drive done in 7:20. Smooth sailing. One stop for lunch at Mighty Taco in Buffalo, NY...legit. Then off to visit an old high school buddy who is the bar manager as Lost Borough Brewing...good beers and good to catch up with him and got to know the brewmaster.

Yesterday (5/11) had a whirlwind of a day. Up at 6 AM, off to the Penfield YMCA for a HIIT workout. Most of the moves were familiar, but was introduced to a new one: BJEWSJ!

After the workout off to Fairpour coffee house to meet up with Nate and Miranda Belle-Isle for coffee. Lots of K-talk, beer talk, wine talk, food talk, etc. Great people, I look forward to hanging with them again!

After that, shopping, prepping and cooked my Mom's favorite meal for Mother's Day (a day early). Steak Diane, twice-baked potatoes, and salad. Some vino, good times, and everyone seemed happy.

This morning I pieced together a workout that was part-Chizz, part Bellz and all challenging. Have a look-see:



Doing a grill-out for the extended family today, then back to Home Base® tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day, whether you celebrate it or not. :)

I had a good time on the second tour of duty through the Ranger Challenge. Set a lifetime PR in unbroken pull-ups with 20. The previous PR was 19 back in 2002 during my divorce when I was a scrawny 158 pound kid not eating or drinking a lot....look how sunken in my face was back then! Man oh man!


Anyway, I am not a runner, I don't really enjoy running, yet the Ranger Challenge came at the right place and the right time just like last year, and I enjoyed racing a "target," if you will. Something to do post-KB2 to prevent the dreaded, "hangover effect." I will admit that I did not follow the workouts perfectly to the letter. I felt the need to throw in KLife workouts on run days as well as 1-2 HIIT workouts on strength training days to keep things interesting. I like routine but I also like variety. At the end of it, I was pretty happy with the progress and lost little to no fitness from the end of KB2, even with a slightly loosey-goosey diet.

I've been on a program or challenge since early November (Chisel, KB2 and RC) with only a 2 week break over the late December holiday time and I have to admit, I am feeling a bit tired and in need of a spot of rest. Fortunately, a "rest" for me doesn't mean sitting on my ass and eating/drinking everything in sight! The plan is to keep with 3x Klife workout, stairs, running and some HIIT during the week.

But I keep wondering when the next program might fit in. I am traveling quite a bit between now and late June with trips to Rochester, NY (visiting my mom over Mother's Day), NYC (to visit mt step-son at Julliard), Colorado (to run the Boulder Boulder 10k) and finally Iceland on vacation June 9-20. It would be GREAT to jump on a blast program in early July as all of July and the first 3 weeks of August are wide open for me (wishing a Bellz 2 program was available to start on July 8, or Chisel, or...)

The inevitable anxiety of, "what is next," looms over me, so it is time to buckle up and get it done, structure or not!

To my friends on Blast Beach Ready and Chisel right now, CRUSH IT!!


Strength exercises DONE...

Day 1: pull-ups (18), push-ups (53), sit-ups (73)
Day 28: pull-ups (20), push-ups (56) sit-ups (83)

Day 1 5 mile run was at 43:22

I was planning to do the run today but the famous Flying Pig Marathon (and half) was taking place, so roads to the LOVELY Lunken Airport Field loop were restricted, plus recent rain had part of the course a bit under water. No matter, the run is on deck first thing tomorrow morning. Feeling confident that I can break 40 min.

I'll check in tomorrow with y'all.

PS- Check out my new shirt for the Boulder Boulder 10K which I am signed up for on Memorial Day. Can't wait to run it!!


I did my first HIIT class since last week...it was a challenge but definitely felt good and was worth getting up at 5 AM.


Strength, stretching and 8MA at Home Base®️ made for an efficient workout.


Sorry for the radio silence the past few days, that is quite out-of character for me!

Sunday's Chicago trip was a whirlwind... 11 hours out-and back including stops at Pequod's pizza (the best deep dish pizza on the planet) and Binny's Beverage Depot to pick up a wine order. The wine cellar/arsenal is quite well stocked at the moment...DANGER.

Monday I hit up pull-ups, push-ups and crunches. No real progress since Day 1...I guess that is what happens when one sets the bar high on Day 1, also doing exercises after having eaten copious amounts of pizza the day before. But I do think there may be a little mental/physical sandbagging going on. I then slotted in a date with the stairs at a pretty good clip:


Today I shortened the distance run and decided to do this one for speed...pretty happy with the results:


Followed that one up with the KLife workout Day 1/3. More push-ups in that one, heavy chest and bicep day, OY!

We are starting to bring this challenge home Rangers, let's finish it with GUSTO!

End of Week 1





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