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Had some buddies visit yesterday, needless to say I had a beer with them. :(

Then this morning felt the NEED to sleep in. Got up at 6:30, that never happens during the week. Got my lunch packed and off to work.

I did get over to the BEAUTIFUL Central Parkway Y this afternoon and banged out the workout. A few mods and extras...finished the Blast segment with 1 min each of battle ropes, meatball slams and Kronos (got 160 skips in a minute with him today).


Tripped with Zeus once so:

8MA streak: 6 days

Workout done this AM, a few little changes here and there but mostly as RX. As promised, unleashed KRONOS after 20 untripped minutes with Zeus. 1 min of Kronos, 161 skips, not too bad!



Cumulative untripped Zeus minutes: 50
No alcohol (*): 5 days
8MA streak: 5 days

Feeling some impressive DOMS in the calves and quads today, time to break out the Recover foam roller later (thanks Pepper J!)


Got up early and hit the Nippert Stadium steps as a warm-up. They are much more of a sprint type activity than the Main-Mulberry hillside staircase close to work.



Then the Day 21 workout blasted at Home Base®️. Added a couple of 1 minute Blast exercises at the end with the lonely Bellz:


Then 8MA.

A good week overall. No tickets used, got all of the simple sets in unbroken except for one. Was pretty wrapped up in home projects yesterday, so by the time I got done it was nearly 8 PM. No desire to cook so I had a giant bowl of fruit salad and yogurt...definitely undergrammed but better than succumbing to the huge craving for wine and pizza last night!

Unbroken minutes with Zeus: 30 min (lots of alt-cardio this week)
No alcohol(*): 4 days. Minor infraction mid-week with company happy hour.
8MA: 4 days

“Only,” 1 week left but that is still 25% of the program. Don’t let up, this is a make it, fake it or break it kind of week so let’s sprint to the finish line, shall we Team Avila? I have lots of extras planned this week including RELEASING THE KRONOS! Stay tuned...

Knocked out the workout EARLY (for a weekend). Today's variation: outside mountain climbers with, you guessed it, the BOSU:


Short and sweet today. Simple set of 50 on this one was shaky at the end! Almost couldn’t do it unbroken.


8MA streak is done due to a stupid oversight by moi yesterday. I'm quite angry at myself. New streak started today.

Workout knocked-out this AM. Managed the 90 degree pushups with feet on the BOSU...50 reps clean/unbroken. Fooled around with some bonus renegade rows, definitely a work in progress.



Finished the Blast set with 1:00 of the battle ropes.

Speaking of BOSU, been using it quite a bit lately, even did some salamanders on the thing...TOUGH!

I also noticed today that BOSU and BONUS are similar words, how about that for useless info?

Rock on my friends!

So after my Sunday post I attended a house-warming party with my step-daughter and her fiance. She is Filipina, and he from Puerto Rico, so there was an interesting spread of food available. I eyeballed the protein grams, but no veggies in site so I had them after I got home. Not a perfect dietary experience, but I did avoid all the sweets.

Yesterday and today's workouts done in good fashion...max reps for everything, threw some pull-up sets in as well.

No alcohol(*) streak: 2 days (there may have been a sample consumed at the housewarming party)
No-trip streak with Zeus: 40 min
8MA: 23 days
Simple set streak: BROKEN yesterday. I modified the 180 degree push-ups doing them on the handles of Kettlebells and my feet on the BOSU. Back gave out and I came crashing down after 42 reps. Got 50 reps in of narrow push-ups today.

Should be clear sailing this week, no external plans, no parties and no fun!

Sorry for the recent radio silence, it has been a brutally busy week here. All is well however! Been getting the workouts in, diet (especially later in the week) has been on point. The legs definitely have been feeling a little, "heavy," lately, we are certainly working them hard!

Planning to ramp things up a bit more, even by Beach Ready standards. Going for max reps on everything, minimizing "rest," time between Blast exercises, adding weight to leg exercises when appropriate, adding 3 sets of 10-12 pull-ups to add some upper back/bicep work into the mix, adding the BOSU in to certain exercises to increase the, "fun factor."


Streak status:

No-trip minutes with Zeus: 0. Disaster today, MANY trips!
No-alcohol(*): 3 days....minor transgression mid-week on tasting panel
8MA: 21 days
All simple sets done cleanly (50 reps, no rest)
Tickets used: 0

Bring on Week 3!

20 min with Zeus this AM then rocked the workout as RX.

No alcohol(*): 1 day
Cumulative jump rope with Zeus with no-trip: 40
8MA: 16 days

Punching that clock!

PS: I find the salamanders to be the most challenging exercise in this program...anyone else agree?


Day 7 and 8 workouts knocked out....has anyone else noticed that they have gotten subtly more challenging? It did not go unnoticed yesterday that the cardio portion went from, "10-15 minutes," to "15-20 minutes." I've been getting all of the simple sets in one big (yet not-so-simple) set of 50.

Diet was a little off over the weekend but I had the chance to go to the store and LOAD UP on kompliant food. Made a chicken on the Big Green Egg again last night, it is a staple at Home Base! ®

Streak status:
No alcohol*: 0. Made the mistake of visiting my friend at his distillery yesterday. He had a bunch of home made sparkling waters, but also tried the SPIKED sparkling waters. Lame...totally lame.

Cumulative minutes no-trip with Zeus: 20.

8MA: 15 days.

Looking forward to a 100% kompliant week!

Sleep last night was WAY better than the night before so started the day off on the right foot! ✔️

Day 6 workout done as Rx except used the BOSU for outside mountain climbers ✔️
Unbroken simple-set of 50 push-ups ✔️

Streak status:

✔️8MA: 13 days
✔️Cumulative minutes jump rope with Zeus without tripping: 0 (tripped once today, ticker resets)
✔️no alcohol(*): 2 days



Last night was the WORST night's sleep I have had in a long time. It took forever to, "fall asleep," never really feeling like I got any deep sleep. Weird dreams galore, waking up every 30-40 minutes, etc. This seems to happen about the time that the diet gets locked in on every program...no alcohol at night so my usual routine is to make some "Sleepytime Extra," tea, and consume it with my fruit snack. Epic fail/flail last night, hopefully tonight is a different story.


Got up at 5:45 then over to the LOVELY Duck Creek Y for today's workout. A few mods and added 1 minute of battle rope on the tail end of the blast set.


50 unbroken goblet squats with a 10 kg bell done for the simple set, as was the 180 degree x 50 push-ups.

Had a 54 minute cumulative no-trip streak with Zeus before I had one trip in the last minute today, damn I hate when that happens!

Speaking of Zeus, he has lost his outer protective sheath, however there are no "danger barbs," from frayed cables, at least not yet!

Streak status:

Cumulative minutes untripped jump-rope with Zeus: 54 (broken today)

8MA: 12

No alcohol*: I read that 1 is not yet considered a streak, so check back tomorrow. (*except the bare minimum required to do my job. Samples for quality evaluation only. No pints of beer. No wine or liquor at all, and nothing on the weekend)


Last night, I got the diet locked and loaded...chicken cooked to perfection on the Big Green Egg....so good!

This AM, went over to the BEAUTIFUL Duck Creek YMCA for the Day 4 workout. Started with 1 grueling hour(!) on the Stairmaster:


Then the Day 4 workout. Some slight mods: did the kettlebell pass-thru/alternating lunge squat. Also did the outside mountain climbers with the BOSU. Managed 50 push-ups unbroken on the "simple set." Finished up with 8MA, streak now at 11.


I must admit, I feel WERKED today!!

Just another day in paradise!

Beach Blast Day 3 in the books. 38 minutes on the Stairmaster, 10 minutes of unbroken/untripped jump-rope with Zeus, then the Day 3 workout pretty much as RX, except subbed in goblet squats with a kettlebell. Finished with 8MA...8MA streak now at 10 days.

Intro: I'm Jim, 53 year old recovering chemist now doing science in the beer industry. Closest thing to a dream job I've ever had.

I got into Kenzai about 2.5 years ago and haven't looked back. KB1, Bellz1, Chisel, Bellz 2, Chisel rerun, KB2, and a couple of Ranger Challenges.

I go all-out (or all-in) on these programs, maybe a little too all-out with extra credit and such, but so be it.

I am an AM workout-aholic, confessed blog-aholic, and a guy who LOVES to get out to the mountains for climbing, hiking, etc. I have a fully armed and operational battlestation (lots o' Bellz and various jump ropes) here at Home Base®, a secret location close to Cincinnati, Ohio. Workouts are also conducted at the nearby LOVELY Duck Creek YMCA.

Goals for this program are simple: I tend not to go too far off-piste while off program, but a couple of weeks in Iceland last month yielded 13 days of no structured workouts and vacation-like diet. Still in reasonable shape but I look forward to working a little of that vacation fluff off coming into mid-to-late summer. No beach trips planned, just some jaunts to the mountains in August and September.

I'm actually not much of a beach guy but some of my more memorable beach vacations have been: Hawaii (where I got married in 2014), San Diego, CA, St. Thomas, USVI, Seattle, WA, Palawan, Philippines, Iceland, and New Zealand.

Let's just do this, shall we?


Knocked out the workout at Home Base®️ this AM (a secret location near Cincinnati, OH that is a fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station in its own right). Threw a few mods and Bellz in for fun, added 8MA at the end. Half burpees aren’t in my vocabulary nor repertoire...full on burpee push-ups today! Blast on my friends!


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