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So the 42 minute streak of jump rope without a trip came to an abrupt halt this morning less than 1 minute into the workout. Numerous trips/fails/expletives. They can't all be perfect days, right?

I managed to get the Day 49 free cardio in this AM as well along with the mountain climbers and ass kicks. I also notice the appearance of the dreaded: "East West Push-Up Squat Jump," which I think is similar (or the same) as a "burpee push-up with a 180 degree turn." Regardless, this was a nice little addition to the stable of exercises this morning...felt more like something out of Chisel than KB2 though. The workout (including the free cardio) took me the better part of 2 hours this morning. Also feeling some DOMS, so I must be doing something right?

Lastly, my man Robin shared this post, and it is eye opening. Take home lesson: weigh your food every time!


One day closer today than we were yesterday Team Aspen!


How many of you are old enough to remember that line from the old campy but classic 60s Batman TV series?


I thought of this as I did the (seemingly endless) turbines this AM.

Also, jump rope is going great, another 12 min Buff, 6 min Zeus, 2 min Kronos (272 skips in 2 min) and 1 minute with the Infinity (103 skips, oy). Now up to 42 minutes of jumps without a single trip. Only stopped to change rope sizes.

Diet has been on for the most part since Friday, feeling good and ready to dig in to the next 39 days with energy and vigor.

Finally, here is a picture from St. Thomas. This was a resident rooster, one of hundreds that roamed the streets and surrounding hills.

Turbines to speed!


Day 50 workout in the books at the LOVELY Duck Creek Y. I decided to take all 4 ropes, "for a walk," if you will. 12 min Buff, 6 minute Zeus, 2 minute Kronos (258 skips in 2 min) followed by 90 seconds with the 2 pound Infinity rope (133 skips in 90 sec). Holy hell that was HARD! Montage of jumprope progression:


Feeling WAY better, the Green Egg got fired up over the weekend, plenty of kompliant foods prepped and a plethora of leftovers for lunch this week.

The end of week 7 picture was taken "wearing," a pair of jeans that fit me at the start of KB1 2 years ago. It is always good to remind ourselves of how far we have come, but also there is more work to be done yet on KB2. So let's do it, shall we?


I wish I could say it was a perfect or even good week. After getting back from vacation, I managed to get sick (again). Was also having a hard time getting back in the swing of cooking, etc. I had soup for a couple of days while sick...definitely not the best of choices.

Last night I finally felt like I was pulling out of it. Cooked some ground turkey with broccoli and cauliflower rice (100% kompliant). Haven't missed a workout save for Day 42 Free Cardio, so I got that in today (stairmaster plus full body exercises). Also got the Day 48 workout in, more or less as RX. Jump rope was 12 minutes with Buff, 6 minutes with Zeus and 2 minutes with Kronos. Banged out 266 jumps with Kronos in 2 minutes...that is a new personal record. I didn't break in the new 2# Infinity rope (yet) but it is coming soon!

Looking forward to continuing to catch up on rest this weekend as well as firing up the Big Green Egg to grill some chicken and skirt steak.

Time to crank it up a notch Team Aspen!


Workout seemed LONG this morning! Trainer meeting happens at 7 AM, so I either try to get 'er done before (not this AM) or after (the plan this AM). Wow did that workout seem long but it was a good one. Hello clockface plank, my new friend!

Also, tomorrow's indulgence was enjoyed for lunch. I was going to skip it altogether given my recent vacation, but by the miracle of social media, one of my favorite local restaurants was featuring a poutine + short rib hot dog. What? Shut the front door! It called to me, I didn't necessarily NEED it but I WANTED it, so I HAD it. Delicious. And as a reflection on indulgences, I am of the firm belief to not waste it on something shitty, make it WORTH IT, and oh yeah, it indeed was. I also believe the negative impact of an indulgence is best minimized by executing over lunch time (personally, I have AMAYW on everything at lunch but that does not give anyone carte blance to have junk food every day!)

Time to continue forward with all the resolve, (or even more) than we started with Team Aspen, who is with me? Show me your indulgence, then fire up for a great second half!!

Trying to come up with a friendly challenge for the next few weeks so watch for it.


Not necessarily better than ever, but back at Home Base®️ early this morning. We got to bed at around 1:30...I was hounded by a cough for awhile, so it was a bit of a rough night’s sleep. Up at 7:30, unpacked a bit then over to the Duck Creek Y for the Day 44 workout.

Managed 20 minutes of jump rope with Zeus...tripped twice. Averaged about 148 skips per min...final minute I cranked it up to max speed and banged out 160. Rest of the workout was uneventful. I miss that beautiful Caribbean view though.


Vacation is (almost) officially over. :( It was a good one, plenty of snorkeling, swimming, sunburn, SCUBA and beach time. On the diet front, I hit almost all of the goals: no "junk," food, eyeballed the grams, shopped for healthy food whenever we could. Even though my wife sometimes tempted me with fries or sweets/desserts, I refused them. The misses were the sampling of beer at my friend's brewery and the occasional tropical cocktail in the evening. Nothing off the rails, no major disasters, and certainly I can live with all of the choices that I made (everything is a choice, remember that) on this trip. I manged to get all of the workouts in, save for an official Day 42 free cardio, which will be easily made up this week. All in all, no real gains this week, but more importantly, no losses or steps backward (with the exception of a slight cold coming on at the end of the trip).

I also learned an important lesson watching my wife eat the other night. I had planned to order a flatiron steak with broccoli and rice, nice and kompliant. But they were out, so I went with a pulled pork sandwich with a salad and slaw instead. I left half the bun behind, they served the dish with a pasta salad that was laden with a bunch of mayo, and I avoided that as well. My wife ordered fish tacos, and it came with a big bowl of fries. She did a number on the fries and also on the pasta salad...a good example of, "food without brakes," or, "Everest eating."


Pretty similar to the Grok lesson, no? Also, I see this all of the time where there is food served to us and we feel the need (conscious or unconscious) to finish it. We always have the choice to not finish it.

We had a bunch of food left in our fridge, so it was buffet time for lunch. Given that my lunch portions are now all AMAYW(!) I was only too happy to oblige (see picture below).

Also got the last workout in from the BEAUTIFUL second floor deck at the Bunker Hill hotel, the site of all of my workouts this week.

The good news going forward is that there are no vacations, weekends away, or work events planned between now and Day 90, so it is CLEAR SAILING ahead. No excuses to not make the most of that clear path, so let's do this, shall we?

I will check in from Home Base® tomorrow, make it a strong Week 7 Team Aspen! :)



The routine is WAY different than it is at Home Base®️ but I am loving the variation and change of pace. This morning I got up, had yogurt and fruit then headed out SCUBA diving. We saw sea turtles, sharks, lobsters, rays and many varieties of colorful fish. I had not been SCUBA diving since I got married 4.5 years ago but it was an awesome morning.

Back at the hotel got the Day 40 workout in front of an audience. They look at me like I am crazy especially while doing the “creep.”

Threw a few variations in there today but nothing too far out of bounds.

All is well!!



Up early for a 5 hour EXTREME sea kayaking/hiking/snorkeling extravaganza. Then got the workout in after returning as RX. Found a nice spot by the pool to jump rope, set up bands, crab walk, etc. lots of funny looks from guests but who cares, WTF are you looking at? 👀

Diet has been good. Shopped for kompliant options for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Dinners have been more relaxed eating out but nothing off the rails.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! 🥰


Managed to sample my friends beers (all good) and have a largely kompliant meal last night. We found a local grocery and stocked up on the essentials: milk, yogurt, fruit, veggies, and bread. I did get the workout in today, subbed a couple of hours of walking in for the jump rope. So far so good!

Up at 3:30 this AM (!), knocked out the exercises in short order at Home Base®. No extras, nothing cute, just efficient and functional. Now at the airport getting ready to board the plane for several days of sun and fun. Yogurt and apples are packed, water bottle is filled, ready for a smooth trip.


I got a decent night of sleep last night...no waves of hot flashes but a little chilly. No matter...up at 5:15 AM and off to the LOVELY Duck Creek Y for the workout. Got in 38 minutes of stairmaster to cover yesterday's free cardio, star jumps and also scissor jumps with the BOSU (see attached GIF). Then on to KB2 Day 36 workout...I borrowed the skinny rope from the Y and got 3 minutes in with frustratingly many trips, so switched it up with Zeus and banged out 15 unbroken minutes...now that was satisfying!

Otherwise, workout done as RX, wide pullups done with minimal assist (4 x 8 reps).

Energy level seems almost back to normal, grateful for that!

This week seemed to go on FOREVER! No complaints though. Diet generally good, some missed grams here and there (my diet is generous in AMAYW) some small Grok visits which resulted in scarfing down an occasional granola bar at work. Workouts have been great, 100% but today I took as more of an, "active recovery," day (Power Yin yoga this AM) with free cardio and Day 36 workout on tap for tomorrow AM. It seems as though whatever was ailing me about 2 weeks ago returned in forced on Friday...low energy and trouble sleeping alternating between freezing cold and burning hot/sweating. I cannot get a good read on it but the slight rest today felt needed.. so be it!

This week will present the greatest challenge yet on KB2...the dreaded vacation! We are leaving for St. Thomas USVI on Tuesday. Packed light, bands and rope are stowed, planning to get some hiking and SCUBA diving in as well. Will lean on local fruit/vegetables and seafood to steer to course straight. We have plane meals ready to go with fruit, yogurt and salads. The only real danger is a friend who lives in Charlotte Amalie...and owns a brewery.

It seemed like an active week on the blogs with some real energy and challenges. Seemingly the low energy wave hit many of my teammates and trainees at the same time. Shrug it off, there is no time like the present to re-commit and buckle up. There is a lot more of the program in front of us, so hit it!!

KB2 Day 33: snappy

Made quick work of the workout at Home Base® this AM. Pretty much workout done as rx...18 minutes with Buff rope (1 trip), all the of the others done as written but threw a set of 14kg kettlebells in (x2) for the last set of shoulder presses.

Last night was our brewery all-hands annual meeting. Damage report: 0 beer consumed, food samples consisted of a kale salad, one chicken wing and one short-rib taco. Minimal damage, I think?

Finally, I have a physical at 10:30 this AM (current time is 9 AM) and I've been (necessarily) fasting since last night. Hangry!!


I made a return to the BEAUTIFUL Duck Creek Y for the workout this AM. 12 minutes of jump rope (with Buff, unbroken) then finished with 6 unbroken minutes with Zeus (unbroken). Goblet mini-squats with a 10 kg kettlebell, did the sneaks with a 30 pound dumbbell in each hand, fired off the pullups (not the strongest exercise in the arsenal, but see today's lesson for that!), then the planks done straight-arm on a Bosu ball just for funsies.

Definitely feeling a little low energy today, and we have an all-hands/all-employee meeting later today, so it is going to be a long day. Goal is to bring a bunch of my own food, maybe sample some of the food they bring in, but the main goal is to stay away from the beer and get out as soon as the meeting is over. I'll report back tomorrow!

Punch that clock Team Aspen!

May 30th, 2019





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