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Shuffled things around a bit this week due to the incident on Monday. Got the Fartlek run in this AM, followed by 10 (unbroken) minutes with the Crossrope 1/4 pounder, followed by KLife Day 2/3 workout (chest, biceps and abs). Planning on getting the distance run and pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups in tomorrow.

I saw my doc on Wednesday and he confirmed a clean bill of health for me. I'm set up to do a stress-echo test, probably after the Ranger Challenge is over.

I was supposed to go to Chicago (a trip I already postponed from 2 weeks ago due to snow) tomorrow, but looked at the forecast...snow AGAIN? WTAF?? Looks like I can punt the trip until Sunday however...sunny skies then and I have the whole day free as the wife will be in NYC, and it is an active recovery day. Win. Deep dish pizza here I come! :)

Punch that clock and Ranger on folks!




Got some bonus cardio in yesterday and today, no issues with the ole’ ticker! Seeing my doc later today.



We have a company dinner this evening with the original 5 employees from our brewery. It will NOT be kompliant!


Fartleks tomorrow! 🏃 💨


I had a bit of a startle this AM. Went for some HIIT training at our close by aptly named, "Sweat Training," Gym. got to the last exercise of the first cycle, which was a side lunge with kettlebell, transition to standing with a bicep curl. I felt like my heart was about to leap out of my chest. Finished the set, looked down and the heart rate was at 180(!) way higher than it gets with any exercise I do. Something was amiss. I forced-coughed and took a break to let the HR calm down, took a few minutes. Fortunately my wife was at the gym as well and is a cardiac care nurse so I know I was in good hands. Got back into the workout with the last few exercises. I may hit up my doc for a referral for a stress-test...first time I can recall this happening but I was a little bit nervous!

I skipped the pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups today...haven't really felt my chipper self since the incident this AM. Planning to get 8+ hours of sleep tonight and bang out the run and the strength training tomorrow.

Picture is of my heartrate trace during the workout, max HR was 189..WAY too high. And the fact that it spiked like that indicates that something just wasn't right...

Onward and upward!


Yesterday I was experimenting with some of the features of my trusty Garmin Fenix 3 watch, and found that is has/had been keeping track of my VO2 max...and received and alert that a new VO2 max had been established. Not sure if it is correct or not, but I'll take it as encouragement at, "my age." :)

Off to Carter Fit AF, one of three HIIT gyms that I frequent occasionally while off plan. A good AMRAP cycle...of course regular box jumps don't quite cut it so I had to whip out the BJ Burpees. We finished with 3 sets of situps, so that fulfilled the requirement from today's workout.


Back at Home Base® I also threw a twist in: did the pullups and pushups in cycle fashion because that makes it that much more interesting. Finished with 8MA...good overall day. Only down side is that the diet has been dreadful the past 2 days...we have a group outing for margaritas later today (Happy Hour) so that won't help.

Keep Rangering on folks!

Fartleks on the treadmill this AM. The Garmin doesn’t accurately track distance so well inside...recovery pace was about 8:30 min miles, burst mode was at about 6:45 pace.


Followed up with Klife Day 2/3...variations on pull-ups were included much to my delight.

All is well!

All is well here, got the run in around Home Base® this morning. Weather has been very up and down, with temps in the mid-70s over the weekend, then below 40 yesterday. I had to abort a drive up to Chicago over the weekend (missing out on deep dish pizza) due to snow, WTAF?? No matter, it is rescheduled for 4/27.


I've been getting the KLife workouts in on run days just to keep the ball (somewhat) rolling after KB2. Glad to have the Ranger Challenge while I figure out what to do for the rest of the year, ya' know?

Ranger on folks!


Yesterday got to do 30 min of HIIT training then the Ranger Challenge strength training exercises.

Gave some blood yesterday after the workout and felt predictably dizzy and tired the rest of the day.

For dinner, I overdid it a bit, Nepalese food ...Momo dumplings plus a brown rice bowl with spicy potatoes, lentils and pork chile. Only ate half of that, so good!

This morning’s Fartlek run was done on the treadmill. Felt appropriately gassed (in more ways than one) due to those lentils and being down a pint of blood:


Then KLife day 2/3 workout after the run. Threw some extras in there for fun. Ranger on maggots!


Another nice and mild morning at Home Base® so knocked out the short run in the neighborhood. We have a few hills around...didn't quite hit the pace I was hoping for, but the hip flexors are definitely a bit sore and tight this AM. I'm planning on using the foam roller later today (and throughout the challenge for that matter).


After that, 3x per week KLife workout Day 1 (chest, biceps and abs). The KLife workouts may be one of the more underrated parts of the Kenzai equation. Plenty of exercises I had not seen in awhile (torso twist with 14 kg kettlebell for extra fun, inchworm). Threw some kettlebell bicep work in the mix as well, quite a good workout this morning! And plenty of extra S T R E T C H I N G.

Surprisingly minimal DOMS from yesterday's baseline test except for the hip flexors.


Given the subtle Fish reference to the movie Stripes (one of the classics) I had to throw one in also.

Who is ready to be a LEAN MEAN FIGHTING MACHINE?

Anyway, Ranger baseline test completed...this AM over at the Lunken Field where there is a 5 mile, relatively flat loop on which to run. Not bad, plenty of room for improvement:



Then back at Home Base®:

Pull-ups in 2:00 (actually 1:35 because I could not eek out any more): 18
Push-ups in 2:00: 53
Sit-ups in 2:00 (true old-school, bent knees, feet anchored): 73

Fresh off of KB2 and feeling lean/fit...run wasn't where I wanted it to be but that is the longest run I have done since Thanksgiving. I'll take it!

Sorry for being a little on tape delay, KB2 graduations took place over the weekend and I was making sure they are all squared away Also making sure everyone on the Ranger Challenge has what they need.


Last night the wife and I hit a local distillery owned by a friend. A few drinks were had, nothing too extreme, lots of laughs, some food (Korean style short ribs, pork shoulder, fries and roasted cauliflower). Some (2) salted caramels for dessert...restrained but enjoyable.

Then today, up before 6 AM, 7 laps (2478 steps) in on the lovely Main-Mulberry Hillside staircase. (Spring is finally starting to spring, slowly but surely):


90 minutes of Yin yoga after that.

And news of a pretty decent tax refund this year, always welcome news. :)

Then more quality time with my lovely wife, I will leave it at that! :)

All caught up on grad blogs, Ranger Challenge all set and ready to go, emails sent, also cooking some gumbo with a healthy twist. Using homemade chicken stock and minimal (but present) roux. Thickening that bad boy up with some gumbo file and arrowroot starch. Served over cauliflower rice, so good!

No doubt a great day here at Home Base®. I hope it was equally good for you all (or y'all, as they say just south of the river here in SW Ohio).

Ranger on my friends!! Time to shift gears and get it done!!

KB2 final post: that’s a wrap! 

Team Aspen, what a wild and fun ride it has been! It was great to assemble a team of dedicated people all cheering each other on and being very active on the blogs. It made a HUGE difference! It is almost like we cheated? :-)

Two years ago almost to the day I jumped on KB1 and now find myself LEAN, full of energy and feeling quite young despite my 52 years of age. Down to my post-Chisel weight and leanness of 167 pounds, scale says I am less that 9% body fat, I’ll take it!

Diet was about 80%...always a challenge for me especially given where I work. I suppose one of these days I will get it closer to 100%, something to aspire toward.

Workouts were 100%, shuffled a few here and there. Didn’t miss any due to travel, illness, cysts or other excuses. A few bonus sessions to keep it fun, some yoga here and there to stretch this tired old body.

Ready to go right into the Ranger Challenge on Monday, no rest for the weary!

To all of my rockstar Aspen teammates, you all gave it your all and the results show. You get out of it what you put into it!

Cheers for now, enjoy some rest and whatever makes you happy!

Day 90 workout done at Home Base®️ this AM. Here is the rapid fire version:


And WTF, we have to count jump rope reps? Banged out 1000 with Kronos in 7:42.

Got over to Sweat Training for a 30 min bonus HIIT. Box jumps, kettlebell swings, walking plank push-ups, etc. At the end of class the ladies asked if I could do the box jumps on the highest (30”) height. Challenge accepted...which then degraded into both variants of BJ Burpees (box jump and broad jump burpees).

I got out of there before it turned ugly, but it was a nice cherry 🍒 to put on top of the 90 day KB2 sundae!

Did someone say, “sundae?” 🍨

Graduation post to follow!


A lovely day for a workout at the BEAUTIFUL Duck Creek Y:

✔️ 20 min 1/4 pound Infinity Crossrope, 0 trips
✔️ Started each cycle with 1 min of Kronos (157, 158, 163*)
✔️ The rest of the cycles were done with some mods demonstrated on my IG feed:


✔️Plutonium food AVOIDED!

I have a little yoga planned for aprés-lunch today...free class at the brewery every Friday.

And my Jedi powers have allowed me to see the super secret Day 90 workout in advance. No spoilers except to say you will LOVE IT!

Punch that clock Team Aspen!

Like Lynn, I had a great workout this AM. Back to the Duck Creek Y for:

✔️ 20 min 1/4 pound Infinity Crossrope, 2 trips 🤬
✔️ Started each cycle with 1 min of Kronos (151, 158*, 157)
✔️ Rest of the cycles done as RX
✔️ A set of pommel horse/push-up/dips to finish


Energized, enlightened and eager!

What does everyone have saved for their celebration? I have some wine and pizza calling my name on Day 91.


Short on time this AM but all is well:

✔ 20 min with the Buff rope this AM (2 trips). Worked out at Home Base® for a nice little change of venue (also to save time)
✔ Day 87 workout done as RX.
✔ +1 challenge: 31 deadlifts with 2 x 16 kg kettlebells

No shortage of energy this AM however...

Nothing more, nothing less, nice little Wednesday!

End of Week 1





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