Jocelyn L.

Jocelyn L.

Kenzai Body | Day 10
Kenzai Body
Day 10
Program progress:
day 5

I had a bad sleep last night, and could feel the impact this morning! I found the jump roping hilariously difficult - I kept tripping up after every few jumps. And just when I thought I was getting better... I guess sometimes it’s two steps forward and one step back! Hoping for better sleep tonight :)


So as we all get to know each other, thought I’d share more about me and why I’m here. I’m an entrepreneur and new mama to a six month old baby boy. It’s a crazy mix, but I really feel like I needed to get not only serious about my fitness and diet, but consistent. I’ve always been “pretty good” about diet and exercise but the reality is I’m not consistent - when work gets intense I always prioritize that over my health and then it’s always hard to get back on track. Now that I’m a mom, I feel like I need to take my own needs more seriously. I can’t do all the things I need to do in a day without being my best self. It’s going to be a harder road this time getting back on track after pregnancy and early postpartum life, but I see this as an opportunity to set a new pattern along with this new role as a mom.

day two

Felt sore from yesterday’s workout, which I love. Jump roping felt easier today. Replaced otter kicks with heel slides. Overall feeling good!