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John G.

Reboot | Day 19 (Member)
Day 19
Program progress:

So I finished Kenzai Half last week but my race was today. My first half marathon and the furthest I have ever run.

Kenzai actually trained me to not only complete it but to actually enjoy it crossing the finish line in good shape!

Now to knuckle down to this Reboot on diet and strength training!


Hey team,

My 1/2 race is next Saturday so today I was off for around 15 km. I picked a hill route from my house but pulled up at 11.5 km. I walked on for a km before my wife picked me up and it felt better for walking.

It something at the base of my hamstring. I rolled it, iced it, elevated it and heated it. I can still feel it but I hope it’s just a 24 / 48 hour tweak!

Fingers crossed

Hope you are all have a great final run today. Been a pleasure training with you all.



So work kept me in Kazakhstan so I ran along the river. The cool thing was that I crossed the river twice meaning I ran fro Asia - Europe and back to Asia during the run!

I did not bring water or fuel so not good preparation. I managed to soak my head under a broken irrigation pipe which helped very much. I ran the first 5 too fast and my later splits suffered but I go it done.

My main concern is that I am running on the flat and my race on the 10th has plenty of hills.

I might try to run the actual route for next Sunday as a trial run.

Should I change my mileage this week or do week 5 again and then ease off the week before the actual race on 10 Aug?

Had to do my tempo run today as I traveled all day yesterday to Kazakhstan. There was some class of dust storm so I opted for the treadmill. I ran 10 mins at 10 km/hour and 20 mins at 12km/hour and the remainder at 10.5.

I feel as if I am kind of grinding it out at the moment and not feeling as strong as I should. My diet is not great so that’s not helping.

I have to do the free run here tomorrow and the day after I travel early to London. Not great preparation for 18km on Sunday. Need to figure out where I’m central London I can run for 18!

Hope you are all well

pace run in Kerry

We are staying with friends in Kerry next to where Those island scenes from Starwars were filmed. Made for a great place to get my 7km in this morning in the light soft rain.

my longest run ever

Completed over 16 km on a mixture of road and trails. Ran with a good friend and it was cool. Legs from the knee down ache but I’m proud that I’ve done it.

Hitting my local for a guitar session later to celebrate

Hope you are all running well.


Road running in Cork

Back to our home in Ireland and completed the tempo run on the roads. I found the run crazy difficult after so many weeks of treadmill running. The slope on the road gave me much pain and even produced a bulge on my leg below the shin on the outside... weird!

Any we are home and I will find a better place to run. It’s going to take me a few more runs to get my confidence back I think!

Hope you are all well.

Barcelona baby

So we have stopped off in Barcelona for 4 days on our way to Ireland.

I missed my pace run yesterday as we were flying.

I completed the 14 kn today but it was slow. My first time running outside for weeks and it got hot towards the end!

Wondering if I should pace run tomorrow instead

Hope everyone is doing ok

time trial

An interesting run to say the least. I ran the 10 mins warm up around 9 to 10 km / hour.

I did the 1.6 km time trial at 15 km an hour so it took me 6mins and 24 seconds.

I thought I would have to walk the cool down but ending up running it at 10 km / hour and finished strong.

That said it was all on a treadmill and I put the incline to 0.5. It was a running start for the time trial in that I went from 10Km/hour to 15km/hour without stopping.

Amazing how fast the Km’s fly by at that speed!

Day Three - cross training

Went swimming in the sea this morning for my cross training session. It was a welcome change from the running.

I’ve been cleaning up my diet all week also. Cut out the salt, fries chocolate and for the most part bread.

great running

I am traveling on business again, this time in Kazakhstan. I completed my 10 km run just now. Done in 56 mins. I had to slow down as my heart rate was climbing over the 180. Think it’s because I was tired and not fueled up.

I’ve enjoyed the program but must admit I did not follow the nutritional side of it. I have eaten relatively healthy but have been coming to terms with giving up meat I guess and did not have the head space for a further diet change.

I will try the nutrition side on my next program. So to join the 1/5 marathon or not.....

Good luck everyone


My wife Roscha and I are on a short break in Jebal Al Akhdar mountains in Oman. I think we are up almost 2000 meters. We did our 25 min run this morning outside and we both struggled. We are blaming it on the altitude! The mountain goats seemed to cope ok though

7 km

I think I am running too fast for me on these longer runs. My heart rate gets up to touching 160 which I am guessing is not effort 5!


Had to run indoors in ABu Dhabi. Too hot to run outside now. Feels far easier though!

when in London

A run past Buckingham Palace last week. Work outs going ok but could not stay off the alcohol.

Off to Tokyo tomorrow