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My wife Roscha and I are on a short break in Jebal Al Akhdar mountains in Oman. I think we are up almost 2000 meters. We did our 25 min run this morning outside and we both struggled. We are blaming it on the altitude! The mountain goats seemed to cope ok though

7 km

I think I am running too fast for me on these longer runs. My heart rate gets up to touching 160 which I am guessing is not effort 5!

Treadmill for the 5 K

Had to run indoors in ABu Dhabi. Too hot to run outside now. Feels far easier though!

when in London

A run past Buckingham Palace last week. Work outs going ok but could not stay off the alcohol.

Off to Tokyo tomorrow

Cross Training

Back home for a cousins wedding in Cork last night. A late night and had to break the alcohol ban so a little tender this morning...

Cross training consisted of cutting the very long grass at our house. 39 grass bucket empties!

Hope all are well.


General Update

Good morning everyone,

I hit a new PB on the skipping to get to 470 consecutive jumps so am very pleased with myself. Last weekend I went for a quick 2 Km run after the workout. The first run in a very long time, I ran it in around 10 mins but I must report that 10 mins of running for me was far more exhausting that 10 mins of skipping!

The chest dips are a challenge and I cant do the pull up's. I opt for the negative alternative pull ups. Lots of upper body this week made my shoulders sore but good sleeps are making me ready again for the following day.

On the food side I am compliant but I have to admit that I am never really in the mood for eating the veg as an evening snack.

I am feeling strong as I move now which is great and am slowly but surely opting for the tighter fitting work shirts again.

I am traveling all the time now and will be for the remainder of KB which makes things difficult on me and especially difficult on my wife at home in Abu Dhabi with the 3 kids. It will all be worth it in the end!

Social Life Suffering

I suppose socializing for us in Abu Dhabi means eating out with friends and having a few drinks. Remaining on diet means those are not possible or if they are then it is very restricted.

We go out as a family and have fun with the kids but I suppose I do miss a night out with friends and a few drinks to alter my state of mind.

Indulgence Trouble

My wife is on Kenzai Body a couple of weeks behind us. I was going to save my indulgence to enjoy it with hers but events took over and I found myself out without lunch so I had a Big Mac (I know the shame of it!) As I tucked into it in the car I started thinking of all of the other much nicer options I could have gone for like a glass of red and some salty cheese but I did enjoy it at the time.

And thats not all - when I got home I had a slice of my son's Birthday cake and a few jellies while we all watch a movie and there, right there is my problem. Once I start I just can not stop. I am a one or zero kind of guy, all or nothing, all in.

I am back in the game this morning and away on business for the week. Apartment booked and ready to cook.

The milk and fruit dinners are welcome as it means I dont have to cook in the evening - I just hope the apartment I am renting has a blender!

Have a great week everyone.



So I gave up smoking in January of this year for the final time, I started Kenzai which kick started the return to regular excercise. I gave up sugar in all of its evil disguises. I gave up added salt and am following the grams religiously.

So all that is left is a pitiful caffeine addict... I've lost the plot altogether on Costa Coffee and their Corto Classico !

The strange thing was that I was never really a big coffee drinker and am now having three a day!

On the bright side my clothes are fitting me much much better!


Back home to Abu Dhabi after a couple of weeks of travel. Managed to stay 100% on diet with the exception of the night time fruit snack, I just cant eat it. I completed all workouts and got great sleeps. Feeling pretty good.

I am loving the workouts but those Pull Up's are so difficult. I can hold 5 seconds on the first few but after that its a fairly quick decline. I would love to be able to knock out a dozen pull ups so I am going to stick at it.

Looking forward to seeing what they cut out of next weeks diet.

Hope everyone is doing well.