John G.

John G.

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Wow, my forearms were on fire during this routine!
Still the lunge clean and press is a killer.
I could only manage the sticky for 2 routines and then I needed a to ground my KB bad boys.

Another fantastic programme with a friendly and engaging team.

Thanks to the coaches for your encouragement and prompt responses.

Till the next one......................

Final week

Loving the change in the workouts :)

Hi guys, been pumping the workouts this week and pleased with my progress.
Unfortunately fell off the wagon last night for the diet..............
Back on it today though ;)

Struggling to hit max reps on some of these exercises!

Tough week with some diet challenges, same again next week - will do my best.............

😲 this was a killer!!!!!

I couldn’t manage max reps on all the sets.

Feeling some fatigue, I think.

Looking fwd to test day!


Felt quite winded today in the workout and was sweating big time - happy days!


Hit it with light weight yesterday and felt strong! looking forward to building on this base.

Doing well with the diet and feeling trimmer than when I started.


Hey Matt
What are your thoughts on throwing a bosu in the mix with some of these KB2 exercises?
I like the extra challenge but worry about losing focus on the muscles being targeted by the specific exercise. Squats and shoulder presses I'm not worried about but tried the bosu with today's rowing exercises and am not so sure....


Sweat pouring off after that workout

KB size

Hi guys

Not sure about the rest of you but I have noticed that the KB's being used in the lesson pictures look mighty heavy! I just did a turkish get up with an 8kg KB and found it pretty hard on the shoulder. The lesson pics look like the guys and girls are using at least a 16kg KB - wow!

Hoping I will be able to use a heavier KB come the end of the 6 weeks ;)


Hi guys

Live in the UK and travel a lot for work which isn't great for kettle's but I make a plan.
Been around Kenzai or 3 or so years - loved Half Marathon and KB 1.
Need to find the time to do Iron.
Loved how KB 1 introduced me to cycle workouts, skipping for ages at the beginning of each work out was getting boring!
In KB one I missed pull-ups.
Very keen to do the Turkish and have slipped out of shape so it seemed like the perfect time to sign-up.
Am throwing my bosu into the workouts and loving it.
Nice and stiff today :)


Took the plunge!

I ordered a set of 12kg bells this morning. Arriving Saturday, looking forward to meeting my new buddies :)

KB 2

Wow quick start!

Not sure about the right weight for 2 bells.....

I have 8kgs x2 but finding them a little light on some exercise but perfect for others like ski jump😕

Any advice guys?


Loved it 

Like all the programmes - loved doing a different routine here. Feeling great about hitting the slopes now, confidence is high!

Thanks for the support and advice

6 cycles!

Ouch 6 cycles are a killer! Loving the pain and looking forward to the gain on the slopes!

Aug 8th, 2015





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