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I am sorry for it to end 

I apologize for not sending a graduation note earlier but I was at the Bohemian Grove in the redwoods of Sonoma, CA, for 6 days. The the towering grandeur of the redwoods are like a temple of nature. Cell phones are forbidden and, as a result, I have been off the grid and out of digital touch.

Even without access to the final few lessons I religiously meditated for 20 minutes every day between meals, drinking, or attending talks or musical/theatrical performances.

I enjoyed the course immensely and, although I feel I have a lot to learn and practice to do, I look forward to continuing to meditate. It is difficult, yet I feel the benefits - calming the body and mind, relieving stress, and occasionally illuminating answers to vexing questions or issues.

I look forward to reading the last 3-4 lessons which I have not seen.

Kenzai Body was transformative for me and I hope that Kenzai Mind proves over time to be the same.

On vacation

Although I have kept up with my meditation practice, I have been at a Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, this week and have had no time to post.

Did lots of walking in Lisbon, which is a beautiful city, and went sea kayaking 45 minutes from Lisbon one day. The food and wine were spectacular.

I am finding the longer meditations increasingly easier to do and enjoy the cadence of the noisy and quiet minds throughout.

I am about to take off from Lisbon for NY.


It was a delightful and relaxing 20 minutes but my mind was abnormally busy after I relaxed my entire body. The thought chains kept coming and I seemed to be less disciplined about stopping them. Maybe that was the case because my body was so relaxed and my eyes were closed. The experience was relaxing but not meditative!!

Not sure what to make of it. While interesting conceptually, as I went thought the cycle of 5, I am note sure I grasped the feeling of love-kindness. For the first three, my state of mind was similar (there was little differentiation) but for the last two I had a harder time quieting my mind. Negative thoughts or emotions made those segments much messier/noisier. Bottom line is that I am not sure I felt “love-kindness” with the amplitude and intensity that I had hoped for. Oh, well.


I meditated in the middle of the day today and found my mind noisier than when I meditate in the morning or in the evening. Does anyone else have a similar experience?

I find sitting on a chair more comfortable yet I sit on the floor more often thinking there may be more integrity to that position. Does anyone else prefer sitting in a chair?

I find that my eyes often lose their focus as I get deeper into a meditation. I was wondering if this was my brain’s attempt to reduce the visual inputs. However, I wonder if this is like closing your eyes, which is not helpful. When my eyes lose focus, I often feel like I am in a trance. Anyone have a similar experience?


I am a day behind and just did my walking meditation in my bare feet walking in a circle around a floor at the Mandarin Oriental in HK, my home away from home for the last 5 years. I enjoyed the physicality of it and found my posture easier to maintain. Having said that, I struggled with staying in the present. I found following the sensations of my weight transitioning from the back to front of each foot to be the most helpful for staying in the present - breathing was less helpful. When I was able to feel the two in synch, it was fantastic.

The Wall

Until today I did not realize that you are supposed to keep your eyes open. Hahahahahaha on me! I now understand why my mind wandered so effortlessly from the mundane to the surreal as I tried to mediate early last week. I, however, found that I had a harder time quieting my mind, even with the use of breathing and posture techniques, with my eyes open. It was the most challenging session I have had. I find this all rather humorous.

I am thrilled 

I am sorry for the late posting (as usual), but I was traveling back from Amsterdam to HK over the last 24 hours. When I get home to Shanghai tomorrow night, I will have been on the road for over 3 weeks and am pleased that I was able to keep up with the program from Burma, Koh Samui, Bangkok, HK, London, NY, Miami, Boca Grande FL , NY again and Amsterdam. I suspect it will be a stretch I will always remember. As you know, I travel extensively, but this period at the end of the program was a challenge - AND I made it.

I am thrilled with my Kenzai experience. It has exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed the regimen and daily objectives. It was wonderful to do the program with my wife ( May Lee) and share the experience - it has been many years since we shared an experience like this. Meals will never be the same again, and for the better, despite the fact that we ate well before Kenzai. I also suspect Kenzai will forever be ingrained into the consciousness of our 10 year old daughter. having lived through the exercises and meals.

I lost 25 pounds, which I did not anticipate, and have shocked most friends and colleagues that have seen me over the last two weeks. I need a whole new wardrobe. I am swimming in my suits.

While I am pleased with the weight loss and feel and look better, it is the life lessons that I learned that I value most. I now have an appreciation of how to live a healthier and more fulfilling life by integrating exercise into my daily regime and eating a balanced and right-sized diet.

I only hope I can stay true to these learnings and continue to live a healthy life style. May today be the first day of the rest of my life - a new chapter that I will look back and be grateful for Kenzai. Perhaps a little less travel might he good too!

I also want to thank Kim and Scott for their guidance and my group mates for their support. You all made the program more rewarding and doable by sharing the experience, the highs and lows and most importantly your camaraderie. Congrats to all and I hope we get to meet in person along the way.


Today work out

Felt like I just slogged through it and did not really get the full effect. Perhaps it was the day after being sick.

I do feel I am having that last 2 week experience that I have heard other Kenzai grads speak of!


I ate something on Monday that made me sick. I did not realise how weak I was until I worked out yesterday morning in HK. It was my hardest workout of the campaign! I still have not recovered. I am now in London and having a proper breakfast (Kenzia compliant) after not eating yesterday before I work out today.

A week of vacation

I have been on vacation for a week -Burma, Koh Samui and Bangkok - and I have been able to keep up with the exercise, but I found keeping true to the diet harder, given I have been eating in restaurants. I did ok, but I suspect I may have put some weight back on. I am heading back to HK for 2 days of normal routine before heading to London, Miami, NY and Amsterdam through the end of the program. It will be a wild, jet lagged finish! I hope to do right by me and the program.

It has been another week of travel. SH on Monday, HK on Tuesday, Delhi and Chenai on Wed, travel on Thurs back to SH and then travel from SH to Burma on Friday. We are in Yangon and Pagan for the long holiday weekend with friends from NYC and then off to Koh Samui on Tuesday for a rendezvous with family for a few days. I have been able to keep up with the exercise and eating, although it is hard to keep up with the hard boiled eggs! I am on the road until the end of the program and am worried about doing the end justice, but we will see. I am beginning to worry about life without Kenzai. It has been a fulfilling experience and I hope I can maintain the discipline after the 90 days. I hope everyone has a good week.

Good week

Kept to the program this week and today I had numerous people notice that I have lost significant weight. Odd that only today that people noticed. It was a nice affirmation of the effectiveness of the program. Here is to the final three weeks!

4 weeks to go

I had a travel filled week (Tokyo on Monday, SH on Tuesday, HK and HZ on Wednesday and SH on Thurs and Friday and client breakfasts, lunches and dinners most of the week). I had a hard enough time keeping up with my exercise let alone blogging. I must admit that I am finding the workouts harder and more tiring and I am hungry more often too. The workouts also take more time and require more careful planning of the day. And I still suck at jump roping! I hope everyone has a Kenzai compliant and restful weekend.

It is 70 degrees and sunny. I worked out with the French doors open to the garden and glorious sunshine. I continue to enjoy the diet, but find the exercise more tiring and requiring more time. Some of the new exercises are also hard and I struggle to do them.

I also am not inclined to take advantage of my allowed indulgence. I am not feeling the need or have the desire.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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