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John M.

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Scott, Lindsay. Thank you so much for your terrific support. You have been great. Also thanks to the rest of the team - keeping in touch has been such an important part of the journey. I have found the workouts tough esp later on in the programme - certainly more stretching than Silver (as I guess it should be) - and the blogs have been both interesting and supportive, an integral part of the experience.

Really enjoyed the 90 days. I will be back in January with Silver. A big Kenzai fan. The diet and exercise regime are now very much part of my daily routine. Mentally and physically I feel so much better/stronger than I did a year ago.

Thanks again and very best wishes to everybody. John.

Kenzai Countdown

Greetings from a lovely morning in Dubai. Visiting son and family. Early swim, now to the roof terrace for some skipping. Grand Prix this afternoon. I am a very, very lucky guy.

Best wishes to all for the last few days. Been a great journey for me but more importantly, I hope it has been a great journey (if not that easy a journey) for you all.

The Kenzai Curse

Travel. Sorry if I am a little quiet over the next week as travelling. Quite confident with the diet but may struggle on a couple of days with the workout given the flight schedule. Very best wishes to everybody for The Final Countdown. Hope you have all felt real good about the programme, as I have. For me such a positive feel good factor. But definitely not easy esp with the recent increase in intensity - whoever invented skipping!! Best wishes.

Where is the time going. A good week on Kenzai - been able to pretty much stick to the workouts and the diet although I admit to two pints at the football last evening. Indulgence!! Very much enjoying the stimulation, but not easy. A more challenging week coming up - yes, it's that dreaded travel once again.

Early on in the year I did Kenzai Silver. Then this. When I started Silver I would not have believed it was possible to have achieved the weight I currently am. In fact if anything I have lost a little too much weight - a bit scrawny and thin in the face and legs. I am certainly not complaining as I am sure things will balance up once I return to a more normal/less intense regime in the run up to Christmas.

Very best wishes to everybody for the last two weeks.

Trying to get my head around how I fit a workout into Thursday of next week. Flying Manchester to Dubai. Leave home at 05.30. Fly 08.45. Arrive Dubai 20.00. I know many of you have travelled during the past 10 weeks. I have, but generally managed to fit something into the schedule. Looks like I will struggle that day!

Still very much engaged in and enjoying the challenge. A bit tired though. Feel I will have earned a rest before Christmas - I imagine a feeling shared by one or two more.


Skipping done but no way can I do six minutes without a break. Been more tired this week with the tougher workouts. Feeling good physically and mentally with weight being as low as I want it to be. No more weight loss needed. Tummy definitely flatter - not where I would like it to be however can't expect miracles after decades of relative abuse! This is my second Kenzai this year and the cumulative effect is there for all to see.

Already considering my next Kenzai options for January. Really enjoying the challenge of the journey. Such admiration for you guys fitting this discipline into your so busy lives.

Good luck and best wishes for week 11.

Heat Wave Effect

Another week done and I can surely feel the "hot flash" after today's skipping. Tough one. Found the workouts more challenging this week but I guess that's the name of the game. Diet going well and enjoying my food having totally slipped into Kenzai food mode. Feeling good and weight good (and apparently looking good although I really really hate the vanity of that comment!!!) if a little tired with the more intense workout regime.

Nothing but admiration for all of you with jobs to do, children to bring up and so on as the workout regime is not a five minute job. Easier for me being retired and I really "get" how it can't be at all easy for those with such busy lives. I find the workout more and more of a challenge the later in the day I leave it so try and complete as early as as I can. Then done and dusted - out if mind then I can move on.

Very best wishes to everybody for week 10.

Week 8 Done

Another week bites the dust. All done but not a great week. A bit flu like and tired. I blame the flu jab. I was surprised as to how well I have taken to the increased skipping which is not exactly my favourite part of the workout. Feel I benefited more from the mental achievement this week than the physical. A bit sluggish. Onwards and upwards - still enjoying very much the challenge. Can you believe even planning the next Kenzai after Christmas. As I say, not a great week but still feel lucky and privileged to be part of and able to do this. There are a lot worse off.

Very best wishes and good luck to all for week 9.

Back Home Again

Back to base after a week touring around Sorrento. Early starts and lateish finishes put pressure on my workouts - was able to do the full programme on one day only which was our "day off" sightseeing. However pretty much able to stick well to the diet. Good to catch up this morning with all your words on progress. Today's workout done and feeling good. For me the mental buzz of Kenzai is as important as the physical. I am know what I am doing is good/right for me in so many ways. Who can't fail to feel better about themselves for doing what we are doing. I don't always feel that way half way through the skipping!!!

Very best wishes to everybody for the second part of our voyage.

Travel Again

Advance apologies if I am on the quiet side for the next week due to travel. I am committed to finding ways around the inevitable disruption to routine (famous last words) to diet and workouts. Enjoying reading the blogs each morning. Best wishes to the team - onwards and upwards.

Week 5

Another week bites the dust. Enjoying the mental and physical challenge. Diet going really really well due to having a wife who is not just a great cook but is also very much into what is good to eat and what is not. Still occasional alcohol lapses - people in for dinner, I won't have a drink then just one and soon it was three.

Surprised I have lost no weight with all the excercise. I don't need to loose weight overall but could do with some of my paunch relocating. Feeling fit and well "and up for it". Perhaps a little tired at times which I put down to the workouts. I must be in good shape as I have already sorted my wife's Christmas present! That's a first.

I enjoy reading all your blogs. Definitely adds to the experience and the interest. Best wishes to everybody as the journey progresses.

Day 30

Day 30 Work out done. Despite my best mental efforts to think the skipping routine is not tough - well, it is! I suppose that is the idea. If it was easy then.....

Week 4

Back home and back on the case good style after a poor start to the week. I guess we all find it tough when travel is on the agenda. I found the disruption of travel, new locations and even no internet for three days took some getting used to . Plus the temptations. Through that now and I find the feel good factor of achieving the workout, knowing what we are doing is right for us, a bit of discipline once in a while, is so rewarding. Enjoying the mental and physical challenge.

Best wishes to everybody for week 5.

Week 3 Done

All good with diet and exercise despite the travel. I am however having trouble separating Killarney from the Guinness. Feeling good and nimble and fresher all round. Good to be alive and positive and looking forward to the day.

Good luck and best wishes to everybody for week 4.

Good and encouraging to see the messages from you all. Workouts good here as well as diet apart from an "alcohol deviation" issue at the cricket yesterday. Will keep in touch as best I can over the next 10 days as on holiday in Ireland. Confident on diet and workouts and promise to be as good as I can on the Guinness front.

I very much enjoy reading your blogs. A constant reminder we are not doing this alone.


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