John R.

John R.

Kenzai Body | Day 10
Kenzai Body
Day 10
Program progress:
day 8

Okay that was a full workout but not bad. The breakfast is still hard for me since i wake up and go to the gym and then from gym to work so I’m eating before the workout. I might need to space out between the workout.

I do the workouts half of the time in the morning and the other half after work depending on my schedule

Also traveling Thursday - Tuesday for work but have a plan for most of the workouts and some of The diet...

day 6

I looked at the diet but I’m not sure how to add that many veggies to my breakfast with just one egg. Like eggs with spinach i get but this is more just a plate of spinach. Any suggestions on how to add veggies to your morning would be helpful. The rest seemed doable - practically no carbs at dinner which means salad!

day 4

Back exercise was easier today and I think i was more in form

Hoping that i lose a little weight by the end of this week to jump start everything

day three

Right shoulder has been hurting today but the workout was fine.

Last night i didn’t really eat dinner so woke up very hungry today but maintained the 1/4 rule

day two

Was hard to find a place in the gym to do the back exercise but i think i figured it out.

Have a work event tonight so need to figure out how to portion dinner but day two and haven’t eaten anything from a bag!!

day one

Woke up early today to get the workout in. On top of leaving a 1/4 of everything behind I’m going to phase out processed foods this week as this is my number one enemy. I can get into the groove with workouts but my biggest downfall is snacking on crap.

My goal is to get into great shape again and feel truly fit.

Final post 

First - I know I've been bad. Last week I travelled and then I slept on my shoulder wrong so I couldn't do the exercises but I kept running and doing the elliptical when i could. My shoulder is still really sore as is my neck.
But we are done! I am at my goal weight (still looking to lose 5 lbs but that may never happen) and I'm in the best shape of my life. I feel very good. But it was killer. The workouts were so so long and the diet was difficult. But I feel like I've reset my life in a way where I know that processed food is the enemy and that the gym is a necessity for me to stay in shape and keep the weight off.

This program really was all encompassing of me this summer. I felt like I was constantly trying to figure out time to work out or buy fresh fruit/veggies. But it worked. And today I ran 4 miles like it wasn't a thing. It's a huge improvement in my overall lifestyle.

I feel great and look forward to maintaining this weight for a long long time.

Day 82

I can't believe only 8 days to go. I feel as if my eating habits have been cleared up. I'm no longer snacking the way I used to and have completely gone off processed sugar. I have to say the final month I didn't follow the diet as closely as I should have but I still lost the weight and I'm in the best shape since college!

End of Week 11

Pretty much flat to last week. Have been trying to eat less. I can't eat anymore egg whites - I'm sick of them.

Day 74

Those failure reps are killers. I basically do a bunch in the first rep and then can't do anything by the fourth rep. Did better with the diet last week as this week I had a lot of stuff after work but hoping to buckle down this weekend through next week.

Day 71

I'm actually at the high end of my goal weight which is exciting. So if I lose 2-3 pounds in the next couple of weeks I will really be at my ideal weight. Last week I battled a pretty nasty cold but I'm coming around now. Woke up this morning to do the jump rope and will complete the other exercises after work today.

Day 68

Was sick yesterday and couldn't workout but got my workout in today. Still feeling a little run down but doing my best to keep the workouts in (skipped the jump rope today but did the strength training) and hopefully will be better by tomorrow.

Day 66

Got back from NYC and developed a cold - but still getting the workouts in but have been doing them a little lighter as I'm not feeling 100%. Sticking to the diet though and feeling good!

Day 63

Vacation is over! Going back home today. I stuck to the workouts very well but the diet...not so much. Not terrible but definitely too much drinking and carbs. But this month of August I'm prepared to eat like a saint.

Day 58

I know I owe a photo - will post today. I'm back home in NYC for vacation and have been sticking to the workouts hard. The diet has been harder but I think I'm officially at a point where I'm losing weight regardless - I'm just eating as healthy as possible.

Factoring in an hour of workout time each day has been really tough but once you mentally get into the idea that it HAS to happen you just make it work.