John R.

John R.

Kenzai Body | Day 70
Kenzai Body
Day 70
Program progress:
day 66

I’m back from my work trip which was grueling - very long hours and I couldn’t fit in several of the workouts. But actually the diet was okay except for two of the nights. We were running around so much for work there wasn’t a lot of heavy meals.

Back on the wagon and in the gym today!

day 58

Tomorrow i leave for a big work trip - am going to try to keep as many workouts as possible but will likely have to miss tomorrow because of travel

day 57

The lighting in my room sucks so it’s hard to tell but I’ve definitely grown leaner in the last two weeks - and feeling great about it. I’m hoping to continue this past the three months and really focus on losing weight throughout the year steadily - I do my best to keep to the diet but that’s where i fail the most - but the workouts i love and are now part of my routine

day 50

Back from vacation and ready to be on the diet strict this week!! I did the workouts every morning though and am really starting to feel and see a difference.

day 45

Day three of vacation and I’ve done the workouts every morning and I have a ton more energy than I did 45 days ago.

day 41

I took the day off but i want to do today’s workout tomorrow but i just felt like i needed a day of full rest to get over this cold and i feel much better !! Had a low grade fever last night

day 40

Next week I go on vacation but I’m determined to keep the exercise up and attempt with the diet...have been a little run down with a cold (that I thought i got over).

The metronome exercise is brutal!!

day 37

Lower back was hurting and sore today but i really focused on the stretching and icing my back tonight

day 34

Starting to feel my body lean out but still struggling with mid section and significant weight loss - i did lose two pounds this week which is great great progress

The best part is that i feel fit - i have energy and I’m feeling so much more active

day 31

This dinner is like not doable for me - I’m trying but i need at least like a salad. It is cool that 30 days off processed foods and things like chips, pretzels etc are no longer of interest

I do crave fries and sweets still...but getting better

day 28

Took a rest yesterday but heading back out to the gym today. Really hoping to lose some weight this week and sticking to the diet religiously.

day 26

Funny that today’s lesson is about getting sick because I came down with a small cold. Nothing too bad - just sore throat and some post nasal drip. Was still able to do my workout but took the day off from work to sleep in!

day 25

I feel so much more fit but my stomach is just too damn big. That metronome is tough though. I’m doing my best to follow the diet but when you eat out I can break. I’m doing a big stock up of fruits and veggies now.

day 23

Have to get up early every morning this week to do the workouts. Starting to feel my midsection go down a bit. Clothes are starting to fit better. Overall i need to focus on eating as clean as possible when I’m not cooking.

day 20

Definitely feel in the swing of things. The workouts are now just a part of my schedule and I’m figuring out how to make it work. It’s much easier to do the diet at home but I’m craving carbs at night especially if i do the WO after work.