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Blast off!!! 

The last week of Blast felt like I really hit a wall. I was mostly amazed by how great I felt on the programme and even though I've had a really topsy turvy week with all that is going on in Hong Kong, I have found that Kenzai is really good at keeping us grounded.
There's still another 2-3 weeks before events start happening and silly season begins so I've taken these few days off, and I've had a few glasses of wine just to take my foot off the gas pedal, so to speak. One thing I noticed is that I really don't sleep great when I have alcohol, so that is certainly something worth keeping in mind.
Will attempt to power on for another few weeks until the first week of Christmas and I'm thinking of getting on board a more steady Body programme in the new year.
This was a great experience and it shows that while I didn't shift a whole load of weight on the scales, I could certainly get back into my favourite running shorts!!The app isn't allowing me to load the last pic! Arrrgghhhh, so I will email it over to my desktop and then load it up.
Great training with everyone!!!!


So as we come to the last few days of the programme... I am feeling the usual jitters that I feel when I am ending a programme while I'm finally seeing some progress.... What are other folks out there going to do after Blast?? I'm thinking of taking a few days off, and then repeat the programme on my own as far as I can take it before silly season begins... My in-laws arrive on Dec 3 and then I know sticking to egg white dinners will become very hard. But I want to give it a shot...
It's been really really stressful in Hong Kong the last few days, and today I had quite bad panic attacks and anxiety around sending my kids to school... it makes the programme feel like another "stress" factor... just wanted to put it out there!

I don’t know if I’m still exhausted from my run. But the workout was HARD today!!!!!

I finally cashed in my first ticket on friday. I meant to blog then, but we didn't get home till really late. I did an hour of tennis for my cardio, but just couldn't bring myself to complete the workout bit and felt I needed a rest as I was doing the 10k charity run on saturday.
We've had a bit of a stressful couple of days, and last night after the run and all the stress and exercise, I JUST HAD TO get some carbs down. I had a bowl of noodles and 2 glasses of wine. Will try to put it behind me, though part of me feels really annoyed I had it because there's only one week left in the programme.
My quads are quite sore today, even though it was only 10k, but I definitely feel a lot more fatigued than I may have done so in the past. I wonder if its just 3 weeks of grinding away at the workouts... Anyway, running shorts are definitely feeling loser, so I'm on the right track it feels!

I woke up today feeling so tired and my legs felt so heavy, I felt like I had really hit a wall. I could barely stay awake past 9 last night... It was a long day at work, plus halloween celebrations with the kids and then a 7pm Kenzai workout (in my world that is REALLY late). I had tennis this morning, and I wondered if I would get through it, but once i got started, I ended up playing for 2 hours and was full of energy, with our coach saying I was moving like a machine. I was super happy to hear that, as it's really amazing to have someone else notice the changes that you're working so hard to make. So I'm happy. I still managed to get through the Kenzai workouts. So all in all, i would say it's going well.

My awful selfie

In the spirit of this morning's lesson, I actually purposely stuck up the most horrible weekly photo of myself trying to squeeze back into my favourite running shorts last night. Some part of me wanted to "show" myself what a year of horrible eating can do - FACT: it doesn't matter how much sports you do, you can't outrun a bad diet. The other part was more scientific, I just want to see what I would have accomplished when I load that last photo.

So it's been about a week of cleaning up the diet, and my energy levels are crazy good. It's amazing what happens when the wine cellar is locked up. I feel like there's a shift happening in my body, and I was pleased to see that when I weighed myself before bed last night (so post all my meals, after exercise, etc etc basically the heaviest part of my day) I weighed less than when I started the programme (i weighed myself the moment I woke up, empty tummy and all). That's given me some encouragement and I hope it carries me through whatever slump that might come our way.

It's a busy week, and that usually makes sticking to the programme a lot easier for me.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week 2.

Blast day 5...

What can I say about 5 days in?
I forget how much exercise I am already normally doing.... chuck on Kenzai on top and my muscles are sore to a whole new level, so it's no wonder I'm going to bed super early and sleeping well, and mostly, I've got a tonne of energy back. Today, i played an hour of tennis, then there was a school charity run, and then I did my kenzai exercises when I got home... pooped!

I tried to put on a pair of my old shorts today and I couldn't even slide them up past my thighs.... That's enough to keep me committed to this. My trainer friend said to me the other day, never underestimate how many changes can come in only one month... holding on to that!

Why Beach Blast..

Gosh... how did we get to Thursday already?!?!!? We are only a few days in, but I am already feeling a lot better cleaning up my diet. I did have a glass of wine last night because I just wanted to get it in while I could. I played 2 hours of tennis yesterday and then did the workout, so I was absolutely exhausted by bedtime.

Today is day 1 of the diet, and so far, so good. Have to remember to pack my fruit though... I kind of had to combine my afternoon fruit portion with my chicken salad tonight. So I've got to keep these things in mind.

Anyway, on to the questions:

*Why have you chosen this program at this particular time?
It;'s been a year of terrible fitness for me. I've gained a tonne of weight and am not in a happy place when it comes to my jeans fitting and the way i look in photos. I've jumped on a few different fad diets in the meantime and have lost a few KGs each time, only to find that once i stop a "diet" the weight comes back on, often with a vengeance. I realise now these shortcuts don't work.

*What's your goal for this month?
My goal for this month is to clean up my eating and just get back on track with my health and fitness. Would love to loose some Kgs that are festering around the waistline.

*What will be a challenge for you over the next few weeks?
WINE! Not thinking about it, not drinking it will be the biggest challenge of all.

*What's one thing you love to do when you are feeling strong and lean?
Sports! I love sports and when I'm strong and lean, I like to do competitions and play loads of tennis.

*Will you/have you dressed up to celebrate Halloween? What was your favorite costume?
Nah... not really a thing we do....

Beach day 1

So it's been a very rubbish year in terms of my fitness. Aside from sustaining a few horrible injuries that put me out of commission a bit, it's been a very busy and trying year for the family. There have been a few too many glasses of wines and sneaky chocolates and I hate the way I'm looking and feeling now.
I wanted something quick and intense to help "jumpstart" some good habits again, and this looked like the programme for me. I looked at the workout today and thought: easy! And of course, 3/4 of the way in, I was hoping the next exercise would be the last. haha! Today has been an unexpectedly long day, so maybe doing my workout at the end of the day wasn't the best idea. Something to keep in mind moving forward.
Anyway, let's nail this! Look forward to working out with everyone.

Grad post Kenzai 2 

Wow that seriously went by fast!!! That's the thing about the bellz workouts, I find that while they're tough going, it goes by really quick and doesn't feel like an endless slog.
Well, what I learnt the most during this programme is don't be scared to try something new. YOu might find that you absolutely enjoy it. Diet is key as always and I found having some daily accountability is the best way forward.
The downside is that it's aggravated my several old injuries and so now I am reverting back to a period of rest and slow sport like Yoga.
Many thanks to our team mates and trainers and wishing you all the very best on the rest of the journey.

When in China...

So the family went on up to China from Saturday and got back yesterday. One thing I didn’t think about was the internet restrictions up there. A lot of my regular apps didn’t work up there, but luckily I still managed to get the workouts. So was able to get on with that. Omg! Ooouuuccchhhh!
As for the diet, it was very very hard In China since I didn’t dare touch a lot of meat dishes or so focused on the veg and rice and eggs. But I did the best I could. Glad to be back in Hong Kong and get back on track for the last few days of bellz!

your thoughts!

So I read this article the other day and it says that if you stay on a diet for too long it stops working — at least that was the gist of it.
It made me think of my recent journey on Kenzai. I’ve struggled to lose weight in the last few programmes and am starting to wonder if it’s my 1) initial impatience to get results, resulting in more shortfalls. Likely. 2) whether I should change things up a bit with the way I eat.

What are other people’s experiences? Sometimes I reckon I should go back to KB1 and just “start from scratch” again. After so long, we do tend to forget to do the basics don’t we.

Diet update week 3 end

The most insightful thing about doing this exercise is when you think you have had a great week, then you look at your log and realise that actually it's not been such a stellar week. Perception versus reality = a bitch!
This week has been rough for me health wise, and I was totally out on thursday and sunday this week with the worst sore throat and achy body. My doctor thinks I've got strep throat, so while we await my results, they've already started me on a course of antibiotics which is a real bummer.
So diet was quite bad over the weekend, not in so much as eating rubbish as not being able to eat very well. I tried blending my fruit, smoothies, and freezing the fruit, but it stings a lot when I eat it. Then yesterday, I just had no real appetite and was in bed and dragged myself up to have a tuna open can of tuna, chucked a bunch of salad in a bowl then eat.... it was gross!
Last night, I had a bowl of pasta for dinner because i just felt i absolutely needed it. So no points there as well!

Enlightening!!! And here I thought I had quite a stellar week! I did play tennis for 1.5 hours on wednesday and friday morning.. maybe that gave me the illusion of a good week.

Boredom and food...

This week has been a bit of a rough one... I've had a really bad cold and sore throat and it completely put me out on thursday. Added to that, is a small lower back injury that caused me quite a lot of pain. I think I might have overextended my back during tennis. But I've managed to smash 5 out of 6 workouts so far. It's saturday today.

As for the diet front, I took the time to think about how I eat and I found that I'm 1) a stress eater 2) a bored eater. In other words, I eat when I'm stressed and I eat when I'm bored. Well, since life is generally stressful for a mum with young kids, there's not much I can do about the stress bit (except to try and not think about drinking), but I found a way to deal with the bored bit. Sorting my kids' lego!!!

Every night this week (except for when I was ill in bed on thursday) I've been hard at work sorting my kids' legos and rebuilding some of their larger sets. This has kept me on diet, and I've found the whole experience quite stress busting and meditative. Double win! AS such, it's been ace on the diet front!

I think I'm looking a bit slimmer... hA!

Diet report!

So this is a photo of my spreadsheet that I've got on my computer and aside from the Kenzai app, I use this to log whether I've had a good diet day or not.

So far this week, I would say that I'm going quite solid. I didn't give myself a mark for thursday because I forgot my scales when we went out for dinner. There was some guesstimation there, so I didn't put down a mark.

Biggest struggles on the diet: Right now, it feels like there's A LOT of food. I came off Bells 1 not long ago and the diet was trim and now I feel like I'm constantly stuffing myself, when maybe I should be on a week 7/8 diet. Feels like I'm yoyo-ing my portions. But I know how it works, and I'll stick to it. I most look forward to when the diet trims back down a bit. (Ironic I know!) I don't look forward to when my morning carbs get dropped though, I have got my homemade sourdough bread down to an art now! So avocado and poached egg on sourdough is the highlight of my day. haha

Other than that, made the rookie mistake of hoping on a weighing scale... hmmmmm bad idea. I shall pretend I didn't see the 1.5kg weight gain since starting the programme. Gulp! I have gained around 7-8kg since I came off KB1 2 years ago, so I'm hoping to at least get back down to a reasonable weight again. So here's to plowing on.




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