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Jonathan H.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 11 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 11
Program progress:

Eating 3 slices of bread (120g) for breakfast takes me nearly as long as my work out. Aside from switching to some dense German bread that looks like it’s made from recycled leather sandals, does anyone have a life hack when it comes to nailing those carbs?

PS. Thank God for Sriracha!


I won’t lie. Doing Kenzai in Hong Kong with a helper to do all your meal prep was a breeze. This afternoon I seemed to spend an eternity chopping fruit and veg and trying to work out the optimum food storage in backpack/briefcase combination. I forgot just how much stuff you actually have to eat and therefore take with you on a daily basis. Anyway, I have worked out that I can take and eat breakfast at the gym post workout but we’ll see if that’ll works in reality - cold eggs and bread? Might see if I can persuade them to prep my breakfast. You never quite leave Hong Kong ...

Hey Chestnuts

Hi everyone, apologies for being MIA on the blogs since kick off. My name is Jon and for the first time I have my wife, Helen, doing KB1 so that'll be an interesting social experiment.

I've been keen to get back on the Kenzai wagon since returning to London from Hong Kong but with three kids finding a decent 3 month stretch when you can do this is not easy. As well as the promise of getting back into shape (and back into some trousers!) I have one of my best friend's birthdays on Dec 4 in New York which is going to be the beacon I'm going to focus on. I realise that's a little short of the official end by hey.

So been getting my routine down and the lamp light lesson was particularly relevant. Selfishly I've been getting up at 6:15 am and going to the gym which means my wife is left with the 3 kid school routine but it's the only possible slot I have. I wish I could say I jump out of bed at 6:15 am ready to skip but I'd be lying but having done KB1 I know that the biggest thing is showing up every day and knowing that not every day will be perfect. However, it still takes more will power than it should to get out of bed and it's only going to get worse as the winter draws in.

So keen to get back on it. I need to update my picture so will do that and I'm looking forward to sharing with the next 86 days with you all.

Iron cast 

Hey Iron crew, sorry for the late grad post. Been a crazy run up to and Christmas. Sorry about that. Anyway, thanks Kenzai for creating Iron. Unlike Body I knew Iron would take a lot of commitment as it required me hitting the gym most days. This meant a whole new pre-work gym routine which also meant plenty of opportunities to find excuses. So I was pretty proud of the fact that I didn't miss a session and even on those days when you were sore or had a busy day ahead, I still made the walk to the gym with all my gear. I also discovered the 'Welcome to your Body' podcast which was also a great motivator on those low days.

I also really loved the lessons and that really helped with my overall confidence around the weight room both in terms of equipment and form. This was especially useful when travelling and not in my usual gym.

I was disappointed not have the strong finish I hoped for so I'm probably going to revisit that. Overall though I really got a lot out of Iron and I think it's set me up well for a strong gym routines going forward. Thanks all for creating Iron. I think it was an aspect of Kenzai that was missing and I think you pretty much nailed in. Happy New Year Iron crew! Stay strong.

Doctor's Orders

Been unable to do the workouts since Wednesday after having to go to the docs for a minor opp - not Kenzai related and nothing serious. Not quite the strong Iron-like finish I was hoping for so I'm going to keep those workouts in the can and make sure I do them.

LA Baby

A quick, last minute work trip to LA has kind of screwed a little with my plans for a strong finish. However, the jet lag does help with that 5:00 am visit to the gym. Oh and those combinations were a little tasty this morning. Diet good and avoided all the temptations on the flight over. However, the booze is creeping in with various Xmas parties and a few more on the horizon - 'tis the season.

Timely indulgence

I don’t have any indulgence pics to share as I wasn’t really planning on another indulgence. However, with thanksgiving just finished I was feeling a bit guilty on a few dinner choices. Nothing too dramatically crazy but certainly not on grammes and not completely dry.

I have to say I was feeling pretty hacked off this past week with eating brown rice and salmon, workouts, no booze etc.

Luckily the Kenzai Gods sent Day 70 to wipe away my sins so I’m not feeling so bad although I do think my pic this week doesn’t look that different.

Anyway T-20. #IronStrong y’all!

Man you look tired!

So not quite the reaction I was hoping for from my team when I was in Singapore this week for work. I even got stopped by one of those cosmetics assistants touting for business at a make-up stall in the mall next to the MRT. When I declined her advances, she said “it will help with the bags under your eyes.” Nice touch cosmetics lady.

Fair enough I’ve been doing late midnight finishes and early starts and it’s difficult with work to switch off. I’m doing all the gym work first thing and loving it but bottom line is my body needs way more sleep to recoup from the day and the load from the workout.

Just finding that essential time is not as easy as it sounds. In the meantime, I’m heading back to that cosmetics stall to see what she can do for me.

I got through last week but it was a bit of a mess. No major sins in terms of diet but several late nights with clients, early morning calls with the US and on one occasional I had to trim the number of sets to be able to get everything done in the time I had.

It all meant I seemed to be lethargic, out of my routine, not really finding the joy and MIA on the blogs - I got one of those '7 day no show emails'. Sorry Gunmetal peeps. I know it's impossible to be on the money every day for 90 days but I'm glad we're changing it up a bit now.

One thing that's a bit of an issue is finding space to do the Barbell Twists in my gym. The only way I can rack at the right height is from the cage but it's probably in the narrowest part of the gym with benches next to it so it's pretty hazardous to other gym users as I swing this bad boy around. Proving tricky. Any hacks or suggestions?

Iron + Spartan

Did the Hong Kong Spartan race this weekend as my alternative cardio. Iron certainly made a difference especially for my nemesis - the rope climb. Pleased to report I nailed that bad boy, which I failed on my last race. Obviously you see some pretty ripped and fit guys at these things which is also great motivator to make the remaining days of iron really count. Aroo Aroo Aroo

Kenzai widows

The lesson about keeping motivated through the mid-part is not only pertinent for the trainee but also those partners who are having to live through this too. My wife has never done Kenzai and she's plenty fit through her gym classes but when you have a family, doing a program like this impacts everyone. Things tend to get a little frayed especially now, which adds to the demotivation. I'm very lucky to have a helper in Hong Kong who helps with all the meal prep but the constant shopping for veg and protein that my wife does, having to eat differently from the rest of the family and then being the boring guy who's not drinking at parties (last week's wine tasting event was a new one for me) takes its toll. My wife is supportive of me wanting to be healthier but 90 days of self-obsession around early-morning workouts and special meals does impact more than just yourself. Not sure if any of you have the same issues? Anyway, this weekend's indulgence will hopefully help press the reset button somewhat.

Day 46 Gunmetal gang. Been a bit of a slog this week I won’t lie but head down and taking it one meal, one work out at a time.

I didn’t really use my first cheat day as the timing wasn’t right but I’m going to make full use of the second one as we’re out with friends on Saturday and we’re going out out. Bring it!


This is my usual weekend lunch. Chicken fillets for protein, chopped and cooked with half an onion. Throw in whatever veg takes my fancy or, more likely, what’s left in the fridge. Here it’s red cabbage, more onion and red chillies and after cooking some avo. Add some curry powder and then throw in rice for carbs. That’s about it.

Yesterday I sucked!

Yesterday was one of those days when I got out of my routine. My wife was away and I had several early morning calls with the US from 8:00 am to 11 am which meant I couldn't do my workout first thing before breakfast as I had to get the kids to school etc. Don't get me wrong I did the work out but at lunchtime and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get my head in to it. I was slow on the transitions and probably a little too liberal with the rests and generally sucked. I got it done but came away feeling not a fired up as usual. I know stuff like this happens and we have to roll with the punches but I was surprised by the impact breaking with my routine had.

5 eggs before 11?

All I seem to have done today is eat. Loved the lesson today which seemed to be targeted right at me. So made an extra effort to power through the workout which I got done in 45 mins. But with two whites post work out, two eggs for breakfast and one white for morning snack I seem to have been eating eggs constantly although not quite a coolly as Paul Newman. Finding the carbs at lunch is the biggest challenge. That pile of rice never seems to go down - not quite the same without some sweet & sour sauce to mix in. So same eggain tomorrow. Sorry.