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Over and Out 

This KB2 has been a roller-coaster for me. Strong until around week 9 when, due to some personal stuff at work, I fell out of my routine. Well, to be fair I allowed myself to fall out of the routine. This has also been my first KB outside of HK and without the luxury of help when it comes to prepping food. However, this was also the first time I've done a KB with my wife - who absolutely nailed it!

So whilst I may not have been the perfect student this time round I'm still very happy with the results and feel I have a solid base for further gains in the New Year when I want to focus on strength.

Kenzai never disappoints when it come to getting results so thank you Elissa and the team for helping me along another KB journey and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and and fit and healthy New Year.

It’s NYC Baby

As well as all the health benefits, the other think I’ve been working towards is this weekend’s Kenzai ending trip to New York to see friends. They’ve also been in Kenzai so it’s jump ropes down and party shirts on - super slim fit now of course. This is the reward I’ve been looking forward too and I’m going to savour every second.

Man down

Last week was pretty much a write off thanks to man flu. I'm not one to get ill but it really knocked me out so had to get fully dosed up, ride out the storm and pretty much missed a week of exercise. Diet was not a regimented but didn't go off piste and indulge. Am back on form this week though and hoping to get back on track.

In that Corner

As per the lesson this week I've been living in that corner recently - trying to keep my head down and do it all - work, life and Kenzai. Diet has been decent but not perfect this week. Decent in the sense that there have been no major slips but the weights and the timings have been a bit 'approximate' as my life this past week has just not allowed for that as much as normal. Exercise has also slipped and I'm frustrated that I've dropped out of my routine so I need to work harder to get back in the zone. I'm happy with progress though but just having to console myself that life happens and somethings have to give. Hope you're all doing well and bring on the weekend.

Proof of Life

He's alive! He's alive! Yes, massive apologies to Elissa and the rest of the Chestnut gang for being totally missing from the blogs. No excuses - I just dropped out of the habit mainly due to workload.

Good news is I've been pretty good on the diet and the exercise with only a few slips last week when I was away in Majorca with the family. Staying injury free - just a couple of niggles from skipping for 2 hours a week!

The 6:00 am alarm is pretty horrible now the clocks have gone back an hour and I'm still showering in the car park - living the Kenzai dream - but aside from that feeling pretty good and noticing the difference in my suits. Less tensile strain on the waist line.

So apologies to you all for not being there and blogging. Will do better for the remaining 3 weeks. I hope you're all on tracking and nailing it as we head into the final stretch.

Stay strong Chestnuts!

Steady as she goes

Nothing much new to report. A busy week with work means that I've not had as much sleep as I needed and I had to cut short a couple of workouts but the diet has been pretty much spot on. Aside from that holding up well and injury free. Hope you're all holding up well as we head into week 7. Stay strong.

Quietly but surely

Hi everyone, sorry for not posting or responding so much recently. It’s been a busy time so I’ve just had my head down and been showing up.

Good news is that after a couple of different variations I’ve now found my stride and my morning routine - which for me is the key. I won’t lie though it’s been tough and tougher than KB1. I am also well aware that I’m now in the danger zone.

So I’ve just been grinding it out.

Will make more of an effort to be present in the group as I know the benefits that brings.

Hope you all are staying strong as we head into the middle third. We got this.

Last week was a total mess. I usually workout first thing but had a couple of Asia calls at 7 am that meant I couldn’t do that and my days just got thrown out of whack as a result.

My diet suffered too. Not in terms of eating bad but in terms of the timings. Try as I might it was just not possible to eat in time and then to get the full grams down.

The whole thing really pissed me off and I’ll be honest it was a struggle to find the motivation.

So I got myself a sharp new haircut for the gym and I’m back on it this week with everything back on track - at least for now!

Taking the strain

I rarely have to wear a suit to work but when, like today, I needed to wear my best whistle it was a sobering experience,

Fortunately I had the foresight to have my shirt buttons sewn on with weapon’s grade titanium thread as as you can see from this actual footage those babies are under a lot of load.

As for the solution, we’ll diet is pretty much on point. Today has not been great as when I wear a suit it means I have a pitch or client meetings which messes with the best laid plans. Exercise been good but again today I had to reconfigure. Hope you’re all having great weeks. Go chestnuts!


Meet Henry. He’s our youngest and as well as football on Saturday he’s started rugby on Sundays - just in time for the World Cup.

So to help keep him motivated, and the English winter has not kicked in yet, I’ve signed up to be a coach (criminal background check permitting!) and this weekend was my first session.

So my free cardio ended up being running around with 37 under 6s for an hour playing bull dogs, doing assault courses, throwing, catching and everyone’s favourite, the tug of war against the coaches at the end.

I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad sign but I worked up a surprisingly decent sweat. Maybe next week I’ll go for a run.

PS. Come on England!!!


One of my best friends, and the guy who introduced me to Kenzai (or PCP back then) is a big fan of Wim Hof and the theory that our bodies better repair and protect themselves when exposed to extreme cold.

Looks like my local gym had The Iceman round to indulge his lesser known passion for design. This beauty is our shower and changing rooms for the next 8 weeks i.e. pretty much all my KB2, whilst they refurb. Note how it stands in splendid isolation in the car park, away from the actual gym.

Whilst it looks like something from Netflix series Most Dangerous Prisons this is nothing, I imagine, compared to mid-November when this scene will better resemble Castle Black. So I’ll be embracing my inner Wim to run over the actual gym at 6:30 am when it’s snowing.

Winter’s coming!


Eating 3 slices of bread (120g) for breakfast takes me nearly as long as my work out. Aside from switching to some dense German bread that looks like it’s made from recycled leather sandals, does anyone have a life hack when it comes to nailing those carbs?

PS. Thank God for Sriracha!


I won’t lie. Doing Kenzai in Hong Kong with a helper to do all your meal prep was a breeze. This afternoon I seemed to spend an eternity chopping fruit and veg and trying to work out the optimum food storage in backpack/briefcase combination. I forgot just how much stuff you actually have to eat and therefore take with you on a daily basis. Anyway, I have worked out that I can take and eat breakfast at the gym post workout but we’ll see if that’ll works in reality - cold eggs and bread? Might see if I can persuade them to prep my breakfast. You never quite leave Hong Kong ...

Hey Chestnuts

Hi everyone, apologies for being MIA on the blogs since kick off. My name is Jon and for the first time I have my wife, Helen, doing KB1 so that'll be an interesting social experiment.

I've been keen to get back on the Kenzai wagon since returning to London from Hong Kong but with three kids finding a decent 3 month stretch when you can do this is not easy. As well as the promise of getting back into shape (and back into some trousers!) I have one of my best friend's birthdays on Dec 4 in New York which is going to be the beacon I'm going to focus on. I realise that's a little short of the official end by hey.

So been getting my routine down and the lamp light lesson was particularly relevant. Selfishly I've been getting up at 6:15 am and going to the gym which means my wife is left with the 3 kid school routine but it's the only possible slot I have. I wish I could say I jump out of bed at 6:15 am ready to skip but I'd be lying but having done KB1 I know that the biggest thing is showing up every day and knowing that not every day will be perfect. However, it still takes more will power than it should to get out of bed and it's only going to get worse as the winter draws in.

So keen to get back on it. I need to update my picture so will do that and I'm looking forward to sharing with the next 86 days with you all.

Iron cast 

Hey Iron crew, sorry for the late grad post. Been a crazy run up to and Christmas. Sorry about that. Anyway, thanks Kenzai for creating Iron. Unlike Body I knew Iron would take a lot of commitment as it required me hitting the gym most days. This meant a whole new pre-work gym routine which also meant plenty of opportunities to find excuses. So I was pretty proud of the fact that I didn't miss a session and even on those days when you were sore or had a busy day ahead, I still made the walk to the gym with all my gear. I also discovered the 'Welcome to your Body' podcast which was also a great motivator on those low days.

I also really loved the lessons and that really helped with my overall confidence around the weight room both in terms of equipment and form. This was especially useful when travelling and not in my usual gym.

I was disappointed not have the strong finish I hoped for so I'm probably going to revisit that. Overall though I really got a lot out of Iron and I think it's set me up well for a strong gym routines going forward. Thanks all for creating Iron. I think it was an aspect of Kenzai that was missing and I think you pretty much nailed in. Happy New Year Iron crew! Stay strong.

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