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No hiding here. I am finding the Meditation to be harder than expected. Workouts include their own ritual and way to understand success.

Those things are so different than our motivations for diet and exercise where I an visually see progress. I find it harder to be consistent with meditation, reading, and posting. But, my brain and logic knows there is so much more to this under the surface. From reading, I know that so many body and brain chemicals are reactive to meditation. This last year, I read the book "Stealing Fire" and meditation activates areas of our brain we can now measure. Chemicals in our brain are activated and provide much of the relaxation benefits after we meditate. The focus that monks find with peace and stillness of mind is attainable by others, and.... oh how I want that. But, just like no one can do your workout for you, no one can do my meditation for me.

So.... putting time on my calendar everyday and a reminder in my phone, to set down my phone and give something to myself. I think that at this still early stage, I need a bit more of ritual before I can drop into meditation at random times. Just like changing clothes for a workout and choosing a place, I am creating a ritual for getting ready to "workout my mind."

I can't see a significant difference in the mirror, but as a Kenzai alum, we know the visual changes come after the internal changes. I am happy to be feeling better, moving better, and stiffness from lack of exercise has been replaced with that slight soreness from a good workout.

The biggest difference to date? Sleep. I had been averaging 4-5 hours sleep a night with a busy schedule the last few months and then crashing for a long night of sleep about once a week. I now fall asleep faster, and sleep longer. Nearly 7-8 hours most nights!

Getting back on a strict diet has been easy. Working out is still only about 75% there between some travel and other minor health recovery. Tonight - looking forward to some clean salmon, vegetables and another good workout under the stars!

So happy to be back in some structure.

Short, hard and strong

This entire Kettlebell Beta has been a bit of a quandary for me. I wanted this so badly, I love Kettlebells! I have needed this as I had really slumped on consistent workouts while my business has reached accelerated growth the past 18 months. Even in wanting this, I am still only getting about 60% of the workouts in. There is my quandary. You would think I would be 100%, but just not happening yet. Diet is back on point, but time and place to workout are my weakness. My only thought is that I know without Kenzai, I really wouldn't be moving much at all. Love seeing everyone else figure out how to manage their lives and keep health a priority as well. Means so much that there are plenty of us committed to both work and health balances.

So, as we near the last week, wow... this went fast. I will nail the rest of these workouts, stay on diet, and finish strong. I am silly excited for the workouts. The speed rope is something I would not have used correctly on my own, and exercises... they look really kettlebell strong!

Short posts, hard workouts, strong finish. On it.


I never thought I would say this, but I could probably miss my bands a little. :o

You see, I never really loved the bands. It works, they are convenient, but I was raised on free weights. Bands always felt a little "different." Too controlled. But, I have found their place in my routine as well. But kettlebells?! They were like free weights on a crazy train. I loved the first time I heard of them.

Don't get me wrong, I am LOVIN' tonight's new workout with just a rope, mat and kettlebell. It feels like exactly what I signed up for for Kettlebell Beta. I am going to rock this. The more we use kettlebells, I feel stronger and I think that actually makes the bands a little easier. The instability of some of the bells really makes them dynamic. Now that we are getting into the subtleties of exercises, I can see and feel the slight shakiness or core or joint movement needed to control the kettlebells. So much this!

At this point, all I can say is thank you Kenzai, this is what I was really wanting for a while now. Really glad you brought this beta to us. Can't wait for others to experience it.


This past weekend was a little rough with deadlines and more moving kerfuffles. I missed two workouts last week. But, even more so I missed the routine that Kenzai brings. With the constant challenges of work and family, I would be doing even less for my body if not in a program. This is what I enjoy and appreciate about the group.

Last night was the first workout of Week 3. Crazy that time passes so quickly. I can totally feel the buildup towards a full kettlebell swing. Kind of a tease and also kind of like eating a deconstructed meal. You know all the parts are there, it tastes different, but makes you appreciate each one for what it is independently. I am seeing and feeling the swings I have done before in a new light.

Since I live in Texas, our hot summers make for the harvest of really sweet and juicy melons. Our sweet cantaloupes are a treat for an afternoon snack.

Ready to rock on!


Last week we moved. From central Houston, we packed up everything to temporarily move outside the city on two and half acres and in to a farm house and barn vs a garage. I think every box was triple the weight of my kettlebells!

I work from home, or wherever the internet is available. Short story is we will be back in Houston in about a year as we plan on building a small home there. But this was a great chance to rent a friends farmhouse and simplify life in the meantime. I am loving it! Our workout is outside under the gajillion stars we can see here in the country. The hot summer temperatures of Texas are mitigated by a nice flowing breeze at night. There is something really settling about having coffee on a front porch looking out at old tin barns, focusing on client work during the day, and eating right and working out at night. Wash, rinse, repeat. Note: my partner is also a Kenzai alumni and is in the Sculpt Beta after recently doing a reboot.

If there was ever a chance to reset, this is it. Even though we live in a sea of packing boxes at the moment, we are doing our best to include body and diet from the beginning. The kettlebell as a historical and simple tool for working the body just seems to fit into this simpler life.

Last week, we moved from one house to another and lifting boxes, packing and unpacking were the norm. The good news is the kettlebells didn't box up so nicely so I knew where the were the entire time.

Last night I did the first circuit with a little kettlebell incorporated. I have had a particularly sore back and felt a muscle pull and nerve twitch in my hip socket to the lower back during the second set of lunges. I cut those short, and focused on stretching after the 2 circuits. Just a reminder to myself that keeping in good physical shape is important for overall heath and for the unexpected push needed for special events.

Diet is fairly easy as I tend to always eat clean, but the biggest challenge has been adult beverages. So many calories and so easy to "reward" myself at the end of a busy day. Reversing that script in my head will be one of the biggest resets and incorporating the movement that I love from kettlebells is going to make such a huge difference.

Ready for day 2 workout!

Kettlebells and diet!

I have signed up for the Kenzai Kettlebell beta and it is exactly what I want to reset some of my physical habits. I started my own business nearly two years ago and the waist and mirror reflect a lack of focus on my health. I am still running hard building a business, and doing much better than anticipated (I love being busy!), but now it is time to balance work and health. I sent my photos for the new program and wow, I don't think I have ever looked so unhealthy. The good news is that the diet and routine work, and I know they work. The beta program is just a kickoff to something larger for me.

The kettlebell has been a backup for jumping rope for me from the beginning in early Peak Condition Projects. With a back injury and a few knee problems, I have sometimes required an adaptation and the kettlebell was a good cardio replacement in some cases. I first discovered kettlebells in 2005 when trying to rehab from a back injury. The ability to strengthen core while moving was critical to getting to the point I could even carry a gallon of milk from the car, much less lift free weights. I am looking forward to officially incorporating KB into my workout and resetting my workout and diet on a routine that supports results.

Great to see the new programs, looking forward to Kettlebell Beta!


I have a confession. Due to a recent change in work environment, I hardly ever leave my house. About 2-3 months ago, I started transitioning to working from home. This means I have much more control over my own diet. Yay!

But, also means I needed a means to make sure I focused on healthy and not just convenient foods. Welcome back Kenzai! I missed eating this cleanly. While at home it was often too easy to go for convenience (frozen food that was marketed as healthy, but wasn't really). But in a coincidental change, the second week of the challenge, I travelled in deep South, Ol' Georgia, of the United States. Meat and potatoes were everywhere, and very little vegetables. It was really hard to eat out cleanly. I burned an indulgence when we got back to the hotel too late one night and ordered pizza. But I found a few tex-mex restaurants which yielded fajitas and a side of soggy steamed vegetables. Note to self: if they have a grill, let them use it.

Last week, I actually had to go out and find something to eat for the challenge. It was a busy working day of chores at home, so grabbing a ready made meal was just fine. We have a chain restaurant called Chipotle and I ordered a burrito bowl, light on the rice, and asked for heavy on the veggies. The portion was typically too large, so I ate half and saved the other half for later. Chicken, beans, light rice and light cheese with plenty of salsa. Yay for good flavors and yay for getting out of the house now and again.

Tonight, a workout and following the strict diet.

Hurts so good

Signed up for the EOYC and feeling excited and scared at the same time! We know what is coming from doing our 90 day challenge. SO.... that means clean eating, no alcohol, soreness, stressing to find time to fit in all the workouts and food.

But most of all, results. I also know from doing the challenge that it just plain works. For that, I am most excited. Didn't do the first workout to full capacity to prevent some injuries that might hold me back, but love the soreness I felt this morning. Soreness from well used muscles and joints not from underused stiffness. Good to be back!


Back in and Ready

Great to back to a community of focused people. I can say the diet is still a strong part of my life, but the workouts have not been as stellar.

Looking forward to eating more mindfully, and resuming a consistent workout schedule. I have a couple of personal goals and deadlines coming up... so those always help for motivation.

Really happy to have Kenzai Life up and running.
Thanks Kenzai Team!


Kenzai Inspiration 
Kenzai 90 upper body jonti

As a PCP Alumni, this was my 2nd time around for the 90 day results. You would think it would be boring and feel like work. I already knew what to expect, not many surprises. Ahh... been there, done that. Guess what? Improving yourself and working with great people NEVER. GETS. OLD.

In fact, the negative messages we get in the world outside of Kenzai tend to mount against you after awhile. Having continuous positive reinforcement of a group, accountability, a program that works if you stick with it, and an Inspirational figure to help are HUGE. The small teams, focused leaders and insurmountable belief that this works makes a really hard lifestyle change so much easier. What we did was hard. There are days I didn't work out. There was never enough time. There are days I pouted because I couldn't work out and days I hid from working out. But, there were more days where I loved it and collapsed in a heap after pushing myself to do really good things with my body. 

One of my inspirations for pushing those limits comes from the figure we choose to keep us motivated. The first time around I chose Martina Navratilova. It worked then, why not stay with what works. She is a long life athlete known for unwavering focus, winning and now focused on a message of active healthy lifestyles. Yep, I could use a little of that. When things were tough and I wanted to skip reps or not go for my best, I would imagine a top athlete giving up. Yeah, not happening. So, onward and even though I am not a top athlete, my body is singing with getting back on track for health. 

A final photo. Still room for improvement, but I have full confidence in being able to continue with the habits and lessons from Kenzai 90 Day project.

A close up of my upper body. I am totally proud of my mid-section and the real health improvement shows in the drop of body fat surrounding my organs. But, on the outside, this upper body shot shows the strength being developed to move my body functionally. 

Thank you team Charra of the Opal group for being there each day! Ya'll rocked. We all juggled everyday real life (even a birth!) and still returned for another day lesson and workout each day. Awesome job guys and gals!  
Thank you Thomas, you did Patrick and the others proud for keeping us motivated and moving in a positive direction. Crossing the finish line a second time is no less gratifying. Staying healthy will never being boring and is a continuous commitment to renew each day!

See you soon in the next version of Kenzai!

Some people are waking up to Day 90. I just finished Day 89 workout. 

I am weak as a kitten at this particular moment, and strong as a lion. I am wobbly and shaky from pushing exercises to failure, but so much stronger than when we started. 

This was a repeat for me. I did PCP back when it was just getting it's first pistol squats and planks on. It taught me lessons that I could not forget. Life gets in the way and I didn't follow all the Policys. But getting back to Kenzai and the basics was even better this time around. 

Okay, after workout snack is down. A good night repair sleep ahead (well, sort of... I have some late night work to do), and then Day 90 and a stronger healthier body. 

I slept through last evenings workout. Like, really dead - deep sleep. 

I came home on a Friday evening. After a tough week of long work hours and harder workouts, I was droopy eyed and tired. I let myself stretch out on the couch for a few minutes and before you know it... bam. Dreamsville. 

I woke up a couple of hours later (really? yep!) with only enough strength to eat a snack and transfer my sore and stiff body to the bedroom. Then, a full regular night sleep attack on top of the earlier nap. No waking through the night, just out. Wow. 

Best news,... I am up today with more energy and body feels great. Bring on the last workouts!

2013 10 20 07.28.48

Much of my life has been sedentary the past few years. That is now changing with Kenzai and even beyond Kenzai in my personal life choices.

For example, this past weekend was a 3 day weekend in the country volunteering with Denise's K-9 Search and Recovery group. I took photos, participated in some seminars and helped with the dogs. I was fortunate to take my own Long Haired German Shepherd along even though he isn't trained for SAR. It is a very active group outdoors, indoors and focused on training. The days were super long, but incredibly full. Old Skool. These types of days were how our bodies were meant to be used. I didn't work out Kenzai style every day, in fact very few days even though I had my rope and bands. But, there is good news.  When I came back to a formal Kenzai workout tonight it was tough, but not a backslide. I expected to suffer. Oh, I suffered, but only because the workouts have increased, not because I was starting back at zero. 

The picture included in the post is the last morning when I up was up early to take my dog out for a jog. This was before we went off to work the other dogs. Not bad. 

Taking my dog out jogging, I was able to run with him and keep him exercised.  He wasn't working with the other dogs and needed the exercise. When I started Kenzai, I could not have gone out jogging with him without being wiped out. Not only did we jog, but I kept up with the others in the group throughout the day. It felt great! 

Final Photo

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