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A dietary quandary...

Lately, I've been pretty fastidious with the diets. I am not weighing out grams necessarily--after 3 cycles of K-Body, I'm definitely guilty of 'ballparking' it; sorry, Chen--but I'm keep things pretty clean.

However, I always run into trouble with sauces, dips and toppings. I know there are k-friendly flavor-boosters out there, but I can't resist a light dusting of cheese, or some teriyaki sauce on my chicken. Granted, I could be doing a lot worse, but I am always guilty of adding the flavor!!! (regardless of the program)

In terms of weights, I have noticed a gradual increase in most areas except leg-related workouts. My knee is still giving me trouble. I also go pretty easy these days with the running and soccer. Not sure exactly what the problem is; nothing major, I'm sure... but just enough of a lingering pain to be on my mind during a lift/run.

Hope all is well!


Clarence Kennedy:

Deadlifting around 700 lbs in this video... no big deal.

I'd be one of the guys in the background, having fun with some light dumbbells, doing shoulder flys :D

All is good out west, just lifting and rocking soccer for cardio!

Hope all is well


I spent the last few days shooting pics and making K-friendly recipes ­č嬭č嬭čĺ¬ (pic. above was quick lil behind-the-scenes snap from a phone)

But ya, may have gone a little hard on the homemade pitas and kebabs ... but they were just too good. Those carbs always sneak up on ya!

That aside, we got a couple good skills courses in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

I'm a baaaaaad hombre...

Receiving a 'blog post' notification as a staff member... ouch!

Not much to report, however.

It was just a regular-ass week :)

¡Cheetah power!

This is genius...


I have to admit - I do feel a bit guilty throwing away all my egg yolks. A cursory google did not reveal much in the way of Kenzai-compliant recipes. Yeah, I know about aioli. I know about zabaiones.

But I really hate aioli. It's just hipster mayo. Not good.

And my gf knows I got decent cooking game, so no need to bust out the zabaoines to impress.

Buuuut with the help of the aforementioned Bon Appetite recipe, I've found new uses for my yolks. By curing them, I can extend their shelf life. And best of all, a shaving here or there adds a bit of (relatively) guilt-free flavor to savory dishes.

Cured egg also looks badass on nicer dishes as well (at upscale restaurants). Glad I solved that mystery.

Will report back once I try curing.

I'm ashamed...

I haven't blogged in 10+ days. I would have been kicked off the program if I were training alongside my KB2 buds. Just goes to show that consistency is tough. And while I'm eating right, and nailing most workouts, I've been neglecting the social component of the program. But nice to see my friends totally nailing their programs. #KB24lyfe!

Long day at work...

... did my workout today in boxers. It was pretty chill.

Ticks yet another box in the "Why-It's-Cool-to-do-Kenzai-Rather-than-Join-a-Gym" equation.

Couldn't even be assed to wear workout attire.

Yay for home workouts!


Seeing as all my SF Kenzai pals--Jess, Patrick & Brett--are doing programs, I may as well tag along too. For solidarity.

I also saw that our CMO, Todd, is on a program. And my good friend Anetta is doing Re-boot (shout-out to her blog Wanderlust Kitchen. Go check it out, it's sweet). Meanwhile, Jason, our co-founder just started Body 2...

If I continue to eat this tasty, Mission District Mexican food, I'll be the only kid with a burrito gut in my crew. Not a good look. Reverse-cheerleader-effect will afflict me wherever we go.

Also, if anyone knows some cool things to do in SF, I'm all ears. So far we've been grinding every day. It's very easy to fall into the rut of convenience. And like I always say, "fall into the rut, you'll get a gut". Actually, this is the first time I've said that, but feel free to use it. It's pretty accurate.

And for my image, I uploaded a Day 1 pic. The next time you see me, on faux Day 90, I will have one of three things 1) a shaved torso 2) a six pack or 3) a sad face full of regret. Wish me luck!

Good times...  

What are we doing next, gang? KB3? Put me in, coach haha

I told myself at the beginning of KB2 that I wanted to be able to do 10 pull-ups by the end of the three months.

Pull-ups have always been challenging, and so they've been a useful metric for determining how fit I feel.

And I got to 8, but haven't hit 10 yet. Everything else is gravy. I will report back if I ever hit that 10 : )


Well, I can't say that I was very disciplined yesterday...

Had a few drinks during the MLS final; drank a bit afterwards... I no longer have any tolerance anyhow - so it wasn't a whole lot--by volume.

That being said, what a crazy day!

Having played the sport since I was 4 or 5, and having lived in the Pacific Northwest since day one--and having gone to Timbers' games with my dad for as long as I could remember, I was a pretty happy (and proud) Portlander.

I never thought I'd see the day that a Portland team would win a championship. It just seems fated then, that Arsenal--a team I've followed from afar since my high school days--will also win the Premier League this year.

In other news, the daily pick-up that I've been attending--normally a great turnout with a high level of play--was pretty tepid this afternoon. We got a good match of 4-v-4 in... a drastic departure from the usual side-by-side games of 9-v-9 and above... and sweat out a lot of last night's celebratory booze.

Suffice to say most of the city probably had a hangover today.

Onward and upward with a slight deviation from the plan; but I'm keeping it tight otherwise.

Foo-kin Timbers, man!

Top and Bottom Ten!

To change up the flavor of my blog posts, here's a buzzfeed-esque list of Kenzai-related top and bottom ten (in no particular order):


1) Playing pick-up sports as cardio on a workout day
2) Coconut oil + sweet potatoes + brown sugar
3) Ward's banter
4) Meal-prep Sundays (being prepared for the week)
5) Whole Foods//New Seasons salad bars in a pinch
6) Podcasts to play through the jump-rope sessions
7) Heavy band curls (so hard, but so good)
8) Nailing a workout on the road
9) Jogging in the rain
10) The last 60 seconds of a jump-rope session

1) Taking the diet on the road
2) Meeting friends for drinks
3) SCOOP PUSH-UPS! (wtf, man)
4) Minimum-allowance carb days
5) Cheese avoidance
6) Having to always do laundry to wash sweaty clothes
7) Buying a mealy apple for fruit allowance
8) Free food at work//office meetings
9) Eating any meal at my great grandma's house
10) The first 60 seconds of a jump-rope session

What is everyone's Kenzai TOP and BOTTOM ten?

Thanksgiving Indulgence

Wow. Seven days since I last blogged?

This is the first time a blog post has felt a little arbitrary - as part of the millenial "over-sharing" generation, I am usually quick to write a post, and even quicker to resort to the classic humble-brag.

But lately I've been on a grind. The workouts have lost the novelty appeal they had the first month or so and my gf and I have fine-tuned our meal-prep. to a point of Gordon Ramsey-esque efficiency. This has become the new normal.

And so in some ways, my pre-planned Thanksgiving indulgence--scheduled for tomorrow evening--will be the first (slight) derivation from this formula.

And I couldn't be happier!

I mean, has anyone tried those canned cranberries? Or the marshmellow yams?

I'm often guilty of bouts of snobby eating and organics-only thinking when eating out and purchasing groceries, but there is something appealing about a no-frills, home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner. And the US model of food preparation has evolved to allow for the inclusion of things like canned cranberries, from-the-book stuffing and cooked-from-can pumpkin pie. And while I am 90% on the other side of the spectrum, Thanksgiving is traditionally the time where I throw caution to the wind and revel in the beauty of an efficient, modern-day Thanksgiving spread... processed food notwithstanding.

Wish me luck :p

Ps I love the stock photo image of the canned cranberry with mint garnish. Talk about putting lipstick on a pig!


When I'm fit, feeling good and eating healthy, I tend to play more of a midfield position - playing on both sides of the ball, making runs and generally being more useful as a player.

But when I'm fat and out of shape, I love playing up top - doing a lot less running and trying to score goals :)

It's the difference between feeling like Steven Gerrard in his prime--who is commonly regarded as one of the best box-to-box (good at playing both offense and defense) midfielders in the history of the modern game--and chubby, injured Ronaldo (pictured).

So in other words, getting in Kenzai shape makes sports a bit more enjoyable. Who knew? :p

I spent the past four days in the Bay Area with some good friends (and Kenzai alum.), touring the area, making future plans--more on that later :) --and am happy to say that I managed to stay perfectly on-point throughout the trip. I mostly stuck to egg-white, veggie omelettes; chicken salads for lunch, and soda waters when at the bars. I also hit every workout, and even managed to go for a swim at the hotel pool, and a beautiful morning run through Sonoma for my alternative cardio.

Without sounding too self-aggrandizing, I am quite pleased that I didn't fall off the wagon. I especially noticed how good it felt to be able to run the distance we did.

Suffice to say that this is not my usual dad-humor-laden post, but instead, more of a humble brag...

Let's do this, guys! Home stretch.

I am also down 15 lbs. (or 7 kilos for the non-entitled-stupid-Americans-who-abide-by-silly-measurement-systems-such-as-myself), so feeling good about that as well!

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