Melvyn P.

Melvyn P.

Back from the Sea.

Yesterday I opened the kenzai app and felt like a fish that had been picked from a pond and dropped into the sea. Everyone was new and was doing his or her own thing. Thankfully, today the app opened in a familiar territory.

90 Days that made a Better Me. 

I got into Kenzai not really sure if I had what it took. I knew that the program would deliver results because the family friend who recommended it had done it with her husband and the result was visible on them. I am happy to say that doing Kenzai Body has been physically rejuvenating for me. I have reduced my weight by more than 10 kilos during this program and I now feel stronger than I have felt in a very long time. Equally, it has been mentally liberating for me, in that, I do not look at blogging as vanity anymore. In fact, if anything, I found it very useful in coping with the stress of doing the tough workouts.

I wanted to give this program my best shot, so I postponed all my long journeys for after three months. But despite my best planning and determination I have to admit that I could not do my workout on one day, as we had guest at home and my workout had to be priority no.2. I simply could not tick ‘I did it’, so I did the workouts the next day along with the next days, although I knew it was wrong and then ticked for both the days. But for the record, I missed one day’s workout.

I have tried to get fit earlier by doing random exercises, I have also tried doing yoga but the results I got from them were partial. I now understand that the reason for the partial results were my unrestricted diet and unscientific approach to fitness.

The Best thing about Kenzai is that you get a complete package of diet and workouts incorporating information about food and body, which is otherwise available from disparate sources. But at Kenzai someone has put in the effort to collect, collate and formulate a time bound, systematic and doable program for normal folks in their homes, without the need for any fancy machinery. It saves you time, and it works, hence it is value for money.

What made it possible for me to complete such a gruelling program was the continous support and encouragement of my trainers Nate and Adelyn and my fellow teammates Karen, Chris, Georgina, Emily, Scott, Shifali, Nagender and my brother Joseph.

I think I can confidently say that doing Kenzai Body has been the single best thing that I have done for myself. I would definitely recommend it.

Before I joined for KB, I read a single blog written by Patrick explaining what happens to the fat when we exercise, more precisely as to where it goes. I found it very enlightening, but what convinced me about Patrick was what he had written in the end almost as a subtext about what happens to the body after it dies. I found in it a refreshing clarity of thought, something in the league of Carl Sagan. In short, I knew that the man was intelligent. I am glad to say that my hunch was right, this program really works if you do it right.

I have no intention of going back to my pre kenzai days, that much is certain.
I have spent some time and energy on trying to get fitter earlier, but what I have learnt from kenzai is by far the best.
I also know that I won't be able to sustain this level of physical activity continuously, so I'll have to figure out a sustainable level of physical activity and diet.
I think it will be a watered down version of what I am doing now.


So I finally decided to get myself some new trousers, the old ones were looking way too loose.
As I was checking out new trousers, I realised that my girth had reduced two sizes among the trousers. For the first time in my adult life, I was able to buy and wear a pair of trousers without having to alter them.
I am attaching a pic of the size of my new trousers.

It's aching all over and it feels like I've started kenzai from the beginning again.

The rep and set increases this week are brutal.

To start with:

The first thing on my mind after I get up, is to finish off my workouts. Most days I can get it done in the mornings, but if I have work to be done in the morning, the workout happens in the evening, those days are difficult. So physical activity in terms of workouts has become a regular feature of my daily life.

The second change has been the way I look at food. I used to have a fixed amount of food every day which was my default mode. Now I have a new default mode, I think the difference between the old and new defaults lies in reversing the percentages of carbs to veggies, fruits and proteins. The earlier percentage was roughly 70:30 and the new percentage is 30:70.

Other than these, I've stopped eating sugar, limited salt intake and completely stopped eating junk food.

I guess that's quite a lot of change for 60 days.

First Indulgence

I finally had my first indulgence yesterday evening, at a nice Lebanese restaurant. I ordered my favourite Lebanese dishes and I must say they tasted authentic. Although after being on kenzai compliant food for two months, everything seemed to have extra flavour to it including the salads which for some reason seemed to have more sweetness, saltiness and sourness.
But when I woke up today, in the morning, my face looked all filled up and there were no cheekbones which I was otherwise able to see all these days.
I think the extra flavour was due to the use of extra spices, salt, sugar, vinaigrette etc.
So I guess the moral here is that if you Eat Extra you will Look Extra.

I still can't seem to get a grip on V-sit. What I do can best be described as U-sit, L-sit or sometimes even C-sit.

Day 49 update

While walking yesterday, I happened to touch my leg and my thighs felt alien to me. I cannot remember my thighs ever feeling like that, it was as if I had long belts under my skin. It felt really strange. In bed it again kept bothering me, I was having difficulty accepting that my body was dramatically changing from within. I know it is changing for the better but such a dramatic change is sometimes difficult to accept.

One Goal Achieved

I have been overweight for over 25 years now, and it was one of my goals to get back to normal weight. Yesterday I checked my weight and was pleasantly surprised to find that I have reduced close to 6.5kg since the start of Kenzai body. Now for the first time in so many years, I find myself having normal weight. The feeling of lightness and strength is great, it makes all this hard work worthwhile.

The valley syndrome

Just yesterday I looked at the number of days and wondered that we haven't even reached the half way mark yet, after all this effort. Then I thought we'll get to the peak next week and from then on, it'll be easy climbing down. Stick in there folks, keep on going. You can see the results in the mirror.

Pistol Squat

This pistol shoots pain.

Today's lesson about body weight clarified a concern that I was having. I have noticed a decline in my weight reduction for the past week and was concerned if I was doing everything correctly. But my trousers are very loose now. So everything is alright.




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